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This update is to advise why the site was down for long period of time, as many will know Apsattv.com was kindly hosted by Jsat.tv . After Jon C passed away his domain was kept active Jon's wife decided back in February that the domain was no longer needed and she would not be renewing it. This meant that when the domain expired the subhosting arrangement would end. Meaning apsattv.com would be without a host.

I have enjoyed the break from doing daily updates and have decided that after all these years of daily updates that, its time to spend the time on other things.

Here is my current plan, the apsattv.com domain will be renewed , the new hosting arrangement (kindly organized by Smacca) will continue. However Satellite news and daily updates will no longer be published. The page will exist in an archived format. I have 20+odd years of daily updates stored. I just need to put them up in a sorted ordered fashion so they can be ready for the A.I bots to trawl over.

News and feed activity will continue to be posted via my Twitter feed and the Facebook Feeds group and in various forums

https://www.facebook.com/groups/anzacsatfeeds page

Now the streaming side of things, this part of the site was getting more attention , with the created playlists being quite popular. This side of the site will continue as normal. Despite it being kind of time intensive to keep updated

But you never know , in saying all that.... I may just decide one day to resume updates as normal..

9/02/23 - 16/04/23

Site down due to various issues with hosting see above explanation



Optus D2 12519 V "Telepace" has left
Intelsat 19 12606 H "Telepace" has left

Seen Tuesday evening

Optus D2 12670 V Sr 3750 "Ten Msat" News feed for channel 10

Saturday evening feeds

Optus D1
12652 V Sr 7200 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" 7 Horse racing
12679 V Sr 7500 "Astra 6" Horse racing

Optus D2
12357 V Sr 7200 "service 01" Horse racing
12701 H Sr 15000 "IP-UPLINKS.COM1" "IP-UPLINKS.COM2" From a football ground

Optus D2
12652 V Sr 7500 "JIU JITSU ADTV" Encryppted
12670 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
12670 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
12679 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
12701 V Sr 15000 "SCM | Path 1 (STS)" Encrypted

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From the Dish

Intelsat 19 166.0E 12606 H "Telepace" has left .

Optus D2 152.0E 12519 V "Telepace" has left .

Express AM5 140.0E 11387 V "History Russia" has left .

LaoSat 1 128.5E 3651 V "Jeejal News HD and TV Filmy" have started on , Fta.

AsiaSat 9 122.0E 12655 V "KugoStar, Al-Bahjah TV, Metro TV, Al Wafa Tarim, Persija TV, Maleo, Pop Musik, Muslimah TV, Sinema Indonesia X, Sura TV, Travia, Batakvia, Digital TV Indonesia, Ainos, Dhamma TV, U Channel, Nabawi TV, Riau Raya TV, Medina TV, Madani TV, Da Ai TV Indonesia, Jak TV, JTV, TVM, DM TV Malang, Arek TV, TVRI Nasional, Cahaya TV Banten, Rodja TV, Fatwa TV, Rajawali TV, Sunna TV, Elkisi TV, GPR TV, TV MUI, TV Mu, Saling Sapa TV, TV 9 Nusantara, NET, A Shop, Kompas TV, Madu TV, Quran TV, Riau TV, Qur'an TV, Magna Channel, Space Toon Indonesia, KSB, Space Toon Plus, TVOne, ATV, ANTV, FTV, BN Channel, IBerkah, Sampit TV and Unas TV" have left.

Koreasat 6 116.0E 12545 V "SBS" has started on , Fta.

Koreasat 5A 113.0E 12514 H "SBS" has left .

SES 9 108.2E 11861 H "Sampit TV" has started on , Fta.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3860 V "HGTV Asia and TLC Southeast Asia" have started on , encrypted.

G-Sat 15 93.5E 11470 V "Ishara Channel has replaced Filamchi Bhojpuri" on , Fta.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11510 V "B4U Bhojpuri has replaced Dhamaka Movies B4U" on , Fta.

Measat 3b 91.5E 10772 V "Egg Network" has left .
Measat 3b 91.5E 10812 V "National Geographic Wild Asia and Boomerang South East Asia" have left
Measat 3b 91.5E 12563 H "Maleo, Pop Musik and Digital TV Indonesia" have started on, Fta.
Measat 3b 91.5E 12563 H "Al-Bahjah TV, Nabawi TV, Riau TV, Al Wafa Tarim, IBerkah and GPR TV" have started on , Fta.

Measat 3d 91.5E 11022 V "BeIn Sports 5 Malaysia" has left .
Measat 3d 91.5E 11102 V "BeIn Sports 4 Malaysia" has left.
Measat 3d 91.5E 11142 V "NHK World Premium and CGTN" have left .
Measat 3d 91.5E 11182 V "National Geographic Asia" has left .
Measat 3d 91.5E 11352 V "Ta-Daa!" has left .

Measat 3a 91.4E 12436 H "AXN East Asia and One" have started on , encrypted.

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3981 H "Bhakti Darpan International" has started on , Fta.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 4054 H "Raapchik" has started on, Fta.

Express 80 80.0E 11106 H "Istoriya Telekanal" has left .

Thaicom 6 78.5E 12604 V "Bluesky Channel has left . Toon Toon" is now encrypted.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 12467 V "CBeebies Asia, BBC Earth Asia and BBC Lifestyle Asia" have left .

Apstar 7 76.5E 3745 V "Film World and Aruj Entertainment" have started Fta. Star Asia has left again.
Apstar 7 76.5E 3753 V "LTN Family and Filmax" have started on, Fta.

ABS 2 75.0E 4093 V "Premier Football, Premier Sports 2 and Edge Sport have started Ftar. TAP World Cup TV" has left.

ABS 2A 75.0E 11800 V "Curiosity Channel and Big Planet have started on , Irdeto. History HD Europe and History 2 Russia" have left.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 4034 H "Sports 18 Hindi has replaced Eco-Lution" on , Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 4034 V "Sports 18 2 and Sports 18 Tamil" have started on , Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 4184 V "Bharat Express has replaced Janta TV" on , Fta.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12522 H "Canal CVV International and God's Channel TV have started on, Fta. Uma Ukpai TV" has left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 H "TV Jesus" has left again.

Express AM6 53.0E 10713 V Perviy kanal, Rossiya 1 Krim, Match!, NTV, 5 Kanal, Rossiya K, Rossiya 24 Krim and Karusel have started on , T2-MI, clear.
Express AM6 53.0E 10730 V Telekanal Zvezda, Mir, TNT, Tavria, Za! TV, Soloview Live, Telekanal Union, Krim 24 and Lugansk 24 have started on, T2-MI, clear.
Express AM6 53.0E 10749 V OTR, TV Centr, REN TV, Telekanal Spas, STS, Domashniy, TV 3, Pyatnitsa! and Muz TV have started on , clear.

From playtv

亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,4080 H 30000一组新增国家地理频道 菲律宾,锁码播出。(2023-02-08)
老挝1号(128.5°E)卫星,3651 V 12000一组Jeejal Muhnji Sindh、Tekelka TV等频道消失。(2023-02-08)

亚洲5号(100.5°E)卫星,3840 H 29720一组欧洲新闻频道标清频道消失。(2023-02-07)

洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,3880 H 29720一组Hoshanna TV、Good Shepherd TV替换Rotal Classic等频道,开锁播出。(2023-02-06)

亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,3745 V 5000一组Star News Asia消失,新增Filmworld、ARUJ Entertainment频道,开锁播出。(2023-02-05)
印尼电信4号(108.0°E)卫星,3860 V 31000一组新增HGTV Asia、探索旅游生活频道,锁码播出。(2023-02-05)
日本通信4A(124.0°E)卫星,12688 V 23300一组新增JLC682、JLC683两个频道,开锁播出。(2023-02-05)
SES-7/9(108.2°E)卫星, 寰宇卫视12461 H 45000一组金鹰卡通替换龙祥时代电影 ,锁码播出。(2023-02-05)
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,卡塔尔半岛电视台国际频道 等全组频道消失,设置4080 H 29720无信号。(2023-02-05)


Gilat receives a multi-million contract for APAC trains SATCOM expansion

From https://news.satnews.com/2023/02/05/gilat-receives-a-multi-million-contract-for-apac-trains-satcom-expansion/?mohide=true&mc_cid=bc5cfd636a&mc_eid=e80892f101

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (Nasdaq: GILT, TASE: GILT) has been awarded a multimillion-dollar contract for the expansion of SATCOM capabilities on trains in Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Gilat’s ER7000 SATCOM On-The-Move antennas were selected by a leading integrator for installation on trains to provide continuous internet access to passengers traveling across the APAC region.

Throughout the world, Gilat’s field-proven ER7000 antennas have been successfully deployed to empower SATCOM On-The-Move (SOTM) applications. They provide reliable, high-performance broadband connectivity for vehicles and rail travel, maximizing throughput with high efficiency in a low-profile system with minimal size and weight. These features make the ER7000 ideally suited for these applications, enabling real-time broadband satellite communications for video, voice, and data transfer.

“For many applications, SATCOM on-the-move is the only choice for reliable, continuous, and quickly deployable broadband connectivity. This project is an excellent example of how Gilat antenna systems can be used to provide better management of complex transportation networks, as well as reliable internet coverage for passengers,” said Amir Yafe, VP of Mobility & Global Accounts at Gilat. “We are excited with the prospect of working on more projects like these to be deployed in the future.”

Intelsat names Kharod as VP of APAC

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/02/07/intelsat-names-kharod-as-vp-of-apac/

Intelsat, the satellite and terrestrial network operator, has announced the appointment of Gaurav Kharod as the regional Vice President for its Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Kharod comes from Intelsat’s India office, where he served as the managing sales director of South Asia and India.

Kharod will assume the responsibilities from Terry Bleakley, who previously led the APAC team. Bleakley will transition on April 1 to a part-time senior advisory role at Intelsat and will continue to support key growth opportunities in the region.

“Intelsat is on an ambitious growth trajectory in the APAC market, and Gaurav brings with him the expertise that will help us achieve these goals,” said Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Network and Media, Jean-Philippe Gillet. “I look forward to achieving many milestones under Gaurav’s leadership in the region.”

In Kharod’s last assignment, he led the Media business sales team, driving the organisation’s strategy in the region. Kharod also implemented a successful entry strategy for Intelsat’s high throughput satellite (HTS) IS-33e in the Indian market. This created a roadmap for the growth of all the different business verticals of Intelsat, including Media, Networks, FlexMaritime, and Commercial Aviation, to be fully represented in the Indian and South Asia markets.

Before joining Intelsat, Kharod held leadership roles at Hughes India and Viasat in the satellite domain, along with a stint at Conax AS in the media industry. He brings a mix of expertise across sales, product management, business development, regulatory and policy affairs.

KSAT expands their global ground network including four antennas in Antarctica

From https://news.satnews.com/2023/02/07/ksat-expands-their-global-ground-network-including-four-antennas-in-antarctica/?mohide=true&mc_cid=46b8914b09&mc_eid=e80892f101

Announcement from SmallSat Symposium 2023, Mountain View, California, February 7

KSAT is currently installing 4 new antennas in Antarctica, expanding their capacity in the U.S. by adding multiple antennas in Hawaii, Alaska and the Southeast, and also expanding their footprint through partner networks.

The KSAT Troll station is the second largest and fastest growing station in the KSAT network. Located at 72′ South, the commercial ground station in Antarctica provides access to almost all orbits for polar orbiting spacecraft from the southern hemisphere. Now four new antennas are being built to provide expanded service capacity and capability.

The KSAT team has landed in Antarctica, taking advantage of the short summer season. In addition to deploying the new antennas, the team is performing upgrades to the infrastructure, increasing redundancy and capabilities to provide even better and more resilient services.

In addition to the organic growth, KSAT continues to grow the network with a large selection of partner networks, as well. This hybrid “Network of Networks” approach allows KSAT to provide near global coverage and fill any gaps in their global map using capacity from their partners’ network of sites. In developing their hybrid network, KSAT has established relationships with many ground network providers, including Microsoft’s Azure Orbital, AWS-GS (via their Solution Provider Program) and Comtech Korea. A key element of this network is that all sites and apertures are accessed via a common API, regardless of whether the customer is accessing one of the organic KSAT sites or one of the partner’s sites.

KSAT is also adding additional US-based antenna capacity, with new ground stations in Hawaii, Alaska and the US Southeast. These newly deployed antennas add to KSATs current network with systems designed to meet the unique needs of both new entrants and legacy operators. Expansion of Ka-band systems will provide increased flexibility for missions requiring high-bandwidth communications.

“KSAT’s increased network presence will serve to meet growing demand for communication capacity globally and in the US. We are investing to meet unique mission requirements in the commercial, civil, and defense segments” says Head of KSAT USA, Dan Adams.
Head of KSAT USA, Dan Adams

This growth of KSAT’s ground network brings the capacity of the largest integrated commercial network in the world to 270 KSAT owned/operated antennas. KSAT’s ultimate goal with this expansion in Antarctica, USA and via the partner networks is global ground coverage with sufficient capacity at all stations ensuring their customers can get their data with low latency.

Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) is the leading provider of Ground Network Services and Earth Observation Services, Connecting Space to Earth.

KSAT owns and operates a Ground Station Network of both polar and mid-latitude stations. The four polar ground stations are uniquely located in Tromsø at 69°N, Svalbard Satellite Station (SvalSat) at 78°N Inuvik Station at 68°N and the Antarctic station (TrollSat) at 72°S.

The network consists of more than 270 antennas located at 26 sites world-wide.

SES secures Cook Islands contract

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/02/06/ses-secures-cook-islands-contract/

SES-owned O3b’s mPOWER Networks has won an extended contract with Vodafone Cook Islands for 4G+ and high-performance broadband-by-satellite.

The service will serve Cook Islands including the outer islands in the region.

O3b mPOWER is SES’s second-generation medium earth orbit (MEO) system. Vodafone Cook Islands will leverage SES’s Mobile Backhaul mPOWER service to deliver increased access to online services in health, education and banking. This expanded partnership is also part of Vodafone’s plan to extend the same level of services to the outer islands, says the pair’s statement.

SES and Vodafone already have a long-standing relationship in the region. Vodafone Cook Islands was the first customer in the region to use SES’s current-generation O3b satellite system at MEO in 2014 to deliver 3G/4G services to the remote nation. With Mobile Backhaul on O3b mPOWER, Vodafone Cook Islands says it will be able to better support its customers with high-throughput, low-latency connectivity.

O3b mPOWER offers more than 100 times the throughput of GEO solutions, making it a solution capable of accelerating the transformation of the Cook Islands into a digitally empowered economy.

“The new agreement with Vodafone Cook Islands is our latest win in bridging the digital divide for remote communities across the world,” said John Turnbull, Fixed Data Director for Pacific, SES.

“We are glad to continue partnering with SES to bring the second-generation MEO satellite constellation O3b mPOWER to the Cook Islands,” said Phillip Henderson, CEO, Vodafone Cook Islands

Indonesia: HITS NOW on IndiHome

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/02/03/indonesia-hits-now-on-indihome/

Rewind Networks is launching HITS NOW on IndiHome, Telkom Indonesia’s nationwide fixed broadband service delivering internet, telephone and video entertainment.

HITS NOW, set to debut on February 6th, will deliver around-the-clock access to popular, current US shows. The channel will be available for the viewers on IndiHome TV and IndiHome TV OTT.

“It is with great pleasure that we introduce HITS NOW on IndiHome, providing our subscribers with access to the latest and most popular US television programmes,” said Avi Himatsinghani, CEO of Rewind Networks. “HITS NOW offers an opportunity for viewers to experience the most coveted shows that are currently being aired in the US. At Rewind Networks, we have established a reputation for delivering exceptional entertainment through our channels HITS and HITS MOVIES. With the addition of HITS NOW, we are confident that we can provide an unparalleled lineup of highly rated and in-demand programmes that won’t be available elsewhere. We are certain that HITS NOW will soon become the premier destination for family entertainment in Indonesia and will keep them engaged and entertained.”

HITS NOW will kick off with a live & Exclusive premiere of The 65th Annual Grammy Awards at 8am JKT on February 6th with an encore performance at 7pm JKT that same night.

HITS NOW viewers can watch shows including Top Chef, American Idol, Survivor, Project Runway,Fire Country, Alert: Missing Persons Unit, Monarch, Chicago Fire, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, Celebrity Family Feud, The Goldbergs, Young Rock (pictured), Ghosts ,Entertainment Tonight and more.

Pluto TV Canada provides platform for fast-growing DEI channels

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/02/06/pluto-tv-canada-provides-platform-for-fast-growing-dei-channels/

Paramount’s FAST platform Pluto TV has unveiled a new partnership with Latino-owned multi-platform entertainment company Fuse Media, which is dedicated to empowering, celebrating, and amplifying young multicultural voices around the world.

Under the terms of the alliance, Pluto TV Canada is to carry two Fuse-owned FAST channels on its platform, OUTtv Proud and Shades of Black.

According to the partners, the OUTtv Proud channel super-serves 2SLGBTQ+ audiences with a blend of rising stars and top talent in original programming. The channels will launch with around 400 hours of documentaries, films and specials that are “custom-made to entertain, advocate for and galvanise global queer audiences”. Shades of Black, meanwhile, celebrates Black culture with an exclusive collection of studio and independent films, scripted and reality series, documentaries, and specials that represent global Black culture. Shades of Black is a partnership between Cinedigm, Quincy Newell’s TwentyOne14 Media and Fuse Media.

“Paramount has a long-standing commitment to increasing diverse representation, both onscreen and off,” said Katrina Kowalski, VP of content, Pluto TV and Paramount+ in Canada. “This partnership speaks to our commitment, while also enhancing Pluto TV’s already vast channel lineup. We are proud to expand our library of hit shows and films to offer these channels – OUTtv Proud and Shades of Black.”

“The response to Fuse Media’s FAST channels from distributors around the globe has been tremendous,” added Fuse Media Chairman & CEO, Miguel Roggero. “Shades of Black continues to connect with viewers, surpassing one billion minutes watched in 2022; and we are excited to grow the audience for our newest offering, OUTtv Proud. The success of our DEI-focused FAST channels shows content that entertains and empowers knows no boundaries.” Fast-growing Pluto TV launched in Canada on December 1, 2022, with around 100 channels and 20,000 hours of content.


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Press TV is back in Intelsat 19 (KU band)

Friday Evening feeds

Optus D2 12652 V Sr 7500 "JIU JITSU ADTV" Encrypted
OPtus D2 12661 V Sr 7500 "GMA 10" Encrypted

Optus D1 12447 Sr 3580 "Alice Springs_1 MP4 HD_SD" DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 3/4, Encrypted

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From the Dish

Yamal 401 90.0E Amurskoye Oblastnoye TV has moved from 11504 H to 11097 H, Fta.

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3756 H "Jay Jagannath" is now encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12522 H "Obet TV" has started on, Fta.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12562 H "Uma Ukpai TV" has started on , Fta.

Express AM6 53.0E 11161 V "TRK Nadym" has left .

From playtv

亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,12598 H 45000一组新增5 Kanal 、HTV等频道,锁码播出。(2023-02-03)
SES-7/9(108.2°E)卫星, 寰宇卫视12401 H 45000一组新增Cinema One高清频道,锁码播出。(2023-02-03)
SES-7/9(108.2°E)卫星, 寰宇卫视12461 H 45000一组新加坡亚洲新闻频道消失。(2023-02-03)
SES-7/9(108.2°E)卫星, 寰宇卫视12711 H 45000一组东森洋片消失,目前宣传画画锁码播出。(2023-02-03)
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,3726 V 5000一组其中5个测试频道消失,余下4个频道目前黑屏,开锁播出。(2023-02-03)


China to build satellite ground stations in Antarctica

From https://spacenews.com/china-to-build-satellite-ground-stations-in-antarctica/

HELSINKI — China is to construct new ground station facilities to its Zhongshan research base in Antarctica to support satellite data acquisition.

Official space industry newspaper China Space News reported Feb. 2 that a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), a giant state-owned defense and space contractor, won a bid to construct a ocean observation satellite ground system.

The project is being overseen by the National Satellite Ocean Application Service (NSOAS) and is stated to be part of a long-term marine economic development plan.

Renders of the 43.95 million yuan ($6.52 million) project show four radome-covered antennas at Zhongshan in East Antarctica. It is unknown if these are new and additional to antennas already established at the base.

The antennas will assist data acquisition from Chinese satellites that orbit in polar and near-polar orbits. Satellites in these orbits are visible near the poles multiple times a day, allowing more frequent opportunities for downlink than with stations at lower latitudes.

China has already launched eight Haiyang series ocean observation satellites into sun-synchronous orbits between 2002 and 2021, and plans more in the coming years. The first new-generation Haiyang-3 satellite is scheduled for launch this year, according the China’s main space contractor, CASC.

The spread of Chinese ground stations internationally has led to concerns, particularly over construction in South America. That network, while having clear civilian uses, could be used to spy on, monitor and potentially even target U.S. and other nations’ spacecraft, according to an October 2022 report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The new planned construction at Zhongshang station, at 69 degrees south, could fuel concerns that China would be able to receive remote sensing, weather, surveillance and other data that could be used for military purposes faster than previously.

Other countries with research stations in Antarctica also have ground stations, including the U.S. and Japan, while commercial ground stations have also been established.

Ground stations are key infrastructure required to operate spacecraft, facilitating the exchange of data and commands. Their importance means they are likely to be another area of contest for opposing space powers.

Geopolitical and geographical barriers mean Chinese access to ground station support is at times limited. The Sweden Space Corporation (SSC) stated in 2020 that it would no longer renew contracts to assist China with its ground stations.

China’s launch rate has risen dramatically over recent years, increasing China’s need for ground station support infrastructure. The country conducted 19 orbital launches in 2015, but last year attempted 64 launches, sending more than 180 satellites into orbit. This year CASC alone plans more than 60 launches carrying over 200 spacecraft.

China frequently uses “Yuanwang” tracking ships to support rocket launches. The European Space Agency has previously assisted major lunar and deep space expiration missions with its ground stations. Chinese commercial space firms such Emposat have begun offering services, with facilities in across China and international stations in France, Azerbaijan, South America, Africa, South East Asia and Samoa.

BBC unveils presenters for news channel

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/02/02/bbc-unveils-presenters-for-news-channel/

Matthew Amroliwala, Christian Fraser, Yalda Hakim, Lucy Hockings and Maryam Moshiri will be chief presenters on the BBC’s news channel – BBC News – which will be broadcast in the UK and around the world.

Deborah Turness, CEO of BBC News, commented: “I’m thrilled to announce the faces of our channel. This team’s editorial leadership, talent, knowledge and flair make them the ideal presenters to bring the BBC’s trusted journalism to people at home in the UK and around the globe, and to guide audiences through the big stories as they break.”

BBC News will be broadcast both in the UK and around the world, with advertising outside the UK only. The channel will be anchored from London during UK daytime and evening, and from Washington DC and Singapore overnight.

BBC News will be a single news channel operation which splits into two feeds, so, just as now, at some points of the schedule the UK audience will see dedicated UK output, and at other times all audiences will see the same programming. We will respond to breaking and developing news in the UK for our domestic audiences at all times.

The five chief presenters were recruited via a competitive interview process in accordance with BBC HR procedures.

The channel is due to launch this spring.

Bloomberg launches Bloomberg Originals

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/02/02/bloomberg-launches-bloomberg-originals/

Bloomberg Media launched Bloomberg Originals, a new brand for streaming original video programming – cinematic documentary-style deep-dives, talk shows, live events and video podcasts. Under the new tagline, “Business as you’ve never seen,” Bloomberg Originals features series exploring climate change, technology, finance, sports and more.

“On the heels of 20 per cent growth in video revenue in 2022, we continue to see strong audience demand for smart business programming and brand partners looking for innovative solutions. We reach 100 million modern leaders monthly across our digital platforms, and establishing the Bloomberg Originals brand clarifies our vision for delivering them original and creative programming. Bloomberg Originals is the perfect complement to Bloomberg TV’s smart and insightful live global market coverage — a tandem designed to satisfy business leaders’ increasing appetite for smart content that informs and educates,” said M. Scott Havens, CEO at Bloomberg Media.

Bloomberg Originals programming streams on the Bloomberg app on Connected TV devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, and Android TV and is also available via Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels, Amazon’s news app on Fire TV, The Roku Channel, Tubi and VIZIO WatchFree+. The programming also broadcasts during select primetime and weekend time slots on Bloomberg TV and BTV+ and streams on Bloomberg.com. Bloomberg Quicktake, the streaming platform’s former name, now re-focuses on carrying short-format Bloomberg Originals and news content – including new Quickdocs cut downs as well as Quick60 and Quickhits clips – on social media platforms.

“Bloomberg Originals will explore global news issues and ideas through bold voices and creative formats. We’ll create everything from feature-length shows and series to short-form Quickdocs and companion podcasts. We want to bring the world’s best business journalism to our audience wherever they are across linear, streaming and social platforms,” added David Merritt , Global Head of Bloomberg Media Editorial

FIFA streams Club World Cup to 50 territories via in-house platform FIFA+

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/02/02/fifa-streams-club-world-cup-to-50-territories-via-in-house-platform-fifa/

World football governing body FIFA is using its own streaming platform FIFA+ to offer live and highlight coverage of the FIFA Club World Cup in 50 territories.

While the decision to do so might hint at lack of interest in the event from third party broadcasters, more likely is that it is part of FIFA’s ambition to grow FIFA+ into a more robust offering capable of generating subscription and ad revenue.

While it is unlikely that FIFA would consider streaming the flagship FIFA World Cup via its own platform (because of the rights fees it generates), the governing body is set to expand the Club World Cup significantly in 2025 – with FIFA president Gianni Infantino (right) greenlighting an increase from seven teams this year to 32. Increasingly, FIFA may see an opportunity to grow the platform and CWC in tandem.

The current edition of the event is running from February 1-11 in Morocco, and features Al Ahly, Al Hilal, Auckland City, Flamengo, Real Madrid, Seattle Sounders and Wydad. In Europe, the competition can be view on FIFA+ in 21 territories including the UK, Germany, Nordics, Belgium, the Netherlands and parts of Central Europe.



Optus D2 12546 V Sr 22500 DVB-S QPSK Fec 3/4
"Voice of Croatia" has left
"Narodni Radio" has left

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From the Dish

LaoSat 1 128.5E 3427 V "Bodhi TV" has left .
LaoSat 1 128.5E 3651 V "DG TV and Sananda have started on , Fta. Jeejal News HD, Paryawaran and Tehelka TV" have left.

AsiaSat 7 105.5E 3663 V Afghan TV, Total Sports, Jeeto TV, BTV Kadak, Up News HD, Live News and Falak TV have started on, Fta.
AsiaSat 7 105.5E 4100 V "TVB News" has started on , Irdeto.

Express 103 96.5E OTR, TV Centr, REN TV, Telekanal Spas, STS, Domashniy, TV 3, Pyatnitsa! and Muz TV have moved from 4074 R to 4019 R, clear.

G-Sat 17 93.5E 4076 V "News World has replaced Awakening TV" on , Fta.
G-Sat 17 93.5E 4174 H "Rishu Movies" has started on, Fta

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3805 H "Prajaa TV Kannada" is back on , Fta.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 3843 H "Spondon TV" has started on , Fta.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 4054 H "Atrangii" has left .

Express AM6 53.0E 10839 V "Rossiya 1 Krim and Rossiya 24 Krim" have left again.
Express AM6 53.0E 10841 V "TV Centr, Rossiya 1, Rossiya 24 Kuban and OTR" have started on .
Express AM6 53.0E 10856 V "Telekanal Zvezda, Mir, TNT, Tavria, Za! TV, Soloview Live, Telekanal Union, Krim 24 and Lugansk 24" have left again.
Express AM6 53.0E 10859 V "Mir 24 and Moskva 24" have started on, Fta.
Express AM6 53.0E 10875 V "OTR and TV Centr" have left again.
Express AM6 53.0E 10877 V "Telekanal Zvezda, Mir and TNT" have started on, clear.

From playtv



EchoStar Begins Construction of Global S-band Network

From https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/echostar-begins-construction-of-global-s-band-network-301736448.html

Procures satellites and plans Australian operations for new Low Earth Orbit constellation to power connectivity for smart devices

DENVER, Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, EchoStar Corporation (Nasdaq: SATS) announced an agreement with Astro Digital, a designer, manufacturer and operator of small satellite systems, for the construction of a global S-band mobile satellite service (MSS) network. Under the agreement, Astro Digital will manufacture the satellites for the constellation, which will deliver global Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) and other data services beginning in 2024. EchoStar will operate the constellation from its Australian subsidiary, EchoStar Global.

"This agreement represents another step forward towards our goal of a global non-terrestrial 5G network," said Hamid Akhavan, CEO, EchoStar. "With our engineering ingenuity, our service delivery expertise and our spectrum rights, EchoStar is uniquely positioned to offer worldwide S-band satellite services to help meet the insatiable demand for complete and constant connectivity."

The 28 satellites in this constellation design will feature an advanced software-defined radio with onboard storage and processing to power smart two-way device connectivity. The satellites will be enabled with the LoRa® (meaning "Long Range") protocol for connecting very low-cost, long-lived devices. With support for 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN) services, the constellation will serve as a foundation for EchoStar to engineer 5G New Radio (NR) based NTN capabilities according to 3GPP release 17 specifications.

"These new capabilities will fill a gap in the connected ecosystem, greatly expanding worldwide IoT interoperability," said Josh Williams, managing director, EchoStar Global Australia. "Our team, together with Astro Digital, has already begun integration of our Australian-based operations to bring to market a truly global solution with consistent and reliable network performance."

Through its subsidiary EchoStar Mobile Limited, EchoStar also operates an MSS network in Europe using the geostationary EchoStar XXI satellite, which will interoperate seamlessly with the new LEO constellation.

About Astro Digital

From concept to constellation, Astro Digital provides customers with complete space-based systems and mission support services for applications such as earth observation, satellite communications, science, and technology demonstrations. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the company manufactures satellites in its California factory and will provide a follow-the-sun satellite operations model from both the U.S. and Australia. For the latest updates and information, visit www.astrodigital.com and follow Astro Digital on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

About EchoStar
EchoStar Corporation (Nasdaq: SATS) is a premier technology and networking services provider offering consumer, enterprise, operator and government solutions worldwide under its Hughes®, HughesNet® and EchoStar® brands. In Europe, EchoStar operates under its EchoStar Mobile Limited subsidiary and in Australia, the company operates as EchoStar Global Australia. For more information, visit www.echostar.com and follow EchoStar on Twitter and LinkedIn.

South Korea picks Vega C to launch satellite grounded by Russian sanctions

From https://spacenews.com/south-korea-picks-vega-c-to-launch-satellite-grounded-by-russian-sanctions/

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea has selected Arianespace’s Vega C rocket to launch a multipurpose imaging satellite, KOMPSAT-6, that has remained grounded due to sanctions imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine.

South Korea’s vice minister for science, Oh Tae-seog, announced Feb. 1 that Vega-C was selected for the launch following international bidding.

In December, South Korea formally revoked a Russian contract for what was supposed to be a late 2022 launch of KOMPSAT-6 from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia aboard an Angara rocket, according to the vice minister. He didn’t explain whether the Korean government would seek Russian compensation for the delay.

No new date has been set for KOMPSAT-6’s launch. Vega C suffered a launch failure in December while attempting its first commercial flight following a successful July debut. Arianespace and the European Space Agency established an independent commission to investigate the Dec. 20 failure. “We will decide details after the investigation is over,” Oh said.
Vega C second launchA Vega C lifted off Dec. 20, only to suffer a failure with its second stage about two and half minutes later. Credit: Arianespace webcast

KOMPSAT-6 is South Korea’s second satellite equipped with synthetic aperture radar (SAR), following KOMPSAT-5, launched in August 2013 on a Dnepr-1 launch vehicle from Dombarovsky, Russia. Once in orbit, KOMPSAT-6 will monitor the Earth from about 505 kilometers above the Earth’s surface at a resolution of 0.5 meters per pixel for five years. While the satellite bus was developed by the state-funded Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), its payload was made by domestic aerospace manufacturer LIG Nex1 under the technical assistance of Airbus Defence and Space.

There are two other Korean satellite missions whose launch has been delayed by the anti-Russia sanctions: CAS500-2 remote sensing satellite and SNIPE, a constellation consisting of four 6U CubeSats to identify temporal and spatial variation of small scale plasma structures in the ionosphere and magnetosphere. CAS500-2 was supposed to launch in the first half of 2022 on a Soyuz rocket from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, and SNIPE in the first half of last year on a Soyuz rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome.

While the SNIPE was decided in October last year to launch on South Korea’s KSLV-2 rocket, expected in May, CAS500-2 is expected to fly on an overseas launch vehicle. “We will host an international bidding in March to select a launch vehicle that will carry CAS500-2, hopefully in the first half of next year,” the vice minister said.

Meanwhile, firefighters extinguished a fire at Naro Space Center, the only civilian rocket launch site here, during a test of a turbopump that feeds propellants to rocket engines, the science ministry said Jan. 1. The fire broke out in the afternoon and was extinguished in about 70 minutes, the ministry said. “Some testing equipment was affected by the fire, but no casualties have been reported,” Roh Hyung-il, a KARI spokesman, told SpaceNews. He said the ill-fated test was not related to the planned third launch of KSLV-2 rocket in May.

Pluto TV Adds Three New FREE Channels to Its Lineup

From https://cordcuttersnews.com/pluto-tv-adds-two-new-free-channels-to-its-lineup/

Pluto TV is bringing even more free content to its service with the addition of three new channels.

Here is all the contact Pluto TV added today:

Dateline 24/7

Here you will find a 24/7 feed of Dateline programing.

Hot Bench Channel 1125

Here you will find a 24/7 feed of the Hot Bench show. You can find Hot Bench on Pluto TV HERE.

Classic TV Crime Drama Channel 1372

Here you will find a collection of classic crime dramas like Dragnet. You can find Classic TV Crime Drama on Pluto TV HERE.

Here are the channels Pluto TV added last week:

BBC Top Gear

From sliding around racetracks in shiny supercars to buying an old banger for an ill-fated road trip with your mates, Top Gear celebrates everything that’s brilliant about cars.

You can find BBC Top Gear on Pluto TV HERE.

Blue Bloods

The Reagan family is gathering for Sunday dinner every day of the week. Watch Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes and Len Cariou as the first family of crime-fighting on their own dedicated channel.

You can find Blue Bloods on Pluto TV HERE.


Move ‘em out, head ‘em up! Rawhide, the classic TV Western that ran from 1959 through 1965 and made Clint Eastwood a Hollywood icon, is now rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ 24 hours a day.

Amazon Freevee adding classic Neighbours episodes

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/02/01/amazon-freevee-adding-neighbours-library

Amazon Freevee has announced a selection of classic Neighbours episodes will launch on the streaming service on February 23rd, ahead of the return of the series later this year.

The first drop will include all episodes from the 2012 season, featuring the show’s memorable first kiss between characters Chris and Aidan, as well as Toadie’s proposal to Sonya, and Lucas and Vanessa’s dramatic wedding day. The library content will be available exclusively on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. Prime Video customers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and South Africa will also have access to the previous seasons and episodes.

Additionally, a selection of the most legendary episodes of Neighbours will also launch on the service, including a variety of episodes featuring globals stars who make their showbiz breakthrough on the show, including Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Natalie Imbruglia and Liam Hemsworth.

After the initial drop, a library season of Neighbours will launch on the service every month until the show’s return later this year. Starting February 28th, the streaming service will also launch Neighbours linear FAST channels including ‘Neighbours – Looking Back’ (Channel 1) and ‘Best of Neighbours’ (Channel 2).

In November 2022, Amazon Freevee and Fremantle announced they would be bringing back Neighbours with Stefan Dennis, Alan Fletcher, Ryan Moloney, and Jackie Woodburne returning to reprise their leading roles. The series will also stream on Prime Video in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and South Africa. Production is set to commence imminently with a premiere slated for the second half of the year.

Neighbours ran for more than three decades and nearly 9,000 episodes. Jason Herbison, Neighbours’ executive producer since 2013, will maintain his position on the exciting new chapter of Neighbours, with Andrew Thompson returning as producer.

Australia’s Network 10, which aired Neighbours for 36 years, will retain first-run rights in Australia for the new chapter of the series.


New Tubi streams (see news section) to be added on the streams page as soon as they show up


Intelsat 19 166E 12606 H Sr 30000 "SMTV"
a duplicate broadcast of Supreme Master TV has started , FTA. Sd
Sid 120 Vpid 1201 (Mpg2) Apid 1202

Also on Optus D2

From my Email


From the Dish

No lyngsat


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New antenna in southern Tasmania taking on key role directing satellite traffic

From https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-02-01/new-antenna-southern-tasmania-satellite-traffic/101910798

A new antenna in Tasmania's southern midlands is enabling communications and commands to be sent to satellites orbiting earth — the first time Australia has had this capability.

Key points:

The number of satellites orbiting earth has grown from 2,000 in 2017 to more than 5,000
Tasmania is regarded as an ideal location for monitoring the growing satellite traffic orbiting the earth
A new antenna near Hobart will allow authorities to transmit commands to satellites, as well as receive messages from orbit

The two-way communication means satellites can have their orbits changed to avoid collisions, can be directed to make specific observations, and ground support can be provided for space missions.

The $2 million antenna has started operating at a time when Australia is significantly increasing its space industries, including plans to use the Arnhem Space Centre in remote Northern Territory to send rockets into space.

Canberra-based Skykraft has hitched a ride on a SpaceX rocket to launch a project aimed at improving Australia's air traffic management, with an ambition for 200 satellites launched in two years.

The antenna at Bisdee Tier in Tasmania means Australia will no longer need to rely on other countries to send commands to satellites on its behalf — so long as the satellites are on Australia's side of the world and at the correct angle to intercept the code.

The seven-metre antenna in southern Tasmania has been developed in partnership with the Australian Space Agency.(ABC News: Adam Holmes)

Professor Simon Ellingsen of the University of Tasmania said it would improve Australia's space radar capabilities.

"Before we were just able to receive signals from space with some of our other antennas. This one gives us the chance to transmit up, and also to do some work in finding out where objects are in space with the space situational awareness," he said.

"Australia is starting to launch a lot more satellites. And because of companies like SpaceX being able to launch more cheaply, there's satellites being launched for both scientific and commercial purposes."

'Orbiting satellites, old rocket bodies' up above

The number of active satellites orbiting earth sits at about 5,000 — up from 2,000 in 2017.

Given most have polar orbits, they are more commonly seen closer to the poles. This means Tasmania is an ideal location for tracking.

At any given time, it's estimated there are 2,000 satellites in the sky above Tasmania.

While collisions between satellites are unlikely, the new antenna will further reduce the risk by having the ability to track other objects in orbit with greater accuracy.

One collision can create a cascading effect, causing a debris cloud around the earth and making space travel more difficult.

Head of the Australian Space Agency, Enrico Palermo, said the antenna would open up new potential for the country's space sector.

"This … deepens our experience in tracking satellites, communicating with satellites. It's going to develop new commercial partnerships where Australian companies and international companies can use this site to track their satellites," he said.

"There's orbiting satellites, there's old rocket bodies — we want to make sure they don't impact each other because if they impact each other and cause damage that could impact the vital services we rely on everyday.

"Globally there's predictions the space sector will grow to over a trillion dollars in the decades to come, and Australia's in a really interesting position to capture a significant share of that because of our talent, because of our geography and really the Australian ingenuity like Skykraft and the University of Tasmania."

Mr Palermo said the "commercialisation of space" had, at this stage, resulted in more cooperation between countries.

"We've shifted from what used to be the preserve of the world's major superpowers, to commercial entities like SpaceX, providing access to space, developing services that benefit humans around the planet," he said.

"Certainly space is a competitive field, and it has aspects related to national security."

LeoLabs West Australian Space Radar is Now in Service

From https://www.satellitetoday.com/technology/2023/01/31/leolabs-west-australian-space-radar-is-now-in-service/

LeoLabs entered a new space radar into service, the West Australian Space Radar (WASR), giving the company coverage of the Southern Hemisphere in the Indo-Pacific region. The new site will enable better tracking and monitoring of median to high inclination resident space objects in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), along with the Kiwi Space Radar in New Zealand.

LeoLabs now has a global network of 10 independent radars across six operational sites. Last year, the company opened a new radar in Costa Rica.

LeoLabs said the location has strategic importance. It increases surveillance of the Southern Hemisphere in the Indo-Pacific region, where the U.S. and allied nations have historically lacked coverage and visibility. LeoLabs has a team in Australia responsible for Pacific daytime global radar operations, orbital analytics, and reporting to provide LeoLabs with continuous coverage and analysis of regional activities in LEO.

“Australia is now host to a landmark in the world of space safety,” said Dan Ceperley, CEO of LeoLabs. “At LeoLabs we are honored and humbled to be a part of the Australian space ecosystem and to have found so many supporters and partners in Australia.”

Global Streaming Giants React to Australia’s Local Content Quotas

From https://au.variety.com/2023/tv/news/streaming-local-content-quotas-reaction-8478/

The Australian Government has flagged its intentions to legislate local content quotas for the steaming giants, such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon’s Prime Video, with the industry now digesting the news and gearing up to agitate and advocate as the consultation process ramps up a notch.

The streamers are thus far publicly mostly saying they are open to discussions and debates, and also pointing to the numerous local productions they have invested in without any existing legal requirements.

Behind the scenes though, they are seeking out definitions for what would constitute a “local production”, what sort of quotas could be put in place, and noting the increasing budgetary pressures facing the local sector.

Multiple sources with vested interests in the debate have pointed to various reports, which they say prove the local screen sector is already thriving. ACMA data, for example, shows spend of $355 million from the streaming video on demand (SVOD) sector for the 2022 financial year, up from $179 million the year prior.

The issue with this growth, however, is ongoing shortages in both skills and critical production infrastructure, which is driving significant cost inflation and causing delays on various projects, they said.

One argued that implementing content quotas for the streamers would artificially inflate the trend towards Australian content and further exacerbate the existing cost and skills issues.

In addition, companies such as Paramount ANZ, which owns both television network Network 10 and streaming service Paramount+, and Nine Entertainment, responsible for the Nine Network and streamer Stan, argue they should not be facing double regulation. They are increasingly organising their businesses as multi-platform and commission accordingly.

For now, however, all of those who were willing to comment on-the-record are remaining positive and open, whilst also pointing to their existing local content credentials.

Netflix, with recent local commissions including “Heartbreak High” and “Boy Swallows Universe“, said: “Netflix’s position is clear: we don’t oppose regulation, but do want it to be sustainable, equitable and evidence-based. We look forward to positive consultation with the Government on “Revive” to shape media regulation that creates good outcomes for Australian storytellers and audiences, and will continue to see our many home-grown films and shows enjoyed here and around the world.”

‘Boy Swallows Universe’ commenced production in September. Courtesy of Netflix

Paramount ANZ, meanwhile, noted its cross-platform commitments.

“Paramount ANZ is already one of the largest investors in Australian content across all its platforms including free-to-air, BVOD [broadcast video on demand], pay TV and streaming service Paramount+,” a spokesperson said.

“Since the launch of Paramount+ in August 2021, we have invested in and commissioned 19 Australian programs across a variety of genres. We are proud of the fact that we have commissioned more local content than any other streaming service within the same timeframe. We love telling Australian stories and working with talented local creatives and our audiences both here and abroad embrace the content we produce right here in Australia.

“Paramount ANZ looks forward to continuing its discussions with the Government regarding how best to support the ongoing development of Australian content in a way that is achievable and sustainable for the local screen production sector and supports the diverse tastes of all our audiences.”

Paramount+’s local commissions include Australian drama “Five Bedrooms”, which shifted from Network 10 to the SVOD service for Season 2, plus the upcoming “The Last King of the Cross”.

Nine Entertainment, meanwhile, was the only media company to attach a name to its response, opting to have CEO Mike Sneesby react to the news.

“We appreciate the Government outlining its timetable, and we look forward to participating in the consultation process to help ensure an appropriate outcome is reached,” he said.

Stan’s local commissions include “Black Snow“, “No Activity” and “Bump“.
‘Bump’ has run for three seasons on Stan. Courtesy of Stan

This financial year, Stan will premiere 20 Stan Originals, up from nine in the year ending June 30, 2022.

Foxtel Group is another blended business, with traditional subscription service Foxtel, as well as streaming option Foxtel Go, entertainment offering Binge and sports-centric Kayo.

A spokesperson for the wider group said it had a long history of bringing critically acclaimed Australian stories to the screen, and it would remain a committed local champion.

“The Foxtel Group is currently regulated under a legislated pay TV drama spend obligation and unlike other broadcasters who also own a streaming service, Foxtel does not purchase or commission additional content for its streaming services. Our model is to acquire and commission Australian content and distribute that content across both Foxtel and Binge,” the spokesperson said.

“Every year, the Foxtel Group makes a substantial contribution to the Australian economy as a significant player in the local production and dissemination of high-quality Australian stories. This contribution extends beyond Australian drama to other popular genres including lifestyle, factual and news, creating valuable Australian jobs in the creative industry.

“We have a number of new Australian productions launching in 2023 including Season 2 of the award-winning series “Love Me”, the return of “Rockwiz” to the screen and many more. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Government in the coming months as part of the consultation process.”

Amazon’s Prime Video did not offer comment.

It did, however, note that since 2019, it has commissioned 23 Amazon Original series in Australia including “The Test”, “LOL: Last One Laughing Australia” and “Luxe Listings“, as well as the first Australian Amazon Original movie “Five Blind Dates“.

Reality-focused Hayu declined to comment, as did Apple TV+, while Disney did not respond.

The AACTA Awards, AACTA Industry Awards and AACTA Screen Fest are on the move to Queensland, and are set to take place on the Gold Coast in 2024.

It is just the latest major event or production to move to the Sunshine State, with the Logies shifting from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in recent years, the screen industry’s conference Screen Forever also making the move, and various productions including “The Bachelors“, “Wizards“, “Black Snow” and “Elvis” filming there.

Russell Crowe, the current president of AACTA, said the Academy is looking forward to broadcasting a memorable show and showcasing the Gold Coast to audiences.

“In acknowledgement of Queensland’s growing importance of film and television production in the country, it has been decided by the Board of the Australian Film Institute and AACTA, and with the generous cooperation of the Queensland Government, for the next three years we’ll be shifting from Sydney and hosting the AACTA Awards here on the Gold Coast,” he said.

“The Australian Film Institute (AFI) and more recently The Australian Academy (AACTA) have provided the platform that has seen this country’s contributions to the global film industry just keep growing and making household names out of directors, designers, cinematographers, post-production houses, visual effect artists, writers, producers, and of course, actors.”

The AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel Group will take place in February 2024, designed to lineup with international awards season including the Oscars and BAFTAs.

The state’s premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said Queensland continued to stamp its authority as a global screen heavyweight.

“I am delighted to announce our deal with the Australian Film Institute to bring the AACTAs to the Gold Coast for the next three years,” she said. “Our screen industry keeps going from strength to strength as we build our international reputation as the place to film world-class cinema and television content.

“Queensland is a production paradise offering the complete package, with film-friendly locations, highly-skilled crew, world-class facilities and competitive incentives.”

Tourism minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the event would deliver $3.4 million to the visitor economy.

February price rise confirmed for sports streamer KAYO

From https://tvblackbox.com.au/page/2023/01/31/february-price-rise-confirmed-for-sports-streamer-kayo/

Foxtel-owned sport streaming service Kayo has confirmed a price rise for customers on its most popular plan.

From the start of February, all new and existing Kayo customers will have to pay an increased price of $30 per month for the Kayo Basic package.

The Kayo Basic plan allows customers to watch two simultaneous HD streams. Previously the plan was priced at $27.50 per month. Pricing for the streamer’s two other options Kayo One ($25) and Kayo Premium ($35) remain unchanged.

The cost increase for Kayo comes after the streamer has recently renegotiated massive new costly broadcast deals for high-profile sports including the AFL and Australian Cricket.

But it also comes at a time when the sport streamer is facing increased competition from rivals such as Stan, Optus and Paramount+ whom all desperate to secure content. Kayo has also received criticism for its failure to introduce 4K broadcast technology.

From 2024, Kayo will also face increased competition with Channel 7 securing the rights to stream live AFL and Cricket on its free, ad-supported streaming platform 7plus.

SES vs Intelsat back in court

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/31/ses-vs-intelsat-back-in-court/

The long-running legal action between SES and Intelsat is back in court on January 31st. The hearing is focussed on the SES claim that Intelsat pay what SES says is its share of the costs associated with the C-Band Alliance (CBA).

The CBA failed in its plan to create a private auction of C-band satellite frequencies for associated use for terrestrial 5G use. Instead the FCC handled the auction of the satellite frequencies.

However, it looks as if the two litigants have reached – at least – partial agreements on the SES claims. A statement filed with the court on January 27th said: “The Reorganized Debtors and SES have reached a resolution in principle […] subject to documentation. The Reorganized Debtors hope to present an agreed stipulation prior to the hearing.”

SES is claiming some $12 million from Intelsat as its share of the CBA costs.

SpaceX launches 50 satellites, lands rocket on ship at sea

From https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-group-2-6-launch

It was the 168th landing for a SpaceX rocket during an orbital mission.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched 50 spacecraft to orbit on Tuesday (Jan. 31), then came back down to Earth for a pinpoint landing on a ship at sea.

A Falcon 9 topped with 49 Starlink satellites, as well as a rideshare spacecraft from the Italy-based company D-Orbit, lifted off Tuesday from California's Vandenberg Space Force Base at 11:15 a.m. EST (1615 GMT, 8:15 a.m. local California time).

The Falcon 9's first stage came back to Earth about 8 minutes and 45 seconds after launch, touching down softly on SpaceX's Of Course I Still Love You droneship, which was stationed in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches 49 Starlink internet satellites and D-Orbit's orbital transfer vehicle from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on Jan. 31, 2023.

It was the seventh launch and landing for this particular booster, according to a SpaceX mission description (opens in new tab), and the 168th touchdown overall for a SpaceX orbital rocket.

The Falcon 9's upper stage, meanwhile, continued hauling the 50 payloads to low Earth orbit. It deployed D-Orbit's Ion Satellite Carrier Vehicle #9 (SCV009), an orbital transfer craft that carried a diverse set of payloads of its own, on schedule about 58 minutes after liftoff.

"The rideshare hosts payloads from the Munich-based company HPS, U.S. company EBAD, the Swiss institute EPFL and the New Zealand company StardustMe," Kate Tice, SpaceX quality system engineering manager, said during a webcast of Tuesday's launch.

The HPS payload is a braking sail designed to help satellites come down from Earth orbit more efficiently, D-Orbit revealed in a press release (opens in new tab) that was posted on Twitter shortly after launch. EBAD's was a "payload release ring" that carried a spacecraft simulator. EPFL's was a student-developed onboard computer called Bunny, which is part of a larger effort to eventually launch small atmosphere-studying spacecraft for use here on Earth and farther afield, potentially all the way out to exoplanet systems.

StardustMe, meanwhile, provides customers with memorial spaceflights. The company's payload on Tuesday's launch consisted "of a batch of aluminum machined capsules, each carrying a gram of human cremated ashes, contained in an additive-manufactured frame and enclosure," D-Orbit wrote in the press release. "The assembly, permanently fixed to the main core of ION, will eventually re-enter the atmosphere with the host vehicle during decommissioning, providing an ultimate form of space burial."

The Falcon 9 upper stage deployed the 49 Starlink satellites about one hour and 17 minutes after launch as planned, SpaceX confirmed via Twitter (opens in new tab).

SpaceX has now launched more than 3,800 Starlink satellites (opens in new tab), and the huge constellation will continue to grow for quite some time: The company has permission to loft 12,000 of the internet spacecraft and has applied for approval to deploy about 30,000 more on top of that.

Tuesday's liftoff was the seventh of the year already for SpaceX, and the third Starlink mission of 2023. Though it's still very early, Elon Musk's company is on pace to break its single-year record of 61 orbital launches, which it set last year.

Russia to deploy Artika-M satellite network

From https://www.plenglish.com/news/2023/01/31/russia-to-deploy-artika-m-satellite-network/

Moscow, Jan 31 (Prensa Latina) By 2031, Russia will have four Artika-M meteorological satellites, which will make observations in polar latitudes from highly elliptical orbits, the Roscosmos Space Agency reported today.

The agency said that initially it is planned to deploy only two of these spacecraft with this type of orbit, but in 2022 it was approved to increase the fleet to four satellites.

As a result, it will be possible to reduce by half the interval between imaging and to produce more detailed short-term weather forecasts, as well as to detect and monitor, in advance, dangerous natural phenomenon and potential emergencies in the Arctic region, Roscosmos said.

The first Artika-M satellite was launched in 2021, while the deployment of the second is planned for the current year.

In March 2022, the then head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeev, stated that no other nation will have similar satellites before 2028, and that four Artika-M devices will provide the opportunity for near-continuous observation with high resolution.

Roku and Tubi to Launch Warner Bros. Discovery Free, Ad-Supported Channels, Featuring HBO’s ‘Westworld’ and More

From https://variety.com/2023/digital/news/roku-tubi-warner-bros-discovery-free-fast-channels-westworld-1235507747/

Deals also will bring 2,000 hours of on-demand WBD movies, TV series to Roku Channel and Tubi

UPDATED: Roku and Fox Corp.’s Tubi are set to bring a big bucket of free, ad-supported content from Warner Bros. Discovery to their streaming platforms.

Roku and Tubi are the first two partners for WBD’s new free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels. The deals come after Warner Bros. Discovery in December announced that it was removing several shows from HBO Max — including “Westworld,” “The Nevers,” “Raised by Wolves,” “FBoy Island,” “Legendary,” “Finding Magic Mike,” “Head of the Class” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife” — to license them to third-party FAST partners.

Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav told analysts in November that the company would be “aggressively attacking” the low end of the streaming market with its own FAST offerings in 2023. “As a company with the largest film and TV library in the industry, we have a unique opportunity to increase our addressable market and drive real value, and we plan to move quickly,” Zaslav said.

On the Roku Channel, WBD’s FAST channels are set to launch in the spring of 2023, featuring titles from across the media company’s portfolio, including “Westworld,” “The Bachelor,” “Cake Boss,” “Say Yes to the Dress” and “F-Boy Island.” In addition, the Roku Channel will add about 2,000 hours of on-demand content featuring hundreds of Warner Bros. Discovery’s TV series and movies. That content will come from WBD’s HBO, HBO Max, Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Television and more.

Similarly, Tubi announced a content deal with Warner Bros. Discovery that will bring 14 WB-branded FAST channels and more than 225 ad-supported VOD titles — totaling over 2,000 hours — to the platform.

On Tubi, content will begin rolling out as early as Wednesday (Feb. 1), continuing throughout the month. Tubi will launch three new curated FAST channels — WB TV Reality, WB TV Series and WB TV Family — which will include all seasons of series including “Westworld,” “Raised by Wolves,” “Legendary,” “FBoy Island,” “The Nevers,” “Finding Magic Mike,” “Head of the Class” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”

Tubi also will add 11 other FAST channels from Warner Bros. Discovery centered on genres including lifestyles, homes, classic movies, education, mysteries and weddings. New titles across Tubi’s expanded linear FAST and AVOD lineup will include such series as “Cake Boss,” “My Cat From Hell,” “Breaking Amish,” “Caribbean Life,” “How It’s Made,” “Paranormal Lockdown,” “The Tomorrow People” and “My Five Wives,” as well as select seasons of “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” in addition to films including “The Astronaut’s Wife,” “For Your Consideration” and “Lord of the Flies.”

As Warner Bros. Discovery launches into the FAST segment, it’s also gearing up to debut a merged HBO Max-Discovery+ platform starting in the U.S. this spring. The company hasn’t announced details on pricing, packaging or a name although “Max” has emerged as the leading contender.

“We love working with world-class, cutting-edge partners like the Roku Channel. Their innovative platforms provide us with new ways to bring our valuable content to fans across the country,” David Decker, president of content sales for Warner Bros. Discovery, said in a statement. Regarding Tubi, he said, “Tubi’s innovative platform and these new channels are one more way we are bringing Warner Bros. Discovery’s vast array of content to our fans. Tubi is an incredible client, and we’re excited to expand our relationship with these new channels.”

Adam Lewinson, Tubi’s chief content officer, said in a statement, “Warner Bros. Discovery has a catalog that TV lovers can’t get enough of and Tubi is proudly making many of these recent hits from Warner Bros. Discovery available to new audiences this month.”

Rob Holmes, Roku’s VP of programming, commented: “The rapid expansion of premium content on FAST is a win for both the viewer and content owner, as well as advertisers looking to reach these audiences through well-known programming. We’re delighted to be one of Warner Bros. Discovery’s inaugural FAST partners, and we look forward to introducing its incredible TV series, films and entertainment brands to a whole new audience on the Roku Channel.”

Holmes is set to depart Roku in March after six years. David Eilenberg, currently head of Roku originals, will become head of content across all of Roku Media under division president Charlie Collier, the former CEO of Fox Entertainment who joined the company last fall in a signal of its stepped-up focus on content.

Here’s a list of the 14 new Warner Bros. Discovery FAST channels:

WB TV Series: premium TV shows series including “Westworld,” “Raised by Wolves,” “The Nevers,” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife”
WB TV Reality: unscripted TV series including “Legendary,” “FBoy Island” and “Finding Magic Mike”
WB TV Family: collection of “family-friendly” series including “Head of the Class”
WB TV Sweet Escapes: baking competition shows including “Cake Boss,” “Extreme Cake Makers” and “Cake Wars”
WB TV Paws & Claws: pet shows including “Dogs 101” and “My Cat from Hell”
WB TV Slice of Life: series following people from “all corners of the world” including “Extreme Couponing,” “Breaking Amish” and “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”
WB TV Welcome Home: Real estate and interior design shows including “Caribbean Life,” “Buying Hawaii,” and “Bahamas Life”
WB TV At the Movies: Selection of classic films from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s
WB TV How To: “curiosity-inspiring” series including “How It’s Made,” “How to Build Everything” and “How the Earth Works”
WB TV Supernatural: shows including “Ghost Brothers,” “Paranormal Lockdown” and “Ghost Asylum”
WB TV Crime Series: shows including “Murder Chose Me,” “A Crime to Remember,” and “Murder Comes to Town”
WB TV Mysteries: shows like “Mysteries at the Museum,” “Mysteries at the Monument” and “Off Limits”
WB TV Love & Marriage: shows including “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta,” “Four Weddings” and “A Wedding Story”
WB TV Family Rules: series about real-life families including “Long Lost Family,” “The Little Couple” and “My Five Wives”
WB TV Keeping It Real: Reality shows including “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise,” “Finding Magic Mike” and “Fboy Island”
WB TV All Together: shows with “characters who feel like family” including “Eight Is Enough,” “Better With You” and “Head of the Class”

Roku signs FAST deal with Warner Bros Discovery

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/31/roku-signs-fast-deal-with-warner-bros-discovery/

Roku and Warner Bros Discovery have agreed a deal to bring Warner Bros branded FAST channels to The Roku Channel. Featuring popular titles including Westworld, The Bachelor, Cake Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, F-Boy Island and more, the channels will arrive on The Roku Channel in the US this spring.

On top of new FAST channels, the deal will also usher in some 2,000 hours of on-demand library programming to The Roku Channel. Hundreds of TV series and movies from Warner Bros Discovery’s brand portfolio, including HBO, HBO Max, Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros Television, and more, will now be available for audiences to stream for free on The Roku Channel.

Rob Holmes, vice president, programming, Roku: “As FAST continues to explode in popularity amongst cord-cutters, we’re seeing content players increasingly shift their focus towards capturing this audience, by bringing some of their best stuff to FAST. The rapid expansion of premium content on FAST is a win for both the viewer and content owner, as well as advertisers looking to reach these audiences through well-known programming. We’re delighted to be one of Warner Bros Discovery’s inaugural FAST partners, and we look forward to introducing its incredible TV series, films, and entertainment brands to a whole new audience on The Roku Channel.”

The news builds on The Roku Channel’s significant enhancement of its FAST offering over the last year, with deals that added popular programming from AMC Networks, NBCUniversal, WMX, NHL, and more to the service.

David Decker, President of Content Sales for Warner Bros Discovery, added: “We love working with world-class, cutting-edge partners like The Roku Channel. Their innovative platforms provide us with new ways to bring our valuable content to fans across the country.”

Paramount+, Showtime to merge in US

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/31/paramount-showtime-to-merge-in-us/

Paramount has announced that its Showtime brand is set to be mergedwith Paramount+. In the US, the streaming and linear platforms will now be rebranded as ‘Paramount+ With Showtime’. Later this year the Showtime streaming service will cease operations.

In a memo to staff, Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish said: “With Showtime’s content integrated into our flagship streaming service […] Paramount+ will become the definitive multiplatform brand in the streaming space – and the first of its kind to integrate streaming and linear content in this way. While we are confident this is the right move for our company, our consumers, and our partners, we know this change brings uncertainty for the teams working on these brands and businesses.”

Addressing to potential of lay-offs, Bakish added: “We are committed to being as transparent and thoughtful as possible throughout this process, and we expect to share additional details in the coming weeks.”

At the same time Showtime confirmed it is cancelling three shows that are wrapped but have not aired. Return runs of Three Women, Let the right one in and American Gogolo are all canned and will be hoping for new homes elsewhere.

Showtime, from Viacom, was founded as the first rival to take on HBO as a premium-level movie service for US cable.


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Sunday feeds

Optus D2
12634 V Sr 7500 "Adhoc Enc 12_Mod 7"
12643 V Sr 7500 "ADHOC ENC 13" Cycling
12666 V Sr 30000 "Link Heli 1""Link Heli 2A""Link Heli 3""Link Heli 2B""Cam Heli"
12705 V Sr 7500 "TDU B/UP (006)" Cycling
12723 V Sr 7500 "Sapphire" Encrypted
12732 V Sr 7500 "TDU MAIN" Encrypted
12741 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted

Saturday night feeds

Optus D2
12634 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
12705 V Sr 7500 "TDU B/UP (006)" Encrypted

Saturday feeds

Optus D2
12643 V Sr 7500 NO lock
12666 V Sr 30000 "Link Heli 1""Link Heli 2A""Link Heli 3""Link Heli 2B""Cam Heli"
12714 V Sr 7500 "Tab Corp Racing - Gold Coast" Encrypted
12723 V Sr 7500 "Sapphire" Encrypted
12732 V Sr 7500 "TDU MAIN" Encrypted
12741 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted

From my Email


From the Dish

Intelsat 20 68.5E 11634 V "Switch'd On 109/110" have started on , Irdeto.

Intelsat 36 68.5E 11848 H "Switch'd On 109/110, SuperSport Football Africa and SuperSport Variety 4 Africa" have started on, Irdeto.

From playtv

Y1A(52.5E)卫星,11939 H 27500一组新增Faza TV、bardud music高清频道,开锁播出。(2023-01-30)
印度G-Sat 10/30(83.0°E)卫星,11550 V 32720一组新增Kolkata TV、Aradana等频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-30)
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,4040 H 29720一组新增UTV MOVIES频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-30)

雅玛尔402(54.9°E)卫星,Subbota! (+2h)一组更改接收参数,设置10885 V 30000依旧开锁播出,同组新增Krim 24、1 Krim等四个频道,开锁播出。(2023-01-29)
(俄)快车AM6(53.0°E)卫星,Watan TV一组更改接收参数,设置11560 H 10500依旧开锁播出。(2023-01-29)

印度G-Sat 15/17(93.5°E)卫星,11480 H 14500一组新增MHRD、Watcho One频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-28)
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,3980 V 28100一组新增Pravah Picture TV、Star Kiran频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-28)

亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,4020 V 28100一组新增Pravah TV频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-27
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,3940 V 28100一组Star Vijay Takkar替换Star Vijay Music频道,依旧锁码播出,同组Star Sports select2消失。(2023-01-27)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12343 V 30000一组Bunteng 100替换Banterng 110频道,依旧开锁播出。(2023-01-27)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12468 V 45000一组BBC Lifestyle Asia、CBeebies Asia等频道消失。(2023-01-27)


Wellington family launches space-mad teen's ashes into space

From https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/131093499/wellington-family-launches-spacemad-teens-ashes-into-space

Remy Townsley loved rockets. Now his family is sending his ashes into space on StardustMe’s first memorial space flight.

Remy Townsley​ was nine when, during a family trip to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, he saw a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket ship: sparking his interest in space flight.

The young Wellington space enthusiast died in 2020. Now, as a way to honour the 14-year-old’s passion of space flight, Remy’s family are launching his ashes into space through StardustMe: the country’s only memorial space flight service.

Remy and five other New Zealanders’ remains will be attached to a satellite on a SpaceX rocket, to orbit the earth for close to a decade.

Remy’s mother, Keryn Townsley​, said when she saw StardustMe on her Facebook feed, it felt like an “instant connection”.

When Remy died in 2020 there were still Covid-19 restrictions in place. Some members of the family could not come to the funeral, which had been challenging, Townsley said. Additionally, it had been difficult to find an appropriate burial place that was close.

Sending Remy’s ashes into space was a special way the family could honour him, and connected back to their family trip to America: the place where Remy had first fallen in love with rockets.

Each group of satellites begins as a chain, and then spreads out to form a complete orbit, with thousands of satellites enveloping the Earth.

Remy, with his love of machines, would appreciate being attached to a working satellite, Townsley said, and that he was not just being sent up for “the sake of it”.

In a way he would be returning to be stardust, the thing everyone was made from, she said.

“It’s as poetic as Remy would get, because, as I say, everything was done with a very scientific mind ... It seems like something that he would resonate with.”

Part of Remy’s fascination with propelled flight was an interest in finding out how things worked, his mother said.

The young man had a unique view of the world, shown in his interest towards the inner workings of machines.

“He was the child who would switch the light on 1000 times until he felt he understood how it worked.”

After returning home after their 2015 family trip, the boy purchased his own powered rocket to run test flights. Later, he completed a special project on rocket propulsion systems and created his own website to explain the physics behind the phenomena.

It was Remy’s love of machines that made him so unique, Townsley said – and part of what made his family love him so much.

“He was incredibly unique and brought something really different to our family. And that's why we miss him so much, because we really miss that element that he brought to us. The way he looked at the world.”

The rocket holding Remy’s remains was to launch around 5.50am Monday from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in Los Angeles. His family would be watching through the YouTube livestream on the SpaceX website.

Townsley said she thought Remy would be “over the moon”, knowing he would be going up to space.

“I think if there’s anything that would make him smile, it would be knowing that he’s going on a rocket.”

Indonesia’s Surya Satellite-1 successfully deployed from the ISS

From https://news.satnews.com/2023/01/27/indonesias-surya-satellite-1-successfully-deployed-from-the-iss/?mohide=true&mc_cid=e289326a18&mc_eid=e80892f101

Indonesia’s Surya Satellite-1(SS-1) has been successfully deployed from the Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” at the International Space Station (ISS).

This CubeSat was developed by the team of Surya University from the Republic of Indonesia and was selected as the winner in the third round of KiboCUBE program that is run by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

H.E. HERI Akhmadi, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan, was present at Tsukuba Space Center to witness the deployment, which was also broadcast online.

SS-1 is operated by the team of Surya University and the experience gained through development and operation of the satellite is expected to benefit future space activities in Indonesia.

JAXA Director General of Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate, Sasaki Hiroshi, said, “It is our pleasure that JAXA successfully deployed Surya Satellite-1 from Kibo module of the ISS. We would like to extend our respect to UNOOSA and the Surya University for their efforts. Surya Satellite-1 has significant missions ahead including communication technology demonstration, to which I wish a great success. We also wish the experience gained through the development and operation of Surya Satellite-1 will lead to the next steps of space activity in Indonesia, and we truly hope that we could collaborate with Indonesia again in the near future. Congratulations!”

UNOOSA Acting Director, Niklas Hedman, said, “Congratulations to Surya University and the supporting team for this tremendous accomplishment. It is impressive how the team prevailed despite the challenges posed by COVID-19! We look forward to SS-1 realizing its mission and pushing forward the momentum of space-related activities in Indonesia. We are proud to work with JAXA on KiboCUBE as it continues bridging the space divide and shedding light on many countries that are working so hard to develop space capacities. We look forward to deepening our cooperation and providing more opportunities in the coming years.”

Dr. Rector Lindawati of Surya University said, “We are pleased with the successful deployment of Surya Satellite 1 (SS-1) from the International Space Station. We hope for a smooth operation of SS-1 during its mission, so that it can be beneficial for many people, especially in Indonesia. Surya University also expresses our sincere gratitude to UNOOSA, JAXA, and other stakeholders and sponsors for this collaboration since we got awarded the KiboCUBE deployment opportunity in 2018. This is an important milestone for Surya University, as well as for Indonesia, since this is the first nanosatellite program, which is technically designed and manufactured by undergraduate students from Surya University- Indonesia. We hope that this achievement can further trigger the development of a similar program by students, to benefit our communication and informatics field.”

KiboCUBE is a joint project between JAXA and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and provides deployment opportunities for smallsats. JAXA supports emerging and developing countries that are yet to establish satellite development technologies, with efforts to build smallsat technologies, and provide opportunities to deploy smallsats built by those countries from the Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” on the International Space Station (ISS). By promoting this project, JAXA provides emerging and developing countries with opportunities to access outer space for demonstration and other purposes, thereby helping them build and improve space development technologies and usage capabilities.

FAST channels grow as broadcasters respond to viewers’ changing habits

From https://www.mediaweek.com.au/fast-channels-grow-as-broadcasters-respond-to-viewers-changing-habits/

FAST channels

ThinkTV: BVOD viewing evolving and advertising opportunities expand

At the recent 2023 upfronts, a key feature uniting the commercial free-to-air (FTA) platforms and Foxtel was the growth of FAST channels to cater to consumers changing viewing habits. FAST is an acronym for Free Ad-supported Streaming Television.

“People talk a lot about how TV is changing, and about how broadcasters are finding ways to make sure Australians can access the content they want amidst new and emerging viewing habits,” ThinkTV chief executive Kim Portrate told Mediaweek.

“We have seen in the last 12 months that BVOD is being consumed in different ways by Australians with more and more live stream viewing on broadcaster’s platforms.

“It’s true that some people use streaming as a catchup TV service, but a growing number are now using BVOD in the same way they used to watch regular TV. And even more interesting, plenty of people now do both.

“Alongside this change in viewing, the customer experience when watching programs on BVOD platforms is improving because Australian broadcasters understand the power of local, professionally produced content.

“More than simply curating similar content, they are creating bespoke channels that audiences want, helping to overcome ‘choice paralysis’. It’s a way to help consumers who can’t decide what to watch. Given how much great programming is now available, FAST channels can help them with that.

“FAST channels are an interesting way for broadcasters to respond to changing viewing habits. It sees them evaluating the value of their content and curating it in a way that is easy for people to grab hold of.”

Globally, broadcasters are creating FAST channels that bring together news content, series-based programming, or aggregated content tied to a theme. For example, locally, Foxtel created a Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon channel to appeal to fans of the franchise while Seven has the Crazy In Love FAST channel that brings together a collection of reality programs. Meanwhile, 10 has an Aussie Drama channel.

From an advertising perspective, Portrate noted that serving specialist content in a single destination presents an opportunity because, “engaged program fans are more attentive, and, as we all know, greater attention drives better business outcomes. It can give an advertiser who might not have their own data the opportunity to engage with an audience whose interests align with their products.”

9Now and the new start over functionality

FAST channels: Easy access

Portrate: “The good news is viewers don’t have to pay more for the channels. If you are a Foxtel subscriber, you get the channels. And Seven and 10 channels can be accessed for free via connected TVs or apps with Nine channels launching soon in the same way.

“The content is also available everywhere on every device.”

For marketers trying to determine where FAST channels fit within their media mix, Portrate has the following advice. She says: “We recommend marketers use the big beautiful screen in the heart of our homes to get high-velocity reach, with BVOD – including FAST channels – a way to extend that.

“The icing on the cake is that FAST channels provide more content options for advertisers from a targeting, demographic and interest point of view.”

ThinkTV’s research has consistently found campaigns that include TV + BVOD (including FAST channels) see twice the sales impact versus TV + social media advertising.

Unsurprisingly, research shows advertising investment in FAST channels is expected to grow exponentially over the next couple of years, particularly in the US where FAST services feature high Net Promoter Scores which suggests viewers are satisfied and loyal.

Part of the 7plus FAST channel menu
Australian FAST channels

• As part of its 2023 transformation, 9Now will introduce FAST channels specially curated to allow viewers to immerse themselves in their favourite program or genre. This is in addition to the much anticipated “start over function” coming to the platform.

• Seven currently has more than 50 FAST channels live on 7plus. In December, Seven launched the Home and Away channel featuring hand-picked classic episodes as well as Crazy In Love, a channel bringing reality fans a curated schedule of hit shows including Back with the Ex, First Dates Australia, Extreme Weddings, The Single Wives and Yummy Mummies. The 7plus FAST Channels offering will evolve throughout 2023 with the addition of new channels, providing greater viewing choices for audiences and an optimal environment for advertisers.

• In November, Paramount launched 13 new FAST channels offering a broad range of curated content for super fans to double down on their favourite shows or genres. Channels include MasterChef Australia, Baywatch, Australian Survivor, an Aussie drama channel featuring Puberty Blues, Rush and The Secret Life of Us. In December, three more channels were added including the Merlin channel for lovers of magic and warlocks and the Geordie Shores. 10 Play viewers can also watch The Challenge on a new dedicated channel.

Part of the 10play FAST offering

Broadcasters comment on initiatives

At the 2023 upfront, Seven West Media chief digital officer Gereurd Roberts said: “Our FAST channels have streamed over 300 million minutes so far in 2022 and have been a driver of growth for 7plus, as people embrace the ‘lean-back’ experience of watching a curated, scheduled channel.”

Rod Prosser, chief sales officer Paramount ANZ, said late in 2022: “Our new FAST channels will deliver a win-win for audiences and advertisers alike, providing targeted opportunities for marketers to reach key audiences with distinct interests, tastes and even passions, who want to know more about products and services aligned to their interests.”

As Nine revealed the overhaul of 9Now at its 2023 Upfront, it added the redesign will also introduce a new 24/7 Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channel with exclusive additional content and an interactive advertising experience on connected TVs (CTV), offering live in full HD.

Regarding Foxtel’s 2023 strategy, it announced recently Binge opportunities for advertisers are coming, a revelation at the Foxtel Upfront that had buyers taking notice. “We have successfully been building the Binge platform with the latest public numbers close to 1.5m,” Foxtel Media CEO Mark Frain told Mediaweek. “The success that AVOD platforms have been experiencing globally is being mirrored here.”

MEASAT’s new partnership unlocks digital economy potential in rural areas

From https://news.satnews.com/2023/01/29/measats-new-partnership-unlocks-digital-economy-potential-in-rural-areas/

MEASAT has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Parcel365 Sdn Bhd and M2B Services Sdn Bhd (collectively “Parcel365”) to collaborate on the Digital Village365 initiative that aims to uplift rural communities and stimulate digital economic activities for B40 communities.

In the Digital Village365 initiative, Parcel365 will offer logistics and eCommerce platform services as well as training sessions at suitable CONNECTme NOW locations identified by MEASAT. Through Parcel365’s app-based smart locker pick-up and drop-off services, rural residents can overcome the challenges of lacking a proper address for pick-up and delivery in remote villages, while its sister platform Shopla365 offers eCommerce platform support and business solutions, as well as training to help villages optimise their digital economy potential.

These services will be facilitated through MEASAT’s CONNECTme NOW Wi-Fi hotspots, powered by its high-speed satellite broadband service, to enable digital applications including transactions, communications, training and other relevant use cases.

“At MEASAT, we firmly believe in the power of the Digital Economy, and its ability to uplift rural communities by opening up new income streams that optimize the productivity of the residents, such as the sales of unique foods and crafts. By partnering with Parcel365, we hope to introduce their logistics and business solutions to our CONNECTme NOW customers, to enable their eCommerce potential,” said Ganendra Selvaraj, Chief Commercial Officer, MEASAT.

Eddie Mok Yew Keong, Co-Founder and Director of Parcel365, said, “We are excited to collaborate with MEASAT to extend the reach of our Digital Village365 initiative. High speed broadband is critical for enabling the digital economy and uplifting Malaysians in so many ways, beginning with promoting entrepreneurship, creating income opportunities, and enabling development of the rural supply chain. There are many unique products that can be offered by Malaysia’s diverse rural communities – and this partnership with MEASAT will facilitate more of them to reach wider markets by easing internet-based logistics connections and supporting training to elevate branding opportunities with better internet connectivity, ultimately improving living standards across the country.”

Sky Sports, ICC extend rights deal

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/27/sky-sports-icc-extend-rights-deal/

Sky Sports has agreed a new long-term deal with the International Cricket Council (ICC). Beginning in 2024, the partnership will see Sky and streaming service NOW retain the ICC Broadcast and Digital rights to show all men’s and women’s events, including the ICC Cricket World Cups and ICC T20 World Cups through to the end of 2031. During the course of the partnership, there will be both a major international men’s and women’s event every year as well as a World Test Championship Final every two years.

Following Sky’s agreement with the ECB announced last year until the end of 2028, the new deal – licensed directly between the broadcaster and the ICC for the first time – reaffirms Sky as the long-term home of cricket in the UK and Ireland, broadcasting 28 international events between 2024 and 2031. This includes at least three confirmed events on UK soil: the ICC World Test Championship Final 2025, the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2026 and the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2030.

ICC Chief Executive, Geoff Allardice, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Sky Sports until 2031 as the home of ICC cricket in the UK and Ireland. For the first time the partnership will be a direct relationship with Sky Sports which gives us some exciting opportunities for innovative collaborations. I am confident this partnership can support our long-term ambition to attract more players and more fans to the game.”

Jonathan Licht, MD, Sky Sports, added: “With more people watching cricket at the highest-level after England men’s and women’s successes in 2017, 2019 and 2022, our award-winning coverage strives to give cricket fans the complete experience, with all the action both on and off the pitch. This new direct partnership with the ICC means that Sky Sports viewers in the UK & Ireland can continue to enjoy every ball, run, wicket and catch from every international tournament for many years to come, and we’re all hugely excited to see what’s in store.”


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Friday Feeds

Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "BBL 7 Emerg" BBL Cricket Prep for tonights match, Thunder vs Heat

Optus D2 12666 V Sr 30000 Fec 3/4 DVB-S2 8PSK
"Link Heli 1"
"Link Heli 2A"
"Link Heli 3"
"Link Heli 2B"
"Cam Heli"

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From the Dish

Intelsat 18 180.0E 11075 V "OCS City" has left .

Intelsat 19 166.0E 3920 V "TVWan 2" has started on , encrypted.

Optus D3 156.0E 11804 V "God TV Australia, TBN Pacific, TBN Inspire Australia, SBN International, Angel TV Australia, Hope Channel Australia and Amazing Discoveries TV" have started on , Irdeto.

G-Sat 15 93.5E 11510 V "Bharat 24" has started on , Fta.

G-Sat 10 83.0E 3954 V "MK TV, MK Tunes and MK Six" have started on , Fta.

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3843 H "NK TV Plus" has started on, Fta.

Apstar 7 76.5E 4087 V "Zee Café" has left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 V Divine Hand TV has replaced MMCN TV on , Fta.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 H "TV Jesus have started on, Fta. Ebenezer TV" has left.


NBN Co launches new speed tiers for its business NBN satellite service

From https://itwire.com/it-industry-news/telecoms-and-nbn/nbn-co-launches-new-speed-tiers-for-its-business-nbn-satellite-service.html

NBN Co launches new speed tiers for its business NBN satellite service

Telecommunications company NBN Co has launched new speed tiers of up to 150Mbps now available at mainland Australia and surrounding islands on the business NBN satellite service.

NBN Co listed the new wholesale speed tiers:
1. Up to 100Mbps/10Mbps ABS L3 services
2. Up to 150Mbps /15Mbps ABS L3 services
3. Up to 50/5Mbps VISP services
4. Up to 100/10Mbps VISP services

The launch followed consultation with retail service providers in 2022.

“The launch of the higher speed tiers is another milestone in the expansion of business NBN satellite service products and will help offer an enhanced experience throughout the whole chain, for not only the business end-user but also their customer base,” said NBN Co executive general manager fixed wireless Jason Ashton.

“Within Australia, there is no other geostationary satellite service that can offer these speeds. This is another example of NBN continuing to innovate and support the uplift the digital capability of Australia,” Ashton claimed.

The business NBN satellite service provides 100% beam coverage to mainland Australia, Tasmania as well as five major islands – Cocos Islands, Christmas, Lord Howe, Norfolk, and Macquarie Islands.

The BSS products are also backed by the onshore business NBN satellite operations centre.

beIN Sports Asia signs F1 deal

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/26/bein-sports-asia-signs-f1-deal/

beIN Sports has secured exclusive rights to the Formula 1 World Championships in ten territories across Asia. The new media rights agreement begins in 2023 and runs until the conclusion of the 2025 championship which will include rights to all Grands Prix, Sprint Races, Qualifying and Practice sessions.

Coverage begins with the season opener, the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix from the Sakhir International Circuit from March 3rd – 5th. The popular night race, the Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, takes place from the September 15th – 17th, with the 2023 Formula One season concluding in the twilight of the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from November 24th-26th.

The ten Asian territories included in the agreement are Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Philippines, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Formula 1’s coverage on beIN Sports channels will be available on major pay-TV platforms in the region, including on beIN’s live streaming app, beIN Sports Connect.

Mike Kerr, Managing Director beIN Asia Pacific, said: “We are extremely excited to add Formula 1 as we continue to invest in strengthening our ever-expanding line-up of sports content for our viewers. With the rapid growth Formula 1 has experienced in recent years, we look forward to working alongside Formula 1 to broaden its fan base in our markets by bringing an unparalleled viewing experience across all screens.”

Ian Holmes, Director of Media Rights and Content Creation at Formula 1, added: “Following a number of years of growing interest across Asia, we are delighted to announce this partnership with beIN Sports. As Formula 1 continues to attract new fans around the world, world class broadcasting is key, and this agreement will allow us to find new and innovative ways for our Asian fans to follow and engage with our sport.”

SpaceX deploys 56 Starlink satellites to orbit

From https://news.satnews.com/2023/01/26/spacex-calendaring-january-26th-for-launch-of-56-starlink-satellites/?mohide=true&mc_cid=268f7e4951&mc_eid=e80892f101

On Thursday, January 26th., at 4:22 a.m. ET (9:22 UTC), a SpaceX Falcon 9 launched 56 Starlink satellites to LEO from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

The first stage booster supporting this mission previously launched CRS-22, Crew-3, Turksat 5B, Crew-4, CRS-25, Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13G, mPOWER-a and one Starlink mission.

Following stage separation, the first stage landed on the Just Read the Instructions droneship, which was stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Plex Adds 15 New Live TV Channels to Its Free Streaming Service

From https://cordcuttersnews.com/plex-adds-13-new-live-tv-channels-to-its-free-streaming-service/

Today Plex added 13more channels to its free streaming lineup this week. 6new channels have launched on the service this week, including Perform by Lifetime, Ice Road Truckers by the History Channel, & more.

These new channels include:

Kriminal Presented By A&E, Partner: A&E (US)

Witness the shocking stories of some of the most notorious and infamous criminals ever known.

Perform Presented By Lifetime, Partner: A&E (US)

Watch these up-and-coming performers, and the icons they admire, as they strive to make it big and shine in the spotlight.

Ax Men Presented By History, Partner: A&E (US)

Deep in the woods, these loggers are risking it all! 24/7 non-stop episodes of the hard-hitting series.

Crime ThrillHer, Partner: A&E (US)

Dive into the unimaginable with hair-raising thrillers, cautionary tales and ripped-from-the-headlines movies.

Ice Road Truckers Presented By History, Partner: A&E (US)

At the top of the world, there’s a job only a few would dare! 24/7 episodes of the legendary series.

Modern Marvels Presented By History, Partner: A&E (US)

Celebrate ingenuity and imagination in the world around us. 24/7 episodes of Modern Marvels, television’s most innovative series.

Movie Favorites Presented By Lifetime, Partner: A&E (US)

Lifetime movies all day, from psychological thrillers to seductive love stories.

Tiny House Nation, Partner: A&E (US)

A showcase of small abodes across America and the inventive folks who live in the dinky dwellings.

Torque Presented By History, Partner A&E (US)

From custom rides to thrill rides, your full-service destination for those who love a high-octane world is here.

UnXplained Zone, Partner: A&E (US)

Join top investigators as they seek to uncover the truth behind some of the world’s greatest mysteries and cover-ups.

MSG Sports Zone, Partner: AMC (US)

Take a deep dive into the players, personalities, teams and sports you love. MSG Sports Zone is the home for the sports super fan.

Topic Crime & Thrillers, Partner: TOPIC (US)

THE channel for groundbreaking crime, thrillers, and suspense from around the world.

Emergency!, Partner: Rights Booster (US,CA)

Emergency! – true-life programs dedicated to first responders including the police, fire, ambulance services and more.

VIZIO Announces TV Interface Update

From https://www.thestreamingadvisor.com/topnews/vizio-announces-tv-interface-update/

VIZIO (NYSE: VZIO) today announced a suite of updates to its TV user interface and mobile app to help its customers easily navigate the many choices available in streaming today. With the brand-new VIZIO AutoUpdate and redesigned VIZIO Mobile app, millions of VIZIO TV owners now have faster access to their favorite apps, movies, and free streaming options.

VIZIO’s first-announced AutoUpdate of 2023 provides easy-to-navigate shortcuts for select VIZIO TV owners with a brand-new Quick Menu, WatchFree+ Mini Guide, and Recent Apps row. The freshly redesigned VIZIO Mobile app for iOS and Android extends the time-saving features to smartphones, with quick access to voice controls, simple content discovery features, one-button access to WatchFree+, and streamlined subscription-management tools through VIZIO Account.

“At VIZIO, the customer experience has been and always will remain the primary focus of everything we do,” said Kaitlyn Collins, VP of Product Marketing for VIZIO. “We are dedicated to providing exceptional value with our products, even beyond the original purchase. By delivering new features and capabilities to VIZIO users with our free AutoUpdates, we amplify the value of our TV lineup.”

Quick Menu: Fresh. Fast. Simplified.

Simply press the Menu or Gear Icon button on your VIZIO remote to get our cleanest, fastest menu ever. Adjust picture settings, pair your Bluetooth headphones for private listening on compatible models, activate or disable closed captioning subtitles, and access your full menu of in-depth settings in a slick, modern, and intuitive interface.

WatchFree+ Mini Guide: Information Without Interruption

Just press left on your VIZIO remote while watching VIZIO WatchFree+, which now features more than 260 channels and over 6,000 movies and shows, all for free. This will bring up the new WatchFree+ Mini Guide on the left-hand side. The Mini Guide lets you scroll through programming on other WatchFree+ channels without interrupting your viewing experience.

Recent Apps: Quickly Launch the Apps You Love the Most.

There’s a new addition to the “Apps and Inputs” row on the VIZIO Smart TV home screen, so you can get to your favorite apps faster. Selecting the “Recent Apps” icon brings up a list of your most recently used apps, letting you continue yesterday’s binge session with no delay.

VIZIO Mobile: Total Control is a Tap Away.

The newly redesigned VIZIO Mobile app makes it even easier to control your entire VIZIO entertainment experience, subscribe to popular streaming services, take advantage of special offers, browse favorite apps, and discover movies and shows – all in one place.

VIZIO Mobile key features and updates include:

Voice Control: The push-to-talk feature, now available on the app remote screen, allows for easy navigation of the vast catalog of supported apps and free channels using simple voice commands. Launch your favorite apps, movies, and TV shows with VIZIO Voice.
Effortless Discovery: VIZIO Mobile provides one-click access to entertainment discovery features such as promoted premieres, streaming apps, free content, and seasonal programs directly on the mobile remote.
Fast Access to WatchFree+: Enjoy one-button access to 260+ free channels and 6,000+ on-demand shows and movies.
Launch Apps: Open apps on your device to display on the TV screen and create personalized app lists to launch your favorites with ease.
Device Control: Power your VIZIO devices on and off, adjust volume, change inputs, turn on closed captions, set a sleep timer, and control your home-entertainment experience right from your mobile device.
Browse Movies and TV Shows: Access VIZIO’s comprehensive catalog of entertainment across multiple streaming services and free channels.
Manage Subscriptions: Use VIZIO Account to subscribe, manage, and pay for subscription services and take advantage of special offers. This month’s featured offer comes from STARZ. For a limited time, VIZIO users can subscribe to the STARZ streaming service for only $5 a month for three months using VIZIO Account.

“The redesign of our highly rated VIZIO Mobile app is a direct reflection of our commitment to deliver the best user experience for millions of users who start their entertainment journey with VIZIO on their smartphones,” said Steve Yum, VP of Product Management at VIZIO. “VIZIO Mobile has everything you need to control your VIZIO TV, plus additional features that extend the value of VIZIO products across the board.”

VIZIO Mobile is available for download free on Google Play and in the App Store.

England Hockey launches OTT service

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/26/england-hockey-launches-ott-service/

England Hockey has teamed-up with live sports streaming platform provider, Joymo, to develop and launch England Hockey TV – a new direct-to-fan digital service.

The custom-built OTT digital content hub becomes the new home of England Hockey live and non-live content with match streams, highlights, short and long format video features, being made available to fans to watch live and on demand.

England Hockey TV will broadcast its first live matches on January 29th with Joymo streaming every second of the Super 6s Finals Day, from the Copper Box Arena in London.

The Super 6s sees the best men’s and women’s national indoor teams battle it out at the showpiece event in the domestic hockey calendar. Through England Hockey’s partnership with Joymo all six matches – two semi-finals and both finals from the men’s and women’s competitions – will be streamed on England Hockey TV and be available for £3.99 for the full event.

Nick Pink, Chief Executive Officer at England Hockey, said: “This is an exciting moment for England Hockey, and for clubs, fans and participants of the sport across the country. True to our ambitions, we want to deepen the passion of those who play, deliver and follow our great sport, by enabling more opportunities to watch the best live domestic hockey which is fundamental to this aim. Our partnership with Joymo and the launch of England Hockey TV will help us provide more high quality and engaging coverage and content than ever before, in an easily accessible way. This will be a crucial enabler for us to grow our fanbase and introduce more people to the sport.”

Commenting on the agreement, Mike Emery, CEO of Joymo, added: “We are thrilled to be working with England Hockey to power their live streaming ambitions and the passion of their fans. The creation and launch of a new digital home for hockey fans is just the start. England Hockey clearly recognises the short and long-term benefits that live streaming can deliver to their most important stakeholders: the fans and participants.”

In addition to its coverage of the Super 6s Finals Day, England Hockey will be bringing fans of the sport more live content including coverage of U18 Schools Finals, EHL Finals and Championship Final Weekend


Not much today

A few Thursday feeds

Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 6" Aus vs Pakistan Women's T20 Cricket

Optus D2
12661 V Sr 7500 "Stawell SNG" Encrypted
12670 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" Horse racing
12679 V Sr 7500 "Gma sng" Encrypted

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From the Dish

Yamal 402 54.9E 10962 V "TPA 1 and TPA 2" have started on, Fta.
Yamal 402 54.9E 10984 V "Gallop TV and Gallop TV 2" have started on , Cryptoguard.

Express AM6 53.0E 10839 V "Perviy kanal, Rossiya 1 Krim, Match!, NTV, 5 Kanal, Rossiya K, Rossiya 24 Krim and Karusel" have started on , T2-MI, Fta.
Express AM6 53.0E 10856 V "Telekanal Zvezda, Mir, TNT, Tavria, Za! TV, Soloview Live, TelekanalUnion, Krim 24 and Lugansk 24" have started on, T2-MI, Fta.
Express AM6 53.0E 10875 V "OTR, TV Centr, REN TV, Telekanal Spas, STS, Domashniy, TV 3, Pyatnitsa! and Muz TV" have started on , T2-MI, Fta.

From playtv

韩星5/5A号(113.0°E)卫星,11613 V 43200一组新增Unisport1、Unisport2两个频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-26)


Russia wants 1,000 satellites by 2030

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/25/russia-wants-1000-satellites-by-2030/

Yury Borisov, Director General of Russia’s state space corporation Roscosmos, has said the company wants to deploy more than 1,000 satellites by 2030. This is a rate 5-times higher than currently being launched.

Borisov, speaking at the Korolev Academic Space Conference in Moscow, said that in order to achieve such growth, it is necessary to produce 250 satellites per year and then 300-350 satellites annually by 2030, taking into account the gradual replacement of obsolete ones.

“In our opinion, we should have a constellation of at least 1,000 satellites by 2030,” Borisov said at the Korolev Academic Space Conference in Moscow.

He added that the extra 1,000 satellites in orbit should serve for various purposes, including communications, remote sensing of the Earth, meteorology and navigation.

Russia will start to deploy its own orbital space station in 2027, according to Borisov, who said in July 2022 that Russia would pull out of the International Space Station after 2024 but later postponed the possible deadline to 2028.

China's telecommunication satellite starts automated orbit change

From https://english.cctv.com/2023/01/26/ARTIMiNsteLsJmXvWlLF9bDT230126.shtml

BEIJING, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- China's APSTAR-6E telecommunication satellite has recently separated from its independent propulsion module, beginning its electrically propelled orbit change journey, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the satellite's developer.

The satellite was launched by a Long March-2C carrier rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on Jan. 13, and entered its planned orbit successfully.

As a new-generation economical commercial satellite with a high performance, high efficiency and high cost performance, the APSTAR-6E is China's first satellite to change its orbit entirely autonomously, the CASC said.

After separating from its independent propulsion module, the satellite will be transferred to the synchronous orbit by its two electric propulsion systems.

The satellite will be used mainly to provide cost-effective, high-throughput broadband communication services for the Southeast Asia region.

Astro Dedicated Esports Channel Is No More: eGG Network Are Now Under Arena

From https://www.lowyat.net/2023/292958/astro-shift-esports-egg-to-arena/

The channel was originally launched in 2016.

Astro has begun to wind down its dedicated esports channel, eGG Network which was previously being transmitted through the pay-TV platform’s channel 800. However, this does not mean the end of esports content on Astro though.

To the public eyes, Astro’s decision to discontinue the dedicated channel for eGG Network seemed to take place in a rather sudden manner. The company only announced the move through the channel’s social media on 20 January which was just three days before it takes place.

This is what viewers will see if they open eGG Network on channel 800 or Astro GO app.

From now on, all esports content and eGG Network’s in-house shows will be made available through the company’s Bahasa Malaysia-based sports channels, Astro Arena (channel 801) and Astro Arena 2 (channel 802). The move may seem odd but based on our conversation with Astro’s representative, it is generally in line with the company’s aim to hyperlocalise the direction of its esports content.

Arena is not exactly new to the esports world though as the channel has previously broadcast quite a number of major esports events including last year’s E1 Championship, MLBB World Championship, and PUBGM Global Championship. Local esports athletes have also been featured in Arena’s shows before and it is also still business as usual for eGG Network’s social media pages which we take as a sign that Astro is still retaining the brand for the time being.

Meanwhile, the company’s representative has revealed to us that Astro will set up temporary ad-hoc channels if there are schedule conflicts between major esports and live sporting events on Arena. This is to address the concerns of local esports enthusiasts that they may not be able to catch esports matches now that the eGG Network has become part of Arena.

Stands for Every Good Game, eGG Network made its debut back in June 2016. At launch, Lee Choong Khay, then the VP and Head of Sports at Astro, told Lowyat.NET that a dedicated esports channel such as eGG could enhance the value of the esports industry.

On a related note, eGG Network is not the only channel on Astro that will be taken off the air soon though. There are other channels too including National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Ta-Daa and Boomerang that will be discontinued on 1 February although the pay-TV operator has already added new channels such as Global Trekker, Love Nature/Love Nature 4K, DreamWorks, and BBC’s Cbeebies to become their replacements.

WBD grows Australian Open audience

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/25/wbd-grows-australian-open-audience/

Warner Bros Discovery Sports (WBDS) has reported audience growth year-on-year across Europe on its streaming platforms discovery+ and the Eurosport App for its exclusive coverage of the Australian Open 2023 following week one of the tournament.

Streaming audiences increased by almost a third across Europe on discovery+ and the Eurosport App.

Other growth highlights include:
•discovery+ more than doubled its streaming audience supported by coverage of every match in new markets in 2023 including Germany and Austria
•Key markets included France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK reported double-digit streaming growth
•Triple-digit growth was observed in Denmark and Norway with heightened awareness of emerging Nordic stars Holger Rune and Casper Ruud

Linear television viewership remains strong:
•Linear television viewership across Europe on Eurosport 1 was consistent with the 2022 tournament, where matches broke audience records
•Eurosport 1 audiences grew 84 per cent in Poland and 39 per cent in the Netherlands – boosted by the performances of local heroes (including Magda Linette, Hubert Hurkacz and Iga Swiatek in Poland, and the all-Dutch tie of Tallon Griekspoor v Botic Van de Zandschulp in the Netherlands)
•Eurosport 2 enjoyed a +16 per cent growth in viewers across Europe, showcasing the action from the Margaret Court Arena in addition to local broadcast windows in key markets

Andy Murray’s five-set epic – the second longest in Australian Open history – against Australian hero Thanasi Kokkinakis attracted the highest number of viewers across Warner Bros Discovery’s channels and platforms in all markets so far.

The Australian Open quarter-finals began on January 24th with every match of the tournament including both the women’s singles final (January 28th) and the men’s singles final (January 29th) available to watch live and on-demand exclusively in Europe on discovery+, Eurosport and the Eurosport App.



A bunch of religious channel started on the Vast platform. They are Irdeto Encrypted but appear open on Vast Receivers, They have a website here


Optus D3 11804 V Sr 30000 DVB S2 8PSK Fec 3/5
Sid 6041 Vpid 1311 (H264) Apid 1312 "God TV" Started , Irdeto SD
Sid 6042 Vpid 1321 (H264) Apid 1322 "TBN Pacific", Irdeto, SD
Sid 6043 Vpid 1331 (H264) Apid 1332 "TBN Inspire", Irdeto SD
Sid 6044 Vpid 1341 (H264) Apid 1342 "SBN TV", Irdeto, SD
Sid 6045 Vpid 1351 (H264) Apid 1352 "Angel TV", Irdeto , SD
Sid 6046 Vpid 1361 (H264) Apid 1362 "Hope Channel", Irdeto, SD
Sid 6047 Vpid 1371 (H264) Apid 1372 "ADTV", Irdeto SD

A few Wednesday afternoon feeds

Optus D2 12696 H Sr 7500 "STS 2" Encrypted

Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 6" BBL Cricket

Intelsat 19
12591 V Sr 7200 Fec 5/6 No lock, likely Tennis
12600 V Sr 7200 Fec 3/4 "Enc 6 GTV" Australian Open Tennis"
12609 V Sr 7200 Fec 5/6 No lock, likely Tennis

Tuesday feeds

Optus D2
12652 V Sr 7500 "Seven Emerg" Cricket ODI Aus vs Pak
12666 V Sr 15000 "Fox W-ODI" Encrypted
12679 V Sr 7500 "Tab Corp Racing - Gold Coast" Encrypted

Optus D1
12670 V Sr 22500 "BBL 7 Main" "BBL World" "BBL EVS Clean" Aus vs Pakistan Womens Odi Cricket
12652 V Sr 7500 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" Black screen

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From the Dish

Telkom 4 108.0E 3980 V "LTV Japanese & Korean and Da Ai TV have started on, StreamGuard. LTV Idol and Da Ai 2" have left.

Apstar 7 76.5E 3745 V "Star Asia" has started on , Fta.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 4184 V "Q Marathi" has started on , Fta.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 11170 V "E Power Up" has started on , encrypted.

Intelsat 17 66.0E 4006 H "Ate TV" has started on , Fta.

Yamal 402 54.9E 11151 H Syrian Satellite Channel, Syria Sports TV, Syria Local TV, Alikhbaria Syria, Syria Drama 24 and Sakaker Kids have left .

From playtv

印尼电信4号(108.0°E)卫星,3980 V 30000一组天映电影、寰宇新闻等频道恢复锁码播出。(2023-01-24)

国际38号(45.0°E)卫星,11675 V 27689一组ABC 澳大利亚频道开锁播出。(2023-01-23)
亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,索尼动作影视娱乐高清频道(AXN HD) 菲律宾 消失,设置3704 V 4444无信号。(2023-01-23)
(俄)快车AM5/AT2(140.0°E)卫星,12387 V 30000一组KNHOTB(+7)和Paln恢复锁码播出。(2023-01-23)

越星1/2号(132.0°E)卫星,11588 H 28800一组VTV2频道消失。(2023-01-22)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12604 V 30000一组Toon Toon频道升级为高清格式,依旧锁码播出。(2023-01-22)


India wants to monitor satellites from Fiji

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/23/india-wants-to-monitor-satellites-from-fiji/

India’s Space Research Organisation (ISRO) wants to build a rocket and satellite tracking station on one of the islands of Fiji.

In particular, and in reports timed to coincide with ISRO’s International Science Festival in Bhopal, India has completed a technical survey in readiness for an upcoming scientific satellite launch (Adita-L11, which is a solar exploration mission).

There are alternate sites for the tracking station and a decision will emerge later. But the immediate task calls for the facility to monitor the satellite from an important ‘Lagrange point’ which is the precise position between the Earth and the Sun and which would therefore be continuously viewable from the Earth.

ISRO is reportedly seeking to generally expand its tracking stations, for this mission and others. Currently, it tends to use temporary, portable devices for tracking.

SpaceX’s Starlink signs deals with Flying Doctor service

From https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/news/spacexs-starlink-signs-deals-with-flying-doctor-service-and-tototheo-maritime/

LEO satellite services gains a healthcare customer

SpaceX’s satellite unit Starlink has signed new deals with Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and maritime communications provider Tototheo Maritime.

The RFDS will use Starlink’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications services to provide connectivity to healthcare providers in rural Queensland, while Tototheo will resell services to ship operators within the merchant shipping, offshore, yachting, and fishing industries.

Starlink to serve Flying Doctors in Queensland

Founded in 1928, the RFDS, a non-profit air medical service in Australia, provides healthcare services for people living in remote and rural areas of the country who might not be able to gain regular healthcare due to long distances.

Last month a Starlink panel was installed on the roof of the Urandangi Health Clinic in Queensland, which is serviced by RFDS’ Mount Isa-based crew. It is the first of three planned deployments aiming to boost connectivity and efficiency for the service’s remote workforce.

Urandangi is an outback town in the locality of Piturie in the Shire of Boulia, Queensland. It is around 2,000 kilometers (1,247 mi) northwest of the state capital, Brisbane, and 187 kilometers (116 mi) southwest of the regional center of Mount Isa.

RFDS’ Queensland section digital infrastructure program manager Adam Carey said the satellite service is an extension to RFDS’ existing wide area network and would allow the organization to extend coverage for crews delivering healthcare services in the furthest corners of Queensland.

“Many of the locations where RFDS provides GP, nursing, mental health, and dental services have no or limited internet or telecommunications coverage, so teams often need to work offline,” he said. “After extensive research and testing, Starlink, which has only recently extended its coverage across parts of outback Queensland, has been identified as the best solution due to its extremely high performance compared to traditional technology.”

The RFDS employs more than 400 people in Queensland and operates 20 aircraft. It has nine operational bases located in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Charleville, Longreach, Mount Isa, Rockhampton, Roma, and Townsville.

RFDS Mount Isa medical lead Doctor Deidre Stark said the new connection would help improve efficiencies for the GP, nurse, and mental health clinician who visit the community.

“From having live access to our patient record system, to improving access to remote printing for scripts, a fast and reliable connection will ultimately free up time for clinicians and help us to provide even better care for our patients,” Dr Stark said.

Approvals for additional installations at Yowah and Greenvale clinics are currently being processed, and in the future, the RFDS hopes to roll out the system at locations state-wide in the coming months. The organization is also looking into the use of Starlink for remote-locality patient transfer facilities and the RFDS Dental Service, which travels to rural and remote towns to provide dental care.

According to iTnews, Starlink had already been used by RFDS in the southern states.

Australian launch date for MSNBC news channel

From https://tvblackbox.com.au/page/2023/01/25/foxtel-confirms-launch-date-for-msnbc-news-channel/

After years of requests from its dedicated fan base, Foxtel is set to finally add the popular news channel MSNBC to its programming lineup.

TV Blackbox can confirm the new channel is set to arrive for customers on the Foxtel and Flash platforms from March 1.

Additionally, the breaking news headline channel NBC News NOW will also become available for Flash streaming subscribers.

MSNBC is described as America’s premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives.

The 24/7 news channel offers a schedule of news coverage, political opinions and award-winning documentary programming and features popular titles including The Rachel Maddow Show, Hardball, and Morning Joe.

The new channels are being added as part of a recently negotiated programming agreement between the Foxtel Group and NBCUniversal.

FOX Funny, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild to exit Foxtel.

From https://tvtonight.com.au/2023/01/fox-funny-national-geographic-nat-geo-wild-to-exit-foxtel.html

Three more subscription channels to farewell Foxtel in March.

Three subscription TV channels FOX Funny, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, will cease broadcasting on the Foxtel platform on March 1st.

Disney-owned National Geographic has been part of Foxtel since 2008, while Nat Geo Wild began in 2010. Disney+ currently airs National Geographic content.

FOX Funny was originally 111 HITS in 2008 before rebrands 111 funny, 111 Greats and 111, and its current incarnation since 2019.

“FOX Funny will close on March 1 with its line up shifting to FOX8, FOX Comedy or On Demand,” a Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight.

“Foxtel and Binge continue to be home to a number of the world’s biggest comedy series including Friends, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Young Sheldon, Barry, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex and the City, The Office, Parks and Recreation and more. ​We have more than 3,000 hours of comedy content across Foxtel and Binge with more new series to be announced in the coming months. ​

E! channel also exits Foxtel on February 1st.

TV Tonight understands a new channel will be launching soon to replace FOX Funny.

Rocket Lab launches 3 satellites in first mission from U.S. soil

From https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rocket-lab-launches-three-satellites-in-first-mission-from-u-s-soil/

A Rocket Lab Electron booster blasted off from Virginia's Eastern Shore Tuesday, propelling three radio-mapping satellites into orbit in the company's first launch from U.S. soil. It was the first commercial rocket to utilize NASA-developed autonomous self-destruct software designed to reduce costs while ensuring public safety.

"This flight just doesn't symbolize another launch pad for Rocket Lab," company founder Peter Beck said. "It's standing up of a new capability for the nation. It's a new AFTS (automated flight termination) system being brought online for the industry. And it's a new rocket to Virginia and to the Wallops Flight Facility."

Running a month late because of weather and holiday scheduling, the 60-foot-tall Electron blasted off with a burst of fiery exhaust at 6 p.m. EST, and quickly shot away from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS), on NASA's Wallops Island, Virginia, flight facility.

All rockets launched from the U.S. are required to carry self-destruct systems capable of quickly destroying an off-course booster before any debris could reach a populated area. In past U.S. launches, military personnel, using tracking radars and other systems, stood ready to transmit self-destruct signals if needed.

But SpaceX now uses a company-developed automatic self-destruct system designed specifically for its Falcon 9 rockets that requires far fewer people to operate. The Electron is the first to use NASA's software, which does much the same, but can be set up for any rocket.

"Autonomous flight termination technology reduces the need for certain ground-based assets and personnel, ultimately leading to cost savings," said David Pierce, director of the Wallops Flight Facility.

"To date, 18 companies have requested the software through NASA's technology transfer process," Pierce added. "Rocket Lab was among the very first applicants for the software in order to enable launch from Wallops. It was a great milestone."

After boosting the Electron out of the lower atmosphere, the nine Rutherford engines at the base of the first stage shut down, and the single engine powering the second stage took over for the next seven minutes.

At that point, a third "kick" stage carrying three HawkEye 360 radio mapping satellites separated to fly on its own. After a planned firing of the kick stage engine about one hour after liftoff, the satellites were expected to be released in a 341-mile-high orbit.

The HawkEye 360 satellites are launched in clusters of three. They are designed to scan the sky to search for and map radio transmissions from the ground, air and space, data useful to military, law enforcement and other civilian and commercial users.

Going into Tuesday's flight, Rocket Lab had launched 152 small satellites in 29 successful launches from two Electron pads in New Zealand. The company plans to launch Electrons on a regular basis from Wallops, and is developing a larger, fully reusable rocket called Neutron that will be built in and launched from Virginia.

Echelon Studios adds FAST channels to TCL platform

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/23/echelon-studios-adds-fast-channels-to-tcl-platform/

Echelon Studios continues its free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) rollout, adding several new FAST channels to the TCL Channel’s free streaming platform.

The TCL Channel is a streaming service available on TCL TVs, which are powered by Roku and Google smart TV systems.

TCL viewers will now have access to Echelon’s a-z library, featuring original and exclusive programming. The package includes A-Z Action, A-Z Black Cinema, and A-Z Classic Flix, plus many more.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with TCL – one of the largest manufacturers of televisions in the US – to bring our a-z channels to a whole new base of television viewers,” said Sandro Gohoho, President of Licensing and Logistics for Echelon Studios. “TCL customers expect the best when it comes to home entertainment. Expanding our distribution with TCL enhances their offering and reflects our commitment to provide consumers with top-shelf free content.”

Dangee Ho, Business Development Manager for TCL, added: “It has been a great pleasure to work with Echelon, together we have achieved great progress so far. This year we are looking forward to brand new FAST channels being onboarded into TCL Channel premium linear channels.”

Wedotv expands FAST line-up and launches in new territories

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/23/wedotv-expands-fast-line-up-and-launches-in-new-territories/

Swiss-based AVOD and FAST channel outfit wedotv has refreshed and expanded its line-up of channels.

Wedo big docs, which started in September 2022 in cooperation with Big Media Holdings, will expand its programming in the non-fiction area at the end of January 2023 and will be renamed wedo big stories.

Wedotv’s line-up of FAST channels, which have so far been distributed mainly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK, will also be launched this year in other countries in Europe and Africa as well as in the USA.

Philipp Rotermund, co-CEO and founder of the wedotv parent company Video Solutions AG, said: “We have further expanded the range of programmes and the distribution of our AVoD service wedotv and the FAST Channels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain in 2022. The number of active users has more than doubled compared to the previous year. This puts us in the best possible position for expansion outside of our core markets.”

Chris Sharp, Rotermund’s partner as co-CEO and founder, said: “Our channels focus on film genres such as drama, comedy and horror, as well as TV series and documentaries. We added many new viewers in 2022 with the acquisition of lifestyle content and live sports rights for sports like horse racing and sailing,” said Sharp. “We are therefore aiming to conclude more such deals this year in order to launch attractive genre-specific channels in our core markets and internationally.”

A New Streaming Service CalmLIFE is Launching on XUMO TV, Comcast & Charter Devices

From https://cordcuttersnews.com/a-new-streaming-service-calmlife-is-launching-on-xumo-tv-comcast-charter-devices/

Looking for a streaming service dedicated to meditation, sleep, and nature videos? Stingray a music, media, and technology company, announced today the launch of CalmLIFE. a brand-new digital wellness resource to help viewers live better every day. Starting today, the service will offer full-length 4K wellness assets, including meditation, sleep, and nature videos.

For now, you will need a Comcast h Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex or Xumo TV, and Cox customers with Contour devices.

“Finding calm in today’s world is a day-to-day challenge. CalmLIFE is right there on your device whenever you need a moment to recharge, refocus or make a healthier choice,” said Eric Harry, General Manager of Calm Radio. “Stingray is constantly developing new products to respond to client demands and evolving technology. We’re thrilled to be launching CalmLIFE with long-lasting partners Comcast and Cox to offer their viewers an oasis of calm and well-being while expanding our brand exposure in the United States.”

The new streaming service is now available on Comcast and Cox devices for $5.99/month.

Discovery+ Removes Live Feeds of Discovery Channels Shows From HGTV, Discovery, TLC, & More

From https://cordcuttersnews.com/discovery-removes-live-feeds-of-discovery-channels-like-hgtv-discovery-tlc-more/

Are you a Discovery+ subscriber? Over the weekend you may have noticed that the option to watch dedicated channels of Discovery-owned shows from HGTV and TLC are gone. Instead, you will find only on-demand versions of Warner Bros. Discovery programming.

In a statement on Discovery’s website, the company confirmed this move:

As we continue to grow and provide the best streaming experience across all our products and through all compatible devices, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our discovery+ Channels offer.

discovery+ Channels will no longer be available at this time but you will still be able to stream your favorite shows, searching by their name or their cast using the Search tab.

90 Day Fiancé, Fixer Upper, Chopped and Flipped, House Hunters, Property Brothers or Yes to the Dress and many others remain ready for you to watch.

Stay tuned for exciting new features and releases coming soon and rest assured that we always value your loyal membership.

This all comes as Warner Bros. Discovery plans to merge Discovery+ with HBO Max later this year. It has been reported that the new service will be called MAX.

No word on why this change happened but it is very likely the first step in a merger of the two streaming services. Removing live streams may lower the cost of the newly combined streaming service to help it be more competitive with other services like Paramount+, Peacock, and Disney+.

For now, we will need to wait and see what these new features and releases are in the coming months.

Omdia: FAST revenues to hit US$12bn by 2027

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/24/omdia-fast-revenues-to-hit-us12bn-by-2027/

Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) revenues are set to reach $12bn in 2027 according to exclusive research from Digital TV Europe sister outfit Omdia, but cutting through the 1,500+ existing channels will provide the biggest challenge for operators as the market grows.

The FAST market has boomed in the US over the past two years, as operators such as Samsung, Roku, LG Channels and Paramount’s Pluto TV have secured rapid consumer uptake. Rights holders such as Banijay, ITV Studios and BBC Studios have also been increasing their activities by rolling out new channels.

This growth will continue in the US, where revenues are expected to surpass $10bn by 2027, while in Europe revenues will exceed $1bn by 2027.

The findings from Omdia also found that FAST channel revenues in the US grew by almost 20 times between 2019 and 2022, and will almost triple between 2022 and 2027.

At present, US revenues account for amost 90% of the global FAST channel market value, which Omdia estimates is just under $4bn. By 2027, the US FAST channel market will exceed $10bn in revenue, but the fastest growth will come from countries outside of the States.
Global market growth

English-language countries such as the UK and Canada will see their markets grow quickly, with revenues of $500m and $300m respectively in 2027, while Brazil will become the key market in Latin America.

Germany is also expected to provide FAST opportunities for non-English content, with Omdia predicting its revenues will top just over $200m in five years, while Lat Am as a whole will total $207m. Spanish-language countries will be led by Mexico, whose FAST revenues are expected to be around $93m by 2027, making it the seventh-largest individual market.

The full findings will be revealed by Omdia’s senior research director Maria Rua Aguete during a panel this morning at Content Americas in Miami, where she will highlight how FAST will allow content owners to monetise unused library content and bundle it in new ways.

Cutting through the surging number of channels, however, will provide considerable challenges for those hosting FAST networks, as well as rights holders, with original content expected to become a key differentiator as the market expands.

Roku has been experimenting in this regard, picking up shows from defunct shortform streamer Quibi and yesterday adding UKTV comedy We Are Not Alone to its slate, while Blue Ant has struck deals with Drag Race firm World of Wonder and acquired Mike Holmes’ lifestyle series.

“The challenge will remain on discoverability of content, because in the US there are already more than 1,500 channels available in and that number will increase over the next five years,” Rua Aguete said.


Tuesday, no update



Sunday feeds

Optus D2

12634 V Sr 7500 "TDU Main" Cycling
12643 V Sr 7500 "TDU B/UP (006)" Cycling
12661 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
12670 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" From a race track
12710 V Sr 30000 "TDU Path 1A" "TDU PATH 1B" "TDU PATH 2A" "TDU PATH 2B" "TDU HELi" Cycling
12732 V Sr 7500 "STS 9 NBL - Melb" Encrypted
12741 V Sr 7500 "STS" Encrypted

Saturday feeds

Optus D1

12652 V Sr 7200 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" Black screen
12670 V Sr 22500 "BBL 7 Main" "BBL World" "BBL EVS Clean" Australia vs Pakistan ODI Cricket
12644 V Sr 7500 "TDU /UP (006)" Cycling
12680 V Sr 7500 "Camperdown SNG"

Optus D2

12634 V Sr 7500 "TDU Main" Cycling
12643 V Sr 7500 "TDU /UP (006)" Cycling"
12652 V Sr 7500 "Seven Emerg" ODI Cricket Aus vs Pakistan Women
12666 V Sr 15000 No lock but probably Cricket mux
12679 V Sr 7500 "Camperdown SNG" Encrypted
12710 V Sr 30000 ""TDU Path 1A" "TDU PATH 1B" "TDU PATH 2A" "TDU PATH 2B" "TDU HELi" Cycling
12737 V Sr 14400 "BU Return 19493 (CNN)" "Sports Encoder 5 (Turner Sports)" Soccer NZ vs USA

Optus D3
12421 H Sr 7200 "$TX 1 Spark" Biss Encrypted, Super Smash Cricket
12403 H Sr 7200 "$TX 2 Spark" Biss Encrypted, Super Smash Cricket

NZ Beam

From my Email


From the Dish

Vinasat 1 132.0E 11008 H "Thai Nguyen TV 2" has left .

LaoSat 1 128.5E 3651 V "TV Filmy" has left .

ChinaSat 6D 125.0E 4080 H "Sansha Satellite TV" has started on, Encrypted .

AsiaSat 9 122.0E 12415 V "Kugo 1, Thainess TV, CNA, DW English, Lolly Kids, Magna Channel, BN Channel, Metro Globe Network and U Channel" have left .
AsiaSat 9 122.0E 12655 V "U Channel, Magna Channel, BN Channel and IBerkah have started on , Fta. Garda TV, Lombok TV, WION, TVRI Nusa Tenggara Timur, Asosiasi TV Lokal Indonesia, Zing Asia, Era TV, Living Entertainment and Da Vinci Asia" have left.
AsiaSat 9 122.0E 12655 V "Medina TV and KugoStar" have started on , Fta.

Koreasat 5A 113.0E 12270 V "KBS World, Music Quest, Boomerang South East Asia, Da Vinci Asia, History Philippines, NHK World Japan, Gem, TAP TV, Lifetime Philippines, Metro Channel, Rock Action, Daystar TV, Tech Storm, Solar Flix, Motorvision TV, DreamWorks TV Asia, AXN Philippines, Paramount Network Asia, Cinemax Asia, Warner TV Asia, HBO Family Asia, CNN International Asia Pacific and Bloomberg TV Asia" have started on , Conax.
Koreasat 5A 113.0E 12310 V "Knowledge Channel, TAP Movies, Nick Jr Asia, ZooMoo Asia, Animax Philippines, Premier Sports, TAP Sports, TAP Action Flix, TAP Edge, Hits, Myx Philippines, Aljazeera English, UNTV, Hope Channel Philippines, Net 25, DZRH TV and SMNI" have started on, Conax.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3980 V "TTV has replaced FTV Variety" on, StreamGuard.
Telkom 4 108.0E 4080 H "Beautivi" has started on , Fta.
Telkom 4 108.0E 4080 H "Metro TV" has left .

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3805 H "Nation First, Prajaa TV Kannada and Channel 36 UP/UK" have left.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 3839 H "AMV Network" has left .
G-Sat 30 83.0E 3925 H "Dhinchaak 2, Non Stop Samachar India and Enterr 10 Rangeela have started on, Fta Goldmines Hindi, Shree Navgrah Channel, LoveWorld India, News State
Bihar Jharkhand and News State MH & GA" have left.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 3958 H "Atrangii" has started on , Fta. Lotus News, Jehovah TV, TV 100 National and Kaatyayani TV have left.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 3981 H "Phaugaa TV" has left .
G-Sat 30 83.0E 4054 H "Bada Khabar and DNN" have started on, Fta.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 4080 H "Public First" has started on , Ft.

Express AM6 53.0E Watan HD, Global sport, Jhumar TV and Rah-e-Farda have moved from 11560 H and 11570 H to 11510 H, clear.

From playtv

越星1/2号(132.0°E)卫星,11588 H 28800一组VTV2频道消失。(2023-01-22)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12604 V 30000一组Toon Toon频道升级为高清格式,依旧锁码播出。(2023-01-22)
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,新增Geeto、TV99、Afghan tv、Total Sports等11个频道,设置参数3665 V 3333开锁播出。(2023-01-22)

SES-7/9(108.2°E)卫星, 寰宇卫视12461 H 45000一组龙祥时代电影、One Movies两个频道消失,目前测试画面锁码播出。(2023-01-21)
中星9号(92.2°E)卫星,湖南卫视高清频道 一组更改接收参数,设置12140 右旋 30000依旧锁码播出。(2023-01-21)

孟加拉国1号(119.1°E)卫星,11725 V 17500一组BTV Chattogram升级高清格式,依旧开锁播出。(2023-01-20)
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,4100 V 29720一组新增香港无线新闻台高清频道(TVB News),锁码播出。(2023-01-20)
亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,缅甸SKYNET直播11052 V 30000一组eGG Network消失,目前彩条锁码播出。(2023-01-20)


Australia: SailGP signs FTA deal

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/20/australia-sailgp-signs-fta-deal/

The global racing league, SailGP continues to expand its broadcast offering in Australia with the announcement it has secured a new free-to-air partnership with the Seven Network for the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix I Sydney.

More Australian viewers can now watch the on-water action of the league’s Sydney event on February 18th-19th, with the broadcast available live on both Fox Sports, Kayo Freebies and now, the Seven Network.

The new partnership provides Seven with the right to broadcast the Sydney event live and free. The 90-minute live broadcast will be aired on 7mate on both days of racing, as Tom Slingsby’s Australia SailGP Team chase a third straight season title. In addition, Seven’s broadcast video-on-demand platform 7plus will show all season highlights to date plus the final three events of the season – including the Grand Final in San Francisco, May 6th-7th.

Slingsby said: “It’s a huge achievement that in just its third season SailGP is forging partnerships with some of the biggest global names in sports broadcasting. Sydney was the destination for the first ever SailGP in February 2019 and this February’s event will mark the fourth time SailGP has been staged on iconic Sydney Harbour. This latest partnership with Seven highlights the significant commercial growth of SailGP in the Asia Pacific region and the confidence our partners have in our league.”

This live free-to-air broadcast partnership with Seven for the Australian event and highlights programmes is in addition to SailGP’s ongoing partnership with Fox Sports. All Season 3 SailGP events will continue to be broadcast live across Fox Sports and Kayo Freebies. SailGP’s docu-series Racing on the Edge will also be available on Fox Sport, Kayo Freebies and 7plus.

The Seven Network partnership was facilitated by IMG, SailGP’s global agency for media rights, sponsorship and host venue rights. IMG is part of Endeavor, a strategic investor in SailGP.

Dale Levin, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of Media, APAC at IMG, said: “The KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix I Sydney is fast becoming one of the most exciting events in the calendar and this latest deal with Seven Network shows the enormous appeal that the sport has for fans. We’re committed to finding new opportunities for fans to experience SailGP and help build the sport’s audience around the world.”

Russia to conduct first space launch in 2023 on February 5 – Space Center

From https://www.dailyexcelsior.com/russia-to-conduct-first-space-launch-in-2023-on-february-5-space-center/

Russia’s first space launch in 2023 will take place on February 5, when a Proton-M rocket will carry the fourth Elektro?L meteorological satellite into orbit, the Yuzhny Space Center of the Baikonur cosmodrome said.
“The nearest launch is scheduled for February 5. It will be the Russian meteorological spacecraft Elektro?L developed by Lavochkin Research and Production Association,” the space center said.
The satellite has passed all tests and has been fueled, according to the space center. It will travel to the Earth’s orbit atop Blok DM, the upper stage of the Proton-M launch vehicle.
It was previously reported that the launch of the fourth Elektro?L satellite was rescheduled from 2022 to 2023.
The first Electro L satellite was launched in 2011 and stopped functioning in 2016, falling short of its design life of 10 years. The second satellite was put into orbit in 2015, followed by the third in 2019 ? both satellites are functioning as intended. The four Electro?L satellites will be replaced by three Electro M satellites after 2025.

Besides the Elektro L satellite, Russia is expected to launch two Glonass K and one Glonass-K2 navigation satellites, as well as Kondor-FKA, Arktika M, Obzor R, Resurs P, two Meteor-M and two Ionosfera remote sensing satellites in 2023. Moreover, the Luna-25 station and 10 nanosatellites are also expected to be launched into orbit.

Soleimani satellite constellation operational phase launched

From https://en.mehrnews.com/news/196478/Soleimani-satellite-constellation-operational-phase-launched

TEHRAN, Jan. 22 (MNA) – The head of the Iranian Space Agency Hassan Salarieh has announced the launching of the operational phase of the country’s first satellite constellation.

The Iranian Space Agency has named one of the country's most important space projects after the name of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani in order to honor the anti-terror hero.

“Based on the 10-year space program and in order to provide services to people, government institutions, and organizations as well as to provide services to private sector companies, the Iranian Space Agency has been tasked with placing a telecommunication satellite system in Earth's orbit,” Salarieh said.

“The implementation of the project, which is called ‘Martyr Soleimani Project’ and is considered to be the first satellite system project of our country, is of great importance owing to the achievements in the production of satellite series and their network formation,” he added.

He said that the Iranian Space Agency had prepared the operational plan of the project and codified the executive program of a narrowband telecommunication system with limited service long ago and even before the finalization of the country's 10-year space program.

“In less than a month since the approval of the 10-year space program, one of the most important clauses of which is the implementation of the Martyr Soleimani Project, … the implementation phase of the project was officially launched,” Salarieh said.

Praising steps taken by the Agency to build small satellites, Salarieh said, “It is axiomatic that upon success in this step, the way to complete and develop satellite systems and provide more services will be paved in the next steps.”

During the second meeting of the country's Supreme Space Council in the capital Tehran, the Head of Iran's Space Organization Hassan Salarieh announced the approval of the country's strategic 10-Year Space Program by the Supreme Space Council.

In line with the program's scope, the Islamic Republic plans to become the regional epicenter of the development of space technologies and provider of space launch services.

The Iranian program also aims to devise and implement space missions in line with its goal of helping civilian, business, and executive organizations benefit from the world's state-of-the-art technologies.

Iran has taken giant strides in the field of science of technology in recent years despite US sanctions.


Sunday, no update


Saturday, no update


Friday afternoon feeds

Optus D1 12661 V Sr 7200 "TX2Spark World Enc22" Encrypted
Super Smash Women's cricket , Auckland Hearts v Wellington Blaze

Optus D2
12267 V Sr 22500 Fec 5/6 NO Lock
12357 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" At a race track
12366 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
12737 V Sr 14400 "BU Return 19493 (CNN)" "Sports Encoder 5 (Turner Sports)" Testing , Maybe NZ vs USA Soccer related , for Saturday?

12634 V Sr 7500 "TDU MAIN" Cycling
12643 V Sr 7500 "TDU B/UP (006)" Cycling
12666 V Sr 30000 "TDU Path 1A" "TDU PATH 1B" "TDU PATH 2A" "TDU PATH 2B" "TDU HELi" Cycling
12710 V Sr 30000 "TDU Path 1A" "TDU PATH 1B" "TDU PATH 2A" "TDU PATH 2B" "TDU HELi" Cycling

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From the Dish

Intelsat 19 166.0E 3900 H "CNBC Australia and CNBC Asia-Pacific" are encrypted again.

Measat 3b 91.5E 10812 V "Love Nature has replaced Astro Vinmeen HD" on , Videoguard.
Measat 3b 91.5E 10852 V "Astro SuperSport FIFA World Cup 1" has left .
Measat 3b 91.5E 10932 V "Astro SuperSport FIFA World Cup 2" has left .
Measat 3b 91.5E 11895 V "Love Nature" has started on , Videoguard.
Measat 3b 91.5E 12603 H "Pop Musik" has started on , encrypted.

Measat 3d 91.5E 11022 V "Too Fun!" has started on , Videoguard.
Measat 3d 91.5E 11182 V "Global Trekker" has started on, Videoguard.
Measat 3d 91.5E 11352 V "DreamWorks TV Asia" has started on , Videoguard.

Yamal 401 90.0E 11345 H "Okhota i Rybalka and Russkiy Illusion" have left .

Thaicom 6 78.5E 12343 V "Cool Channel and TV Market" have left .
Thaicom 6 78.5E 12604 V "TV Market and @TV have started on ,Fta. Toon Toon and Live Sky 2 are Fta. Go Sports 38 HD" is now encrypted.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 12687 V "MV TV Series, V2H12, V2H11, Esan TV and Five Channel have left . TV Direct 11" is now encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 3974 H "Pogo, CNN International South Asia, Cartoon Network Pakistan and Cartoon Network India" have left .
Intelsat 20 68.5E 4184 V "M Nadu TV has started on , clear. Channel 36 UP/UK and OK India" have left.

Express AM6 53.0E 12646 H, Perviy kanal, Rossiya 1 Krim, Match!, NTV, 5 Kanal, Rossiya K, Rossiya 24 Krim and Karusel have started on T2-MI, clear.

Yamal 601 49.0E 3790 L "Rossiya 1, Rossiya 24 and OTR" have left .

From playtv

亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,3745 V 05000一组新增Star News Asia频道,开锁播出。(2023-01-19)
亚洲9号(122.0°E)卫星,12468 V 2400一组中天新闻恢复锁码播出。(2023-01-19)
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,3880 H 29720一组CTN频道消失。(2023-01-19)


SpaceX rocket launches U.S. military satellite into orbit

From https://www.spacedaily.com/reports/SpaceX_rocket_launches_US_military_satellite_into_orbit_999.html

Elon Musk's SpaceX launched one of its Falcon 9 rockets Wednesday morning with a GPS satellite on board, part of a U.S. Space Force program to have a constellation of 32 navigation satellites orbiting the Earth.

The rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida at 7:24 a.m. EST carrying the fifth Lockheed Martin-made Space Vehicle 6 of the so-called GPS 3 constellation, which delivers positioning, navigation and timing signals to military and civilian customers.

SpaceX confirmed it had successfully injected the GPS satellite into a mid-Earth orbit at an altitude of 2,670 miles 90 minutes after liftoff. Each satellite in the constellation orbits the Earth twice daily, Space.com reported. The satellite will slowly climb over the next two weeks under its own power to its operational orbit of 12,550 miles above the Earth.

The mission is fueling a new chapter in the development of space exploration as the sector transitions to reusable rockets. The first stage of the Falcon 9, the booster that lifts the rocket and payload from the launch pad and flies for the first 2 1/2 minutes, previously propelled the International Space Station's Crew 5 -- Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada of NASA, Japanese mission specialist Koichi Wakata and Russia's Anna Kikina -- up to the station in October.

Just under 10 minutes after launch the first stage docked with the SpaceX's drone ship, which had been standing by off the Florida coast.

"With each national security launch, we continue to strengthen America's capabilities and its deterrence in the face of growing threats while adding stability to a very dynamic world," Space Force Maj. Gen. Stephen Purdy said.

Wednesday's launch was SpaceX's second launch for the U.S. military in the past three days and its fourth in all this year.

SpaceX had previously launched four GPS 3 satellites under contracts awarded in 2016 and 2018. The first launch was on Dec. 23, 2018, the second and third on June 30 and Nov. 5, 2020, and the fourth on June 17, 2021.

China to launch 200-plus spacecraft in 2023

From https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202301/19/WS63c8b2f4a31057c47ebaa990.html

A Long March 2D carrier rocket carrying the Yaogan 37 satellite and other two satellites - Shiyan 22A and Shiyan 22B - blasts off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China, Jan 13, 2023. The satellites were launched at 3:00 pm (Beijing Time) and entered their planned orbit successfully.

BEIJING -- The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) plans to launch more than 200 spacecraft with over 60 space missions in 2023, according to a company report released Wednesday.

The CASC report unveiled plans for the country's space science and technology activities in 2023. It said that the Tianzhou 6 cargo craft, the Shenzhou XVI and the Shenzhou XVII flight missions would take place within the year to improve China's capability of entering, using and exploring space.

The BeiDou 3 Navigation Satellite System will witness the launches of three backup satellites, according to the CASC. It added that the construction of a new-generation commercial remote-sensing satellite system will be accelerated this year.

The corporation also pledged to release information on surplus rocket-carrying capacities and provide launch opportunities to commercial users.

In 2023, the CASC will comprehensively push forward the fourth phase of lunar exploration and planetary exploration, and develop the lunar probe Chang'e 7, Mars probe Tianwen 2, as well as stationary orbit-microwave detection satellite.

The carrier rocket Long March 6C will make its maiden flight in 2023, while the Long March carrier rocket series are expected to exceed 500 launches in aggregate, said the CASC report.

Carnival Corporation to Roll Out Starlink Wi-Fi on Cruise Ships

From https://www.satellitetoday.com/mobility/2023/01/18/carnival-corporation-to-roll-out-starlink-wi-fi-on-cruise-ships/

Cruise ship titan Carnival Corporation has signed a deal for SpaceX’s Starlink Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite internet service and is already rolling out Starlink on Carnival Cruise Line and AIDA Cruises ships. This is SpaceX’s second cruise deal for Starlink, following Royal Caribbean.

Carnival announced Jan. 18 that it began installing Starlink on Carnival Cruise Line and AIDA Cruises ships in December and also plans to bring the satellite internet to Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Seabourn, P&O Cruises in Australia, Costa Cruises, P&O Cruises in the United Kingdom, and Cunard.

“The added bandwidth will give the brands the capabilities and flexibility to introduce new guest services and features, as well as help boost operational functions like onboard equipment monitoring and real-time communications between ship and shore teams,” said Josh Weinstein, Carnival Corporation CEO. “And importantly, adding Starlink’s innovative technology to the company’s existing connectivity platform will also help our amazing crew stay in touch with friends and loved ones.”

Carnival Cruise Lines is a longtime customer of satellite operator SES, and the announcement clarified that Starlink is part of a “growing portfolio” of communications, satellite, and technology providers in the company’s connectivity ecosystem.

In 2020, Carnival brand Princess Cruises got early access to SES‘s O3b mPOWER network, and Princess President John Padgett recently attended the launch of SES’s first O3b mPOWER satellites.

Carnival Cruise Lines said it has nearly tripled fleetwide bandwidth over its nearly 100 ships that visit more than 700 ports around the world.

“High-speed, low-latency broadband internet is critical in our modern age, and we’re excited to provide Carnival Cruise Line and AIDA’s guests an internet experience that makes their travel even more enjoyable,” said Jonathan Hofeller, vice president of Starlink sales for SpaceX.

GMA Network joins ACE

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/19/gma-network-joins-ace/

Philippine broadcast company GMA Network says it has strengthened its anti-piracy capabilities by partnering with the Alliance for Creativity & Entertainment (ACE).The anti-piracy coalition currently has over 50 global members, with GMA as its first member from the Philippines.

“Piracy continues to be one of the biggest problems in the entertainment industry globally,” stated Atty. Felipe L. Gozon GMA Network CEO and Chairman. “The duplication and illegal distribution of movies, teleseries, music, and other materials invalidate the hard work of those behind it. And as such, we are proud to join the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment in its global campaign against digital piracy.”

“GMA Network, through various initiatives on different platforms, is consistently taking the necessary steps to combat the illegal distribution of our shows movies, music, and other materials. And through our partnership with ACE, we look to further strengthen these initiatives to protect our content.”

“We are thrilled to welcome GMA Network to the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment and look forward to working with them to combat piracy and protect content creators – in the Philippines and around the world,” declared Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection for the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and Head of ACE. “ACE is building a strong global network of media companies and partners who are working together to eradicate the serious threat piracy poses to the creative economy.”

As part of its efforts to combat piracy, GMA Network also launched last Thursday its own anti-piracy advocacy campaign dubbed ‘Stream Responsibly. Fight Piracy’. The campaign aims to encourage people, especially the younger generation, to be aware of what is right and wrong and help raise awareness of the value of creative works. It also aims to protect and educate the public about the potential harms of clicking pirated websites and apps.

Saudi-backed LIV Golf on verge of securing US broadcast deal

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/18/saudi-backed-liv-golf-on-verge-of-securing-us-broadcast-deal/

LIV Golf, the controversial Saudi-backed professional golf league, looks like it is on the verge of securing its first major broadcast rights deal in the US. Perhaps surprisingly, it is with youth-oriented US network, The CW, not known for sports output.

The possibility of a deal was first rumoured last week – and is still yet to be confirmed. But there is growing expectation that it will be announced in the coming days.

Golf icon Greg Norman, who has been a key architect in the creation of the LIV concept, has said that it is critical for the franchise’s business plan to get on TV in the US. But until now LIV has struggling to find a partner. At the end of last year there were rumours it would air on Fox Sports, but these were flatly denied by LIV.

The current expectation is that That CW will not pay a rights fee for its coverage of the LIV competition, similar to the situation that reportedly exists with international media partners like DAZN. This month, there have also been reports that LIV is looking to give away rights in the UK. Clearly, the ambition is to grow fan interest in LIV before seeking to monetise coverage in later contract cycles. For many sports properties this would not be feasible, but the depth of LIV’s financial backing from Saudi Arabia means it can continue building the franchise without pressure to monetise too quickly.

From a CW perspective, the decision to embrace the tour is interesting. The channel was recently acquired by Nexstar, which may have plans to shift its position.

LIV has ruffled feathers in the golfing world, and has been subjected to a legal suit by the PGA Tour. The coming season is its second, after launching in 2022.

Blue Ant and World of Wonder launch Drag Race FAST channel

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/18/blue-ant-and-world-of-wonder-launch-drag-race-fast-channel/

International media firm Blue Ant Media has joined forced with content creator World of Wonder to unveil Drag Race Universe, a new FAST channel based around the celebrated entertainment series. Initially, the channel is available on VIZIO WatchFree+ in the US, but additional platforms will be announced in the coming months.

The deal represents the expansion of the two companies’ ongoing partnership, which sees Blue Ant Media producing Canada’s Drag Race and Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World for World of Wonder, in association with Crave in Canada. Commenting on the content available to the new channel, the partners said: “With nine international franchises and a bevy of spin-offs celebrating drag culture, Drag Race Universe brings a constant pipeline of new seasons and drag-related programming.”

Jamie Schouela, president, global channels and media, Blue Ant Media, said: “Drag Race Universe offers a curated line-up of international Drag Race hits to US audiences available for the first time on a free streaming channel. Debuting first on VIZIO WatchFree+ is an opportunity to leverage the platform’s exceptional reach and grow excitement for this iconic franchise among devoted fans and new audiences.”

World of Wonder co-founders Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato added: “Drag Race Universe is an idea whose time has come; with over 400 queens, 24 international versions and counting, this new FAST channel will build on the major success we’ve already had with WOW Presents Plus in the Direct to Consumer space.”

Created by World of Wonder, the Drag Race franchise is has become a worldwide phenomenon, popular around the world in both its original form and as local adaptations. As yet, it’s not clear if the rights scenario international will allow for the channel to be rolled out into new territories – particularly given WoW’s DTC ambitions.

As for Vizio, the exclusive launch of the new channel is something of a coup in the competitive FAST arena. “VIZIO is proud to be the first to bring Drag Race Universe to US audiences,” said Greg Barnard, director of content acquisitions at VIZIO. “It joins Blue Ant Media channels like Love Nature, Total Crime, and Haunt TV on VIZIO WatchFree+ and allows us to expand our diverse entertainment programming.

Plex joins Amagi’s CTV content marketplace as platform partner

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/19/plex-joins-amagis-ctv-content-marketplace-as-platform-partner/

Amagi, the global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV, has announced that the free global streaming media platform, Plex, has joined its end-to-end content marketplace as a platform partner.

Plex is a leading Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) platform in the United States that offers its viewers premium content across genres such as hit TV series, movies, entertainment shows, news, documentaries, music, and more. As Amagi’s platform partner, Plex gains access to Amagi’s comprehensive network of 2,000+ FAST channels and AVoD libraries from the world’s leading content brands.

“Plex has quickly become a one-stop-shop for consumers’ streaming needs, simplifying access to content on any device anywhere. We’re thrilled to help them enrich their content catalog further. By tapping into Amagi’s extensive network of content partners, Plex will be able to delight consumers with more differentiated content, thereby taking their offerings to the next level,” said Srinivasan KA, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Amagi

“Amagi is an important partner to Plex with our goal to distribute the highest quality TV channels for audiences everywhere,” said Shawn Eldridge, vice president, business development and content, Plex. “The partnership opens up new opportunities for audience expansion and revenue growth, while offering our viewers an even greater selection of premium content.”

Amagi provides a complete suite of solutions for channel creation, distribution and monetization. Amagi clients include ABS-CBN, A+E Networks UK, beIN Sports, Curiosity Stream, Discovery Networks, Fox Networks, Fremantle, Gusto TV, NBCUniversal, Tastemade, Tegna, USA Today, Vice Media and Warner Media, among others.


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12714 V Sr 7500 "STS 2" Encrypted
12723 V Sr 7500 "STS" Encrypted Provider says "NBL"

Tuesday feeds

Intelsat 19
12592 V Sr 7200 "Enc 3 ODS"
12601 V Sr 7200 "enc 6 GTV" Australian Open Tennis
12609 V Sr 7200 no lock

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Intelsat 19 166.0E 3920 V The Sky Pacific mux is encrypted again.

Measat 3b 91.5E 12643 V "Maleo" has started on , Irdeto.

ST 2 88.0E 12702 H "Buddha Compassion TV Station and Da Ai TV" have left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12543 V "YTV" has left .
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12562 H "MFM TV" has started on , Fta.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12627 H "Trenet" has left .

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国际19号(166.0°E)卫星,3900 H 30000一组全国广播公司财经高清频道(CNBC HD)恢复锁码播出。(2023-01-16)
老挝1号(128.5°E)卫星,3651 V 12000一组TVFilmy替换RK Sport,开锁播出。(2023-01-16)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12604 V 30000一组Go Sport HD替换Bangkok频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-16)


With Spark vanquished, Sky raises sports channel and Sky Sport Now pricing

From https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/with-spark-vanquished-sky-raises-sports-channel-and-sky-sport-now-pricing/KZSD4SHZUFFOLLBXA5W4UCPE24/

Sky TV is increasing the costs of Sky Sport by $3 per month from March 1, and the price of its Sky Sport Now streaming app by $5 per month from the same date.

Price hikes have been predicted since Spark sold its sports streaming platform, and Sky regained rights to Formula 1 (most other Spark Sport content will move to TVNZ from mid-year).

A Sky spokeswoman denied the increases have anything to do with the demise of its only serious local competition in paid sports streaming.

“The cost to acquire sport rights and produce quality content continues to increase,” she said. Sky Sport had price increases while Spark Sport was still active in the market. And with Spark gone, fans of some sports, like cricket and football, will no longer have to pay for two services to see all of the action.

Late last year, Sky regained rights from Spark for men’s and women’s Rugby World Cup competitions through to 2029. Sky also won back English Premier League football rights from Spark with a six-season deal.

Sky says it has not increased the price of Sky Sport Now (which currently costs $19.99 per week, $39.99 per month or $399.00 per year) since 2019.

Sky Sport, which currently costs $34.99, also saw a $3 price rise in March last year, with Sky blaming “rights inflation.”

The pay-TV broadcaster has also been grappling with salary inflation.

In November, as it announced a 41 per cent increase in net profit to $62.2 million, Sky said it was giving staff earning over $100,000 a 5 per cent pay rise and staff earning under that amount an 8 per cent increase. The wage rises were billed as necessary to attract and retain talent in a tight labour market.

Yesterday, Sky said its new box, which will have a $200 up-front fee and cost $15 a month to unlock its ability to record up to five channels at once, had entered customer trials. A spokeswoman said the commercial launch date was “a few weeks” away.

Sky increased the price of its Neon entertainment streaming service from $15.99 to $17.99/month mid-year.

Streaming services raise prices

Sky is not alone in hiking prices.

Just ahead of Christmas, Disney announced a series of price rises for Disney+.

The streaming service debuted here in November 2019 for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

In 2021, it raised its monthly price to $12.99 per month or $129.99 per year, citing an expanded lineup of content.

The price was further increased from December last year to $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year.

Arch-rival Netflix earlier increased the cost of its basic plan by 8 per cent, from $11.99 to $12.99 per month, and the cost of its Premium plan by 14 per cent from $21.99 to $24.99 (Netflix introduced its new Netflix Basic With Ads for A$6.99 across the Tasman in November, but has yet to name a launch date for NZ.)

And in October, Apple TV+ increased its NZ pricing from $8.99 to $12.99 per month.

Thaicom and National Telecom win first auction for satellite orbital slot packages

From https://www.pattayamail.com/thailandnews/thaicom-and-national-telecom-win-first-auction-for-satellite-orbital-slot-packages-421968

SET-listed satellite service operator Thaicom emerged as the biggest winner, securing two of the five packages on offer, while state enterprise National Telecom (NT) obtained one package.

In a major development for Thailand’s satellite industry, the kingdom’s first auction for satellite orbital slot packages was held on Sunday (15 Jan), raising a total of 806.5 million baht. SET-listed satellite service operator Thaicom emerged as the biggest winner, securing two of the five packages on offer, while state enterprise National Telecom (NT) obtained one package.

The auction, which started at 10:00 AM and wrapped up in about one and a half hours, saw competition from Thaicom’s subsidiary, Space Tech Innovation, NT, and Prompt Technical Services, which is engaged in a very small-aperture terminal business for oil rigs. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) offered five packages for the auction, which marks the nation’s transition from a concession system to a licensing regime.

The first package offered comprised the 50.5° East and 51° E slots, with a starting price of 374 million baht. The second package was for 78.5° E, with a starting price of 360 million baht. The third package covered the 119.5° E and 120° E slots, with a starting price of 397 million baht. The fourth package was for 126° E, with a starting price of 8.6 million baht, while the fifth package covered 142° E, with a starting price of 189 million baht. Bid prices increased by 5% in each round. No bids were made for the first and fifth packages.

The first bidding round saw Space Tech Innovation and Prompt Technical Services compete for the second package. Prompt did not bid in the second round, leaving the Thaicom subsidiary as the winner at a price of 380 million baht. The third package was also secured by Space Tech Innovation, the sole bidder, at a price of 417.4 million baht. NT was the sole bidder for the fourth package, obtaining the license for 9 million baht.

The results of the auction were announced by the NBTC shortly after bidding was concluded, and its board is due to meet on Wednesday (18 Jan) to issue a resolution to officially approve the auction results.

NBTC Commissioner Thanapant Raicharoen said the regulator was satisfied with the auction results, although the winning bids were only slightly above the reserve prices. (NNT)

China launches classified remote sensing and tech test satellites

From https://www.space.com/china-yaogan-shiyan-satellite-launch-january-2023

It's unclear what the Yaogan 37 and Shiyan 22A and 22B satellites will be doing in orbit.

China launched three new satellites last week, providing no details of the work they will do in orbit.

A Long March 2D rocket lifted off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert at 2:00 a.m. EST (0700 GMT, or 3:00 p.m. local time) on Friday (Jan. 13), sending three classified satellites into orbit.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), which produced both the rocket and satellites, announced (opens in new tab) the successful launch of the Yaogan 37 and Shiyan 22A and 22B satellites within an hour of liftoff.

No details about the three satellites were provided. Yaogan 37 will likely boost China's ever-growing remote sensing capabilities, while the Shiyan designation is thought to apply to satellites testing new and untried technologies and payloads.

Chinese state media stated only that the three satellites will "mainly be used for in-orbit verification of new technologies such as space environment monitoring," as is typical for both the largely classified Yaogan remote sensing series and Shiyan satellites.

The U.S. Space Force's 18th Space Defense Squadron tracked and cataloged three satellites in roughly circular, 320-mile-altitude (515 kilometers) orbits with inclinations of 43 degrees.

The launch was China's fourth of 2023, with CASC stating earlier in January that it plans to launch more than 50 orbital missions this year. 

China launch plans more than 70 launches in 2023

From https://spacenews.com/china-launch-plans-more-than-70-launches-in-2023/

HELSINKI — China’s state-owned and commercial space sector actors are planning a total of more than 70 launches across 2023 as the country’s space activities continue to expand.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the country’s main space contractor and maker of the Long March rocket series, will again aim for more than 50 launches this year, according to an announcement from an early January meeting.

China launched 64 times in 2022. Combined launch plans of CASC and commercial actors could see the country top 70 launches this year from three inland spaceports, the coastal Wenchang spaceport and the Haiyang spaceport facilitating sea launches.

Among CASC’s major launches will be two Shenzhou crewed missions to the Tiangong space station and a supporting pair of Tianzhou cargo spacecraft. It will also carry out a range of civil, military, science and commercial missions.

The Long March 6C—a variant of the new Long March 6A minus its solid side boosters—will have its first launch this year. 

The Long March 5 will be in action again, having last flown in 2020 to launch Tianwen-1 to Mars and the Chang’e-5 lunar sample return mission. Its manufacturer, CASC’s China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), did not reveal what the flight would entail. 

The low Earth orbit (LEO) version of the rocket, the Long March 5B, will likewise fly again, having launched three space station modules across the past two years. 

It could carry the Xuntian space telescope to co-orbit with Tiangong late in the year, perform a test launch for sending large numbers of satellites into LEO for the country’s communication megaconstellation plan, or launch a new test of China’s new-generation crew spacecraft. The latter is designed to increase crew carrying capacity to LEO, while a larger, 21-metric-ton version will be used for future crewed lunar missions. 

The older hypergolic Long March 2, 3 and 4 series rockets are expected to be active regularly, as will the newer, kerosene-liquid oxygen Long March 7, 7A and 8 rockets. CASC recently announced a new production line for kerolox engines. The solid Long March 11 and Jielong-3 will also launch, both from land and sea. 

A failure of one of the mainstay rockets could greatly impact China’s launch rate in 2023. The last Long March failure occurred in April 2020.

China is expected to grow its Earth observation and reconnaissance capabilities further, continuing a high rate of launches of Yaogan and Gaofen satellites, while also launching replacement satellites for the Beidou GNSS constellation. Communications, meteorological and ocean observations satellites will also be part of the manifest.

Science missions will notably include the Einstein Probe in November and the Sino-French Space Variable Objects Monitor (SVOM) in mid-2023.

State-owned spinoffs and commercial launches

CASC’s sister state-owned defense contractor, CASIC, and its subsidiary Expace are planning numerous launches of its solid Kuaizhou-1A and larger Kuaizhou-11 solid rockets following the pair both returning to flight last year. The launchers will likely carry satellites for CASIC’s Xingyun Internet of Things constellation and mainly commercial payloads.

CAS Space, an offshoot of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), will follow up the debut success of its Lijian-1 (ZK-1A) solid rocket with more launches this year. The first will target May.

Galactic Energy completed its first launch of the year in early January and, following a string of five successes from five attempts, is looking to launch 8-10 Ceres-1 solid rockets this year, including a possible inaugural sea launch in the second half of the year. Its kerolox Pallas-1 rocket is now expected to have its test flight in 2024.

The firm could help CAS spinoff CGST construct its Jilin-1 Earth observation constellation after launching five such satellites in November. CGST announced last fall that it intends to double the size of the constellation to 300 satellites by 2025.

Landspace could attempt a second launch of its Zhuque-2 methane-LOX launcher, after an issue with second stage vernier thrusters brought about the failure of the first launch last month.

Competitor iSpace could also return to the pad, working towards a test launch of the Hyperbola-2 reusable methalox launcher. It is unknown if the Hyperbola-1 solid rocket will be seen again, following three consecutive failures. 

Space Pioneer is expected to attempt its first launch this year with the Tianlong-2 kerolox rocket, as part of a trend of commercial Chinese liquid launchers moving towards test flights. 

Deep Blue Aerospace plans to build on a kilometer-level hop test conducted last year with a 100-kilometer-altitude test in 2023. Other newer entrants, Orienspace and Rocket Pi, could launch their respective Gravity-1 solid rocket and Darwin-1 methalox launcher this year also.

GPS navigation satellite set for launch on SpaceX rocket

From https://spaceflightnow.com/2023/01/17/gps-navigation-satellite-set-for-launch-on-spacex-rocket/

SpaceX’s second launch for the U.S. military in three days is set to blast off from Florida and deliver a GPS navigation satellite into orbit Wednesday, reinforcing the global positioning and timing network as four more GPS spacecraft are in storage at a Lockheed Martin factory in Colorado to be launched as needed over the next few years.

The launch of the U.S. Space Force’s GPS 3 SV06 mission — the sixth spacecraft in the latest generation of GPS 3-series satellites — is set for 7:10 a.m. EST (1210 GMT) Wednesday from pad 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will give the satellite a ride into orbit. The Falcon 9 has a 15-minute launch window Wednesday.

The launch of the new GPS satellite Wednesday comes less than three days after a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasted off from Kennedy Space Center carrying two military satellites into geosynchronous orbit. That mission was successful, Space Force officials said.

Forecasters predict a greater than 90% chance of favorable weather Wednesday morning for liftoff of the Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral, but officials will watch wind and sea conditions downrange in the booster recovery area. There is a moderate to high risk those conditions won’t be favorable for landing of the first stage, which could prompt SpaceX to delay the launch.

Once it lifts off, the 229-foot-tall (70-meter) Falcon 9 rocket will head northeast from Cape Canaveral to place the GPS 3 SV06 satellite at the proper altitude and inclination to reach a final operating position in the GPS constellation.

Following a standard launch profile, the Falcon 9 will fire its nine kerosene-fueled first stage engines for about two-and-a-half minutes. The booster will shut down and drop away from the Falcon 9’s upper stage, which will continue into orbit with the GPS satellite, first placing the payload into a parking orbit about eight minutes after liftoff.

At around the same time, the Falcon 9’s first stage booster — designed B1077 — will drop out of the sky and slow for landing on a SpaceX drone ship positioned a few hundred miles east of Charleston, South Carolina. The drone ship will bring the booster, set to make its second trip to space, back to Cape Canaveral for refurbishment and reuse on a future mission.

The payload fairing on top of the Falcon 9 will jettison a few moments after ignition of the upper stage engine for its first burn. SpaceX has dispatched a recovery ship into the Atlantic to also retrieve the two halves of the nose cone for reuse, after the aeroshells parachute into the sea.

About 63 minutes into the mission, the Falcon 9’s upper stage will reignite for about 44 seconds. The powerful engine, generating more than 200,000 pounds of thrust, will propel the GPS 3 SV06 spacecraft into an elongated orbit stretching to an altitude of some 12,550 miles (20,200 kilometers) at its highest point.

After flying into communications range of Space Force ground stations in Hawaii and California, the rocket will deploy the GPS satellite at about 1 hour and 29 minutes after liftoff.

Over the next one-to-two weeks, the satellite will use its own orbit-raising engine to maneuver into a circular Medium Earth Orbit 12,550 miles above Earth at an inclination of 55 degrees. If all goes according to plan, the new satellite, nicknamed “Amelia Earhart” after the aviation pioneer, will be transitioned to the control of Space Force operators.

The GPS 3 SV06 spacecraft is the sixth in a line of GPS 3-series satellites built by Lockheed Martin. In its launch configuration fully fueled with propellant, the satellite weighs 9,595 pounds (4,352 kilograms), according to Col. Jung Ha, senior materiel leader for the GPS Space Vehicles Acquisition Delta at Space Systems Command.

“The spacecraft is healthy and all systems are go,” Ha said Tuesday in a conference call with reporters.

Andre Trotter, Lockheed Martin’s vice president of navigation systems, said the company has four more GPS 3-series satellites ready for “call up” by the Space Force.

“We currently have four more GPS satellites in our Colorado facility that are available for launch and are prepared to answer the Space Force’s call,” Trotter told reporters Tuesday in a pre-launch news conference. Those satellites, numbered GPS 3 SV07 through SV10, are the final spacecraft in Lockheed Martin’s initial batch of GPS 3 satellites ordered by the Pentagon in 2008.

The next GPS satellite, GPS 3 SV07, is scheduled to launch in mid-2024 on a United Launch Alliance Vulcan rocket. It is a candidate to become the first national security payload to fly on ULA’s new Vulcan launch vehicle.

Construction of the first eight GPS 3 satellites is covered in a 2008 contract valued at $3.6 billion. The military ordered two additional GPS 3-type satellites later. The first GPS 3 satellite launched in 2018, and the most recent mission, SV05, launched in June 2021.

Military officials were unable to provide an exact cost for the GPS 3 SV06 spacecraft, but the average cost of each satellite in the 2008 purchase amounts to approximately $600 million in inflation-adjusted dollars.

The series of GPS 3 navigation satellites are designed for 15-year life spans, an improvement over the seven-and-a-half year and 12-year design lives of previous-generation GPS satellites. The GPS 3 satellites provide three times better accuracy and up to eight times improved anti-jamming capabilities over early GPS spacecraft, according to Lockheed Martin.

The GPS 3 satellites also introduce a new L-band civilian signal that is compatible with other international navigation satellite networks, such as Europe’s Galileo program. Combining signals from GPS, Galileo, and other navigation satellites can improve the precision of space-based position measurements.

The U.S. military uses GPS satellites for smart bombs and other precision-guided munitions. Troops rely on the network, which requires a minimum of 24 satellites for global coverage, to provide positioning data pole-to-pole.

Lockheed Martin won a follow-on contract from the military in 2018 to build up to 22 more upgraded GPS 3F satellites. The Space Force has placed firm orders with Lockheed Martin for the first 10 GPS 3F satellites, which will provide the military with new capabilities such as enhanced regional protection and even better anti-jamming capabilities, an upgraded search and rescue payload, and a laser retroreflector array to help provide more accurate data on each spacecraft’s location in orbit, information that will result in more precise position information for users on the ground.

L3Harris Technologies builds the navigation payloads for the GPS 3 satellites.

Civilians use the Global Positioning System on their smartphones, and airliners employ augmented GPS signals for precision landings and in-flight navigation. Banks use the timing signals from GPS satellites to time tag financial transactions.

“GPS has become a part of our critical national infrastructure,” Trotter said

Viacom18 secures global rights to Women’s IPL cricket in $116m deal

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/17/viacom18-secures-global-rights-to-womens-ipl-cricket-in-116m-deal/

In another significant landmark for the commercial development of women’s sport, Indian-based media giant Viacom18 has secured global TV and digital rights to new cricketing competition the Women’s Indian Premier League for $116m over five years.

The deal was announced by Indian cricket governing body the BCCI, whose president Roger Binney said: “I would like to congratulate Viacom18 for bagging the media rights for Women’s IPL for the period of five years. Women’s cricket has been on the up since a few years and the recently concluded bilateral series against Australia is a great testament to how popular women’s cricket has become in India.”

Like its men’s counterpart, the ambition for the Women’s IPL is that it can grow into a global T20 franchise – attracting players and audiences from around the world. The inaugural event is expected to involve five teams and commence in March 2023.

Viacom18, which is 51% owned by Reliance’s Network18 and 49% owned by Paramount, also has a package of rights to the men’s IPL, which it will stream this year. Presumably, it will take a similar approach in India with the women’s IPL. Internationally, one option would be to show the WIPL on Paramount’s streaming platform Paramount+, but some territory rights could be licensed to third parties.

While the new deal is clearly a step forward for women’s rights valuations, the gulf with the men’s game is still enormous. The new deal values WIPL rights at around $23m a year, compared to the $1.2bn a year secured by the men’s competition.


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12357 V Sr 7500 "Astra 5" Women's Cricket ODI, Australia vs Pakistan
12634 V Sr 7500 "TDU MAIN" cycling related
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12666 V Sr 30000 "Path 1A (TDU)" "TDU PATH 1B" "TDU PATH 2A" "TDU PATH 2B" "TDU HELi" cycling related
12710 V Sr 30000 "Path 1A (TDU)" "TDU PATH 1B" "TDU PATH 2A" "TDU PATH 2B" "TDU HELi" cycling related
12737 V Sr 15000 "Cricket Alan Border Oval" Women's Cricket ODI, Australia vs Pakistan, Encrypted

Optus D1 12670 V Sr 22500 Fec 5/6 DVB-S2 8PSK
"BBL 7 Main"
"BBL World"
"BBL EVVS Clean"

Women's Cricket ODI, Australia vs Pakistan

Optus D1 12639 V Sr 15000 Fec 4/5 DVB-S2 Channel 7 mux

Sid 1350 Vpid 1121 (H264) Apid 1122 "7Bravo Brisbane" started FTA, HD
Sid 1334 Vpid 865 (H264) Apid 866 "7Bravo Melbourne" started FTA, HD


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Asiasat 5 3968 V Sr 7200 ILT 20 from Dubai (Biss encrypted)
Asiasat 5 3954 V Sr 7200 "BPL - 2023" BPL T20 Tournament (Biss encrypted)

Apstar 7 4055 V 5000 "MENC_56" SA20 Cricket (Biss encrypted)

and of course BBL, mostly games are on Optus D1

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12661 V Sr 7500 "GMA 10" Encrypted
12701 H Sr 15000 "IP-UPLINKS.COM1" "IP-UPLINKS.COM2" Soccer feed on Both

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Intelsat 19 166.0E 3900 H "CNBC Australia and CNBC Asia-Pacific" are Fta.
Intelsat 19 166.0E 3920 V "The Sky Pacific" mux is Fta.

Nusantara Satu 146.0E 3579 V "Madani TV" has started on, Fta.

Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3703 V "AXN Philippines" has left .
Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3745 H "GMA TV and GTV on are now encrypted. |
Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3751 H "GMA Life TV, GMA Pinoy TV USA & Canada and GMA News TV " are now encrypted.

Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3836 H "Pinoy Box Office, Viva Cinema and Tagalized Movie Channnel" have left
Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3847 H "Pinoy Hits" has started on , PowerVu+.

Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3876 H "Pinoy Box Office, Viva Cinema and Tagalized Movie Channel" have started on , PowerVu+.
Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3888 H "DZRH TV has left .
Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3895 H "INC TV and Net 25" have left .

LaoSat 1 128.5E 3651 V "PK Sports, Jobs TV and Paryawaran" have started on , Fta.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3872 H "Dei Kids TV" has started on, Fta.

Thaicom 6 78.5E 3840 H "MV TV Channel" has started on , Fta.

Optus D2 152.0E 12608 H "3ABN International" has left .

AsiaSat 5 100.5E 4040 H "TVRI World" has left .
AsiaSat 5 100.5E 4080 H "RTS 1" has started on, Fta.

G-Sat 17 93.5E 4174 H "AMV Network" has left again.

Thaicom 6 78.5E 12604 V "IPM Show 2-4, A Film, Hi News, Esan TV, CSat North, I-Movie, I-Asia, Ani+ and Goba TV" have left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 11514 V "Parliament TV" has started on , Nagravision.

Yamal 402 54.9E 11644 V "Perviy kanal, Match!, NTV, 5 Kanal, Rossiya K, Karusel, TV Centr, Rossiya 1, Rossiya 24 Kuban and OTR" have left .

From playtv

泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12728 V 30000一组新增Alwanpyay频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-15)
Nusantara Satu(146.0°E)卫星,3579 V 17986一组新增Madani TV高清频道,开锁播出。(2023-01-15)
国际19号(166.0°E)卫星,3920 V 28800一组ESPN体育台、Zee TV等全组频道恢复锁码播出。(2023-01-15)

亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,3726 V 5000一组新增AP 1 TV HD等五个测试频道,开锁播出。(2023-01-14)
国际19号(166.0°E)卫星,3920 V 28800一组ESPN体育台、Zee TV等全组频道开锁播出。(2023-01-14)
国际19号(166.0°E)卫星,3900 H 30000一组全国广播公司财经高清频道(CNBC HD)开锁播出。(2023-01-14)


Supercoppa on Optus Sport

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/16/australia-supercoppa-on-optus-sport/

Optus Sport will stream the 2023 Supercoppa Italiana live and on-demand. The Supercoppa pits the winner of Serie A, AC Milan, against the winner of the Coppa Italia, Internazionale, in a showpiece event being played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on January 19th.

International superstars Olivier Giroud, Rafael Leao, Brahim Diaz and the rest of the Rossoneri who stunned everyone to win the Scudetto last season will face off against some of the best attackers in Europe in Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez and Edin Dzeko.

Speaking on the announcement, Head of Optus Sport Howard Rees said: “We are delighted to be able to offer more premium football for Optus Sport customers. These two renowned Italian clubs are sure to put on a show and it will be great for our football fans to see silverware being won on Thursday morning.”

Sky TV’s new Sky Box set-top box and Sky Pods: Customer trials to begin

From https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/sky-tvs-new-sky-box-set-top-box-and-sky-pods-customer-trials-to-begin/5WPNVCLZGZB4PAGLUXM7VXF6UM/

Sky Television’s long-awaited Sky Box and Sky Pods are a step closer, with customer trials commencing from today.

The launch will be a key moment for Sky, with the company telling shareholders in November that the new box is the “most transformative product we have offered our customers in many years”.

Sky said today a range of customers from its Sky Nation panel had volunteered to be triallists on the new technology over January.

“Today is an important milestone,” a statement from Sky said.

“We are delighted to be sharing these transformational new products with our customer triallists and look forward to hearing their feedback. We also look forward to offering the new Sky Box and Sky Pod more widely in the coming weeks.”

The Sky Box (which will involve a $200 up-front fee) will offer regular Sky channels via a satellite dish and feature apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Neon and Spark Sport via broadband, and offer frills including 4K ultra-high definition and a roomy hard drive.

The smaller Sky Pod ($100 upfront) will lack a hard drive and is aimed at those currently accessing Sky via the soon-to-be-shuttered Vodafone TV, which was in around 100,000 households as of August, according to the telco - although neither side would say how many were using it for Sky content.

The Sky Box was originally due “mid-year”. Sky has blamed the pandemic and war for production delays, and says it won’t rush delivery.

Vodafone TV was earlier given a stay of execution until this month, to allow Sky extra time to deliver its new hardware.

Sky shares last traded up 2c to $2.29.

In November chairman Philip Bowman told shareholders at their annual meeting Sky was adopting a new dividend policy that should see fatter payouts to shareholders.

The pay-TV broadcaster previously said it would pay out between 50 to 80 per cent of free cashflow in dividends. That range has been increased to 60 to 90 per cent.

“As a result of the change, Sky’s dividend guidance for F20Y23 has been increased to between $18 million and $24m.”

That’s up from the previous given $12.8m, which equated to 7.3 cents per share.

Iconic entertainment channel E! no longer screening in New Zealand

From https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/iconic-entertainment-channel-e-no-longer-screening-in-new-zealand/ST5AMP4TMVGLPDRI5HN6WXRHAA/

It’s a sad day for Kiwi pop culture fans - iconic channel E! is no longer available to watch in New Zealand.

The E! Television channel stopped broadcasting on Sky from midnight on Sunday January 15, according to a release shared on the network’s website.

The American channel, which broadcasts pop culture content, celebrity reality shows, and movies is owned by NBC Universal. The studio has decided to discontinue the E! channel in New Zealand, the release continued.

Several “fan favourite” E! shows will instead be available on Sky’s On Demand streaming service, but it’s not clear which of them are still available.

E! typically screens red carpets and global awards shows, such as the Golden Globes, which took place last week. However, the Globes were not available to watch in New Zealand.

It comes a few years after E! News was canned in 2020. The entertainment news show was cancelled along with Pop of the Morning and In the Room, Variety reported at the time.

NBC Universal made the changes to streamline its programming, and a source said the impact of Covid-19 had a part to play in the decision to axe the shows.

However, in October 2022 it was announced that E! news would return as a late-night entertainment news programme, returning to the network after a two-year hiatus.

Adrienne Houghton and Justin Sylvester returned as co-hosts for a premiere on November 14, 2022.

Several big names have previously helmed E! News, including a six-year stint by Ryan Seacrest (2006-2012), and Giuliana Rancic, who fronted the show from 2002-2015. She returned in 2018 and left again in 2019.

The celebrity news show first aired in 1991, going on hiatus in March 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Slot auction nets B806.5m

From https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2483340/slot-auction-nets-b806-5m

A total of 806.5 million baht was raised yesterday during the country's first auction for satellite orbital slot packages, which saw SET-listed satellite service operator Thaicom secure two of five packages and state enterprise National Telecom (NT) obtain one.

The auction started at 10am and wrapped up about 1.5 hours later.

Thaicom sent its subsidiary, Space Tech Innovation, to participate in the bidding. Its two competitors were NT, which was formed through the merger of state telecom enterprises CAT Telecom and TOT in 2021, and Prompt Technical Services, which is engaged in a very-small-aperture terminal business for oil rigs.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) offered five packages for the auction, which marks the country's satellite business transition from a concession system to a licensing regime.

The first package comprises the 50.5° East and 51° E slots, with a starting price of 374 million baht. The second is for 78.5° E, with a starting price of 360 million baht.

The third covers the 119.5° E and 120° E slots, with a starting price of 397 million baht. The fourth is for 126° E, with a starting price of 8.6 million baht, while the fifth package covers 142° E, with a starting price of 189 million baht. Bid prices increased by 5% in each round. However, no one bid for the first and fifth packages.

Space Tech Innovation and Prompt Technical Services competed in the first bidding round for the second package. Prompt did not bid in the second round, leaving the Thaicom subsidiary the winner at a price of 380 million baht.

The third package was also secured by Space Tech Innovation -- the sole bidder -- at a price of 417.4 million baht. NT was the sole bidder for the fourth package, obtaining the licence for 9 million baht.

The results were announced by the NBTC shortly after bidding was concluded. Its board is due to meet on Wednesday to issue a resolution to officially approve the auction results.

AM Thanapant Raicharoen, NBTC commissioner, said the regulator was satisfied with the auction results, although the winning bids were only slightly above the reserve prices.

"The auction marks the successful transition of the satellite business from the concession system to the licensing regime," he said.

SpaceX launches fifth Falcon Heavy mission, carrying military satellites

From https://www.spacewar.com/reports/SpaceX_launches_fifth_Falcon_Heavy_mission_carrying_military_satellites_999.html

SpaceX launched its fifth Falcon Heavy rocket mission, USSF-67, on Sunday from Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

The rocket made liftoff at 5:56 p.m. EST, with 5 million pounds of thrust.

The payload included two military satellite systems: the Continuous Broadcast Augmenting SATCOM and Long Duration Propulsive ESPA.

The first system is a geostationary relay satellite which enhances communication abilities to support U.S. security leaders. The second provides data to the U.S. Space Force and carries and directs smaller payloads for the program.

The payloads also include prototype systems used for secure space-to-ground communication.

Sunday's Falcon Heavy launch was the second in the last three months following a three-year gap between the third and fourth missions.

"This is a complex mission and truly represents what Assured Access to Space is about and is why we're so enthusiastic about this upcoming launch...our second Falcon Heavy in just months," Maj. Gen. Stephen Purdy, program executive officer for Assured Access to Space, said according to SatNews.

On Nov. 1, a rocket was launched for the USSF-44 mission, deploying two spacecrafts into orbit: the TETRA 1 microsatellite developed by Boeing subsidiary Millennium Space Systems for the U.S. military.

Four more Falcon Heavy launches are planned for this year.

YouTube prepares for FAST launch, says WSJ report

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/16/youtube-prepares-for-fast-launch-says-wsj-report/

The booming FAST channel market may be about to get a lot more competitive, following news that Google-owned YouTube is testing a new service built around free ad-supported TV channels. According to a story first broken by The Wall Street Journal, the new service would take the form of a hub – similar in concept to existing FAST platforms like Pluto TV or smart TV services such as Samsung TV Plus.

The WSJ quotes an unnamed source as saying that the new FAST hub could roll out more widely this year. YouTube is reportedly testing with Lionsgate and A&E.

YouTube’s expansion into FAST would come as no surprise given that the market is accelerating so rapidly in terms of number of channels, range of platforms and international expansion. With smart TV penetration increasing and advertisers getting on board in ever greater numbers, a lot more growth is anticipated. However increased growth is being met with intensifying competition, as subscription streamers like Netflix and Disney+ also start chasing ad dollars via their new hybrid platforms.

YouTube has been busy looking for ways to leverage its brand name in other potential revenue-generating areas. In recent weeks, it made its biggest move yet into sports rights, suggesting that it still has ambitions in subscription-based streaming. In February, it will also launch a new ad monetisation model for YouTube Shorts.

Samsung TV Plus adds to offering

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/16/samsung-tv-plus-adds-to-offering/

FAST offering Samsung TV Plus has added a channel based on game show The Biggest Loser and a raft of other content to its preogramming line-up.

The Biggest Loser channel will be available in the US via the Samsung TV Plus app on 2016-2022 Samsung TVs, the mobile app and the web. The Biggest Loser sees overweight contestants transform mentally and physically, competing to lose weight and win a cash prize.

Samsung has also added a raft of new content to its existing channel line-up, including The Walking Dead Season 7, Dick Wolf’s FBI on the ION, a curated selection of movies, series and specials from the Hallmark vault including Hallmark Hall of Fame films such as Blind Spot, Decoration Day, Foxfire, Grace and Glorie,

The Love Letter and The Piano Lesson.

Samsung-owned The Movie Hub adds Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys and Letters to Juliet, while its All Action channel adds The Cold Light of Day, Debug and The Infiltrator.

Featured/Seasonal Content

The new year brings new resolutions and goals for the months ahead. Be sure to check out the following featured content on Samsung TV Plus for added inspiration and entertainment:

Other content on the platform includes January featured channels Bon Appétit – Smart Snacking, Hungry, Gusto – Soup-er Sunday Stunt and kids offering Moonbug.


Sunday, no update


Saturday, no update



The Thai Global Network channel has closed.

Optus D2 12608 H

3 ABN Australia Radio
3 ABN Radio Network
3 ABN International

have left

From my Email


From the Dish

Intelsat 19 166.0E 12606 H "Thai TV Global Network" has left .

Optus D2 152.0E 12519 V "Thai TV Global Network" has left .

Express AT2 140.0E Indiya has moved from 12245 R to 12303 L, Viaccess.

LaoSat 1 128.5E 10790 V "Thai TV Global Network" has left .

SES 9 108.2E 11861 H "Fatwa TV and Jogja Istimewa TV" have started on , Fta.
SES 9 108.2E 11861 V "FTV" is back on , Fta.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3766 H "Surau TV" has left .

Measat 3a 91.4E 3880 H "Tech Storm" has left.
Measat 3a 91.4E 4120 H "Stingray CMusic" has started on , Viaccess.

Express 80 80.0E 11544 V "TV 1000 Russkoe Kino, TV 1000 Action, TV 1000 East, Viasat Explore Russia, Viasat History, Viasat Nature East and Viasat Sport East" are encrypted again.

Thaicom 6 78.5E 3760 H "Thai TV 5 HD" has left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 3880 H "SBT TV" has left .
Thaicom 6 78.5E 4080 H "Thai TV Global Network" has left .

Express AT1 56.0E Indiya has moved from 12054 R to 12437 R, Viaccess.

Yamal 402 54.9E 11105 H "IRINN, Quran TV, IFilm Persian, Nasim, Jam Jam Global Network 1-3, Sahar Balkan, Sahar Azeri, Sahar Urdu, Sahar Kurdi, Alkawthar TV, Press TV, Hispan TV, IFilm English and Alalam News Channel" have left

Express AM6 53.0E 12638 H "Perviy kanal, Rossiya 1 Krim, Match!, NTV, 5 Kanal, Rossiya K, Rossiya 24 Krim and Karusel" have left .
Express AM6 53.0E Kurdsat has moved from 12536 V to 12667 V, Fta.
Express AM6 53.0E Kurdsat News has moved from 12541 V to 12675 V, Fta.

From playtv

泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12343 V 30000一组RS Mall2替换Topline TV频道,同组Cool Channel、TVMarket等频道消失。(2023-01-13)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12604 V 30000一组Show4、IMovies等频道消失。(2023-01-13)
亚洲5号(100.5°E)卫星,4000 H 30000一组新增塞尔维亚国际电视1台,开锁播出。(2023-01-13)


Australia’s largest ever satellite constellation now active

From https://asiapacificdefencereporter.com/australias-largest-ever-satellite-constellation-now-active/

ECA NovSkykraft’s Block II satellites successfully reached low Earth orbit after their 3 January launch by SpaceX from Cape Canaveral. The satellites were launched as a single payload, with four mission satellites carried by an orbital transfer vehicle. Following successful initial testing of the single payload by Skykraft, the four mission satellites were separated from the orbital transfer vehicle to become five single satellites.

Over the past seven days, Skykraft has performed critical operations including testing communication through its UHF command channel to communicate regularly with all satellites, ensuring a functioning power system with batteries being recharged by the solar panels, and operations of the mission computer.

“All onboard systems tested on the five satellites are performing in line with expectations, including the mission computer which is operating flawlessly,” said Dr Michael Frater, CEO of Skykraft. “Skykraft is now actively operating the five satellites, which form the largest ever constellation of Australian built spacecraft, and will be carrying out proof of concept activities for our Air Traffic Management services.”

Skykraft’s global Air Traffic Management (ATM) service is set to be commercialised over the next 2 years, and will address gaps in surveillance and communications for aircraft travelling over remote and oceanic areas.

“This first launch is just the start. Over the next two years, Skykraft is building and launching a satellite constellation that will accurately track and monitor aircraft movements globally, allowing aircraft to follow more efficient flight routes,” Frater added.

This proof of concept activities will see Skykraft testing the capability of our Air Traffic Management services and analysing data over the next three months, with further launches scheduled for mid-2023 and early-2024. Skykraft’s design, manufacture and operation of satellites have now been proven in space.

Adeia, Fetch TV renew IP licence agreement

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/12/adeia-fetch-tv-renew-ip-licence-agreement/

Entertainment technologist Adeia has confirmed that Australian content aggregation platform Fetch TV has renewed a multi-year agreement to license Adeia’s media intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

“As consumer demand for content aggregation services in Australia grows, market leaders like Fetch are integrating the latest innovations to ensure that viewers have seamless access to a growing selection of high-quality entertainment experiences,” commented Dr Mark Kokes, Adeia’s chief licensing officer and general manager of media. This patent license extension with Fetch further confirms the value and longevity of Adeia’s intellectual property portfolios, including in Australia’s vibrant home entertainment market.”

“Fetch has been delivering exceptional solutions, providing Australian audiences with rich content and experiences over an entertainment platform that makes it intuitive for subscribers to enjoy the programmes they desire,” he added.

According to Adeia, the IP included in its media patent portfolio assists entertainment platforms in delivering customers a simpler and more personalised media experience.

China launches new Apstar 6E telecommunication satellite

From https://english.news.cn/20230113/1238538b8d2e40b2915b88cf4b2a33ff/c.html

A Long March-2C carrier rocket carrying the APSTAR-6E telecommunication satellite blasts off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Jan. 13, 2023. The satellite was launched at 2:10 a.m. (Beijing Time) and entered its planned orbit successfully. (Photo by Liu Guanghui/Xinhua)

XICHANG, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- China successfully sent a new satellite into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Friday.

The APSTAR-6E telecommunication satellite was launched by a Long March-2C carrier rocket at 2:10 a.m. (Beijing Time) and entered its planned orbit successfully.

The satellite is mainly used to provide high-throughput communication services for Southeast Asia region.

The launch was the 460th flight mission of the Long March carrier rocket series.

A Long March-2C carrier rocket carrying the APSTAR-6E telecommunication satellite blasts off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Jan. 13, 2023.

The satellite was launched at 2:10 a.m. (Beijing Time) and entered its planned orbit successfully. (Photo by Liu Guanghui/Xinhua)

A Long March-2C carrier rocket carrying the APSTAR-6E telecommunication satellite blasts off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Jan. 13, 2023.

The satellite was launched at 2:10 a.m. (Beijing Time) and entered its planned orbit successfully. (Photo by Liu Guanghui/Xinhua)

A Long March-2C carrier rocket carrying the APSTAR-6E telecommunication satellite blasts off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Jan. 13, 2023.

The satellite was launched at 2:10 a.m. (Beijing Time) and entered its planned orbit successfully.

Satellite auction set to raise B700m for NBTC

From https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2479619/satellite-auction-set-to-raise-b700m-for-nbtcr

Winning bids of at least 700 million baht are expected from the auction of satellite orbital slots this Sunday, says the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

The telecom regulator yesterday approved the participation of three companies in the auction following qualification checks.

The trio comprise Space Tech Innovation, a subsidiary of SET-listed satellite service provider Thaicom; telecom state enterprise National Telecom (NT); and Prompt Technical Services.

The auction offers five slot packages, covering 50.5° East and 51° E with a starting price of 374 million baht (first package); 78.5° E with a starting price of 360 million baht (second package); 119.5° E and 120° E with a starting price of 397 million baht (third package); 126° E with a starting price of 8 million baht (fourth package); and 142° E with a starting price of 189 million baht (fifth package).

A mock auction is scheduled for the day before the actual auction.

An industry source who requested anonymity believes Space Tech Innovation wants to grab the 119.5° E slot to serve its broadband business, while NT is aiming for the 78.5° E slot for tasks related to the government's national space economy policy.

AM Thanapant Raicharoen, an NBTC commissioner, said the second, third and fourth packages were expected to interest the bidders.

The 119.5° E slot may be in high demand because it was assigned to cater to broadband satellites, based on a filing with the International Telecommunication Union, he said.

The three companies have passed qualification checks, including nationality status, management experience for satellite or related businesses, financial capability, and the potential to launch a satellite within the next three years, AM Thanapant said.

Space Tech Innovation is affiliated with satellite service provider Thaicom, while NT was founded through the merger of state enterprises TOT and CAT Telecom in January 2021.

Prompt Technical Services has engaged in a very-small-aperture terminal business for oil rigs.

AM Thanapant said the regulator expects to gain 700 million baht from the auction bids.

"While the NBTC gains some money from the auction, it wants to support satellite business development through the licensing regime under the country's telecom business master plan," he said.

For the third package, the winning bidder is required to reserve one transponder per broadcast satellite, or 400 megabits per second capacity per broadband satellite, for state use and public services without charge.

The bid conditions state if government agencies want to use more satellite capacity than stipulated in the conditions for the 119.5° E and 120° E slots, they must not bid for this package.

State agencies can negotiate with the winning bidders for such usage.

The source said NT has been assigned to bid for the 78.5° E slot, which will be used to serve the government's national space economy policy.

NT plans to hold talks with the winning bidder of the 119.5° E slot to use it for broadband services, in line with the rule, the source said.

AM Thanapant said the auction will start at 10am on Sunday, with 20 minutes for each auction round.

Bidders are required to increase their bid prices by 5% in each round, he said.

Parliament pushes for spaceport in Thailand

From https://thaiembdc.org/2023/01/11/parliament-pushes-for-spaceport-in-thailand-2/

Thailand’s location near the equator makes it an ideal launch pad for rockets and spacecraft, and so the Kingdom should invest in building a spaceport, according to the Vice Chairman of the Committee on Communications, Telecommunications and Digital Economy and Society in the House of Representatives, which is preparing a feasibility study on the topic.

Vice Chairman Settapong Malisuwan said that the study has already been written and is being finalized before submitting it to the full legislature and government agencies.

The lawmaker mentioned that investing in and building a spaceport would serve to propel Thailand’s development of advanced technology, create a high-tech talented workforce and draw investment and income to the Kingdom.

“To create new innovation for emerging tech occupations will result in valuable income,” Settapong added. “Therefore, we have to develop, support and equip people who have the potential for these roles to make it a success.”

Those people are few in Thailand, but their numbers are growing, thanks to new academic institutions focusing on creating such a workforce.

Thailand is no stranger to space. The Kingdom does own and operate several communications satellites, while university researchers recently built the country’s first satellite, and launched them from other countries.

Settapong insisted that Thailand’s proximity to the equator assists rocket speed on launch, resulting in less fuel consumption. He said that building a spaceport would create job opportunities in aerospace engineering, space manufacturing, petroleum, energy and space tourism.

Free Russian TV viewing for occupied Ukrainian territories

From https://www.broadbandtvnews.com/2023/01/12/free-russian-tv-viewing-for-occupied-ukrainian-territories/

Residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine will shortly be able to receive satellite-delivered Russian TV channels free of charge.

Mediasat reports that on January 15 Russia will begin to install equipment for the viewing of the Russkij Mir (Russian World) satellite TV project.

It adds that the project, which was created last month, is intended for the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, as well as the occupied territories of the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

All equipment and installation will be offered for free and there will be no subscription for the channels.

The latter will include all 20 federal (national) services, regional channels broadcast from the occupied territories and entertainment channels created specifically for the project’s subscribers.

U.S. Space Force considers a second NOAA weather satellite

From https://spacenews.com/space-force-weather-ams/

Ball Aerospace is building the Weather System Follow-on – Microwave satellite for the U.S. Space Force. The satellite includes a passive microwave imaging radiometer from Ball and an energetic charged particle sensor supplied by the government. Credit: Ball Aerospace

DENVER – The U.S. Space Force is holding discussions with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about replacing a geostationary weather satellite over the Indian Ocean.

In 2020, the U.S. Air Force began collecting weather imagery with the former GOES-13, a Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite NOAA launched in 2006 and retired in 2018. That satellite, renamed Electro-Optical Infrared Weather System-Geostationary (EWS-G), provides imagery in support of U.S. Central Command.

“We currently are using where we’re calling EWS-G1, which is covering the Indian Ocean today,” Lt. Col. Joseph L. Maguadog, who direct the Electro-Optical and Infrared Weather System program, said Jan. 9 at the American Meteorological Society annual meeting here. “And we’re in discussions with our NOAA partners about utilizing another GOES satellite to succeed that first capability.”

While those discussions continue, efforts are underway to update other elements of the military weather satellite fleet.

A cubesat built by Orion Space Solutions to gather weather imagery launched Jan. 3 on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare flight. The U.S. Space Force plans to evaluate the cubesat’s performance over the next year as one element of its Electro-optical and infrared Weather Satellite (EWS) program.

“We look at it as more of a high-risk, high-reward prototype that we’re hoping might inform the type of capability we use in the long term,” Maguadog said.

Through the EWS program, the Space Force also is preparing to gather imagery with a small satellite built by General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems equipped with an imaging sensor developed by EO Vista.

“We believe that satellite will provide the necessary user capability as soon as we get it up there,” Maguadog said.

The Space Force plans to launch two Weather System Follow-on-Microwave (WSF-M) satellites built by Ball Aerospace to provide information on ocean surface winds, tropical cyclone intensity and space weather.

The first WSF-M is scheduled for launch in January 2024. The second satellite, ordered in November, is slated to launch in 2028.

Ball has completed construction of the WSF-M spacecraft bus and the satellite’s Microwave Imager (MWI) instrument, the company announced Jan. 10. The next step is space vehicle assembly, integration and testing.

“The nearly simultaneous completion of the spacecraft bus and instrument testing mark a significant milestone for the WSF-M program,” Hope Damphousse, Ball Aerospace vice president for strategic operations, said in a statement. “We are moving forward with spacecraft integration of the MWI sensor, along with a government-furnished Energetic Charged Particle sensor, which will be followed by a suite of space vehicle performance and environmental tests.”

Japan, U.S. extend security treaty into space to protect satellites

From https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/International-relations/Japan-U.S.-extend-security-treaty-into-space-to-protect-satellites

WASHINGTON -- Japan and the U.S. affirmed that Washington will extend its security umbrella to its treaty ally into space, a move that would seek to protect Japanese satellites as China and Russia ramp up military activity in the arena.

The foreign and defense ministers of the two countries issued a joint statement Wednesday saying that Article 5 of their security treaty, obligates the U.S. to defend Japan if it comes under attack, could be applied to space.

"The ministers consider that attacks to, from or within space present a clear challenge to the security of the alliance, and affirmed such attacks, in certain circumstances, could lead to the invocation of Article 5 of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty," the statement said.

Military activity in space is rising. China and Russia have intensified efforts to obstruct the use of space by others, interfering with satellite communications and developing missiles and laser weapons to destroy satellites. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shown how satellite communications are essential for launching missiles and operating drones, as well as locating troop positions on the battlefield.

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi and Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada and U.S. counterparts Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin attended the meeting in Washington -- the first so-called two-plus-two dialogue between the countries since January 2022, when it was held online.

The two allies affirmed cooperation on counterstrike capabilities as Tokyo accelerates efforts to bolster its defenses in response to an increasingly challenging national security environment.

The ministers "resolved to advance bilateral modernization initiatives to build a more capable, integrated, and agile alliance that bolsters deterrence and addresses evolving regional and global security challenges," the sides said in the statement.

The meeting follows updates to Japan's National Security Strategy and two other defense documents in December, as well as new U.S. security and defense strategies published in October. The sides discussed greater cooperation between the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the American military in line with those documents.

"These new strategies make clear Japan's commitment to invest in enhancing its capabilities to take on new roles and foster even closer defense cooperation with the United States and our mutual partners," Blinken said in a news conference held after the meeting. "We applaud Japan's pledge to double defense spending by 2027."

Japan's new security strategy outlined plans to acquire counterstrike capabilities against enemy missile launch sites, which involve adopting an integrated air and missile defense system like that used by the U.S.

The ministers "decided to deepen bilateral cooperation toward the effective employment of Japan's counterstrike capabilities in close coordination with the United States," the joint statement said. The countries affirmed plans for joint operations and information-sharing regarding the targets of such strikes.

Austin mentioned this in the news conference, saying, "We strongly endorsed Japan's decision to acquire a counterstrike capability, and we affirm that close coordination on employing this capability will strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance."

The statement strongly condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and said the ministers "renewed their commitment to oppose any unilateral change to the status quo by force regardless of the location in the world."

With growing tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and North Korea repeatedly firing missiles, Tokyo and Washington showed the will to strengthen defense capabilities in East Asia together.

"The ministers welcomed the release of their respective National Security Strategies and National Defense Strategies, and confirmed unprecedented alignment of their vision, priorities and goals," the statement said.

The four ministers agreed that "China's foreign policy seeks to reshape the international order" and that such behavior is of "serious concern to the alliance and the entire international community, and represents the greatest strategic challenge in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond."

The ministers also condemned Beijing's "dangerous and provocative military activities" around Japan, including China's ballistic missile launches in August 2022.

"Japan and the U.S. will be united in raising objections against China's attempts to change status quo in the East China Sea, including its behavior that seeks to undermine long years of administration by Japan of the Senkaku Islands," Hayashi said at the news conference.

The countries will expand shared infrastructure like bases, ports and airfields to bolster defenses in Japan's southern and western areas, with a potential Taiwan crisis in mind. The U.S. is expected to propose creating a new rapid-response unit for remote island defense as part of the overhauling of the U.S. Marine Corps presence in Okinawa.

Tokyo's updated documents underscore a push for stronger independent defenses that do not rely on Washington. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will explain his country's plans to significantly expand defense spending as well as its ability to endure drawn-out conflicts in his summit with U.S. President Joe Biden in Washington on Friday.

FAA says $26M will cover costs to prevent 5G interference

From https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/faa-says-26m-will-cover-costs-prevent-5g-interference

The FAA estimates that out of 7,993 airplanes on the U.S. registry only about 180 airplanes will need radio altimeter replacements and about 820 will need radio altimeter filters. (Image by Gerhard from Pixabay )

The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) new directive requiring airplanes in the U.S. to install 5G C-band tolerant radio altimeters or compatible RF filters by February 24, 2024, contained a surprising figure. The FAA estimates that the total price-tag to make these modifications to airplanes is just $26 million.

That’s a small price to pay to put an end to what amounted to a multi-year battle between the U.S. airline industry and wireless operators. The FAA estimates that out of 7,993 airplanes on the U.S. registry only about 180 airplanes will need radio altimeter replacements and about 820 will need radio altimeter filters. This fix is necessary, according to the FAA, to eliminate potential 5G transmissions in the C-band spectrum from interfering with airplane altimeters, which are used during take-off and landing.

FAA to require airplanes to upgrade altimeters by early 2024

As many in the industry noted, this entire debacle over the C-band could have been avoided if there had just been better coordination between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) when it auctioned the C-band spectrum and the FAA.

“Clearly, if the FAA and FCC were working more cordially and put out this estimate much earlier, the issue would have been resolved without fanfare or public hoopla,” said Prakash Sangam, founder and principal at Tantra Analyst. “In my view, the direct and indirect cost of all resources, including from the government, stakeholders, and media spent on the issue, is far higher than the paltry $26 million.”

Sangam added that while not justified, AT&T and Verizon probably would have easily agreed to pay the $26 million to the airlines rather than having to spend time and resources creating exclusion zones around airports.

Sangam is referring to Verizon and AT&T’s agreement to turn off transmitters and make other adjustments to their 5G networks near about 50 airports identified by the FAA last January. The exclusion zones were created to minimize potential 5G interference with aircraft instruments during low-visibility landings.

Another possible solution that would have avoided the back-and-forth bickering between the airlines and the wireless industry is if the FAA had provided the estimated cost earlier and the FCC could have added that cost to the payments the C-band spectrum auction winners paid when they were awarded their licenses.

“The FCC could have added this to the payments that the C-band auction winners had to pay to the FSS incumbents (Intelsat, SES), on top of the $81.2 billion bid in the auction (which all went to the Treasury),” said Michael Calabrese, director of Wireless Future Program at the Open Technology Institute at New America.

Either way, U.S. wireless operators are relieved to have this battle behind them. “The FAA’s schedule for altimeter updates is reasonable and practical. 5G in the C-band coexists safely with air traffic and we look forward to continuing to work together with all stakeholders to meet the FAA’s deadlines,” said CTIA, the wireless association, in a statement.

Likewise, UScellular, which has been involved in discussions with the FAA ahead of its planned C-band deployment, said the following: “We’ve made significant progress with the FAA and feel confident we can deploy our C-band spectrum on time. That’s what’s best for rural America.”

SES to receive £300m satellite financing from EIB

From https://www.broadbandtvnews.com/2023/01/12/ses-to-receive-300m-satellite-financing-from-eib/

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to the financing of three new SES satellites serving Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The seven-year loan is the largest amount ever provided by the EIB to a Luxembourg-based company. It will cover the design, procurement and launch of three previously announced satellites that will deliver advanced broadcast and broadband services spanning Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The satellites will operate from SES’s prime TV neighbourhood of 19.2 degrees East (ASTRA 1P, ASTRA 1Q) and 57 degrees East (SES-26).

EIB Vice-President Kris Peeters said the size of the loan demonstrated the importance of the space sector to the EIB and the European Union. “It is a big step in the successful launch of a new generation of satellites able to deliver advanced broadcast and broadband services for the benefit of both the private and public sectors in Western Europe and beyond.”

Thales Alenia Space will deliver the satellites that will provide video broadcasting as well as network services, delivering high-speed broadband and streaming services across Europe, in line with the EU Gigabit Society targets.

Added Sandeep Jalan, Chief Financial Officer of SES: “These next-generation satellites are also able to support the most ambitious plans for companies and governments across Europe and beyond, enabling them to enter the new era of networked connectivity services.”

The transaction follows the EU and EIB commitment to strengthen their support for European space companies. It is in line with the Gigabit Society targets of the European Commission that all households in Europe shall have access to at least 100 Mbps internet connectivity by 2025.

Sunset+Vine takes on International League T20

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/13/sunsetvine-takes-on-international-league-t20/

Sports producer Sunset+Vine have been appointed as Broadcast Production Partner for the DP World International League T20 (DP World ILT20).

This new tournament, taking place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), will see six of the best cricket teams from the region come together to compete across four weeks of competition.

The tournament will commence with the opening ceremony on January 13th and will comprise of 34 matches played in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, with the final taking place in Dubai on February 12th.

Sunset+Vine will be providing all host broadcast services which will include live coverage of the opening ceremony and all 34 matches, with two production teams being deployed to capture the matches themselves, and also a 30-minute pre-game show and a 30-minute highlights show for each game. Both units will be delivering coverage with a High-Quality Production specification with more than 30 cameras for all games including Spidercam, Drone and Buggy Cameras, Hawk-Eye, Real Time Player Tracking and Augmented Reality Graphics.

Mubashshir Usmani, General Secretary Emirates Cricket, said: “The league is absolutely delighted to have Sunset+Vine on board as the Broadcast Production Partner for the inaugural season of the DP World ILT20. Sunset+Vine has extensive experience in cricket broadcasting as they have worked on multiple World Cups and major competitions with the ICC. We are certain that Sunset+Vine will capture the exciting cricket on-field beautifully.”

Sunset+Vine Chairman, Jeff Foulser, added: “We’re thrilled to be adding the DP World ILT20 to our cricket portfolio. The opportunity to create a strong broadcast identity for this high-quality League and their partners for the first three seasons is one that we relish.”


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Telkom 4 108.0E 3840 H "VTV" has started on , Fta.

Express AM6 53.0E 12594 V "RT Arabic" has started on , Fta.

From playtv

印尼电信4号(108.0°E)卫星,新增VTV HD频道,设置3840 H 3000开锁播出。(2023-01-11)

亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,4000 H 30000一组Baby First TV频道消失。(2023-01-10)

亚洲9号(122.0°E)卫星,12468 V 2400一组中天电视开锁播出。(2023-01-09)


Speedcast wins APAC teleport services contract from Airbus and UK’s MoD

From https://news.satnews.com/2023/01/09/speedcast-wins-apac-teleport-services-contract-from-airbus-and-uks-mod/?mohide=true&mc_cid=3ded026890&mc_eid=e80892f101

Speedcast has been awarded a contract extension by Airbus to provide gateway hosting services offering secure access to the Airbus SKYNET military satellite system from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Airbus is the trusted partner for the UK’s secure military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) program.

In 2016, Speedcast built two 11m antenna systems at one of the company’s leading teleport facilities in Australia and has successfully provided secure hosting and maintenance services since that time. This contract award extends this successful partnership.

In 2019, Airbus celebrated a remarkable 50 years of providing global secure military satellite communications to the UK Ministry of Defence, marked by the 50 year anniversary of the first SKYNET satellite.

“Australia is an ideal geographical location to access the SKYNET fleet from the Asia-Pacific region, and Speedcast’s facility serving this project is rated Tier 4 by the World Teleport Association, so it’s one of the best in the Eastern hemisphere,” said James Trevelyan, Senior Vice President of Enterprise and Emerging Markets at Speedcast. “Australia is also a Five Eyes intelligence alliance partner.”

UK satellite launch fails to reach orbit after 'anomaly'

From https://www.1news.co.nz/2023/01/10/uk-satellite-launch-fails-to-reach-orbit-after-anomaly/

A mission to launch the first satellites into orbit from Western Europe suffered an "anomaly" today, Virgin Orbit said.

The US-based company attempted its first international launch on Monday (local time), using a modified jumbo jet to carry one of its rockets from Cornwall in southwestern England to the Atlantic Ocean, where the rocket was released. The rocket was supposed to take nine small satellites for mixed civil and defence use into orbit.

But about two hours after the plane took off, the company reported that the mission encountered a problem.

"We appear to have an anomaly that has prevented us from reaching orbit. We are evaluating the information," Virgin Orbit said on Twitter.

Virgin Orbit, which is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, was founded by British billionaire Richard Branson. It has previously completed four similar launches from California.

Hundreds gathered for the launch cheered earlier as a repurposed Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 aircraft, named "Cosmic Girl," took off from Cornwall late Monday. Around an hour into the flight, the plane released the rocket at around 10,000 metres over the Atlantic Ocean to the south of Ireland.

The plane, piloted by a Royal Air Force pilot, returned to Cornwall after releasing the rocket.

Some of the satellites are meant for UK defence monitoring, while others are for businesses such as those working in navigational technology. One Welsh company is looking to manufacture materials such as electronic components in space.

UK officials had high hopes for the mission. Ian Annett, deputy chief executive at the UK Space Agency, said it marked a "new era" for his country's space industry. There was strong market demand for small satellite launches, Annett said, and the UK has ambitions to be "the hub of European launches".

In the past, satellites produced in the UK had to be sent to spaceports in other countries to make their journey into space.

The mission was a collaboration between the UK Space Agency, the Royal Air Force, Virgin Orbit and Cornwall Council.

The launch was originally planned for late last year, but it was postponed because of technical and regulatory issues.

Major loss for Virgin Orbit

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/10/major-loss-for-virgin-orbit/

Virgin Orbit failed on its debut British launch mission. Its heavily modified ‘Cosmic Girl’ 747 aircraft took off on time in the evening of January 9th from Spaceport Cornwall, complete with its LauncherOne rocket strapped under its port wing. But the rocket failed to work as designed.

The LauncherOne’s second stage suffered a technical “anomaly” and full details of the problem are still sketchy, but the bottom line is that the rocket’s nine satellites were lost. The satellites were insured.

Sources at Virgin Orbit suggest that LauncherOne’s second stage did not generate sufficient thrust to achieve its target height, speed or trajectory for orbit and the mission aborted.

The mission required the aircraft to fly to 35,000 (10,000 metres) and to a designated drop zone for the LauncherOne rocket off the south-west of Ireland. The rocket’s first stage seemingly performed correctly on its route half-way around the planet where its initial three-minute ‘burn’ help it reach its nominal height and speed (some 20,000 mph) with telemetry indicating that all was well.

Matt Archer, the UK space agency launch programme director, told journalists in Cornwall that he was disappointed but proud of what the mission achieved. “The second stage engine had a technical anomaly and didn’t reach the required orbit,” he said. He didn’t supply any further explanation for the failure.

“We’ll dust ourselves off and we’ll go again. This is what space is about – it is hard,” he added.

The problem is not the first challenge for Virgin Orbit. It lost its first test flight (with a problem with the rocket’s first stage) although four subsequent tests went well, with Virgin Orbit reporting that it had successfully orbited 33 satellites overall for clients.

OneWeb confirms SpaceX launch success

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/10/oneweb-confirms-spacex-launch-success/

SpaceX wrapped another flawless launch of a Falcon 9 rocket, but with rival OneWeb as the paying customer. The rocket carried 40 OneWeb craft (Launch 16) to their transfer orbits on January 9th.

This extra 40 means that OneWeb now has 542 satellites either in orbit or en route to their designated positions, and within striking distance of their core 600 craft orbital target. OneWeb will launch a total of 648 satellites in this first phase generation deployment in order to cope with orbital redundancies. It has two further launches planned to reach that 600 target.

Neil Masterson, CEO at OneWeb, commented: “Today’s launch is a thrilling way to start 2023 and at OneWeb, this launch brings us even closer to completing our constellation and launching connectivity services around the world. OneWeb believes that connection everywhere changes everything and each of these launches provides us with more capacity to help our partners connect communities, businesses, and governments around the world. I want to thank SpaceX for their continued support, which has now brought about two successful launches. Every launch is a team effort, and we are grateful to everyone who makes these incredible moments possible.”

OneWeb is in the process of being merged with Eutelsat.

However, the loss will create anxiety for its Nasdaq-listed Virgin Orbit Holdings Inc’s investors. The company floated in December 2021 with values of $10 (€9.31) per share. Last week, that price had drifted downwards to just $1.67. The past few days had seen its share price recover to around $2. That recovery is likely to suffer when the market opens on January 10th.

The setback will mean a hold on planned further launches while an investigation and remedial work takes place from its Long Beach HQ and Mojave Desert facility. Virgin Orbit had hoped to achieve up to 12 launches per year from a variety of launch sites. It has agreements in place for launch sites in Australia, Luxembourg and South Korea as well as Cornwall and contracts in place for $143 million.

In a statement released January 10th, Virgin Orbit said: “Though the mission did not achieve its final orbit, by reaching space and achieving numerous significant first-time achievements, it represents an important step forward. The effort behind the flight brought together new partnerships and integrated collaboration from a wide range of partners, including the UK Space Agency, the Royal Air Force, the Civil Aviation Authority, the US Federal Aviation Administration, the National Reconnaissance Office, and more, and demonstrated that space launch is achievable from UK soil.”

Trio passes satellite orbital slot bid checks

From https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2478784/trio-passes-satellite-orbital-slot-bid-checks

NBTC set to confirm participation today

The three companies that submitted envelopes to join the satellite orbital slot auction slated for Jan 15 have preliminarily passed qualification checks by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) with their names set to be officially approved by the telecom regulator on Tuesday, according to a source at the agency's board.

The trio comprise Space Tech Innovation, a subsidiary of SET-listed satellite service provider Thaicom; Prompt Technical Services, an electrical installation service provider registered in 2000; and telecom state enterprise National Telecom (NT).

The NBTC board is set to approve the participation of the three companies in the auction at its meeting on Tuesday, said the source, who requested anonymity.

The source said the board previously scheduled to approve the participation of the three firms in the auction on Monday, but the details of such a resolution had not yet been completed in time.

Some sentences of the resolution required adjustment to avoid legal problems so it would be voted for approval unanimously, the source said.

The auction has been criticised by some groups of leading to the monopoly in the telecom industry. The key opponents include Warong Dechgitvigrom, leader of The Thai Pakdee (Loyal Thai) party.

The opponents converged in front of the NBTC office on Friday to oppose the auction, saying the satellite orbital slots should be direclty handled by NT, which is a state enterprise.

The NBTC management will report the opposition element to the board for acknowledgement, the source said.

The source added the NBTC office has sent an explanation letter to the Thai Pakdee party that the regulator conducts the auction in line with the telecom business management master plan and frequency management plan.

The auction offers five slot packages, covering 50.5° East and 51° E with a starting price of 374 million baht; 78.5° E with a starting price of 360 million; 119.5° E and 120° E with a starting price of 397 million; 126° E with a starting price of 8 million; and 142° E with a starting price of 189 million.

A mock auction will be held on one day ahead of the auction date.

Analyst: “What to do wth 30,000 satellites?”

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/10/analyst-what-to-do-wth-30000-satellites/

In December 2022, the FCC granted a partial approval for a SpaceX application for a massive expansion to its mega-constellation. The FCC said that the Elon Musk Starlink broadband business could go ahead with launching 7,500 ‘Generation 2’ satellites, but has declined to approve an application for a further 30,000 satellites.

A report from Quilty Analytics snappily sums up the FCC’s extreme dilemma, saying: “The FCC’s decision to approve exactly 25 per cent of SpaceX’s Starlink constellation filing wasn’t a totally arbitrary decision. Or was it? It appears the FCC is buying more time (than the 2+ years it’s taken so far) to figure out what the heck to do with a 30,000-satellite constellation.”

Quilty doesn’t provide an immediate answer, but perhaps the clues are in the FCC’s formal response to SpaceX. One of the key observations from the FCC concerns Debris Mitigation and satellite manoeuvrability, satellite failures and orbit raising and deorbiting.

Each of these segments are creating headaches for the FCC and creating considerable ammunition for SpaceX’s rivals and detractors.

The facts are straightforward enough when dealing with single satellites and there’s plenty of tangible experience when – for example – there’s a problem with a geostationary craft that’s reached its end-of-life. But extrapolating these well-rehearsed experiences to the potential problems from a major Musk-style LEO constellation is a very serious headache for regulators.

One concern is the spacers or stiffening rods which hold the satellites together when launched and which are released upon deployment of the cargo. Currently SpaceX uses four of these aluminium rods for each launch. They are 1.5 inches in diameter and six metres in length. They can take up to 36 days to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and burn up. The prospect of launching an extra 35,000-40,000 satellites held together with these rods seemed to worry the FCC until SpaceX stated they would not use them for Generation 2 craft.

The FCC said: “Although it is unclear at this point how many launches will utilise these deployment mechanisms, given the short orbital lifetime and full demise of this operational debris, and in light of longer-term plans for deployment using a different method, we take no further action at this time concerning spacers and tension rods. As plans for deployment of the Gen2 Starlink system are refined, including through modifications and further actions to address additional frequency bands, we retain discretion to address this matter further if necessary.”

Viasat, for example, also complained to the FCC about potentially “lethal non-trackable [satellite] debris” and an estimated one million pieces of debris ranging in size from 1cm to 10cm.

The FCC said “Given the conditions concerning ongoing monitoring, we conclude that even if SpaceX has not sufficiently mitigated this risk, unacceptably high disposal failure rates will be identified and addressed.”

One can only hope the FCC is correct, and that it is addressing the challenges coming from SpaceX’s when it returns to the question of its 30,000 satellites.


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Monday night feed
Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 6" BBL Cricket

Sunday night feed
Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 3" BBL Cricket

Friday night feed

Optus D2 12701 H Sr 15000

From a football ground for Paramount

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LaoSat 1 128.5E 3406 V "Himalaya TV" has started on , Fta.
LaoSat 1 128.5E 3490 V "Himalaya TV and Himalaya TV Premium" have left.
LaoSat 1 128.5E 3651 V "Tehelka TV" has started on , Fta.

Koreasat 7 116.0E 12719 H "Egg Network" has left .

Telkom 4 108.0E 3720 H "TVRI Papua" has started Fta.
Telkom 4 108.0E 3773 V "Quran TV" has left .
Telkom 4 108.0E 3967 H "TVRI Papua" has left .

Express 103 96.5E 4037 R T2-MI "Perviy kanal, Rossiya 1 Krim, Match!, NTV, 5 Kanal, Rossiya K, Rossiya 24 Krim and Karusel" have started on , Fta.
Express 103 96.5E 4055 R T2-MI "Telekanal Zvezda, Mir, TNT, Tavria, Za! TV, Soloview Live, Telekanal Union, Krim 24 and Lugansk 24" have started on , Fta.
Express 103 96.5E 4074 R "T2-MI "OTR, TV Centr, REN TV, Telekanal Spas, STS, Domashniy, TV 3, Pyatnitsa! and Muz TV have started on , Fta.

G-Sat 17 93.5E 4174 H "AMV Network" has started on, Fta.

Apstar 7 76.5E 11052 V "Egg Network" has left .
Apstar 7 76.5E 4000 H "BabyFirst TV" has left .

Apstar 7 76.5E 11105 V "Global Trekker has replaced Smithsonian Channel Asia" on , encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 3723 V "Mahaa News" is back on , Fta. Bharat Today has left.
Intelsat 20 68.5 4184 V "Q Marathi" has left .

Intelsat 17 66.0E 3876 H "Tollywood" has started on , Fta.

Intelsat 39 62.0E 10972 V "Alkawthar TV, Sahar Kurdi, IFilm Arabic, Alalam News Channel and Alalam News Channel Syria" have started on, Fta.
Intelsat 39 62.0E 10979 V "Jam Jam Global Network 1, Sahar Balkan, Press TV and IFilm English" have started on , Fta.

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泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,4031 H 15000一组TVB Thai替换Chomyut Channel,开锁播出。(2023-01-07)

泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12728 V 30000一组PB Channel锁码播出。(2023-01-06)

亚洲9号(122.0°E)卫星,3970 V 15650一组东风卫视消失。(2023-01-05)


China's commercial rocket CERES-1 Y5 launches 5 satellites

From https://english.news.cn/20230109/35d82be4f3104bc483430349c1005731/c.html

A CERES-1 Y5 carrier rocket is launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China, Jan. 9, 2023. The commercial rocket blasted off at 1:04 p.m. (Beijing Time) from the launch site, sending five satellites into the planned orbit. (Photo by Wang Jiangbo/Xinhua)

JIUQUAN, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- China on Monday launched the CERES-1 Y5 carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

The commercial rocket blasted off at 1:04 p.m. (Beijing Time) from the launch site, sending five satellites into the planned orbit.

The five satellites include the Tianqi-13 satellite belonging to the Tianqi constellation, two satellites belonging to the Tianmu-1 meteorological constellation, and the other two for Earth observation and space science popularization, respectively.

Developed by the Beijing-based high-tech company Galactic Energy, the CERES-1 is a small-scale solid-propellant carrier rocket capable of sending micro-satellites into orbit.

The launch was the fifth flight mission of the CERES-1 rocket series.

U.S. satellite reentering atmosphere no longer a threat to Korea

From https://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/2023/01/09/business/tech/Korea-satellite-NASA/20230109155320337.html

A U.S. satellite reentering the atmosphere is no longer a threat, the Science Ministry said Monday.
On Monday morning, the Ministry of Science and ICT warned that NASA’s retired Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) was to reenter Earth’s atmosphere at around 12:20 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. in the regions around the Korean Peninsula.
Most of the satellite was expected to burn up at high altitudes.
On Monday afternoon, the ministry said that the satellite had passed over the Peninsula, without specifying whether that meant it had burned up over Korea or had come down elsewhere.
No damage has been reported.
Further details on the 5,400-pound spacecraft’s travel down to the Earth will be updated by the U.S. Combined Space Operation Center.
The ERBS was launched on Oct. 5, 1984 from the Space Shuttle Challenger and completed its mission in 2005.

Rewind Networks’ HITS NOW on Singtel

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/05/rewind-networks-hits-now-on-singtel/

Rewind Networks has announced HITS NOW, Asia’s one-stop curated destination, offering a diverse range of US shows, including reality and talent shows, dramas, comedies, game shows and entertainment news. Starting February 6th, HITS NOW will debut in Asia with Singtel in Singapore, and will be available on Singtel TV, Singtel TV GO and CAST.

HITS NOW joins Rewind Networks’ HITS and HITS MOVIES channels, which are already available in 14 countries and to more than 24 million households.

The HITS NOW lineup will feature titles including American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, Project Runway, Fire Country, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, Celebrity Family Feud, The Goldbergs, Entertainment Tonight and many more. HITS NOW will launch with live coverage of The 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

“We are excited to launch HITS NOW on Singtel, bringing the most popular and current US television shows to our subscribers. The channel fulfills a significant need gap in the entertainment space that won’t be available elsewhere,” said Avi Himatsinghani, CEO of Rewind Networks. “With our proven track record of entertaining audiences with curated content through our beloved channels HITS and HITS MOVIES, which have brought classic TV and movies to viewers, we believe it’s time to shift gears and bring these amazing shows to our audience in Asia. We are confident that HITS NOW will provide unparalleled entertainment and keep viewers glued to our channel.”

IndiaCast partners with Amagi to launch FAST channel

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/06/indiacast-partners-with-amagi-to-launch-fast-channel/

Amagi, a global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV, has announced that IndiaCast Media Distribution Pvt. Ltd., the multi-platform content asset monetisation entity jointly owned by TV18 and Viacom18, has partnered with it to launch Desi Play TV, a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel in HD on Sling in the US and Plex across the US, Canada, and Middle East regions. This is the first FAST channel from the network and will showcase some of the most popular, hand-picked Hindi shows with English subtitles from the Viacom18 content library.

The channel features iconic shows like Uttaran, Na Aana Is Des Laado, Dev, Tu Aashiqui, Kitchen Champion and Mahakaali along with a local US based food show Dine With Colors. Desi Play TV connects with the shared tastes of South Asian viewers, their values & culture with a variety of shows across genres like Drama, Cookery, Comedy, Lifestyle, Crime and Mythology. Aptly named as Desi Play TV, the channel aims to reach out to the desi audience worldwide, who can play premium quality content anytime, for free.

Baskar Subramanian, Co-founder and CEO of Amagi, said, “At Amagi, we cherish every opportunity we can get to bring great content closer to its intended audience. Our partnership with IndiaCast in launching their first Free Ad-supported Streaming TV channel has been a gratifying experience for us. Gaining access to IndiaCast’s rich content library on FAST will bring great cheer to the Indian diaspora in the USA.”

Commenting on the launch, Govind Shahi, Executive VP & Head, IndiaCast International Business, said: “It’s a huge step for us to launch the network’s first FAST channel at a time of significant growth in this space, with viewers willing to experiment and adopt newer and convenient options of content consumption. We are extremely delighted to partner with Amagi for this launch. With more platform launches scheduled in the coming months, combined with our rich library of content on the channel, we are sure that Desi Play TV will be widely accepted by our South Asian viewers.”

Sachin Gokhale, Senior VP & Business Head – Americas, UK, Europe & FAST, IndiaCast International Business, added: “With Desi Play TV, our South Asian viewers now get free access to their most-loved premium Hindi shows from the Viacom18 library on their favourite digital streaming platforms whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they want to watch them on and that too at no cost. We will continue to invest in and develop this novel product – programming the best of content, having more partnerships to make it more and more accessible to consumers and supporting the offering with relevant and targeted interest-based advertising campaigns.”

Launched as a new channel brand under the network, Desi Play TV is aptly positioned as #PricelessEntertainment attributing to the best of content available to watch for free on the channel. By partnering with Amagi, Desi Play TV will gain the full advantage of Amagi’s best-in-class cloud technology services that include the broadcast-grade channel playout solution, Amagi CLOUDPORT, and the advanced dynamic server-side ad insertion solution, Amagi THUNDERSTORM. As the leading technology provider in the global FAST ecosystem, Amagi will also be able to generate high visibility for Desi Play TV.

VIDAA OS on Hisense smart TVs

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/06/vidaa-os-on-hisense-smart-tvs/

VIDAA, the smart TV operating system, has launched its new OS focused on the US market on Hisense smart TVs, following a large-scale deployment in Latin America.

Less than three years old, VIDAA now streams an average of one billion hours of content per month in 180 countries and territories. Additionally, the OS supports AirPlay 2 among its set of features such as VIDAA voice (plus Google Voice and Alexa), VIDAA tv, a FAST service, and its mobile companion VIDAA remote. Its growth strategy started in Europe and then to the Middle East, Australia and APAC, and, most recently, in Latin America. 150 OEM brands have selected VIDAA OS to power its Smart TVs. With the move into the US, VIDAA completes the global distribution of VIDAA in all major markets.

“Our relationship with Hisense is wholly unique in the CTV space, where each party takes advantage of the other’s strengths for mutual gain,” says Guy Edri, President, VIDAA. “Hisense gets a proprietary OS and content platform that performs as good or better than any other, and VIDAA benefits from being an organic component of one of the world’s largest and fastest growing TV brands.”

(Craig's comment, I have made a free vidaa.m3u streams playlist. It can be linked or downloaded on our streams page.)

Roku hits 70 million active account globally, streaming hours also up

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/06/roku-hits-70-million-active-account-globally-streaming-hours-also-up/

Having just announced it is to make its own smart TVs, streaming platform Roku has revealed that it now has 70 million active accounts globally. This figure represents a 4.6 million increase on the figure cited during its Q3 2022 financial results in November. Roku also released some details on its streaming hours, which hit 87.4 billion in 2022. This figure translates into a 19% year over year increase.

The boost in users is a welcome development for the company which is currently contending with a tough ad market.

Roku said that the number of active accounts and streaming hours is based on preliminary estimated data. The company will report final operating metrics and financial results for the fourth quarter and the full year of 2022 in February.

Roku Founder and CEO Anthony Wood said: “As consumers continue the shift to TV streaming, we’re excited that a growing number of people are taking the journey with Roku, and we’re proud to reach this meaningful milestone today. Roku is laser-focused on delivering affordable, easy-to-use products and an operating system that makes streaming accessible to all. We look forward to continuing to bring innovative and delightful experiences to more and more viewers this year”

Also this week, Roku used tech event CES 2023 to unveil plans for its own range of smart TV sets. From spring of this year, it will launch its Roku Select and Roku Plus Series TVs – both 4K products to be built in-house.

Roku said the move underlined its commitment to delivering a best-in-class streaming experience at an accessible price. Roku Select and Plus Series TVs will be available in the U.S. in spring 2023.


Sunday, no update


Saturday, no update


Back with a catchup update

I havn't posted some feeds that have happened in the past week as that info is stale already. Mostly the usual KU seen over the week, BBL matches most days on Optus D1 and D2 plus the odd new years events and Horse racing feeds. The remote Cband dish is still out of action.

There is a few Feeds seen of Press TV over the past few days
Intelsat 19 166E 3876 H 3750 "ATL HDENC 15"

From my Email


From the Dish

Express AM5 140.0E 11665 V "Indiya has replaced Zee TV Russia" on, encrypted.

Express AT2 140.0E 12245 R "Indiya has replaced Zee TV Russia" on , Viaccess.

Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 12598 H "TV Kino Teatr has started on, Fta. M Kino and Mir" have left.

Vinasat 1 132.0E 10968 H "FashionTV Asia has replaced Discovery Asia" on, Irdeto.
Vinasat 1 132.0E 11549 HMTV Vietnam, Cinemax Asia and Yeah 1 TV have left.
Vinasat 1 132.0E 11589 H "Cinemax Asia" has started on , Nagravision.
Vinasat 1 132.0E 11629 H "Yeah 1 TV" has started on , Nagravision.
Vinasat 1 132.0E 11629 H "Paramount Network Asia, Mezzo Live HD Asie, Baby TV Asia and HTV 2" have left .
Vinasat 1 132.0E 11669 H "HTV 2 has replaced National Geographic Asia" on , Nagravision.

LaoSat 1 128.5E 3427 V "TV Filmy" has left .
LaoSat 1 128.5E 3651 V "TV Filmy and BTV Kadak have started on , clear. ARY Digital Asia, Geo News International, Zee TV India, Star Sports 1 Hindi, Bol News, Hum TV, Quran TV, Emra News, Samaa TV, Har Pal Geo, Ten Sports Pakistan, DNN News HD, Ariana TV National and Gold Sports" have left.

ChinaSat 6D 125.0E 3951 H "Heilongjiang TV" is now encrypted.
ChinaSat 6D 125.0E 4013 H "Sansha TV" is now encrypted.

AsiaSat 9 122.0E 3916 H "TVM has replaced MWD Movies" on, Fta.

AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7 120.0E 3780 H "GTV Electronic Sports" has left.

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 4758 H "Zee TV Asia Pacific" has started on , Conax.
Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 4764 H "Zee Bangla International" is now encrypted.

Koreasat 5A 113.0E 12310 V "CNN Philippines has started on, Conax. Knowledge Channel" has left.
Koreasat 5A 113.0E 12358 V "GCN Korea" has left .

Telkom 4 108.0E 3720 H "TVRI Kalimantan Utara" has started on ,Fta.
Telkom 4 108.0E 3720 H "TVRI Sulawesi Tengah and TVRI Gorontalo" have started on, Fta.
Telkom 4 108.0E 3720 H "TVRI Sumatera Utara, TVRI Jawa Tengah, TVRI Jawa Barat, TVRI Jawa Timur, TVRI Bali, TVRI Papua Barat, TVRI Riau, TVRI Sulawesi Tenggara, TVRI Bangka Belitung, TVRI Sulawesi Barat, TVRI Nusa Tenggara Timur and TVRI Kalimantan Timur" have started on , Fta.
Telkom 4 108.0E 3766 H "TVRI Kalimantan Timur, TVRI Riau, TVRI Jawa Barat, TVRI Jawa Tengah, TVRI Pro 2 Jawa Timur, TVRI Sumatera Utara, TVRI Papua Barat and TVRI Bali" have left .

SES 7 108.2E 11627 H "BeIn Sports 1 Indonesia" has left .
SES 7 108.2E 11656 H "Egg Network" has left .

Measat 3a 91.4E 3715 H Pinoy Box Office, Viva Cinema, Tagalized Movie Channnel and K Movies Pinoy have left .

Measat 3a 91.4E 3880 H "VoA TV Global, VoA TV Asia, BBC Earth Asia, BBC Lifestyle Asia and Da Vinci Asia" have left .
Measat 3a 91.4E 4000 H "Love Nature" has left .
Measat 3a 91.4E 4040 H "BeIn Sports 2 Southeast Asia" has left .
Measat 3a 91.4E 4120 H "Smithsonian Channel Asia" has left .
Measat 3a 91.4E 4162 H "Egg Network" has left .

Yamal 401 90.0E 11480 V "Yamal TV Tazovskiy, Yamal TV Krasnoselkup and Yamal TV Salekhard" have left .

Express 80 80.0E 11481 H "5 Kanal" is Fta.
Express 80 80.0E 11481 H "Indiya has replaced Zee TV Russia" on, encrypted.
Express 80 80.0E 11544 V "TV 1000 Russkoe Kino, TV 1000 Action, TV 1000 East, Viasat Explore Russia, Viasat History, Viasat Nature East and Viasat Sport East" are Fta.

Thaicom 6 78.5E 3711 H "Channel 9" is now encrypted.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 3760 H "TV Market and Kaset Num Thai" have left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 3800 H "World Entertainment TV" has started on , Fta. Hit TV and Top Dee Dee TV have left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 3840 H "MV Mall" has started on , Fta. Aonzon TV and V2H9 have left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 3880 H "Serng TV 63 has replaced In TV" on , BISS. SBT TV and STOU Channel are now Fta.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 3997 H "Thai PBS 3" is now encrypted.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 4008 H "DLTV 7-9" have left .
Thaicom 6 78.5E 4031 H "TVB Thai, Sakala Channel, Thai Variety Channel and MV Mall 2" have started on , Fta. Chomyut Channel, Mirror Channel, Online Media TV 69 and V2H8 have left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 4080 H "DLTV 10-12" have left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 4120 H "My Shopping, Chokdee TV, Doonee TV, Banterng Thai, World Entertainment TV and Chomyut Channel have started on . Maya Movies, Kaset Tongdu and Super Bun-Terng" have left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 4150 H "DLTV 1-6" have left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 4174 H "NBT 11 Northeast, NBT 11 North, NBT 11 South and NBT 11 Central have started on , BISS. NBT TV Chiang Mai, NBT TV Phitsanulok and NBT TV Yala" have left.

Apstar 7 76.5E 3920 H AXN Taiwan, Animax Asia, AXN East Asia, AXN Philippines, Animax Taiwan, Gem and Animax Philippines have left.

ABS 2A 75.0E 11531 V "Indiya has replaced Zee TV Russia" on , Irdeto.
ABS 2A 75.0E 11920 V "Indiya has replaced Zee TV Russia" on , encrypted.

From playtv

泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12728 V 30000一组PB Channel锁码播出。(2023-01-06)

亚洲9号(122.0°E)卫星,3970 V 15650一组东风卫视消失。(2023-01-05)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12343 V 45000一组Shop Channel升级为高清格式,依旧开锁播出。(2023-01-05)
国际17号(66.0°E)卫星,4024 H 14400一组Jeevan TV频道消失,新增Sakhi TV频道开锁播出。(2023-01-05)
国际17号(66.0°E)卫星,3845 V 28800一组Update TV、Update News等频道消失。(2023-01-05)

马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,4120 H 30000一组新增C Music频道,锁码播出。(2023-01-04)

国际38号(45.0°E)卫星,11475 V 32000一组Sony Sports Ten 5、Premier Sports Asia替换RugbyPass TV等频道,依旧锁码播出。(2023-01-03)
(俄)快车AM7(40.0°E)卫星,11630 H 10500一组新增Filmy Bangla、Falguni TV两个频道,开锁播出。(2023-01-03)
马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,4000 H 29700一组Love Nature UHD频道消失。(2023-01-03)
马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,4120 H 30000一组Smithsonian Channel Asia频道消失。(2023-01-03)

马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,PBO Channel、Viva Channel等三个频道消失,设置3715 H 5000无信号。(2023-01-02)
马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,4162 H 25250一组Egg Network频道消失。(2023-01-02)

亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,索尼动作影视娱乐高清频道(AXN HD) 台湾 等全组频道消失,设置3920 H 28340无信号。(2023-01-01)
亚洲5号(100.5°E)卫星,4040 H 29720一组TVRI World频道消失。(2023-01-01)
亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,台湾数码天空12660 V 45000一组狼谷育乐高清频道消失出。(2023-01-01)

老挝1号(128.5°E)卫星,3651 V 12000一组新增Jeejal Muhnji Sindh、BTV Kadak等频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-31)


Seven, Foxtel retain Australian cricket rights

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/03/seven-foxtel-retain-australian-cricket-rights/

Cricket Australia (CA) has extended its broadcast partnership with the Foxtel Group and Seven West Media for a further seven years in what is described as a record media rights deal for Australian cricket.

Under the agreement, the Foxtel Group (including Fox Sports on Foxtel and streaming service, Kayo Sports), Seven and 7plus will broadcast Australian international Men’s and Women’s matches as well as the WBBL and BBL until 2031.

The new broadcast rights deal, which runs from 2024-2031, is worth A$1.512 billion (€850m) to Australian Cricket.

Under the new deal, the BBL will be reduced from its current schedule of 61 matches to 43, allowing for increased player availability, greater proportion of prime-time matches and stronger alignment with school holidays.

The deal is a 10.5 per cent per year cash uplift on the current six-year deal signed in 2018 and represents a 16 per cent uplift on the previous agreement based on comparative volume of content.

On average, the volume of international fixtures per year is consistent with the existing agreement, with improved scheduling for both the men’s and women’s game against India and England.

Seven has withdrawn its legal proceedings against CA relating to recent seasons affected by the pandemic.

The new deal followed a competitive process involving all the major Australian commercial broadcasting networks.

Other key elements of the new broadcast partnership include:
•Every game will be shown live on Fox Cricket through Foxtel and Kayo Sports, including men’s white ball games and 10 exclusive BBL matches.
•The Foxtel Group’s exclusive BBL matches will include a Super Saturday series shown on Fox Cricket through Foxtel and Kayo Sports.
•Seven will broadcast all men’s Tests and women’s international matches, 23 WBBL matches and 33 of the 43 BBL matches (including three BBL Finals).
•All Seven games will also be streamed on 7plus, allowing cricket to increase its reach.
•The term of the deal includes two home five-Test men’s series against India (24-25 and 28-29) and two home five-Test men’s Ashes series (25-26 and 29-30).
•An improved women’s international programme, including home multi-format series against India, England and South Africa in the first three years of the deal.

“We are delighted to be continuing our broadcast partnership with the Foxtel Group and Seven under an improved deal,” declared Nick Hockley, Cricket Australia CEO. “The quality and reach of the Foxtel Group and Seven’s cricket production is first class and the outstanding service they provide cricket fans was a strong consideration in our decision to continue with this successful partnership.”

“The breadth and quality of cricket to be played in Australia over the coming summers is extraordinary and we are looking forward to working with our partners to not only televise the games, but to promote and grow cricket by encouraging more kids to pick up a bat and ball. This is also an important commercial outcome for all of Australian Cricket and one that will ensure we can continue to deliver important community programmes, support volunteers and increase participation to keep cricket strong. We sincerely thank all the broadcasters who participated in the process. The strong levels of interest in cricket again emphasised both the enduring value of cricket and the place it holds in the hearts of Australians,” added Hockley.

“With the cricket rights secured for the next seven years, the Foxtel Group remains the undisputed home of the most popular and premium sports in Australia,” stated Foxtel Group Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Delany. “This extension is great news for our more than 4.6 million subscribers, who will see our world-class talent and production teams at Fox Sports continue bringing the magic like they always have across Foxtel and Kayo Sports.”

Delanu continued: “The Foxtel Group is the home of cricket in Australia, and we’re proud of the role our investments over more than two decades have played in super charging the growth of the sport from the grassroots through to elite levels. Together with 4K on Foxtel and our continued investment in innovation and multi-sport environment on Kayo Sports, we deliver a fan experience like no other and will support the continued growth and promotion of cricket in Australia. This renewed partnership with Cricket Australia complements our other multi-year agreements with the International Cricket Council, the IPL and the cricket boards of various countries including New Zealand, England, South Africa and India to show the best of global competitions and matches to fans right around the country.”

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Cricket Australia until 2030-31,” added James Warburton, Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. “A comprehensive package of digital rights to the cricket for 7plus will ensure that for the first time, our viewers will be able to access cricket, live and free, in a way that suits them. Our combined broadcast and digital rights for both cricket and the AFL means Seven and 7plus will be the home of sport all year round. I’d like to thank Cricket Australia Chief Executive Nick Hockley and the Cricket Australia team for their continued efforts to drive cricket and, in particular, the improvements to the BBL. We look forward to working with Cricket Australia to grow Test cricket, women’s internationals and the BBL and WBBL in the years ahead.”

“This deal is a win for Seven viewers and cricket fans, with the best Test cricket, women’s internationals, BBL and WBBL games guaranteed live and free on Seven and 7plus,” commented Lewis Martin, Managing Director Seven Melbourne and Head of Network Sport. “Our enhanced partnership with Cricket Australia will take Seven’s summer cricket coverage into a new era, reach new audiences across our digital channels, and bring fans all the exciting competition, exceptional entertainment and world-class talent they love.”

Russia slams Eutelsat over channel bans

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/03/russia-slams-eutelsat-over-channel-bans/

Russia says the banning by regulators of broadcasting Russian channels by the likes of Eutelsat is a restriction on the freedom of speech.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, speaking on December 29th, said that the West’s crackdown on Russian media was not only “a flagrant violation” of freedom of speech, but was also “discriminatory in nature.”

In December French media regulator Arcom ordered satellite operator Eutelsat to stop broadcasting Channel One Russia, Rossiya 1, and other NTV channels. Zakharova said the French operator was “under apparent pressure from the authorities.”

Zakharova said the ban was “another testament that the Western ideal democratization model is in fact no more than a tool for achieving foreign policy goals,” adding, “Moscow is outraged by the new steps taken by Paris aimed at introducing more and more broadcasting bans on Russian media, both on its territory and in the EU as a whole.”

Europeans “are being deprived of the right to free access to information,” Zakharova said, and argued that Paris and Brussels might be “afraid that the audience, after seeing a different point of view and picture of the world that does not correspond to that shown by the mainstream of the Western media, will draw their own conclusions.”

SpaceX orbits 54 Starlinks

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/02/spacex-orbits-54-starlinks/

SpaceX successfully launched its latest batch of Starlinks on December 28th, but there’s some confusion as to the precise make-up of the satellites carried into orbit.

Officially, SpaceX talks about the mission being Starlink Group 5-1, and there’s plenty of talk about the satellites being the first flight dedicated to Starlink’s ‘second generation’ versions. The mission called for insertion into a 530 km altitude, and a 43 degree inclination.

But 54 satellites are definitely a “downsized” version of the full Gen-2 specification, and the modifications the reason why 54 craft could be fitted within the Falcon 9’s fairing.

In August 2022 SpaceX formally told the FCC that “SpaceX will use technically identical satellites on both [Starship and Falcon 9] rockets, [but that] the physical structures will be tailored to meet the physical dimensions of the rockets on which they will be launched.”

Elon Musk referred to these modified craft as Starlink V2 “mini” versions.

In early December 2022, SpaceX received its FCC license that approved the deployment of 7,500 new Starlink Gen 2 satellites.

The next planned Starlink launch (dubbed F9-2) is expected to carry a cargo of ‘full-sized’ Vesion-2 which have double the number of solar panels (each 12.8 metres vs 8.1 m) and said to be almost three times as massive (1250 kgs vs 259 kgs) as the current V1 satellites.

Importantly, these new versions are equipped with inter-satellite laser links and improving internet traffic links which can be shared from satellite to satellite around the world, avoiding the need to relay the signals to ground-based internet networks.

The December 28th launch, the 60th in 2022 for SpaceX, was wholly successful and the first stage booster of the Falcon 9 subsequently landed with its usual pinpoint precision on the ‘Shortfall of Gravitas’ floating barge.

That 60th flight for SpaceX was almost double the number achieved in 2021. SpaceX squeezed a 61st flight in on December 30th with an Israeli imaging craft. Elon Musk is talking of managing 100 flights in 2023.

There’s a Falcon 9 launch of a large batch of smaller satellites (the Transporter-6 mission) set for January 3rd and then its next cargo will be for its competitor OneWeb, probably on January 8th. This, officially the OneWeb-16 flight, will take 48 satellites into orbit for rival broadband operator OneWeb.

This flight is the second by SpaceX for OneWeb. On December 9th 2022 it lofted 40 satellites into orbit for OneWeb. The launch will take the overall total of OneWeb satellites launched to 550 out of a core fleet of 600.

SES vs Intelsat rages on


A slew of legal documents were submitted to Intelsat’s Chapter 11 post-bankruptcy reorganisation on December 28th by lawyers for Intelsat.

In essence, the filings represent the Final Report on Intelsat’s post-bankruptcy proceedings and an application to close certain outstanding matters.

One particular argument is over $12 million of expense and cost claims (“Bill of Costs”) made by SES in relation to its litigation – which is still running – over the 50/50 division of the FCC’s C-band incentive payments.

This batch of documents – the core filing runs to 159 pages – are all part of the wrapping up of Intelsat’s post-bankruptcy actions following on from Intelsat’s exiting of bankruptcy back in February 2022.

The US Bankruptcy Court at Richmond, Virginia, issued a formal notification of these final hearings back in October 2022. The motion to disallow the SES clam is set to be heard on January 31st.

Lawyers for Intelsat are arguing that “SES cannot succeed on these Expense Claims under any theory [and that] SES in fact owes Intelsat multiple millions of dollars.”

Any objections to the application must be filed by January 24th.

Intelsat and J-AIR Launch Free In-Flight Connectivity Service in Japan 

From https://www.satellitetoday.com/mobility/2022/12/29/intelsat-and-j-air-launch-free-in-flight-connectivity-service-in-japan/

Intelsat and J-AIR are rolling out in-flight connectivity on the Japanese airline’s Embraer E190 aircraft, the companies announced Dec. 28. J-AIR is a Japan Airlines subsidiary that offers regional flights in Japan. 

Japan Airlines has installed Intelsat’s 2Ku system on the first of J-AIR’s E190 aircraft and the service is now available on select flights. Japan Airlines will be installing 13 additional aircraft by fall 2024. This deal makes J-AIR the first regional aircraft in Japan to offer inflight entertainment and connectivity services, as well as the first E190 aircraft equipped globally with the Intelsat 2Ku system.

Japan Airlines has been offering free wireless entertainment services since 2016, and the 2Ku service will also be free to customers. 

“We have worked closely with Intelsat to deliver the best connectivity experience on Japan Airlines and the JAL group fleet,” said Keisuke Suzuki, senior vice president of Customer Experience of Japan Airlines. “Intelsat’s capable and reliable 2Ku system will provide miles of entertainment to our customers making J-AIR the first regional aircraft offering the IFC services in Japan.”

In February, Intelsat signed a capacity agreement with Sky Perfect JSAT for capacity on its JCSAT-1C satellite over Japan and Asia to support in-flight connectivity.

SES-20 ready for business

From https://advanced-television.com/2023/01/05/ses-20-ready-for-business/

Satellite operator SES says its latest craft, SES-20, has arrived on station at 103 degrees West and is providing back-up protections as an in-orbit spare for its US customers and in particular cable operators who use the location for their cable head-ends.

SES-20 is part of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) obligation to clear a portion of C-band spectrum to enable wireless operators to deploy 5G services across the contiguous US (CONUS).

Satellite operators, including SES, have been tasked by the FCC to clear the lower 300MHz of C-band spectrum throughout CONUS by December 5, 2023. SES-20 is necessary to continue service for customers and reduce the likelihood of a prolonged outage in the event that SES experiences an in-orbit failure during the transition.

Boeing built the satellite which was launched – with SES-21 – by the United Launch Alliance in October 2022.

Tubi Adds Five New Channels Dedicated to Nature, True Crime and More

From https://thestreamable.com/news/tubi-adds-five-new-channels-dedicated-to-nature-true-crime-and-more?fbclid=IwAR0r5MsUykEBCHnYz-J0Y6ofKL8FH5GGAK9apX5dcF7UPM-t3qBW2l5vB_s

Happy new year, Tubi subscribers! The ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) and free ad-supported TV (FAST) service has added five brand new channels, which are now available to all Tubi users.

The new channels available now to Tubi users are:

The Jack Hanna Channel: From radical reptiles to ferocious felines, travel around the world for hair-raising wildlife encounters. Where Jack Hanna goes, adventure follows!

Xplore: From the world around us to the wildlife within, to your passions and the people who fascinate. This channel features the very best in travel, animals, innovation, and inspiration.

Love Nature: Love Nature brings viewers closer to nature with exclusive and awe-inspiring stories from around the world.

Homeful: This free streaming channel is all about the real estate, renovations, and transformations that you’ll love to binge.

Total Crime: Where questionable people do very bad things. True crime, all the time.

Tubi is a free video streaming service that includes on-demand access to nearly 50,000 movies and television shows, plus live channels galore. Its ad breaks are shorter and less frequent than most free services, making it one of the most pleasant free TV experiences available. FOX executives have called the service “TV on steroids” for good reason!

The five channels listed above are far from the only new additions to Tubi in January. The service has added dozens of comedy titles like “Blazing Saddles” and “Police Academy,” riveting dramas like “A Time to Kill,” and so much more, all free and on-demand.

Tubi served as the on-demand home of the 2022 FIFA World Cup last year, offering free replays of every match of the tournament after they finished airing live on FOX and FS1. FOX executives don't see Tubi as a great destination for live sports in general, but expect the company to continue getting creative to offer users new, varied content in 2023 and beyond.

Streamer platform Rlaxx signs up Wurl to boost its AVOD/FAST proposition

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2023/01/04/streamer-platform-rlaxx-signs-up-wurl-to-boost-its-avod-fast-proposition/

Germany-based AVOD service rlaxx TV has unveiled a partnership with CTV solutions provider Wurl. The alliance signifies the first integration of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) on rlaxx TV – with the goal of bringing new content partners to the platform.

“We are excited about this next great step for us, partnering with Wurl and integrating HLS on rlaxx TV,” commented Ronny Lutzi, founder and CEO, rlaxx TV. “It will allow us to offer even more premium live TV content to our viewers while making the onboarding process significantly easier for new content providers.”

Through its Global FAST Pass (GFP) solution, Wurl enables streamers to expand their channel lineups and increase revenue through partnerships with content companies. Wurl-powered channels will become part of rlaxx TV’s FAST service which combines the relaxed entertainment of linear television with the flexibility of video on demand. The companies say that: “Content partners will benefit from the ability to customise and determine their content and determine the electronic program guide (EPG).”

Sean Doherty Jr, co-Founder and COO at Wurl, said: “We’re honoured to be rlaxx TV’s first partner helping to deliver FAST channels and live events to their audiences. As FAST continues to grow exponentially around the globe, we’re excited to further enhance Wurl’s presence in Europe through this partnership.”

Rlaxx launched in 2020 and was in 26 countries by July 2022. At that point, it had 100 channels on its platform, but has added Bloomberg as a partner since then.

1/01/23 - 5/01/23

No update, New year Holiday break


No update, New year Holiday break


Last update for the year, Happy New Year to everyone that is still here and all those that are still in the satellite hobby.

The next update will be on either the 7th or 9th of January! I plan get my Ku band back up and running sometime over the next week. Now that some of my hardware has returned from being stored in my brothers garage. Also a big thank you to "feralkiwi" who has gifted me a gtmedia satellite meter. It should make things easier to line up in my new backyard.

There might be a few issues with the website in a few months. As many will know, I have a hosting arrangment with the late Jon Clarke, he has kindly hosted apsattv.com on some of his jsat.tv server space for many years. There is a domain expirey date on the jsat.tv server of "2023-02-03" I'm talking to Jon's wife about whether she will extend the jsat.tv domain registration. If not then I will be looking to move to a new server or hosting arrangement ( minimum requirement, 2GB space and FTP access). If any reader can help with this then please get in touch, via Facebook or Twitter DM.

As much as the hobby has changed due to 5G and streaming, I plan to keep blogging satellite activity in 2023 , and continue with the Free legal streaming playlists side of the website. Plus the usual reporting on Facebook and Twitter

Here is a list of Asia Region planned satellite launches for 2023, not a great deal of interest other than Optus 11 and the KA band Viasat 3

G-Sat 7C GSLV Sriharikota
Apstar 6E Long March 2C Xichang

ViaSat 3 Asia-Pacific Ariane 64 Kourou

G-Sat 32 GSLV Sriharikota 83.0°E

G-Sat 20 GSLV Sriharikota

G-Sat 7R GSLV Sriharikota

ViaSat 3 EMEA Atlas Cape Canaveral

Optus 11 Ariane 64 Kourou 160.0°E Arianespace

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From the Dish

AsiaSat 9 122.0E 11490 V "WowShop Chinese" has left .

SES 7 108.2E M 2565 H "Shop Signature" has left.
SES 7 108.2E M 2655 H "Shop Super Sale!" has left .

SES 7 108.2E 11598 H "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on , encrypted.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3720 H "My TV" has left .
Telkom 4 108.0E 3766 H "Surau TV and Al-Bahjah TV" have left .
Telkom 4 108.0E 3860 V "M Shop Super Sale"! has left .
Telkom 4 108.0E 4060 V "M Shop Signature and Polri TV" have left .

SES 12 95.0E 12224 H "Chithiram and FashionTV Asia have started on , Unicas. Kalaignar TV and TRT World" have left.

G-Sat 15 93.5E 11480 H "Music India" has left.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11510 H "Hits Active" has started on , encrypted.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11510 H "Lokshahi, India News Haryana, Ishwar Bhakti TV, Indradhanu TV and Pravah Picture have started on, encrypted. Times Now Navbharat" has left.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11590 H "Bharat 24" has left again.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11590 H "Bharat 24" has started on , encrypted.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11590 H "Shorts TV Active " has left .
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11550 V "Prasar Bharati News Services" has left .
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11630 V "Swaraj Express SMBC has replaced Swaraj Express" on , Fta.

Measat 3b 91.5E 12603 V "Prameya News 7" is now encrypted.
Measat 3b 91.5E 12476 H "Colors, Sony Sports Ten 1, ET Now Swadesh, & flix, Zee TV India, ABP Asmita, Tarang Music, Star Gold Select, Naaptol Malayalam, Nambikkai TV, Aradana TV, Sharda, Travelxp Tamil, Colors Cineplex, Prarthana TV, Eurosport India, CNN International South Asia, Sangeet Bhojpuri, BBC World News South Asia, Sonic Nickelodeon, Zee Anmol, Colors Odia, Sony Max 2, Sony Aath, Discovery Science India, Discovery Turbo India, Sangeet Marathi, Star Sports 1 Bangla, Velicham TV, News 18 Bihar & Jharkhand, Jai Maharashtra, Sony Sports Ten 5, MTV Beats, Star Gold 2, CNBC Awaaz, Star Maa Gold, UTV Movies, National Geographic India, Star Sports Select HD1 and Star Plus India" have started on , Irdeto.

Measat 3b 91.5E 12316 H "DD News, Telugu Cinema Club and DD Chhattisgarh have started on , Irdeto. Sony Sports Ten 1, Colors, Star Plus India, Mazhavil Manorama and & flix" have left.

Measat 3a 91.4E 12436 H "M Shop Signature and M Shop Super Sale!" have left .

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3805 H "Public First" has started on, Fta.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 4054 H "Multiplex" has started on , Fta.

Express 80 80.0E 11606 H "Leva TV has replaced KinoJam 1" on , encrypted.
Express 80 80.0E 11106 H "Zvezda Plus and Bober" have started on , encrypted.
Express 80 80.0E 11106 V "KinoJam 1" has started on , encrypted.

Thaicom 6 78.5E 12343 V "Chomyut Channel has started on , Fta. Tiger Shopping TV" has left.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 12604 V "Sport 2" has started on , BISS.
Thaicom 6 78.5E 12728 V "Mahar Esports, Golden Myanmar TV and Alwanpyay TV" have started on, Neotion.

Apstar 7 76.5E 3753 V "Champion TV and Movie One" have started on , Fta.

ABS 2 75.0E 3870 H "WowShop Chinese" has left. RTM TV 1/2, RTM TV Okey, Sukan RTM, RTM TV 6, TV Alhijrah, Bernama TV and Berita RTM on are now encrypted.

Yamal 402 54.9E 11644 V "Perviy kanal, Match!, NTV, 5 Kanal, Rossiya K, Karusel, TV Centr, Rossiya 1 and Rossiya 24 Kuban" have started on , T2-MI.

From playtv

ABS-2/2A(75.0°E)卫星,3870 H 51430一组RTM TV 1、Sukan RTM恢复锁码播出。(2022-12-30)

泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12343 V 45000一组新增V2H6-TVB-Thai26 TV两个测试频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-29)

(俄)快车AT1(56.0°E)卫星,12245 R 27500一组新增Krepkoe Kino、Mirovoy Serial等频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-28)
印度G-Sat 10/30(83.0°E)卫星,4054 H 13230一组新增Multiplex India频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-27)
印度G-Sat 15/17(93.5°E)卫星,11510 H 29500一组新增Lokshahi、Ishwar Bhakti TV等频道,锁码播出。(2022-12-27)


APSTAR 6E is undergoing electrical testing and is scheduled for launch in 2023

From https://www.techgoing.com/apstar-6e-is-undergoing-electrical-testing-and-is-scheduled-for-launch-in-2023/

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) said that the Asia-Pacific 6E satellite test team members are working on electrical testing and are scheduled to be launched by the Long March-2C launch vehicle in 2023.

APSTAR 6E is a geostationary orbit high-throughput communications satellite designed based on the DFH-3E small communications satellite platform, carrying a high-throughput payload and using a Ku-band-based high-throughput satellite communications system to provide broadband satellite communications services for the Asia-Pacific region.

Great Wall Corporation publicizes the DFH-3E platform in the international aerospace media

The DFH-3E platform is a general-purpose communication satellite platform suitable for small load configurations launched by Great Wall Corporation and China Academy of Space Technology according to the current domestic and international market trends. The DFH-3E platform adopts an all-electric push design, with a payload capacity of 300kg (nominal value) to 450kg (maximum value), and a payload power of 3kW (nominal value) to 4kW (maximum value). For more than 15 years, the Long March 2C or Long March 2D rocket can be used for a single satellite launch.

The APSTAR 6E satellite is planned to be launched by the Long March 2C carrier rocket in 2023. It will become another new member of the APSTAR satellite fleet following the successful delivery of the APSTAR 6D satellite by Great Wall Corporation in October 2020.

According to reports, the Asia-Pacific 6E satellite project adopts a new business model in which operators, contractors, and manufacturers jointly set up a joint venture to share risks and benefits. At the same time, as the DFH-3E all-electric satellite product in the Dongfanghong satellite platform series, the signing of Asia-Pacific 6E also marks that China Aerospace has launched more diversified and competitive communication satellite products to the international market.

24/12/22 -29/12/22

Christmas break


Apsattv will be back on the 30th. There is very little going on at this time of the year, hopefully the Cband dish will be back in action after the break. Check twitter for any daily activity over the break such as feeds etc. Have a good Christmas!


Friday feeds

Optus D2
12652 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
12701 V Sr 15000 "HD SNG BBL - Melb Stars v Perth" BBL Cricket, FTA
12714 V Sr 7500 "STS (cricket)" BBL Cricket for Fox, FTA

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From the Dish

Apstar 7 76.5E 4000 H "Museum TV International" has started on , Fta.

From playtv

亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,3753 V 8330一组新增Champions、Movie One频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-22)


Chinese commercial space company to launch stackable satellites

From https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202212/23/WS63a56f8ca31057c47eba5ec0.html

China's private company GalaxySpace is accelerating the research and development of flat-panel stackable satellites. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

BEIJING -- China's private company GalaxySpace is accelerating the research and development of flat-panel stackable satellites, for rapid construction of a satellite internet constellation.

GalaxySpace said the design enables dozens of satellites to be stacked on top of each other like tablet personal computers and be launched at the same time on a single rocket. It can greatly improve the use efficiency of a rocket and shorten the construction period of a constellation.

Satellite internet will provide extensive broadband connection with satellite communication technology. It is to use the satellites in space playing the role of the base station on the ground for the terrestrial network connection. Under this context, each satellite is a mobile base station in space. It can provide users worldwide with high bandwidth, flexible, and convenient internet access service.

In addition, each stackable satellite can carry a flexible solar wing, which features small size, lightweight, and modularization, to help save mass and launch costs, the company told Xinhua.

The Beijing-based satellite maker was put into operation in April 2018. It aims to build a broadband satellite constellation deployed in low-Earth orbit and create a global 5G communication network. On March 5, 2022, GalaxySpace launched six broadband communication satellites from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, which verified the networking technology and service capability of the internet constellation.

If the development goes well, the company's stackable satellites are expected to be launched early next year, said Chang Ming, chief commander of the satellite project.



Intelsat 19 12726 H

"JameJam 3"
"Press TV"

are all black screen since this morning
(Thanks to Owen for that info)

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From the Dish

Intelsat 20 68.5E 11130 V "SuperSport Premier League and SuperSport Football Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport World Cup Extra and SuperSport World Cup Fan Zone Africa" have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11170 H "SuperSport PSL and SuperSport Premier League Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport World Cup Central and SuperSport World Cup Extra Africa" have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11514 H "SuperSport Football has replaced SuperSport World Cup Fan Zone" on, Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11554 V "SuperSport Premier League, SuperSport LaLiga and SuperSport LaLiga Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport World Cup Extra, SuperSport World Cup Select 1 and SuperSport World Cup Select 1 Africa" have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11554 H "SuperSport Premier League Africa has replaced SuperSport World Cup Extra Africa" on, Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11594 V SuperSport LaLiga and SuperSport PSL have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport World Cup Select 1 and SuperSport World Cup Central have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11594 H "SuperSport Variety 1 Africa, SuperSport LaLiga Africa and SuperSport Football Plus Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport World Cup Select 1/22 Africa and SuperSport World Cup Central Africa" have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11674 H "SuperSport Football has replaced SuperSport World Cup Fan Zone"on , Irdeto.

Intelsat 36 68.5E 11808 V "SuperSport Variety 1 Africa and SuperSport Football Plus Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport World Cup Select 2 Africa and SuperSport World Cup Central Africa" have left.
Intelsat 36 68.5E 11888 H "SuperSport Premier League has replaced SuperSport World Cup Extra" on , Irdeto.

From playtv

亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,4000 H 30000一组新增Museum高清频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-21)
亚洲5号(100.5°E)卫星,4080 H 30000一组新增EuroNews频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-21)


Ads on Foxtel’s Binge make it ‘30pc more profitable’

From https://www.afr.com/companies/media-and-marketing/ads-on-foxtel-s-binge-make-it-30pc-more-profitable-20221222-p5c8a6

Introducing ads on Foxtel’s streaming platform Binge will make it a “30 per cent more profitable product”, the head of the media company’s sales division has claimed, while taking a swipe at rival Netflix over its slow advertising rollout.

Mark Frain, chief executive of Foxtel Media, told an industry event in London the Binge platform would turn on advertising for the almost 500,000 paying subscribers on a cheaper tier in March next year. Binge hosts popular television shows like HBO’s House of the Dragon, The White Lotus, and Succession.

Netflix launched a new, cheaper, advertising-subsidised tier in early November in 12 markets around the world, including Australia, meaning it started from an audience of zero for ads. It has had trouble reaching large audiences as a result. In contrast, Disney+’s ad tier launched in the United States in December and added advertising for its lowest-paying subscribers.

Paddy Considine as King Viserys Targaryen in a scene from House of the Dragon. HBO Max

“We’re going to take a current tier of subscribers and add ads to that. Similar to what Disney+ has done. The work we’ve looked at in terms of churn and uptick in advertising, it will be a 30 per cent more profitable product with us doing that,” Mr Frain said.

“The modelling, and it’s only a model, suggests it’s well worth doing.”

Foxtel Media is asking advertisers to buy ads on Binge for its first three months from March. Television ad prices are generally measured by the cost to reach 1000 people, known in the industry as a cost-per-mille, or CPM.

“We’re selling it at a $60-70 CPM – and it is selling out. That’s three times the CPM we’ve been used to selling on linear [non-streaming] TV,” Mr Frain said. “Our inventory is now seen as the most valuable part of television.”

Foxtel Media chief executive Mark Frain. Jessica Hromas

Kayo Sports now made about $60 million from advertising each year and that would soon grow to $100 million, Mr Frain said. Binge would make a similar amount – he estimated $50 million to $100 million – within another couple of years.

“We are now writing as an advertising business more revenue than we ever have,” he said, hitting out at Netflix over its slow rollout.

“Watching how Netflix approach it, how Disney+ approach it, our experience says you’ve got to launch with an audience. And you’ve got to be able to deliver on that audience for you as advertisers.

“[Netflix] was talking about record sales in terms of partnerships and advertisers coming on board. I’m not surprised when there isn’t an audience to buy. A fascinating bit of sales work.”

Foxtel Group is co-owned by News Corp, which has a 65 per cent share, and Telstra, which owns the remaining 35 per cent. News Corp’s Q1 FY23 results, released in November, show 1.342 million paying subscribers for Binge, up 64 per cent for the year, and 1.259 million for Kayo Sports, up 18 per cent.

Foxtel reported $502 million in subscription video service revenue, $64 million of which came from advertising. Streaming subscriptions made up 25 per cent of Foxtel’s total circulation and subscription revenue for the quarter.

Report: Nine in late run for Cricket rights

From https://tvtonight.com.au/2022/12/report-nine-in-late-run-for-cricket-rights.html

Media reports suggest Cricket Australia has cooled on re-entering a new arrangement with Seven.

Media reports claim Nine has emerged as a shock 11th hour contender to reclaim cricket’s TV rights.

The Daily Telegraph reports CA has cooled on re-entering a new arrangement with Seven, which is currently suing them in the Federal Court.

There are also concerns around Paramount’s performance despite a reported offer of $1.5 billion. But News Corp articles continue to downplay Paramount’s prospects despite its good track record with the BBL. Commentary that the Melbourne Cup has declined ignore that it has done so for a decade on two broadcasters.

Cricket Australia bosses have been working in the background to see if a partnership can be formed between Nine, FOX Sports and News Corp.

To partner with Nine would mean Cricket Australia would have to be comfortable with the Australian Open being directly promoted against cricket season, possibly with Big Bash games on 9GEM.

However The Australian suggests Nine would likely have rights to Test matches, and Foxtel some or most of the Big Bash and limited-overs international games.

But there are also complications with how Nine, FOX Sports and News Corp would resolve the competing interests of 9Now, Stan, Kayo and their respective newspaper groups.

For Seven to lose the Cricket would be a major upheaval given it would have to schedule entertainment over the summer period.

Cricket Australia have indicated they would like to have a deal done by Christmas, but are not committed to a deadline.

Spark charges $255 annual fee days before calling time on sport streaming service

From https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/130840846/spark-charges-255-annual-fee-days-before-calling-time-on-sport-streaming-service

Spark says its decision to exit sports was triggered by escalating content rights costs and other investment opportunities.

An Auckland sports fan is crying foul after Spark charged him a $255 subscription fee days before announcing its sport streaming service would be axed.

On December 16, the telco said it would shut down its Spark Sport streaming service and expected TVNZ to take over most of its broadcasting rights from July.

However, the timing of the announcement angered cricket fan Kevin Glass​, who said the annual subscription fee of $255 had been deducted from his bank account just two days earlier.

“They must have known this was coming, how could they not? But they took my money anyway,” he said.

“If I was a builder and I took your money then went into receivership two days later, that would be fraud.”
TVNZ will take over most of Spark Sport’s broadcasting rights from July, including Black Cap, White Fern, and Super Smash cricket matches.

TVNZ will take over most of Spark Sport’s broadcasting rights from July, including Black Cap, White Fern, and Super Smash cricket matches.

He had tried to contact Spark to request a refund as soon as the announcement was made. Despite several further attempts, he had not received a response by Thursday afternoon.

Glass said he had been a Spark Sport subscriber since the platform launched in 2019 and was disappointed by how the cancellation of the service had been handled.

”It’s not even about the money, it’s the principle,” he said.

In an emailed statement, a Spark spokesperson said the telco recognised there may be “a small number” of customers who had signed up with Spark Sport in the lead-up to the announcement.

“At that time discussions with TVNZ were ongoing and incomplete. Until 1 July 2023 customers can continue accessing Spark Sport the same way they always have,” she said.

“We will be communicating to all customers on a 12-month subscription directly and offering them a refund for their remaining term in the new year.”

Spark would contact Glass to organise his refund and apologised for his difficulty getting in touch, the spokesperson said.

At the time of the announcement, Spark said the decision to exit sports had been triggered by escalating content rights costs and a “broader range of investment opportunities across its business”.

It had also been faced with the cost of securing a new streaming platform as the current system it licences from United States firm Istreamplanet would no longer be available to third parties such as Spark from the second half of next year, it said.

The closure of Spark Sport will result in Spark writing off $52 million from its operating profit this year, though it will still report a bumper profit thanks to an agreement to sell a majority stake in its cellphone towers in a lease-back deal.

Eutelsat confirms Russian, Iranian channel suspension

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/22/eutelsat-confirms-russian-and-iranian-channel-suspension/

Eutelsat on December 22nd issued a statement confirming that on December 21st, it had “ended all involvement in the broadcasting of three [Russian] channels Rossiya One, Pervyi Kanal and NTV, within the prescribed 7-day compliance period.”

“Pursuant to the Council of the European Union (EU) Regulation 2022/2474 of 16 December 2022, these three channels as well as a fourth, RenTV, will be subject to sanctions if so confirmed by the Council by 1 February 2023, in accordance with the notice 2022/C 481 I/04 released by the Council on 19 December 2022,” stated Eutelsat.

“In the process of implementing or preparing for the implementation of the aforementioned measures, Eutelsat has also ensured that it is not involved in the broadcasting of RT News in Russia. Moreover, Eutelsat reviews on a regular basis its distribution partners globally to ensure that the provisions of Article 2(f) of EU Regulation 2014/833 on the broadcasting prohibition of certain Russian channels are fully respected,” the statement added.

As regards Iran, the statement says: “Pursuant to the Council of the EU Regulation 2022/2428 dated 12 December 2022, Eutelsat has ceased all Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)-related broadcasting activity.”

The financial impact is also mentioned. “For FY 2022-2023, the implementation of these measures is estimated to have a negative combined impact of between 10 and 15 million euros on Group Revenues, and of between 15 and 20 million euros on EBITDA, taking account of related collection costs and risks. The estimated impact on the Group’s Adjusted Discretionary Free Cash Flow for FY 2022-2023 is c. 10 million euros.”

NT says it will take part in satellite orbital slot bid

From https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2466137/nt-says-it-will-take-part-in-satellite-orbital-slot-bid

National Telecom (NT) says it will definitely participate in the satellite orbital slot auction slated for Jan 8, 2023, though it has yet to divulge its planned slot bids.

The telecom state enterprise said a feasibility study on the usage of satellite orbital slots is expected to be completed in the first week of January.

NT was assigned by the National Space Policy Commission and the National Digital Economy and Society Commission to join the bidding, in line with the country's satellite development policy.

NT president Col Sanphachai Huvanandana said the company has not yet determined which slots it would bid for or the amount of the bidding budget, though 119.5° East and 78.5° E are their favoured slots.

"These slots can be used for broadband C-band business and broadcasting Ku-band business," said Col Sanphachai.

NT's feasibility study will also examine the auction's condition that requires the winning bidders to reserve some capacity on their satellites for state use without charge. The company has to decide what can be done for the optimum benefit of NT, he said.

The auction offers five slot packages, covering 50.5° East and 51° E with a starting price of 374 million baht; 78.5° E with a starting price of 360 million; 119.5° E and 120° E with a starting price of 397 million; 126° E with a starting price of 8 million; and 142° E with a starting price of 189 million.

The licences for orbital slot usage run for 20 years.

NT was among six firms that picked up bid documents from the NBTC office during Nov 4-30.

The other five are mu Space and Advanced Technology, Prompt Technical Services, Space Tech Innovation, Ascend Capital and The Win Telecom.

Interested firms are scheduled to submit their bid documents on Dec 27 with a fee payment of 500,000 baht. The list of qualified bidders is scheduled to be announced on Jan 4, with a mock auction taking place on Jan 7.

The winning bidders in the upcoming satellite orbital slot auction are obliged to reserve one transponder per broadcast satellite, or 400 megabits per second capacity per broadband satellite, for state use and public services without charge.

The bid conditions state if government agencies want to use more satellite capacity than stipulated in the conditions, particularly for the 119.5° E slot, they must not participate in the auction.

State agencies can negotiate with the winning bidders for such usage.

The winning bidders must allow the assigned state agencies to participate in the construction of a satellite gateway control centre to allow the agencies to manage the allotted capacity for the state's tasks, as well as train their personnel for future tasks.

Col Sanphachai said the obligation to reserve a certain capacity of a satellite for state agencies has NT wary about its bid strategy.

"NT's study, which takes into consideration this obligation, will shed light on how we will decide which slots to bid for," he said.



Wednesday evening feed

Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 6" BBL Cricket

From my Email


From the Dish

Intelsat 19 166.0E 12646 H "One has replaced Rotana Cinema KSA" on, Irdeto.

Vinasat 2 131.8E 11293 V "VTV 2" is back on , Conax.
Vinasat 2 131.8E 11293 V "Son La TV and Cao Bang TV have started on , VTV 5" has left.

AsiaSat 7 105.5E 3725 V "Channel S" has started on , Fta.
AsiaSat 7 105.5E 3880 H "CTN" has left .
AsiaSat 7 105.5E 4060 V "A Sports" has left .
AsiaSat 7 105.5E 4080 H "AXN East Asia" has started on , Irdeto.

Intelsat 17 66.0E 3876 H "Unique TV" has started on , Fta.

KazSat 3 58.5E 12594 V "MTV Live has replaced MTV Russia" on , Irdeto.
KazSat 3 58.5E 12719 V "Gaukhar TV" has left .

From playtv

韩星5/5A号(113.0°E)卫星,12613 V 43200一组新增Movie Max频道,锁码播出。(2022-12-19)


Major pay-TV channel dropped in Australia: E! is pulled from Foxtel after 18 years as viewership falls following the Kardashians' move to Disney+

From https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11559843/E-pulled-Foxtel-18-years.html

NBC Universal is replacing its long-running E! channel in Australia after 18 years.

The channel will be scrapped from pay-TV service Foxtel on February 1, 2023, and its content will be moved to the Seven Network's new free-to-air channel 7Bravo.

E! has faced falling ratings in recent years, most notably due to Keeping Up with the Kardashians moving to Disney+ after almost 14 years at the network.

NBC Universal is replacing its long-running E! channel in Australia after 18 years. (Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian in a promo for Keeping Up with the Kardashians are pictured)

'We are excited that the very best, premiere content from E! will be coming to 7Bravo in Australia,' NBC Universal told TV Blackbox in a statement.

The programming featured on 7Bravo is designed to appeal to a female audience and specialise in reality and true crime content.

The new channel will give fans the chance to watch pay-TV favourites like The Real Housewives of Miami and Dubai for free. 

Angus Ross, Seven's Chief Content Officer, said 7Bravo was like a 'female version' of the network's multichannel 7mate.

E! will be scrapped from pay-TV service Foxtel on February 1, 2023, and its content will be moved to the Seven Network's new free-to-air channel 7Bravo, which will include the Real Housewives of Miami.

Viewers will be able to see U.S. reality hits like Real Girlfriends in Paris, Southern Hospitality and Love Without Borders on the new platform.

They will be joined by The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip and Below Deck Down Under.

Entertainment and celebrity gossip will also feature on the new channel with the Live with E! pop culture show. 

Meanwhile, the true crime shows featured on 7Bravo will include The First Mindhunter, Black Widow Murder and Buried in the Backyard.

Viewers will also be able to watch the Below Deck franchise

7Bravo will also feature new episodes from famed U.S. chat show The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as well as The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Fans will also be able to enjoy TV court show Judge Jerry.

It comes after Seven announced in October it had made a deal with U.S. media giant NBCUniversal (NBCU) to launch a new channel.

As part of the multi-year deal, Seven has also acquired all of NBCUniversal's scripted network and cable dramas and comedies as well as its back catalogue.

Vega-C Launch Failure Ends Frustrating Year for Europe

From https://parabolicarc.com/2022/12/20/vega-c-launch-failure-ends-frustrating-year-for-europe/

The failure of a Vega-C booster with two Earth observation satellites aboard on Tuesday ended a frustrating year for Europe that saw six joint launches with Russia canceled, a six-year delay in the ExoMars rover mission, and the maiden launch of Ariane 6 postponed until late next year.

“Approximately 2 minutes and 27 seconds after liftoff an anomaly occurred on the Zefiro 40 [motor] thus ending the Vega C mission. Data analyses are in progress to determine the reasons of this failure,” Arianespace tweeted.

Arianespace CEO Stéphane Israël said an “under pressure” condition was detected in the second stage Zefiro 40 solid-fuel motor followed by a deviation in the booster’s trajectory. Airbus Defence and Space’s Pléiades Neo 5 and Pléiades 6 Earth observation were lost in the accident.

It was the second launch of Vega-C, which successfully orbited seven satellites on its maiden flight in July. Vega-C is an upgraded version of the Vega booster, with a payload capacity of 2,300 kg to a 700 km high polar orbit. Vega can place 1,430 kg into the same orbit.

Vega has a record of 18 successes and two failures. Vega-C has one success and one failure.
An Ariane 5 rocket launches the Galaxy 35 and Galaxy 36 geosynchronous communications satellites for Intelsat and the MTG-I1 meteorology satellite for Eumetsat. (Credit: Arianespace)

A Frustrating Year

Arianespace ended the year with four successful launches of European boosters and one failure. Arianespace also launched a Russian Soyuz ST-B rocket with 34 OneWeb broadband satellites aboard from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana under an agreement with Russia.

Arianespace Launches
Europe’s Spaceport, French Guiana
Launch Vehicle Successes Failures Total Launches Satellites Lanched Satellites Lost
Ariane 5 3 0 3 6 0
Vega-C 1 1 2 7 2
Soyuz ST-B 1 0 1 34 0
5 1 6 47 2

Arianespace was to have overseen the launch of six more Soyuz boosters carrying OneWeb satellites this year. The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February resulted in the cancellation of those launches. OneWeb subsequently booked three SpaceX Falcon 9 and two ISRO GSLV Mk III launches to complete deployment of its 648-satellite broadband constellation.

The Ukraine invasion also resulted in the cancelation of the launch of ESA’s ExoMars rover aboard a Russian Proton launch vehicle. Launch of the mission has been delayed until 2028 due to the need to find a replacement for the Russian supplied descent module and the fact that favorable launch windows occur only every two years.

Meanwhile, the maiden launch of the new Ariane 6 booster has been delayed until the fourth quarter of 2023 due to technical problems. The rocket will replace the Ariane 5 launcher, which has two flights left next year before it is retired.

Satellites Launched

Vega-C’s successful maiden in launch in July carried a main payload and six CubeSats. The LARES-2 satellite was tracked by ground stations using lasers. The mission is designed to measure the frame-dragging effect, a distortion of space-time caused by the rotation of a massive body such as Earth as predicted by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

Vega-C’s six CubeSats included:

AstroBio CubeSat (Italy) — test a solution for detecting biomolecules in space
Greencube (Italy) — grow plants in microgravity
ALPHA (Italy) — study phenomena related to Earth’s magnetosphere
Trisat-R (Slovenia) — operate an artificial intelligence system in the harsh radiation environment of the Van Allen Belts
MTCube-2 (France) — characterize how radiation affects different types of memories, and
Celesta (France) – study the effects of radiation on electronics.

Three Ariane 5 rockets launched five communications satellites, including:

MEASAT Global Berhad’s MEASAT-3D, built by Airbus Defence and Space
Indian Space Research Organisation’s GSAT-24
Intelsat’s Galaxy 35 and Galaxy 36, built by Maxar Technologies, and
Eutelsat Konnect VHTS, built by Thales Alenia Space.

EUMETSAT’s MTG-I1 meteorology satellite was launched aboard the final Ariane 5 launch of the year. Thales Alenia Space was the prime contractor. OHB-System GmbH supplied the satellite bus.

Virgin Orbit was to have conducted a launch from Spaceport Cornwall in England this year. However, regulatory delays and technical issues forced the postponement of the launch until January.

OneWeb Satellite Launch Deploys 40 More Satellites

From https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2022-12-20/oneweb-satellite-launch-deploys-40-more-satellites

A SpaceX launch on December 8 inserted 40 satellites into low-earth orbit for the OneWeb satcom constellation.

OneWeb earlier this month successfully deployed 40 satellites for its connectivity network, which is expected to provide global coverage next year. The company already provides some services on its network, which is now about 80 percent complete with 502 satellites in low-earth orbit (LEO). Once the constellation is complete, Gogo Business Aviation will provide high-speed satcom connectivity globally in partnership with OneWeb, supplementing Gogo’s existing North American air-to-ground system.

The OneWeb launch was accomplished on a SpaceX rocket. SpaceX also plans to serve airborne users with its own Starlink LEO network.

Next year, OneWeb is planning three additional launches of satellites to complete its LEO network. Aviation services are expected to be available starting in 2024. OneWeb’s service will provide speeds “comparable with terrestrial broadband services,” according to Gogo. This will allow users to stream video, do videoconferencing, and use cloud-based business services.

“This launch is an immensely gratifying way to close out 2022,” said One Web CEO Neil Masterson, “bringing OneWeb another step closer to activating our coverage solutions globally and reflecting the shared ambition and collective goodwill that is driving the satellite communications industry. We are thankful for the support of other leaders in the space industry allowing us to quickly restart our launch campaign and are delighted to work with SpaceX today for our first-ever launch from Florida, where our satellites are manufactured.”

Astro adds beIN SPORTS CONNECT, TVBAnywhere+, BBC Player and iQIYI to its Utli Box

From https://technave.com/gadget/Astro-adds-beIN-SPORTS-CONNECT-TVBAnywhere-BBC-Player-and-iQIYI-to-its-Utli-Box-32845.html

Astro today announced that in line with its promise to deliver the best viewing experience to customers, it is adding 4 new streaming apps to its Ulti Box. These include the iQIYI, TVBAnywhere+, beIN SPORTS CONNECT and BBC Player apps.

Accordingly, Astro Ulti Box customers can now watch popular Original Sorry Naik Lori and Chinese drama, New Life Begins on iQIYI, A Perfect Man on TVBAnywhere+; sports content such as Ligue 1, La Liga and Australia Open Tennis on beIN SPORTS CONNECT and British content such as Strictly Come Dancing on BBC Player by accessing these apps via the “Apps” rail at their Home Page. 

Astro further elaborated that access to these apps on the Ulti Box would depend on customers’ subscriptions as below:

Besides that, Astro has also introduced other updates to its Boxes and Astro GO, including a revamped user interface, Picture-in-Picture Mode, Interactive Mode and a new bottom menu bar. As for the revamped user interface, Astro said that it has overall been simplified for a sleeker and friendlier look to highlight the content, a new cursor, faster access to TV Guide and a “See All” button on title rows. 

For Picture-in-Picture Mode on Astro GO, users can now continue watching their favourite shows in a smaller floating player even when they are using other apps on their mobile device. Sticking with Astro GO, the new Interactive Mode will now launch automatically for the Premier League and UEFA Champions League so users can access instant highlights, match statistics, player statistics and fixtures of upcoming matches without the hassle of initiating it manually. 

For more information on iQIYI, TVBAnywhere+, beIN SPORTS CONNECT and BBC Player please visit product.astro.com.my/apps. Enjoy more savings and stream all your favourite content when you sign up for Astro’s TV bundle offerings by visiting astro.com.my/tv.

Sichuan Airlines selects Viasat’s IFC

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/16/sichuan-airlines-selects-viasats-ifc/

Sichuan Airlines, a Chinese air carrier, Viasat, the communications company, and AeroSat Link Technology, a subsidiary of China Satellite Communications (China Satcom), have announced the airline has selected Viasat’s iIn-Flight Connectivity (IFC) technology and equipment for installation on its Airbus A320 family of aircraft. When in service, the Viasat terminal installed on the aircraft will connect to China Satcom’s Ka-band satellite network and AeroSat Link’s digital IFC service to provide IFC service to passengers and crew.

The combination of Viasat’s IFC equipment, China Satcom’s satellite network and AeroSat Link’s digital services will enable video streaming, internet browsing, messaging, social media, business applications and more to each connected device on these equipped aircraft.

“Under China’s ‘smart civil aviation, digital cabin’ construction initiative, Sichuan Airlines has worked with its partners to create a unique, interconnected air-land business model of ‘satellite + aircraft + operation.’ This model is focused on resource integration, business innovation, technology empowerment, and operative efficiency. The objective is to improve airline operation efficiency and customer service quality and create an enjoyable IFC experience for passengers. With the joint efforts of Viasat and AeroSat Link, we believe that Sichuan Airlines will continue to launch aviation internet products with better experience and better service, so that more passengers can enjoy faster and more convenient IFC services on Sichuan Airlines,” the airline stated.

China Satcom and ASL jointly stated: “We are very pleased to partner with Viasat. The combination of its cutting-edge technology, reliable equipment, and rich experience with China Satcom’s powerful high-throughput Ka-band satellite network enables us to provide Sichuan Airlines an IFC experience comparable to that on the ground. We will provide high-speed, reliable, and excellent network services to more airlines and users.”

“Sichuan Airlines continuously seeks ways to enhance the onboard customer experience, and we are proud to be a part of the airline’s pioneering effort to deliver high-quality, high-speed in-flight internet within China,” commented Don Buchman, VP and GM, Commercial Aviation, Viasat, Inc. “Today’s announcement is an exciting and meaningful milestone for our relationships with Sichuan Airlines and AeroSat Link, and we are thrilled to have Sichuan Airlines leading the way.”

Viasat, China Satcom and AeroSat Link will each maintain its own intellectual property and will operate its equipment using a multi-layered approach to network services.

Starlink confirms 1m subs

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/20/starlink-confirms-1m-subs/

Starlink, the SpaceX broadband by satellite service, has announced it has reached 1 million subscribers.

“Starlink now has more than 1,000,000 active subscribers — thank you to all customers and members of the Starlink team who contributed to this milestone,” Starlink said in a Tweet on the evening of December 19th.

This is a major achievement, but some consumers are complaining about the decline in download speeds now offered by Starlink. Indeed, some regions of the United States can no longer sign up other than to go onto a waiting list for service, such is the demand, and hence the reduction in connection speeds.

Speed-test specialist Ookla says connection speed reductions range from 9 per cent to 54 per cent, and that Starlink’s infrastructure is “buckling” under its growing user base. Current and future satellite launches will help cure these problems.

The current 1 million users has been achieved since 400,000 was announced in May 2022, and helped by a price reduction in August 2022 which prompted a surge in users. Elon Musk stated in September that Starlink had manufactured 1 million user terminals.

However, one million active subs is a good number and suggests that Starlink might only be a few weeks off from beating Hughes which with some 1.2 million subs is the world’s largest satellite-based Internet service.

Starlink has approval from the FCC to launch another 7,500 Version 2 satellites. But Starlink wanted to launch up to 30,000 new craft.

However, it could be that Starlink is suffering from its own limitations to produce terminals and dishes. There are reports which suggest that Starlink is turning out about 150,000 sets of kit per month (and thus around 1.8 million annually).

Meanwhile, there are – as yet – many untouched areas of the planet which are seen as virgin territories for Starlink. These include India and many other nations in South Asia. Africa is also completely untouched by Starlink. Same with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and the other Gulf states. Many parts of South America are also unserved.

Russia, thanks to the Ukraine war, is off-limits.

GSAT-6 Satellite Launched In 2015 Largely Unutilised: Centre's Auditor CAG

From https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/gsat-6-satellite-launched-in-2015-largely-unitilised-centres-auditor-cag-3624125

The Department of Space (DOS) launched the GSAT-6 at a cost of ₹ 508 crore but was unable to utilise the satellite as envisaged

The GSAT-6 satellite, aimed at providing Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (S-DMB) services.

India's GSAT-6 satellite, launched in August 2015, has largely remained unutilised as the ground segment required for processing its data was not ready, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has found.

According to the Compliance Audit on Scientific and Environmental Ministries/Departments of Union Government by the CAG, the Department of Space (DOS) launched the GSAT-6 at a cost of ₹ 508 crore but was unable to utilise the satellite as envisaged due to non-readiness of its ground segment.

"This resulted in non-utilisation of the satellite for nearly half of its life," the central auditor said in the report that was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.

"We have to go through the report properly and analyse the points raised. Anyhow, the department will take necessary action as suggested in the report," N Sudheer Kumar, Director, ISRO's Capacity Building Programme Office told PTI.

The GSAT-6 satellite, aimed at providing Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (S-DMB) services for mobile communication applications, was originally planned in agreement with Devas Multimedia Private Limited.

However, after the termination of the agreement with Devas, the satellite was planned to be operated in association with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), who was to build the ground segment.

"Audit observed that DOS did not enter into any memorandum of understanding (MoU)/agreement with DRDO for the development of the ground segment. It also failed to devise a target-based action plan, in consultation with DRDO," the report said.

It added that as a result, DRDO was not able to complete the activities of the ground segment before the launch of the satellite in August 2015.

The DRDO had entrusted the project to build the dedicated hub for providing services of the satellites to the three Services, civil society agencies and strategic users, the report said.

"This project was to be completed by January 2015 but was, however, delayed by more than five years and completed only in July 2020. Reasons for the delayed completion of these two projects were, however, not furnished," the report said.

It said the DOS was not aware about the present status of Phase II or the operational phase which involved the induction of GSAT-6 into the network centric operations of the three Services, civil society agencies and strategic users.

"Therefore, objective of GSAT-6 satellite which was launched in August 2015 after incurring an expenditure of ₹ 508 crore was not fulfilled due to non-completion of the activities to be carried out under ground segment as the satellite has remained unutilised since its launch," the report said.

The report said the DOS conveyed to the auditor in November 2021 that the department has optimally used 20 per cent of the capacity in its societal applications and research projects.

It said that the DOS admitted in March last year that the present status of the operationalisation and utilisation of the ground station was not available with the Department. "Thus, DOS was not aware of the utilisation of the balance 80 per cent capacity of the satellite," the report said. 

Obsession Media unveils Speed Sport 1

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/16/obsession-media-unveils-speed-sport-1/

Television Network development group Obsession Media has announced a partnership with legacy racing editorial brand, Speed Sport Magazine, to launch Speed Sport 1 a new live motorsports FAST channel expected to debut in the spring of 2023.

Speed Sport 1 plans to deliver more than 400 live events and thousands of hours of content.

Obsession Media has also announced the hiring of veteran television and motorsports executive Dan Teitscheid as president and general manager to run Speed Sport 1. He joins from the MAVTV Motorsports Network where he served as President and brings 30+ years of experience in sports and TV from top distribution positions at Disney, ESPN Media, and MTV Networks.

Speed Sport 1 joins Outdoor America as the second FAST channel from Obsession Media.

“We’re excited to build on the success of Outdoor America and partner with the expert editorial voice of SpeedSport magazine” said Nick Rhodes, CEO of Obsession Media. “We want to be clear to distributors, advertisers and fans, this is not a content library acquisition, we are bringing back a live channel dedicated to motorsports.”

Regarding new FAST channels in developent, Rhodes commented: “We invested in proprietary IP that allows us to get channels launched quickly and, offer unique ways to package and monetize them to best serve our platform partners. To execute on this vision for SpeedSport1, we’ve tapped Dan Teitscheid, with his background in both launching channels and motorsports, makes him the perfect choice for the role of building the live FAST channel of the future.”

“This is a unique opportunity to work with an unbelievably experienced and dynamic team of motorsports, TV and entertainment executives, all of whom have been directly involved in launching some of television’s most iconic brands. Together, we’re making Speed Sport 1 a one-of-a-kind network dedicated to live motorsports,” added Teitscheid.

FuboTV carriage agreement with Scripps Networks

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/20/fubotv-carriage-agreement-with-scripps-networks/

FuboTV, the sports-first live TV streaming platform, has announced a multi-year distribution partnership with Scripps Networks, the national television network division of The E.W. Scripps Company.

, FuboTV subscribers can now watch the Scripps networks ION, ION Mystery, ION Plus, Bounce, Grit, Newsy (becomes Scripps News on January 1st 2023) and Court TV.

“Today’s launch gives consumers a new streaming option to watch these top Scripps channels and further diversifies FuboTV’s growing programming line-up,” said Marisa Elizondo, vice president, content strategy and distribution, FuboTV. “Fubo’s mission is to aggregate and distribute a leading sports package, balanced with news and entertainment content, that appeals to every member of the household, all at an affordable price.”

“We believe that our diversified portfolio of popular news and entertainment networks will help strengthen FuboTV as an alternative pay tv option for consumers,” addd Jeffrey Wolf, chief distribution officer, Scripps Networks.

ION features a line-up of popular off-network series, original and holiday movies and more; ION Mystery is home to binge-worthy thrillers, docuseries and originals; ION Plus features fan-favourite drama series such as Murdoch Mysteries and Saving Hope; Bounce features a programming mix of original series and movies, theatrical motion pictures, off network series, specials and events designed for African American audiences; Grit features classic western movies and series; Newsy is a free 24/7 broadcast news network, serving viewers opinion-free national news from 14 news bureaus across the US, and Court TV is devoted to live gavel-to-gavel coverage, in-depth legal reporting, and expert analysis of the nation’s most important and compelling trials.


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Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 5" BBL cricket

Intelsat 19 12618 V Sr 7200 "no name" Greyhound racing


Intelsat 19 12646 H Sr 28066 Fec 3/4 DVB-S
Sid 389 Vpid 562 Apid 563 MTV ONE Lebanon has started, loads as "ONE" it has replaced Rotana Cinema, SD (encrypted)

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Sid 113 Vpid 2110 (H264) Apid 2113,2115 TXT,2131(tai),2132(may),2133(vie),2134(tha),2135(ind),2136(bur) "AXN EA HD Viet" started, Powervu +
Sid 115 Vpid 2110 (H264) Apid 2113,2114 TXT,2131(tai),2132(may),2133(vie),2134(tha),2135(ind),2136(bur) "AXN EA HD Indo" started, Powervu +
Sid 116 Vpid 2110 (H264) Apid 2113,2116 TXT,2131(tai),2132(may),2133(vie),2134(tha),2135(ind),2136(bur) "AXN EA HD Emg" started, Powervu +

Sunday afternoon feeds

Optus D2
12361 V Sr 15000 "Iron Man - Main" Fta today
12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 6" Encrypted
12661 V Sr 7500 "GMA 006" Encrypted
12670 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" at a horse track
12679 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
12705 V Sr 7500 "NBL Return" Encrypted
12732 V Sr 7500 "STS 9 NBL" Encrypted
12741 V Sr 7500 "STS 9 NBL CAM" Encrypted

Intelsat 19
12592 V Sr 7200 "STS 2" Fina swimming
12600 V Sr 7200 "ENC 4 ODS" Basketball via Espn

Saturday feeds

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12361 V Sr 15000 "Iron Man - Main" Encrypted
12661 V Sr 7500 "Colac Races" Encrypted
12670 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted

12357 V Sr 7200 "service 01" Dreamchasers greyhound racing

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Measat 3b 91.5E 11815 V TVB Jade Malaysia, Premier Sports Asia, Egg Network, WWE Network +1, Astro Arena, Warner TV Southeast Asia, Astro Ceria, BBC Lifestyle Asia, Astro Citra, RTM TV 1, DMAX Southeast Asia, Colors Malaysia, PrimeTime and Showcase Movies have left .

Measat 3d 91.5E 11022 V "ABC Australia Asia" has left .
Measat 3d 91.5E 11102 V "CBeebies Asia" has started on, Videoguard.
Measat 3d 91.5E 11232 V "CGTN" has started on , Videoguard.
Measat 3d 91.5E 11312 V "Phoenix Chinese Channel" has started on , Videoguard.
Measat 3d 91.5E 11392 V "NHK World Premium has started on , Videoguard. Eurosport Asia, Colors Tamil, Sky News UK, National Geographic Wild Asia, Astro SuperSport 2, Astro Vinmeen HD, Sun TV Malaysia, Nick Jr Asia, HBO Hits +1, Astro Box Office Movies Thangathirai, Astro Hua Hee Dai, Crime + Investigation Asia and Boomerang South East Asia" have left.

Intelsat 19 166.0E 12726 H "TRT Türk" has left.

Express AT2 140.0E 12303 L "Rossiya 24" has left .
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Express AT2 140.0E 12380 L "STS Love and Blue Hustler Europe" have left .

Vinasat 1 132.0E 10968 H "National Geographic Asia has replaced AXN East Asia" on , Irdeto.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3773 V "Quran TV" has started on , Fta.
Telkom 4 108.0E 3872 H "Surau TV" has started on , Fta.

Yamal 401 90.0E 11265 H "Solntse" is now Fta.

Apstar 7 76.5E 11010 V "DreamWorks TV Asia" has started on , encrypted.

ABS 2A 75.0E 11605 V "Solntse" is now Fta.
ABS 2A 75.0E 11860 V "Teleputeshestviya, Zhivaya Planeta, Zoo Park, Tochka Otryva, SuperGeroi, Unikum and Extreme Sports Channel" have started on , encrypted.
ABS 2A 75.0E 11980 V "TV Bolt, Start Air, Start World, Gags Network and Telekanal Futbol" have started on , encrypted.
ABS 2A 75.0E 12040 V "Kinopokaz, Detective Jam, Family Jam, Blokbaster and Kamedi have started on , encrypted. Sapfir and Kineko" have left.
ABS 2A 75.0E 12100 V "Duck TV SD, KinoJam 1 and KinoJam 2" have started on , encrypted. Terra has left.
ABS 2A 75.0E 12674 H "Plan B" has started on , Irdeto.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 10970 H "BBC UKTV Africa" has started on , Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11090 H "National Geographic Wild South Africa and National Geographic South Africa" have started on , Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11130 H "National Geographic Wild South Africa" has left .
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11474 H "Magic Showcase" has started on , Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11634 V "Cine Magic" has started on , Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11634 V "National Geographic South Africa" has left .

Intelsat 36 68.5E 11728 H BBC UKTV Africa has started on, Irdeto. Tlnovelas Europa has left.

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国际19号(166.0°E)卫星,4180 H 30000一组ANC Global、MYX US 等四个频道升级为高清格式,依旧锁码播出。(2022-12-17)
Y1A(52.5E)卫星,12703 V 27500一组新增ITT TV频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-17)
亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,3753 V 8330一组lnsight变更为lnplus,依旧开锁播出。(2022-12-17)
国际39号(62.0°E)卫星,11140 V 30000一组MRTV NRC升级卫视高清格式,已经开锁播出。(2022-12-17)
亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,4080 H 30000一组新增索尼动作影视娱乐高清频道(AXN HD) 东 南亚频点,锁码播出。(2022-12-17)
中星9号(92.2°E)卫星,北京纪实科教高清频道 等测试信号一组消失,设置11880 L 28800无信号。(2022-12-17)


North Korea says latest launches tested first spy satellite

From https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-north-korea-says-latest-launches-tested-first-spy-satellite/

North Korea said Monday it fired a test satellite in an important final-stage test for the development of its first spy satellite, a key military capability coveted by its leader Kim Jong-un along with other high-tech weapons systems.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency also released low-resolution, black-and-white photos showing a space view of the South Korean capital and Incheon, a city just west of Seoul, in an apparent attempt to show the North is pushing to acquire a surveillance tool to monitor its rival.

The rocket carrying the test satellite was launched Sunday to assess the satellite’s photography and data transmission systems, KCNA said.

The country’s National Aerospace Development Administration called the test results “an important success which has gone through the final gateway process of the launch of reconnaissance satellite.” It said it would complete the preparations for its first military reconnaissance satellite by April next year, according to KCNA.

“From the images released, the resolution does not appear to be so impressive for military reconnaissance,” Soo Kim, a security analyst at the California-based RAND Corporation, said. “I’d note, however, that this is probably an ongoing development, so we may see more improvements to North Korea’s military reconnaissance capabilities over time.”

South Korea, Japan and U.S. authorities said Sunday they had detected a pair of ballistic missile launches by North Korea from its northwestern Tongchang-ri area, where the North’s satellite launch pad is located. They said the two missiles flew about 500 kilometres (310 miles) at a maximum altitude of 550 kilometres (340 miles) before landing in the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

This meant North Korea likely fired two missiles with different types of cameras – one for black-and-white imagery and video and the other for colour, given the North’s state media said that Sunday’s test involved both types of cameras, said Lee Choon Geun, an honorary research fellow at South Korea’s Science and Technology Policy Institute.

An analysis of a photo of the launch also showed the missiles were likely a new type of a liquid-fueled weapon that can be used for a military purpose as well as sending a satellite into orbit, Lee said.

Geon Ha Gyu, a spokesperson for South Korea’s Defense Ministry, told reporters Monday that the South Korean and U.S. assessments that North Korea fired the two medium-range ballistic missiles remain unchanged. He said South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities were analyzing further details of the launches but declined to elaborate.

A spy satellite was on a wish list of sophisticated military assets Kim announced during a ruling party meeting early last year, together with multi-warhead missiles, solid-fueled long-range missiles, underwater-launched nuclear missiles and nuclear-powered submarines. Kim has called for such modern weapons systems and an expanded nuclear arsenal to pressure the United States to abandon its hostile polices on North Korea, an apparent reference to U.S.-led sanctions and the U.S.-South Korean military drills that North Korea views as an invasion rehearsal.

North Korea has since taken steps to develop such weapons systems. In February and March, North Korea said it conducted tests to check a camera and data transmission systems to be used on a spy satellite. In November, it test-launched its developmental, longest-range Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile, a weapon believed to be designed to carry multiple warheads. Last week, North Korea said it performed a “high-thrust solid-fuel motor” to be used for a new strategic weapon, an apparent reference to a solid-fueled ICBM.

Ankit Panda, an expert with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said that North Korea will likely make a proper orbital launch for a reconnaissance satellite probably around April 15, the birthday of Kim’s late grandfather and state founder Kim Il Sung. The day is one of the most important state anniversaries in North Korea.

North Korea has previously put what it called Earth observation satellites into orbit in 2012 and 2016. Many foreign experts say both satellites were tasked with spying on its rivals though there has been no evidence that either satellite has ever relayed any imagery back to North Korea.

According to North Korea’s state media, one of the cameras tested Sunday has a 20-meter (65-feet) resolution, which Lee, the expert, said can only recognize relatively big targets such as warships sailing on the ocean and military installations in South Korea.

Lee said North Korea may be able to covertly get a more advanced camera that enable it to monitor tanks and the deployment of U.S. strategic assets to South Korea. He said such a camera would greatly boost North Korea’s surveillance capability.

Earlier this year, North Korea test-launched a record number of missiles, many of them nuclear-capable missiles with varying ranges to reach the U.S. mainland and its allies South Korea and Japan. It also legislated a law authorizing the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons on a broad range of scenarios, causing security jitters in South Korea and elsewhere.

North Korea has avoided fresh U.N. sanctions for those moves, however, because U.N. Security Council permanent members Russia and China won’t support U.S. attempts to impose them.

“Having codified his country’s nuclear law earlier this year, tested missiles of varying capabilities, and made it very clear he has no interest in diplomacy with the U.S. and South Korea, Kim has essentially paved the way for nuclearization,” Soo Kim, the analyst, said. “He’s lent the appearance that the only possible way out of this quagmire is for the international community to fold the conditions set forth by the regime.”

She said a handful of other high-priority geopolitical concerns involving China and Russia “has allowed Kim to buy time and the grace of the international community to push forward with his plan.”

SpaceX Launches Surface Water and Ocean Topography Satellite

From https://www.redorbit.com/spacex-launches-surface-water-and-ocean-topography-satellite/

SpaceX has launched the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) radar satellite for NASA on December 16, 2022. Data from SWOT will be used to study how oceans absorb atmospheric heat and carbon dioxide.

In a move that rapidly became standard procedure for SpaceX, it landed the first stage booster of the Falcon 9 rocket and can refurbish it for another mission. This move helps SpaceX keep costs down as opposed to simply discarding rocket stages in the ocean after each launch – something that SWOT’s backers might appreciate because it reduces space launch-related litter in the ocean.

Current estimates show that oceans absorb 90% of the heat trapped in the atmosphere by greenhouse gases. This has helped keep temperatures under control despite the amount of greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere by industrial activity.

Scientists have expressed concern about a possible “tipping point” at which oceans would begin to release the heat trapped within them rather than absorbing heat. SWOT will help them make more accurate predictions about where that tipping point is.

SWOT is capable of conducting radar sweeps of most of Earth’s surface twice every 21 days. The data produced will help make ocean circulation models more accurate. It will also improve the accuracy of weather forecasts and assist with managing the water supply in regions impacted by drought. SWOT can also measure small differences in surface elevations where smaller currents and eddies exist. Scientists believe that a lot of the oceans’ heat absorption happens in these small currents and eddies.

Combined with data from other satellites, data from SWOT can also assist studies of the impact of changing ocean levels on coastal areas.

SWOT can also take measurements of more than a million lakes and reservoirs on Earth’s surface. It will also take measurements of rivers that are wider than 100 meters (330 feet). These measurements will provide data to scientists studying seasonal fluctuations of lake and river levels and the impact of harsh weather events on lakes and rivers.

Unlike most satellites, SWOT is capable of taking measurements through cloud cover and map them in two dimensions. Previous satellites could only take measurements at specific points and map them in a single dimension.

The SWOT team has plans for a three-year mission for the satellite. It will send down the first research data within months.

The NASA-funded Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) built most of the components for SWOT. Canada and Britain also contributed to the SWOT mission. France’s space agency, CNES, helped track SWOT’s deployment and reported receiving the expected first signals from the satellite, indicating that it is fully operational.

SWOT was one of 15 NASA missions listed as priorities by the National Research Council when mission planners started working on it twenty years ago. The National Research Council regularly updates its priorities, which are often consistent with the U.S. government’s current science-related policies.


Sunday, no update


Saturday, no update



Friday evening feeds

Optus D2
12670 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" From a racetrack
12679 V Sr 7500 "Gma SNG" Encrypted

From my Email


From the Dish

Optus D3 156.0E 11720 V "Optus Sport 1-6" have started on , Irdeto.

Express AM5 140.0E 11530 H "Solntse has replaced Kanal Disney" on , encrypted.

Express AT2 140.0E 12380 L Solntse has replaced Kanal Disney on , Viaccess.

Yamal 401 90.0E 11265 H "Solntse has replaced Kanal Disney" on, BISS.

Express 80 80.0E 10981 V "Solntse has replaced Kanal Disney" on, encrypted.

ABS 2A 75.0E 11605 V "Solntse has replaced Kanal Disney" on , BISS.
ABS 2A 75.0E 12160 V "Solntse has replaced Kanal Disney" on , encrypted.

From playtv

中星6C(125.0°E)卫星,新增三沙卫视高清频道,设置4080 H 9600锁码播出。(2022-12-16)

国际20号(68.5°E)卫星,4065 H 19850一组英国广播公司亚太频道(BBC World)开锁播出,同组ABC Australia Asia替换澳洲佳 印度(Australia Plus TV),锁码播出。(2022-12-15)
亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,12476 H 45000一组MNB Sport频道锁码播出。(2022-12-15)


Spark Sport axed, cricket rights go to TVNZ

From https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/300766805/spark-sport-axed-cricket-rights-go-to-tvnz

Bowled out: Spark’s innings as sports provider is coming to an end.

Spark will shut down its Spark Sport streaming service and expects TVNZ will take over most of its broadcasting rights from July.

TVNZ said it so far agreed to broadcast Black Cap, White Fern, and Super Smash matches for three years, from the start of the 2023 season until the end of the 2025-26 season, on its free-to-air channels TV One and Duke.

It would also livestream the more than 300 cricket fixtures that it now has rights to on TVNZ+, it said.

TVNZ sport manager Melodie Robinson said having a major sport such as cricket free-to-air was “a huge win for all New Zealanders”.

“History shows us that the more our communities can access sports in a viewing capacity, the more likely they are to get out there and participate in sports themselves,” she said.

TVNZ would not disclose how much it would pay for the offloaded cricket rights, but confirmed interest in other rights held by Spark and said it was committed to broadcasting anything it did pick up from Spark free-to-air.

Chief among the other rights TVNZ could pick up is the right to show UEFA Champions League football in the season starting in August, before Spark’s rights end the following year.

Sky TV announced that it had won back the rights to show Formula 1 races, after Spark’s rights expire at the end of this month.

Spark chief executive Jolie Hodson says the company will take a $52 million hit from the closure of Spark Sport.

The closure of Spark Sport will result in Spark writing off $52 million from its operating profit this year, though it will still report a bumper profit thanks to an agreement to sell a majority stake in its cellphone towers in a lease-back deal.

Spark said the decision to exit sports had been triggered by escalating content rights costs and a “broader range of investment opportunities across its business”.

It had also been faced with the cost of securing a new streaming platform as the current system it licences from United States firm Istreamplanet would no longer be available to third parties such as Spark from the second half of next year, it said.

NZ Cricket chief executive David White said the reassignment of its rights had “happened very quickly to be quite honest”.

TVNZ content director Kate Slater said it was a “great opportunity” for the state-owned broadcaster.

“We have been back in sport for the last few years. It is a big part of our content strategy because we know it drives big live audiences.”

But Slater said it had been a very long time since the domestic rights to any national sports code had been exclusively available free-to-air, noting TVNZ last had the rights to cricket in the 1998-99 season.

Sky TV has won back the rights to Formula 1 racing.

Spark chief executive Jolie Hodson said Spark would be looking to redeploy staff currently involved with Spark Sport in other parts of the business.

“It has been challenging to reach the scale we aspired to across the Spark Sport platform, with Covid causing major disruption to sporting codes globally just a year after launch,” Hodson said.

“That slower than expected start, coupled with the escalating costs of content rights globally, makes it difficult to justify the type of investment Spark Sport requires,” she said.

Spark’s withdrawal from the streaming market removes the only major competitor to Sky TV in the pay-TV sports market.

Spark Sport was launched by former Spark chief executive Simon Moutter in 2019.

He believed the service could attract a million paid subscribers and become a significant competitor to Sky TV.

However, there has long been speculation that it might prove only a temporary venture for Spark.

Speculation it could one day pull out of the market accelerated when Hodson replaced Moutter later in 2019, and as a result of the loss of some of its early sports rights.

In February, Sky announced it had won back the local rights to broadcast English Premier League football matches, which had been one of Spark Sports’ key attractions, and Sky has also successfully shored up most of its rugby rights.

Sky TV shares opened up one cent at $2.25 when trading started on the NZX on Friday, while Spark shares opened down 2 cents at $5.52.

(Craig's comment, What fantastic news to end the year with!)

Elon Musk’s Starlink signs first New Zealand retailer

From https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/elon-musks-starlink-signs-first-new-zealand-retailer/J3WVCHFJG5B6DGT2GRUBP56WQ4/

Starlink's second-generation dish features a detachable cable - so you can take the dish with you to get broadband from your bach.

Noel Leeming is the first New Zealand retailer to stock satellite dishes and other hardware for Elon Musk’s fast-growing Starlink.

The chain, part of the NZX-listed Warehouse Group, says it will stock Starlink kits in all 68 of its stores from late December.
Noel Leeming will also offer help with Starlink satellite dish installation and setup with a service starting at $149 for a basic install.
It’s the first time Starlink has had any official representation in NZ.

Kiwis who want Starlink have formerly only had the option to buy hardware online, with DIY setup - although something of a cottage industry of unofficial installers has sprung up as more than 10,000 people took a leap of faith and bought the service.

Noel Leeming is offering a Starlink satellite dish and router for $520 - or half the usual price. Those who buy directly online from Starlink will get the same deal into the New Year.
Starlink costs $159 a month for unlimited data and speeds comparable with fixed-wireless and entry-level UFB fibre plans.

Satellite broadband has traditionally had a lousy rap for tight data limits low speeds and high latency - or the lag you can get with a two-way connection to a geosynchronous satellite orbiting some 36,000km above the Earth.
Starlink gets around the lag problem with a network of thousands of low-Earth orbiting satellites swarming about 600km above.
The Herald has talked to numerous early Starlink adopters, who have been broadly positive (see their work-from-home-stories, plus a couple of gotchas, here).

Starlink won’t give indicative speeds for the consumer version. For its business service, which requires a higher-gain, $4200 satellite dish and costs $840 per month, it promises 350 megabits per second, or on a par with most UFB fibre.

We know from FCC filings in the US that Starlink, a division of the Musk-owned SpaceX, is growing fast.
In February, it said it had more than 250,000 users worldwide. By June, that number had grown to 400,000. By October, it was more than half a million.
Starlink has built a network of six ground stations in New Zealand in partnership with Cello and Vocus NZ (which merged operations with 2degrees mid-year).

Most pundits have seen Starlink as a good solution for remote rural areas.

And the Government recently said Starlink, at least on paper, could tender for a new grant scheme that provides $2000 to install broadband at a property out of reach of the public-private Rural Broadband Initiative.

But the firm - which has only offered service, gradually ramping up, over the past 24 months - has targetted all parts of New Zealand with a marketing campaign that has been surprisingly old-school, with leaflet drops in urban letterboxes, print ads in newspapers and airport billboards.

Its rise has started to draw the attention of local telco players, and more so because Starlink pays only a token amount for its groundstation licenses, and has not joined dispute resolution or other regulatory schemes wrangled by the Commerce Commission.

Vodafone NZ said in its submission: “Currently, satellite broadband providers are effectively using radio spectrum for free”.
The telco wanted “symmetric regulation” - which could be read as: If we’re going to be whacked with huge fees for our spectrum, then Elon’s company should be too”.
In its own submission, SpaceX said Starlink’s ground station antenna should be exempt from licensing requirements, “To ensure that consumers - especially those in the most rural and remote areas of New Zealand - reap the benefits of this new cutting-edge technology”

China launches one more space experiment satellite

From https://english.news.cn/20221216/f102f67330a94c69843a479e93df089a/c.html

XICHANG, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- China on Friday launched a Long March-11 rocket, placing a satellite in space.

The rocket blasted off at 2:17 p.m. (Beijing Time) from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China and sent the satellite Shiyan-21 into preset orbit.

Shiyan means "experiment" in Chinese. The newly launched Shiyan satellite will be used for in-orbit verification of new space technologies.

It was the 456th flight mission of the Long March series rockets, said the launch center.

Hong Kong to Ring in 2023 with a Spectacular Multimedia Show over Victoria Harbour

From https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20221215005288/en/Hong-Kong-to-Ring-in-2023-with-a-Spectacular-Multimedia-Show-over-Victoria-Harbour

A special edition of the multimedia light and sound show "A Symphony of Lights" will synchronize with fireworks set off from the rooftops of buildings on Hong Kong Island at Victoria Harbour to usher in 2023. (Photo: Business Wire)

A special edition of the multimedia light and sound show "A Symphony of Lights" will synchronize with fireworks set off from the rooftops of buildings on Hong Kong Island at Victoria Harbour to usher in 2023. (Photo: Business Wire)
Celebrations will begin with a succession of live performances including drummers from Gekko Taiko, internationally acclaimed pianist Niu Niu (Zhang Shengliang) and members of the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club. (Photo: Business Wire)

December 15, 2022 05:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

HONG KONG & LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), the “Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations” will be held at Hong Kong’s world-famous Victoria Harbour on December 31 to welcome 2023.

Details of the “Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations”

Hong Kong Time


New Year’s Eve
LIVE PERFORMANCES: With the iconic Hong Kong skyline as the backdrop, the exuberant celebrations will begin with a succession of live performances, including internationally acclaimed pianist Niu Niu (Zhang Shengliang), a gravity-defying display by members of the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club, and drummers from Gekko Taiko.

New Year’s Eve

ANIMATION: In the lead-up to the countdown, online and TV audiences can enjoy a 3D animation celebrating the city’s diversity and dynamics, as a short film hypes up the countdown ambience with rhythmic drumming, dancing fires and exciting music.

New Year’s Eve
LIVE COUNTDOWN CLOCK: At thirty seconds to midnight, the eyes of the audience will be on Victoria Harbour, as the façade of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) is transformed into a giant clock face, counting down the last 30 seconds of 2022. As the clock ticks to midnight, a multimedia show will light up the sky.

1 January 2023

LIVE SHOW: This sensational 10-minute show will symbolise the beginning of the New Year, brimming with hope and opportunity in Hong Kong, as Victoria Harbour is lit up with myriad dancing lights projected from different locations along the harbour front. Moving lights from the harbour will be beamed from Star Ferry vessels while a kaleidoscopic, multi-layered display of rooftop pyrotechnics will be launched from the top harbour-front buildings and landmarks.

The high-energy extravaganza will be accompanied by a stirring musical soundtrack, as Hong Kong sings and dances its way into 2023 in inimitable style, sending out a vivid and irresistible message of revival and optimism from one of the world’s most exciting cities.

For more information about the Hong Kong New Year Countdown spectacular, please visit the HKTB website: www.discoverhongkong.com/countdown.

For the latest travel requirements for inbound travellers, please visit: https://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/plan/traveller-info/boarding-and-testing-arrangements-upon-arrival.html.

Information about Video and Image Downloads

Download link: https://assetlibrary.hktb.com/assetbank-hktb/action/browseItems?cachedCriteria=1&categoryId=938&categoryTypeId=2&allCats=0

Reference images of the Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations are available for download at the link above.
Post-event video footage and photos of the Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations will be available for download from 1 January 2023, 03:00 Hong Kong Time (31 December 2022 GMT 19:00).

Information about Social Media Live-streaming and Satellite Live Feed of the “Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations”

1. Details of the Satellite Feed for Broadcasters:

Signal testing time

31 Dec 2022, 20:00–20:15 Hong Kong Time
31 Dec 2022, 4:00 am – 4:15 am Pacific Standard Time
31 Dec 2022, 7:00 am – 7:15 pm Eastern Standard Time

Live feed time

31 Dec 2022, 23:45–24:10 Hong Kong Time
31 Dec 2022, 8:45 am – 9:10 am Pacific Standard Time
31 Dec 2022, 11:45 am – 12:10 pm Eastern Standard Time

Technical support

Tel: 1 (852) 2358 1092/ 1 (852) 2358 1079

IS19, 166.0 degrees East (covering Asia-Pacific region with reach to the Western United States)

Programme name: New Year Countdown Event
On-air date & time: 31/12/2022 (GMT1545-1610)
Satellite: Intelsat IS-19
Transponder: IS-19 12C Slot C
Uplink Frequency: 6169.5 MHz (Vertical)
Downlink Frequency: 3944.5 MHz (Horizontal)
Symbol Rate: 7.2 Msps
FEC: 3/4
Video Format: HD 1080i 59.94
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Assignment: A1 : A2 Stereo
Modulation: DVB-S2/8PSK
Pilot: ON
Roll Off: 0.2
Encoding Bit Rate: 14.0 Mbps (MPEG4 H.264)
Encryption: NIL – Free to Air

IS34, 304.5 degrees East (covering the Americas)

Programme name: New Year Countdown Event
On-air date & time: 31/12/2022 (GMT1545-1610)
Satellite: Intelsat IS-34
Transponder: IS-34 03C Slot A
Uplink Frequency: 6016 MHz (Vertical)
Downlink Frequency: 3791 MHz (Horizontal)
Symbol Rate: 7.2 Msps
FEC: 3/4
Video Format: HD 1080i 59.94
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Assignment: A1 : A2 Stereo
Modulation: DVB-S2/8PSK
Pilot: ON
Roll Off: 0.2
Encoding Bit Rate: 14.0 Mbps (MPEG4 H.264)
Encryption: NIL – Free to Air

2. Details of Social Media Livestreaming:

Social Media Platforms



Live-streaming time

31 Dec 2022, 23:45–24:10 Hong Kong Time
31 Dec 2022, 8:30 am – 9:10 am Pacific Standard Time
31 Dec 2022, 11:30 am – 12:10 pm Eastern Standard Time


For media enquiries, please contact:
Anne Gomm
Senior Manager, Marketing & Public Relations
Hong Kong Tourism Board US
[email protected]
(310) 308-9805 mobile



Thursday evening feeds

Optus D2
12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 5" BBL Cricket
12701 H Sr 22500 "GMA SNG" BBL Cricket
12714 H Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" BBL Cricket

Optus D1
12634 V Sr 7200 "BTQ SEN912" news feed
12652 V Sr 7200 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" Black screen, probably BBL
12670 V Sr 22500 "BBL 7 Main" "BBL World" "BBL EVS Clean" Channel 7 BBL, Heat vs Renegades

Intelsat 19 12726 H Sr 28066 Fec 3/4 DVB-S
"TRT Turk"
"TSR Radio"

have left

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From the Dish

Optus D3 156.0E 11928 H "Fox Comedy and WWE Network Australia" have started on , encrypted.

Optus 10 156.0E 12727 V "Optus Sport 1-6" have left .

JCSAT 4B 124.0E 12340 H "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on , encrypted.

Koreasat 5A 113.0E 11553 V "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on , encrypted.

SES 9 108.2E 11861 V "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on , ABV.
SES 9 108.2E 12711 H "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on , Conax.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3900 V "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on, ABV.
Telkom 4 108.0E 4060 V "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on , encrypted.

Measat 3a 91.4E "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on 3760 H and 4000 H, Irdeto.

Measat 3a 91.4E 12396 H "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on , encrypted.

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3925 H "Enterr 10 Rangeela" has left .
G-Sat 30 83.0E 4080 H "Kaatyayani TV" has started on , Fta

Apstar 7 76.5E 11010 V "Rock Action has replaced Rock Extreme" on , encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12522 H "Pure Gospel TV" has left again.

From playtv

中星6B(115.5°E)卫星,4000 H 27500一组中国教育电视一套高清频道锁码播出。(2022-12-14)
亚洲6号(120.0°E)卫星,3940 H 29500一组新增新视觉高清频道,锁码播出。(2022-12-14)


Struggling Network Vs Media Giants Cricket Bosses Face Dilemma

From https://www.channelnews.com.au/struggling-network-vs-media-giants-cricket-bosses-face-dilemma/

Cricket Australia is facing a real dilemma today, do they dump the Seven Network and Foxtel as their long-time broadcast partners and run the risk of losing tens of millions in media exposure for cricket, or take the money from a bottom end TV network, who struggled with their Melbourne Cup coverage and soccer broadcasts on their Paramount platform.

US entertainment giant and Network Ten owner Paramount whose TV network news service in Australia rarely rates are believed to have offered A$1.5B to get the media rights to Cricket in Australia including, Test matches, one-day internationals and the Big Bash League.

The dilemma for Cricket Australia is whether they can afford to offend News Corp the major shareholders in Foxtel and the owners of Australia’s most widely read daily sports publications including The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, The Advertiser and The Australian as well as the Seven Networks News which is Australia’s most popular nightly TV News network for the sake of a deal with the Ten Network and Paramount.

Cricket ratings have been falling and both Foxtel and Seven the current holders of the Cricket rights know the value of what Cricket can deliver have refused to match the money being splashed around by the US owned network.

Cricket Australia has given media companies until today (Thursday) to submit best and final offers for the rights package, which begins in 2025.

Both the News Corp managed Foxtel and Seven are refusing to match the cash offer from Paramount claiming that the additional information marketing coverage that they deliver every year for Cricket Australia is worth millions and should be taken into consideration in picking their broadcast partner.

For networks Cricket is seen as the summer filler between football seasons for Foxtel and Seven.

Another issue for Cricket Australia is whether consumers will actually watch cricket on a network that struggled to deliver ratings.

Paramount and the Ten Network have the rights to the Melbourne Cup. This year almost 350,000 fewer Australians tuned in to watch the Melbourne Cup compared to last year, with the Paramount Ten coverage attracting the lowest volume of viewers since records began two decades ago.

345,000 less people watched Channel 10’s live telecast of the “race that stops the nation”, with 1.35 million viewers tuning in, compared to 1.695 million last year, according to OzTAM figures.

This is a major concern for Cricket Australia who cannot afford poor coverage for a sport that is struggling to compete for viewers in Australia especially with their Big Bash events.

Seven, is the top-rated free-to-air network, and Foxtel, which is owned by News Corp have the bandwidth and media muscle to generate viewers unlike the Paramount who are going to have to splash millions generating interest in Cricket broadcasts.

Recently executives from Seven, Foxtel and CA met to discuss the dilemma, with ChannelNews told that CA are “Are looking for a way” to retain a deal with Seven and Foxtel despite a lower financial return.

Currently the Seven Network is taking legal action against Cricket Australia with some observers claiming that this action could be dropped as part of the deal.

Seven commenced actions in the Federal Court claiming that they wanted compensation for “multiple quality and standard breaches” by CA.

The bulk of these alleged breaches arose from the quality of the men’s Big Bash League (BBL), which Seven unfavourably compared to the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Seven wants to stream cricket on their Seven Plus network a move that Foxtel is believed to have agreed to in an effort to deliver a combined Seven Foxtel deal.

Nine Media in the Sydney Morning Herald claims that outgoing CA chair Lachlan Henderson has said publicly he believes cricket is undervalued in the broadcast market, but a range of factors is limiting the money on offer from Seven and Foxtel.

These include lucrative deals with the AFL and NBC Universal, the poor ratings performance of the Big Bash League (which forms the majority of the current rights fee), and a softer advertising market.

If Seven and Foxtel do not budge, it means CA will need to decide whether to take the extra cash and end a long-standing partnership with Foxtel, whose parent company News Corp owns The Daily Telegraph, The Australian and The Herald Sun. The alternative would be to remain with the incumbents for less cash. CA is also currently in a bitter legal stoush with Seven in the Federal Court.

Paramount has recently renewed their rights to the Melbourne Cup with the five-year deal worth $200M to organisers.

They also have a deal for the struggling A-League and W-League soccer matches, and a separate agreement to broadcast the Matildas and Socceroos matches.

Ratings for the Test series between Australia and the West Indies have sat at around 900,000 per night for matches in Perth and Adelaide across Seven and Foxtel and are likely to have climbed over the 1 million marks when Kayo and Foxtel streaming figures are added.

Canadian space company gives historic Western Australian satellite dish new lease on life

From https://www.wa.gov.au/government/announcements/canadian-space-company-gives-historic-western-australian-satellite-dish-new-lease-life

The Overseas Telecommunications Commission dish was first established to provide communications support to NASA.
Geraldton space centre

Canadian space company ThothX will invest more than $10 million into a historic NASA dish located in Carnarvon, Western Australia.

The 30-metre-wide Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC) dish was decommissioned in 1987 after providing communications support to NASA missions up to 1975.

After its decommission, the dish was transformed into a tourist attraction and registered heritage site, forming part of the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum.

ThothX has entered into a 20-year renewable lease with Carnarvon to refurbish, operate and maintain the OTC dish, allowing it to become a working piece of infrastructure used to track satellites and spacecraft in geostationary orbit, located at an altitude of about 35,000km around Earth.

At present, there are about 2,000 satellites in geostationary orbit with a combined value of about $2 trillion. The satellites are mainly used for communications and defence.

ThothX operates the Algonquin Radio Observatory in Canada, but requires facilities in Europe and Australia to track all satellites in geostationary orbit.

The OTC dish could also be used to track threats in orbit to astronauts in future lunar missions and communicate with operations on the moon.

ThothX intends to have the dish operational by 2024.

Western Australia already hosts low orbit space tracking facilities for numerous international space agencies and businesses. ThothX’s investment in the OCT satellite dish will provide additional capability in a new orbit.

The investment is a positive outcome for the region of Carnarvon and supports the growth of WA’s fast-developing space industry.

Spark in talks with TVNZ over Spark Sport content

From https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/on-air/heather-du-plessis-allan-drive/audio/paul-spain-gorilla-technology-chief-executive-on-spark-discussing-spark-sport-content-ownership-with-tvnz/

Spark is having discussions with TVNZ about the future of Spark Sport.

Spark informed the NZX that they were talking to TVNZ about a content partnering agreement that covered Spark Sport's extensive portfolio.

Neither TVNZ or Spark have officially confirmed whether Spark Sport will be sold outright or the content rights will expand to TVNZ.

Gorilla Technology Chief Executive Paul Spain says Spark have been open about needing to make changes to Spark Sport and that TVNZ could benefit from having this content available to them.

"There's potential for TVNZ to evolve a fair bit going forward in terms of having a paid offering for their on-demand services that would get rid of the advertising, and I think there's a consumer demand for that. This could be a good fit to bring in some premium content."

China launches new remote sensing satellite

From https://english.news.cn/20221215/1833e2ba1d9247eb89f025b23cebae3e/c.html

A Long March-2D carrier rocket carrying the Yaogan-36 satellite blasts off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province, Dec. 15, 2022. The Yaogan-36 satellite was launched at 2:25 a.m. (Beijing Time), and entered its planned orbit successfully. (Photo by Ying Longfei/Xinhua)

XICHANG, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- China has sent a new remote sensing satellite into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwestern province of Sichuan.

The satellite, Yaogan-36, was launched by a Long March-2D carrier rocket at 2:25 a.m. (Beijing Time) on Thursday, and entered its planned orbit successfully.

The launch was the 455th flight mission of the Long March carrier rocket series.■

A Long March-2D carrier rocket carrying the Yaogan-36 satellite blasts off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province, Dec. 15, 2022. The Yaogan-36 satellite was launched at 2:25 a.m. (Beijing Time), and entered its planned orbit successfully.

Eutelsat must stop broadcasting Russia channels

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/15/eutelsat-must-stop-broadcasting-russia-channels/

France’s media and broadcasting regulator, Arcom, has ordered Paris-based Eutelsat to stop broadcasting three Russian channels – Rossiya 1, Perviy Kanal and NTV. Eutelsat says it will take the channels off air, however it could be a problem in that NTV+ and Tricolor, two Russian pay-TV bouquets, also include in their multiplexes channels from other parts of the world.

The news is a major change from Arcom, which previously had said it lacked the authority to interfere in Eutelsat’s transmissions. The French Administrative Court, following a legal challenge from Reporters Without Borders, told Arcom to look again at the matter. Arcom’s decision is a result of that re-examination.

Arcom said the three channels were responsible for “repeated incitement to hatred and violence and numerous shortcomings in honesty of information”.

“Given that, contrary to Russia, Ukraine has signed and ratified the European Convention on cross-border television, as France has done, Arcom now has the legal basis to request that Eutelsat stop broadcasting these three channels,” Arcom said.

Eutelsat, in its statement, said it acknowledges the new decision issued [on December 14th] by Arcom.

“Eutelsat confirms that according to its policy of systematically implementing Arcom’s decisions, it will no longer be involved in the broadcasting of the three sanctioned channels within the prescribed time-frame,” the statement added.

Microsoft, Viasat Internet access partnership

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/15/microsoft-viasat-internet-access-partnership/

Microsoft and satellite operator Viasat have agreed a new partnership to help deliver Internet access to 10 million people around the globe, including 5 million across Africa. Viasat is the first satellite partner to work with Microsoft’s Airband Initiative, and together they will deepen Airband’s work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States, as well as prioritise expanding the programme to Egypt, Senegal and Angola to deliver much-needed Internet connection, often for the first time.

The global partnership for Airband is an important step in reaching the Initiative’s expanded goal of delivering Internet access to a quarter of a billion people across the world, including 100 million people on the continent of Africa, by the end of 2025.

According to the International Telecommunication Union at the UN, roughly one third of the world’s population — or 2.7 billion people — have still never used the Internet. Satellite allows Internet access to reach remote areas that previously have had few, if any, options for conventional connectivity. Working together, the companies will combine expertise and assets to help enable telehealth, distance learning and education, precision agriculture, clean power, and other services to reach new areas through the transformational provision of power and connectivity. The companies will collaborate to provide and pilot technologies including, but not limited to, satellites (both geostationary orbit and low earth orbit) and fixed wireless.

“We believe access to the Internet is a fundamental right and that digital skills create and enable economic prosperity for people, businesses and governments,” said Teresa Hutson, Microsoft’s vice president of Technology and Corporate Responsibility. “Through our Airband Initiative we will extend high-speed Internet access to 100 million people on the continent of Africa and to a quarter of a billion people living in unserved and underserved areas across the world by 2025. Working with Viasat, we will use satellite to reach remote areas that previously have had few, if any, options for conventional connectivity. Together, we will be able to rapidly scale and expand Airband’s reach, exploring a wider pipeline of projects and new countries where we haven’t yet worked.”

Nearly one third of the world’s population is lacking online access to education, better medical care, business opportunities, connection with family and more. And most of this population lives in just 20 countries across Africa and the Global South. Universal, affordable Internet access is part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and by focusing a large portion of this new partnership on Africa, Microsoft and Viasat are working to deliver connectivity and digital literacy for better education, healthcare and economic opportunity in critical markets.

“We’re proud to partner with Microsoft as it represents another important step in bringing affordable Internet service across Africa, Latin America and the US, as both companies continue to break down barriers to bridge the digital divide and make significant progress toward digital equity and inclusion,” stated Evan Dixon, President, Global Fixed Broadband of Viasat. “Providing Internet access to the world is a challenging and bold goal, and doing so in a sustainable and responsible manner will unlock enduring opportunities for those who need it most.”

Through Airband, Microsoft and its partners have already delivered high-speed Internet access to more than 51 million people globally, including over 4 million in unserved US rural communities and an additional 47 million in 16 unserved and underserved countries outside the US. Launched in 2017, Microsoft’s Airband Initiative works through partnerships with local and regional Internet and energy access providers, telecom equipment makers and non-profits, as well as governmental and nongovernmental organisations, to advance access to affordable Internet and relevant digital skills around the world. Microsoft believes access to the Internet is a fundamental right for everyone.

NBCUniversal Launches Free News Channels on Samsung TV Plus

From https://thestreamable.com/news/nbcuniversal-launches-free-news-channels-on-samsung-tv-plus

More live news programming is coming to Samsung’s free ad-supported TV (FAST) and video-on-demand service Samsung TV Plus. The service has partnered with NBCUniversal to launch new free news channels in both the U.S. and Canada.

In the U.S., Samsung TV Plus users can now enjoy around-the-clock content from the popular true-crime newsmagazine “Dateline” on the Dateline 24/7 channel. Canadian Samsung TV Plus users can now access the NBC News NOW channel, which offers live and breaking news coverage. NBC News NOW was already available to U.S. users of Samsung TV Plus.

“Samsung’s touchpoints across all devices are important destinations for viewers who rely on NBCUniversal brands as trusted places of information and entertainment,” said Matt Schnaars, NBCUniversal Content Distribution. “Samsung is a valued partner and plays a critical role in us ensuring our audiences have access to NBC News programming 24/7, wherever they are.”

Samsung TV Plus can be accessed on the Samsung TV Plus website, via the mobile app on any Samsung mobile device, and by clicking the Samsung TV Plus icon on the first screen of any Samsung Smart TV. NBCU’s One App, CNBC App, and NBC Sports App are also available on select Samsung devices.

“We are thrilled at the continued expansion of our partnership with NBCUniversal by bringing Dateline 24/7 to the US and NBC News Now to Canada,” said Takashi Nakano, senior director of content acquisitions and business development for Samsung TV Plus. “In complement to NBC Locals and NBC News Now, NBC continues to be the premier destination for trusted news and high-quality entertainment. Our partnership in delivering a geo-targeted and hyper-relevant experience is proving extremely valuable to Samsung users.”

Samsung TV Plus now offers over 220 channels. The service is now available in 24 countries across the globe and reaches more than 465 million devices — including mobile phones and smart TVs — globally. In October, Samsung TV Plus added six new channels dedicated to Halloween movies, mystery series, and more. Users can access the service on desktop, or via Samsung’s mobile app.

A recent report predicted that by 2027, 57 million American households will be using at least one ad-supported streaming service. By bolstering its live news content and upping its channel count, Samsung TV Plus is doing its best to ensure it will be high up on the list of such services in use by then.

Germany: Samsung TV Plus adds DAZN FAST+

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/14/germany-samsung-tv-plus-adds-dazn-fast/

Samsung TV Plus users in Germany now have free access to live sports content from the top European football leagues, as well as exclusively produced shows for the UEFA Champions League, with the launch of the sports channel, DAZN FAST+.

Launched across Europe in 2019, Samsung TV Plus now has more than 1,000 channels in Europe, across news, entertainment, sports and movies.

In partnership with DAZN, the new FAST channel will snow live football matches from the Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1, as well as exclusive DAZN Original documentaries. The first two live football broadcasts will be Paris Saint Germain’s clash against Strasbourg on December 28th and Valladolid vs Real Madrid on December 30th.

European Head of Business Development – Smart TV, Mobile & Gaming, Richard Jakeman, commented: “This is an exciting new evolution of our continued relationship with DAZN, which has completely disrupted the sports streaming market in Europe by providing innovative and ground-breaking new ways for fans to watch premium sports content. Being able to offer free to watch, live football matches to Samsung TV Plus users in Germany reflects Samsung’s commitment to redefining the FAST landscape in Europe. Samsung and DAZN share a vision to find new ways to serve the best sports content to viewers in ways that work for them, and it’s fantastic that our partnership continues to grow.”

Alex Hole Vice President and General Manager, Samsung Electronics Europe, added: “FAST is growing at pace to include exciting, brand-new, live-event content that brings more diverse content to audiences, including the growing cohort of sport streamers. This first of its kind, this sports FAST channel brings the best of both worlds to audiences – combining the benefits of both linear and VoD experiences for consumers who are in search for more content, without the added cost of subscriptions. But equally important for advertisers, FAST provides an engaging, premium, and brand-safe environment for sophisticated audience targeting with TV campaigns that extend beyond linear TV.”

Alice Mascia, CEO of DAZN in the DACH region, also added: “We are very excited to launch DAZN FAST+ together with Samsung in Germany. Samsung TV Plus is a popular and growing platform and thanks to our cooperation, even more fans can now enjoy sports from the strong DAZN program catalog. Our collaboration with Samsung once again demonstrates our role as an innovator in the sports industry by strengthening DAZN’s position as a one-stop shop for all sports.”

Samsung TV Plus expands Italian channel line-up

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/12/14/samsung-tv-plus-expands-italian-channel-line-up/

AVOD/FAST platform Samsung TV Plus is continuing to expand its offering into key territories, with the launch of four new FAST channels on its three year-old Italian service. Starting December 14, Samsung users in the country will be able to access Rakuten Romance, Italian laughter (both film channels), Ticker News (English-language news channel) and TeenVee – dedicated to GenZ audiences.

All told, Samsung TV Plus has added 12 channels in Italy during Q4 2022 – a sure sign that it sees that country as one of the next FAST markets to pop. Italy country manager Cristina Sala said: “2022 was an important year for Samsung TV Plus. Entertainment, information, leisure and entertainment are at the heart of our strategy in order to satisfy even the most demanding viewers. Thanks also to this year’s rebranding activity, which has strengthened our recognition, we are ready to welcome increasingly important partners at a local and international level.”

At last count, Samsung TV Plus was in 24 markets, of which 16 are in Europe. Outside the US which is the world’s biggest FAST market, the company has identified the UK, Germany, France and Italy as top priorities. Other channels to have been launched in Italy include classical music channel Vivaldi TV, culture channel HD Channel Explorer, seasonal music channel Vevo Christmas and DIY channel 5-Minute Crafts. The latter channel, as well as TeenVee, belong to TheSoul Publishing, a company that has already established a huge network of audiences across social media platforms.

Vevo’s FAST expansion continues with Amazon Freevee deal

From news

Leading music video network Vevo has continued its aggressive expansion into FAST by launching a portfolio of branded channels on streaming platform Amazon Freevee. The move follows recent similar deals with Hulu and Plex, as well as a facilitation agreement with Amagi to support the company’s global FAST rollout.

In the first wave, Vevo’s channels will join Freevee in the US. However the company said additional launches in key European territories are also underway for 2023. Users can access these channels through the Freevee app on Fire TV, Fire Tablets, and within the Prime Video app. Freevee is also available as an app on third party devices.

“We are excited to expand our footprint with Freevee in the FAST space, which is a major growth area for Vevo,” said Rob Christensen, SVP, global sales & distribution, Vevo. “The partnership will give Vevo the opportunity to reach Amazon’s customers in a variety of settings. For our brand partners, this creates more CTV ad opportunities.”

Each Vevo channel on Freevee features linear programming dedicated to a specific decade, genre, or theme. The channel lineup at launch includes Vevo Pop, Vevo Country, Vevo Hip Hop, Vevo R&B, Vevo Latino, Vevo Reggaeton & Trap, Vevo ‘70s, ‘Vevo 80s, ‘Vevo 90s, Vevo ‘2K, and Vevo Holiday.

Amazon has already been a partner for Vevo in bringing on-demand, premium music video content to music fans via the Vevo app on Fire TV and Echo Show. Amazon Freevee, formerly known as IMDb TV, is a streaming video service with thousands of premium movies and TV shows, including Originals and FAST channels.

Fuse Media expands FAST distribution with Amagi

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/14/fuse-media-expands-fast-distribution-with-amagi/

Amagi, the global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV, has announced that Fuse Media has expanded its partnership with Amagi to launch another channel as they continue to grow their presence in the CTV-led Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) market.

Fuse Media is a Latino-owned entertainment company dedicated to empowering, celebrating, and amplifying young, multicultural voices. Having started its services on traditional pay TV platforms, Fuse Media expanded into FAST in 2018 to leverage the many opportunities it has to offer. Over the past several years the partnership with Amagi has allowed Fuse to expand from a single FAST channel to a suite of DEI-focused channels, expediting their time to market and revenue realisation. Amagi has enabled them to quickly and efficiently launch and distribute new channels to leading FAST platforms such as Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, VIZIO, Xumo, Redbox, Xiaomi and more. The partnership has helped Fuse Media to grow their business in the US and in international markets such as the UK, Sweden, Netherlands and more.

“We continue to see rapid growth across our FAST business with the support of Amagi’s suite of cloud-native solutions. They have simplified and economized channel creation, distribution and monetisation for us,” said Cesar Chavez, VP of Digital Operations, Fuse Media.

“We’re impressed by the quality and diversity of Fuse Media’s content. As the largest FAST solutions provider with deep technical partnerships with 50+ FAST platforms, we are thrilled to be able to help Fuse Media grow their global fan base and establish a strong foothold in this ecosystem,” added Srinivasan KA, co-founder, Amagi.

Amagi provides a complete suite of solutions for channel creation, distribution and monetization. Amagi’s global clients include ABS-CBN, AccuWeather, A+E Networks UK, Cinedigm, Cox Media Group, Crackle Plus, Fremantle, Gannett, Gusto TV, NBCUniversal, Tastemade, The Roku Channel and Vice Media among others.



Optus D3 156E 11928 H Sr 27800 Fec 3/4 DVB-S QPSK

Sid 11004 1041 (Mpg2) Apid 1042 "Fox Comedy" SD, Encrypted, Started
Sid 11006 1061 (Mpg2) Apid 1062 "WWE Australia" SD, Encrypted, Started

The Optus sports mux has left 12727 V and moved to 11720 V Sr 30000 Fec 3/5 DVB-S2 8PSK

Wednesday afternoon feeds
Intelsat 19 12592 V Sr 7200 "STS 2" Fina, Swimming Champs

Tuesday afternoon feeds

Optus D2
12670 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" Horse racing
12679 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted

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老挝1号(128.5°E)卫星,3651 V 12000一组新增TVfilmy频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-13)


China uses floating platform to launch 14 satellites

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/13/china-uses-floating-platform-to-launch-14-satellites/

China has used a mobile sea platform based in the Yellow Sea to launch 14 satellites into orbit.

The rocket (named Jielong-3, or ‘Smart Dragon-3’) lifted off on December 9th from the Tai Rui modified barge in the Yellow Sea.

The mission carried eight satellites built by Changguang Satellite Technology, which concentrates on remote sensing, and two craft also reported to be adaptable to remote sensing, communications or navigation requirements.

Also manifested on the rocket were the Fengtai Shaonian-2 (CAS-5A) satellite, Head-2H, the Golden Bauhinia-1 05 and 06 satellites, Tianqi-07, and Torch-1, a first life science experiment satellite for private firm Rocket Pi.

The four-stage was developed by China Rocket.

Arianespace Lofts 3 Satellites to Orbit for ESA and Intelsat 

From https://www.satellitetoday.com/launch/2022/12/13/arianespace-lofts-3-satellites-to-orbit-for-esa-and-intelsat/

An Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket launches MTG-I1 satellite for EUMETSAT and two Galaxy satellites for Intelsat. Photo: Arianespace

Arianespace launched satellites for Europe and Intelsat in a triple-payload Ariane 5 mission on Tuesday. The mission, one of the last for the Ariane 5 rocket, launched the MTG-I1 meteorological satellite and two C-band satellites from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana at 3:30 p.m. ET.

One satellite, MTG-I1 — Meteosat Third Generation Imager — is for EUMETSAT, the European satellite agency that monitors weather, climate, and the environment from space. It is the first of six satellites that form the full MTG system, which will provide critical data for weather forecasting. The satellite has two completely new instruments, a flexible combined imager and Europe’s first lightning imager.

The MTG satellites are developed and procured in cooperation with the European Space Agency by an industrial consortium led by Thales Alenia Space in cooperation with OHB. 

Co-passengers, Intelsat Galaxy 35 and 36 were also on the launch. These C-band satellites will serve media customers in North America, with capacity for events like wrestling, boxing, football, etc. Intelsat ordered these satellites from Maxar Technologies in 2020 as part of a five-satellite deal for Intelsat’s work to clear the C-band spectrum for 5G use. 

They are the fifth and sixth satellites out of seven for Intelsat’s C-band clearing program. Maxar also built Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 32, which launched last month, and are currently being commissioned for operations. 

“We are on schedule to vacate the 3700 – 4000 MHz frequency range by December 5, 2023 as mandated by the FCC. The cleared spectrum will be used by the mobile network operators who bought it at auction from the FCC to provide 5G services in [continental United States],” commented Tom McNamara, Intelsat senior vice president of Commercial Programs.

This was one of the final launches for the workhorse Ariane 5 rocket before the Ariane 6 makes its debut. This was the third Ariane 5 launch of 2022.

Cabinet presses ignition on Thailand’s 15-year space masterplan

From https://www.nationmultimedia.com/thailand/policies/40023060

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved Thailand’s 15-year masterplan for space development, which will tap Nasa expertise.

Ministers gave the green light to the National Space Master Plan 2023-2037 and the National Communication Satellite Policy to drive forward the Thai space industry with concrete measures, said deputy government spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek.

The National Space Master Plan will guide development of a space economy for national security, prosperity and sustainability. These mission goals will be achieved through research, development and promotion of space security, economy, industry, innovation, technology, and exploration, according to the masterplan.

Among the eight strategies listed in the masterplan is international cooperation. Thailand’s space agency Gistda is already cooperating with US counterpart Nasa on projects including the northern space lab in Chiang Rai.

Cabinet presses ignition on Thailand’s 15-year space masterplan

Meanwhile, under the National Communication Satellite Policy, the government will procure and own at least one communication satellite, to be operated by the National Telecom (NT) state enterprise. The satellite will be run for public services, security and commerce, but not in competition with any private companies, said Ratchada.

Currently the government uses communication channels from the Thaicom 6 and 7 satellites, operated by Thaicom Plc and Asia Satellite Telecommunications, respectively, as well as renting satellite channels from foreign operators.

Under the National Communication Satellite Policy, NT must complete an in-depth survey on usage needs of this satellite within three years.

FCC to update satellite rules

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/12/fcc-to-update-satellite-rules/

A US bipartisan House Energy & Commerce Committee has introduced potential legislation to update the FCC’s current satellite licensing rules. One aspect will be the prohibition of Chinese businesses, although it is not yet completely clear whether the legislation will cover satellites where ownership – as distinct to components – includes Chinese companies. This could affect Eutelsat and its merger with OneWeb, for example. Eutelsat has a Chinese shareholder.

The legislation also covers Russia, although again further clarity will be needed on operators which are correctly licensed by the ITU and how that would impact their US services.

The Committee say that today’s rapidly changing space industry needs the fresh legislation.

Two Bills are proposed:
· The Satellite and Telecommunications Streamlining Act, and
· The Secure Space Act

Together they will update current rules and regulations on foreign ownership, the sustainability of space, licensing timelines and how spectrum can be shared by satellite operators. The Bills are the first rule changes on how satellites are licensed, and the first changes for decades. The Bills, if passed, will update the 1934 Communications Act, to include satellite technology.

One of the major changes would give the FCC specific deadlines for handling satellite licensing applications.

“To make sure the US — not China — continues to lead this global industry, we must streamline our regulatory processes to unleash innovation while also ensuring our laws fully protect the American public,” said a statement from the Committee.

The main legislation would provide requirements for each licence, such as for the FCC to create objectives for space safety and covers orbital debris as well as how ‘dead’ satellites are de-orbited when no longer in use.

The Secure Space Act amends the existing 2019 legislation and would prevent the FCC from granting a licence or giving US market access for non-geosynchronous satellites (including low and medium Earth orbiting craft) which are seen as national security threats.

This could immediately affect Russia and China from entering the US market despite having the technology to do so, and perhaps despite being granted permission to launch and orbit satellites from the ITU.

Already in the proposed banned list (issued and updated by the FCC on September 20 2022) are companies such as telco giant Huawei, ZTE, Hytera Communications, Hangzhou Hikvision Technology, Dahua Technology, AO Kaspersky Labs., China Mobile, China Telecom, Pacific Network, ComNet, China Unicom, and any subsidiary company.

South Africa sets new DSO date

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/12/south-africa-sets-new-dso-date/

South Africa is again attempting to switch off its analogue TV broadcasts. The nation’s Minister of Communications Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has set March 31st 2023 as the new date to end analogue transmissions. The date is eight years beyond the ITU’s required end of analogue broadcasts.

However, this is not the first time that a switch-off date has been set – and ignored. Last year a similar switch-off date was subject to intense legal actions ending up in South Africa’s Constitutional Court.

The Minister stated on December 9th that the government had done enough to ensure that there were enough digital set-top boxes distributed, and still available to poorer households, to allow the switch-off to happen.

Ms Ntshavheni, in her statement on the progress of digital set-top box distribution and availability, said that between April and September 2022 the number of homes registered to receive boxes was 201, 828 and she stressed that this showed there were not “millions” of homes left behind without equipment. She said she was confident that any missing homes would be supplied during the next 3 months.

A closure date for new applications had been set as September 30th 2022, and widely publicised on public broadcast TV and radio channel and social media.

She added that as at November 30th 2022 there were still 185,362 outstanding installations to complete and that the government, though local install teams, were handling 49,417 (on average) installs per month.

The Minster said that analogue switch off needed to happen so that the government’s licensed operators of 4G and 5G services could deploy their networks, and that tests could take place to reduce cross-interference of TV and cellular signals.

However, previous switch-off dates have resulted in legal challenges from existing broadcasters. A comment from one broadcaster, eTV, said that it was alarming how out of touch the government was with reality on the ground. eTV stated: “We have provided research to the minister on what is really happening on the ground, and that has been ignored.”

VOD streamer Tubi seals content pact with Korea’s CJ ENM

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/12/13/vod-streamer-tubi-seals-content-pact-with-koreas-cj-enm/

Fox-owned streaming platform Tubi has unveiled a major content deal with Korean entertainment powerhouse CJ ENM. Under the terms of the deal, 500 hours of Korean content will be added as “a branded curation” to Tubi’s non-English content offering, beginning in December. Titles at launch include Squad 38, Reply 1994, Hogu’s Love, The Chronicles of Evil, A Werewolf Boy and Hindsight.

From Tubi’s perspective, the deal is about building out its non-English presence, with Korean programming viewership growing 25% year-over-year on the platform. “Our partnership with CJ ENM comes at an optimal time for Tubi as we scale and enhance our focus on foreign language content,” said Adam Lewinson, chief content officer, Tubi. “Korean-language titles have been an increasingly popular destination for viewers and we’re excited to kick off this collaboration.”

From CJ ENM’s perspective, Sebastian Kim, director of content sales & acquisitions, said the company wants to “expand our global reach, not only by launching our content on various platforms but also in terms of offering a range of services from AVOD to FAST. We plan to seek opportunities to increase the accessibility of our content to global audiences to meet demand for K-content.”

Tubi has been a prime move in the current shift towards ad-supported streaming. It currently has 48,000 movies and TV shows in the US, including a growing library of Tubi Originals, 200+ local and live news, sports and entertainment channels, and 400+ entertainment partners. CJ ENM has become a major player on the global stage. Aside from its home-grown content, the company’s $785m acquisition of Endeavor Content, now Fifth Season, means it is now also a force in high-end English language scripted and non-scripted programming.

Report: Streaming industry primed for innovation

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/13/report-streaming-industry-primed-for-innovation/

Findings from the sixth annual Video Developer Report from streaming infrastructure provider Bitmovin reveal that controlling costs is seen as the biggest challenge with video technology, despite pursuing AV1, multi-platform support and FAST.

Controlling costs was cited by 33 per cent of respondents. This is closely followed by delivering live low latency (30 per cent), and ad insertion (28 per cent). The video developer community continues to strive for innovation even in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, whilst also reflecting the most significant recent change in entertainment streaming – advertising-supported business models.

Over the last 12 months, many New Media and Media & Entertainment companies experienced a slowdown in growth and profits as a result of macroeconomic headwinds. As video developers identified controlling cost as the top challenge they are facing, it is clear that businesses are closely examining expenditure, says Bitmovin. Despite this, video streaming and the resilient video developer community is continuing to see great opportunity for innovation in similar areas to 2021.

For 2022, video developers identified live streaming at scale (33 per cent), low latency streaming (32 per cent), enhanced colour (29 per cent) and advertising functionality (25 per cent) as the areas with the greatest opportunity for innovation. Similarly, in 2021 live streaming at scale (33 per cent) and low latency streaming (43 per cent) were identified as two areas with the greatest potential for innovation. Furthermore, advertising broke into the Top 4 this year – in line with streaming services’ shift towards hybrid and advertising-supported business models.

The 2021 report found 25 per cent of participants claim they would implement H.265/HEVC in the next 12 months, however, the 2022 report reveals H.264/AVC is once again the video codec of choice. Ambitions to implement H.265/HEVC in the next 24 months are still strong (43 per cent for live, 48 per cent for VoD), and AV1 also experienced a significant uptick in planned adoption and is the second codec developers plan to implement in the near future (34 per cent for live, 42 per cent for VoD.)

These findings show video developers are still seeking to create and adopt pioneering codec technology.

“The consumer world is demanding high-quality live streaming of the largest events around the globe,” notes Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin. “Our latest report shows the video developer community still understands consumer demands and is endeavouring to innovate live streaming services at scale. The report also shows just how rapidly the areas for innovation can change in the streaming industry – you only have to look at how important ad-insertion innovation has become to understand this.”

Video Developers have never been more attuned to consumer demands

In previous years, the report saw bitrate delivered and video start time as the key performance metrics. In the 2022 survey, the performance metric of buffering/re-buffering rates climbed to the top of the list, comfortably overshadowing all other performance metrics by three times. With almost half of Americans (47 per cent) claiming to have unsubscribed from a streaming service due to buffering issues, this further demonstrates the connection between video developers and the consumer experience.

One in four (25 per cent) Americans also cited the ability to use a streaming service across all devices as one of the top three reasons to keep a subscription. The 2022 survey found a clear increase in Smart TV support across all brands. Support for gaming consoles has also increased. Looking to the future, the report reveals developers are planning to support devices in each category (browser, connected TV, gaming console, mobile and smart TV).

“The results show that video development teams are committing significant time to introducing and maintaining support for playback across a range of devices in 2023,” advises Lederer. “With the focus on new device support and buffering as a key performance metric, it demonstrates the awareness that video developers have of the viewing experience – becoming increasingly attuned with the behaviours and needs of the consumer. This, combined with their passion to innovate against economic headwinds, says to me that 2023 is set to be an exciting year for streaming and video development.”

Domain name seizures in pirate World Cup streaming

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/13/domain-name-seizures-in-pirate-world-cup-streaming/

The US Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland has confirmed the seizure of 55 separate websites for allegedly live streaming the World Cup games, an infringement of FIFA copyrights. Individuals visiting the sites will now see a message that the site has been seized by the federal government and be redirected to another site for additional information.

The seizure of the domain names was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Erek L. Barron; Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division; Special Agent in Charge James C. Harris of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) – Baltimore; and Director James R. Mancuso of the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.

According to the affidavit filed in support of the seizures, FIFA is the international governing body of association football and holds the exclusive rights to sanction and stage the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is being hosted in multiple cities in Qatar. Beginning in September 2022, HSI received information from a representative of FIFA identifying several sites being used to distribute and transmit copyright-infringing content, without FIFA’s authorisation. HSI Agents in Maryland reviewed World Cup games accessible from each of the subject domain names, in violation of FIFA’s copyright.

As detailed in the affidavit, free access to live sports-related copyright-protected content can attract heavy viewing traffic, which makes websites offering such content a potentially lucrative way to serve advertisements. Based on the pervasive use of advertising on each site, the affidavit alleges that the purpose for distributing the infringing content is the private financial gain to these websites’ operators. By seizing the subject domain names, the government prevents third parties from acquiring the name and using it to commit additional crimes, or from continuing to access the websites in their present forms.

“HSI will continue to focus on removing websites that facilitate digital piracy, and other intellectual property violations, from the Internet,” said Special Agent Harris. “While many may believe that such websites do not constitute serious threats, the infringement upon rights holders of any intellectual property is a growing threat to our economic viability. The impact can be felt across multiple industries, and it can be the conduit to other forms of criminal activity.”


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Optus D2 12670 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" Horse racing

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Optus D2
12357 V Sr 7500 "Urban Sports BMX" UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup
12652 V Sr 7500 "STS 12" Encrypted
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AsiaSat 7 105.5E 3880 H "Hoshanna TV has replaced Royal Thai Lotto" on , Fta.

Measat 3a 91.4E 12356 H "MNC Vision Channel Info" is now Fta. Galaxy, AXN East Asia, History Asia, One, Galaxy Premium, Zee Bioskop, Kix, Thrill, Kompas TV, CNN International Asia Pacific, Asian Food Network, CNBC Asia-Pacific, Life, Arirang World, DW English, MNC TV, Aljazeera English and BTV have left again.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 V "Petra TV has started on , Fta. Truth TV" has left.

NSS 12 57.0E 3814 R "Benishangul Gumuz Media" has started on , Fta.

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亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,12476 H 45000一组Olloo频道消失。(2022-12-12)
亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,12598 H 45000一组MNBA频道消失。(2022-12-12)

印尼电信4号(108.0°E)卫星,4020 V 32727一组新增Lagu TV频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-11)

老挝1号(128.5°E)卫星,3651 V 12000一组新增DNN News频道,开锁播出。(2022-12-10)


Crucial year for burgeoning space economy

From https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2458402/crucial-year-for-burgeoning-space-economy

Thailand's satellite-related economy is expected to reach an important milestone next year with two major developments -- the auction of rights to use satellite orbital slots, scheduled for Jan 8, and a push by the telecom regulator to amend the rules governing landing rights licences for foreign satellite operators, paving the way for low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite business in the country.

The amendment aims to find a balance between regulation and the commercial satellite business to deliver optimum benefit for the country's space economy.

"2023 is the year when we address existing challenges to ensure a smooth transition in the satellite business landscape and bring benefits to the country," said Air Marshal Thanapant Raicharoen, a commissioner of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

NT has been assigned to participate in the auction of satellite orbital slot packages slated for Jan 8.


The auction offers five slot packages, covering 50.5° East and 51° E; 78.5° E; 119.5° E and 120° E; 126° E; and 142° E. The licences for orbital slot usage run for 20 years.

A total of six companies had picked up bid documents for the auction when the process wrapped up on Nov 30.

They comprise National Telecom (NT), mu Space and Advanced Technology, Prompt Technical Services, Space Tech Innovation, Ascend Capital and The Win Telecom.

Ascend Capital is a subsidiary of conglomerate Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group, while Space Tech Innovation is a subsidiary of SET-listed satellite service provider Thaicom.

Interested firms are scheduled to submit their bid documents on Dec 27 with a fee payment of 500,000 baht. The list of qualified bidders is scheduled to be announced on Jan 4, with a mock auction taking place on Jan 7.

If there is only one bidder in the auction, the regulator will extend the application period by 14 days beyond the announcement date of the list of qualified bidders. The auction would be postponed until Jan 29.

The upcoming auction is the second attempt by the NBTC after the first effort was scrapped last year when TC Space Connect, a subsidiary of Thaicom, was the sole bidder.

At that time, TC Space Connect and mu Space picked up bid documents, but only the former submitted the bid request by the deadline.

The NBTC decided to extend the timeline for the auction to provide more time for interested bidders to submit their bids. NT picked up a bid document, but did not submit a bid request.

AM Thanapant insisted the conditions for the upcoming auction are more practical for bidders than was the case for last year's failed effort.


The winning bidders in the upcoming satellite orbital slot auction are obliged to reserve one transponder per broadcast satellite, or 400 megabits per second capacity per broadband satellite, for state use and public services without charge.

The condition differs from the previous satellite concession regime, in which the concessionaire was required to allot one transponder per concession, regardless of how many satellites it operated, and received a rental fee payment from the state for the capacity.

AM Thanapant said the requirement will support collaboration between state agencies and private satellite service operators, while helping authorities prepare their own satellite management in the future.

The bid conditions state if government agencies want to use more satellite capacity than stipulated in the conditions, particularly for the 119.5° E slot, they must not participate in the auction, he said. State agencies can negotiate with the winning bidders for such usage, said AM Thanapant.

The winning bidders must allow the assigned state agencies to participate in the construction of a satellite gateway control centre to allow the agencies to manage the allotted capacity for the state's tasks, as well as train their personnel for future tasks.

Thanapant: Second time's a charm

He said the 119.5° E slot is expected to be the most desirable among bidders, followed by 78.5° E.

The NBTC hopes the upcoming auction will be successful after it was scrapped last year, said AM Thanapant. He indicated there are positive signs for the auction on this occasion.

First, the number of interested companies that picked up bid documents was higher than for last year's auction. In addition, the National Space Policy Commission, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon, recently passed a resolution to assign NT to participate in the auction as part of the national satellite development policy.

"At least two companies are likely to submit bid documents on the submission date," AM Thanapant said.


He said some orbital slots granted for Thailand's use are at risk of being cancelled if the country fails to coordinate with the International Telecommunication Union, a specialised UN agency for information and communication technologies, and other countries that hold the rights for adjacent slots within a seven-year deadline that is set to expire next year.

Some slots held by Thailand do not have any satellites in orbit.

"Although some slots may fall short of attracting commercial satellite business, the loss of orbital slots would make it more difficult for the NBTC to make a new filing in the future as we would have to queue up for a long time," AM Thanapant said.

Lining up in the queue would mean Thailand would lose priority in securing the slots, he said.

The first satellite orbital slot package of 50.5° E and 51° E has the greatest risk of being cancelled, followed by the fourth (126° E) and fifth (142° E).

Thaicom 6 satellite is now in the 78.5° E slot in the second package, while Thaicom 4 is in the 119.5° E slot in the third package.

Ownership of the two satellites was transferred to the Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry after Thaicom's 30-year satellite operating concession expired on Sept 10 last year.

Early this year, Thaicom clinched a partnership deal with Globalstar, a global LEO satellite operator, to establish and operate ground facilities in Thailand for the American firm.


Just before the latest round of the auction was about to begin, Gulf Energy Development Plc, Thailand's biggest private power producer by market value, announced its plan to acquire Thaicom.

Gulf said it will buy a 41.1% stake in Thaicom for 4.4 billion baht from InTouch Holdings Plc. Gulf owns 46% of InTouch.

InTouch and Gulf expect the deal to be completed by March next year.

Gulf also indicated it will propose a tender offer to acquire the remaining shares of Thaicom from other shareholders.

An industry source who requested anonymity said the planned acquisition of Thaicom by Gulf may be driven by business and political reasons.

In August 2021, Gulf completed its 25-day tender offer for a stake in InTouch, becoming the largest shareholder in the tech and telecom-oriented holding firm, whose major shareholdings were earlier controlled by foreign entities.

Before Gulf pursued the tender offer for a stake in InTouch last year, DES Minister Chaiwut Thanakhamanusorn revealed that the ministry would hold talks with InTouch and Thaicom regarding the proportion of the latter's shareholding held by foreign companies.

When the satellite concession contract was awarded by the government in 1991, Shin Corporation, the former name of InTouch, agreed to set up a new firm to run the service, with Shin holding a stake of at least 51%.

The new company was named Shinawatra Satellite, which later changed its name to Thaicom.

In 2003, under the government of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Thaicom asked the Information and Communication Technology Ministry -- the former name of the DES Ministry -- to adjust the concession by letting InTouch reduce its stake in Thaicom to 40%, from at least 51%, as it wanted more partners. This proposal was later approved.

While the National Anti-Corruption Commission later ruled against the approval, InTouch's stake in Thaicom never returned to the 51% as stipulated in the contract.

Mr Chaiwut previously said as InTouch's share proportion in Thaicom should be at least 51%, and with Singapore's Singtel holding a 21% stake in InTouch, efforts must be made to ensure the proportion of a foreign entity's shareholdings in Thaicom were not greater than those held by Thai entities.

The buyout of Thaicom by a Thai entity meets the government's concerns about national security for digital networks and satellite businesses, the source said.

The new structure of Thaicom should pacify those who are concerned about Thaicom becoming the winning bidder in the auction, according to the source.


AM Thanapant said the NBTC is looking at amendments for some conditions in the regulation that governs landing rights licences for foreign satellites, which could open the door for LEO satellite business in the country.

The move could support new business opportunities in the space economy, he said.

LEO satellites operate 500-2,000 kilometres from Earth's surface, while traditional communication satellites, also known as geostationary satellites, are located higher up at around 36,000km. The lower orbit means lower latency in signal transmission.

LEO satellites have the potential to rival or possibly exceed the fastest ground-based networks because of the rapid travel of communication signals in space.

LEO satellite services are operated by several foreign firms, such as US billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX and the London-based OneWeb.

LEO satellite services, which aim to provide high-end internet coverage to clients such as governments, mining companies and shipping conglomerates as well as remote areas of a country, are only in the early stages and there is not yet a clear business model from a commercial perspective.

Earlier this year Thaicom clinched a partnership deal with Globalstar, a global LEO satellite operator, to establish and operate ground facilities in Thailand for the American firm.

Thaicom said it is also in talks with another three global LEO satellite providers that have strengths in different service categories.

Thaicom applied to the NBTC office for satellite landing rights licences for foreign satellites.

Under an NBTC rule, landing rights licences for foreign satellites include a fee of 7% of total revenue, compared with landing rights licences for Thai satellites, which have a fee of only 4%.

Some foreign operators do not want to form a joint venture with a local business to provide such services here, said AM Thanapant.

Generally, a Thai limited company can have a foreign business ownership maximum of 49%.

"The challenge is to find a balance between the benefits of LEO players and Thai businesses in both the satellite sector and related business fields," he said.

"With borderless business in the internet era, a supportive ecosystem for LEO business in the country is needed."


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Optus D2 12545 V "CG_Adhoc" Changed name, now "TBS_Adhoc"

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NSS 9 177.0W 4099 R "MTN Special Events, MSNBC International, Fox News Channel, CNBC US, Sky News International, BBC World News, Prime Journey, Sky Sports News UK, Sport 24, Prime One, Sky News Australia, Colors, TFC Asia- Pacific, Prime Favorites and BBC HD" have left.

Intelsat 18 180.0E 4095 R "MTN Special Events, MSNBC International, Fox News Channel, CNBC US, Sky News International, BBC World News, Prime Journey, Sky Sports News UK, Sport 24, Prime One, Sport 24 Extra, RTL Deutschland, Sky News Australia, TFC Middle East, Prime Favorites, BBC HD, TVE Internacional Europa, Canal 24 Horas, Australian Comedy & Drama Channel, ABC News, Food Network East, HGTV East, Travel Channel East, France 24 Français, Mediaset Italia, Hunan TV, CCTV 6, CCTV Entertainment, CCTV 4 America and National Geographic UK" have started .

G-Sat 10 83.0E 11170 V "Dhamaka Movies B4U, News State MH & GA, Swatantra TV and News State Bihar Jharkhand" have started on , encrypted.

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马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,3880 H 29720一组Da Vinci Asia、BBC Lifestyle HD等频道消失。(2022-12-08)
亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,卫视国际电影台 中国 、国家地理频道 东南亚等全组频道消失,设置3720 H 30000无信号。(2022-12-08)


Telstra trials live broadcast contribution over 5G

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/08/telstra-trials-live-broadcast-contribution-over-5g/

Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) has trialled 5G Standalone Network Slicing technology with Australian broadcaster Network Ten to test how this technology could support its live coverage of the Flemington Spring Racing carnival. Telstra’s 5G Network Slicing technology provides a video, audio and data connection that combines the low cost and availability of Telstra’s broad mobile network with the high-quality transport required to deliver live television.

The Spring Racing Carnival, held in Melbourne, is a premier racing event in Australia. It covers four days of racing including Victoria Derby Day, Melbourne Cup, followed by Oaks Day and culminating in Champion Stakes Day and provides a great opportunity to explore the challenges and benefits for mobile media contribution. The large venue requires wireless cameras combined with the challenge of transmitting video signals of a fast-moving sport. Crowds of up to 5,000 create congestion on the network and the high-pressure environment of live television demands rugged and reliable technology.

“Telstra’s Standalone Network Slicing trial at the iconic Spring Racing Carnival has again showcased our leadership in 5G, in a real-world setting, for the delivery of live television,” said Head of APAC, Telstra Broadcast Services, Karen Clark. “So far, we have operated the trial successfully for Derby Day and The Melbourne Cup, clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of 5G Network Slicing for uplink of live, premium video feeds. We’re excited that this trial has been able to offer our media and broadcast customers the opportunity to produce high bandwidth, low latency television from a congested venue, without the need for traditional wired infrastructure.”

Telstra’s trial setup was located within the Outside Broadcast precinct at Flemington Racecourse. It used a 5G modem and external antenna connected to a local mobile network cell powered by Ericsson that supports 5G Standalone (SA) with network slicing and radio resource partition.

Vice President Technology, Paramount Australia and New Zealand, Dean Wadsworth, said: “We are delighted to partner with Telstra on this project as it gives us further insight into the potential for 5G network slicing for live production. The success of the trial we conducted at the Spring Racing Carnival demonstrates that coverage of live events can be enriched with reliable links from roving crews, which can be more cost effective. We look forward to exploring this technology with Telstra in future.”

Following the successful conclusion of this technical trial, Telstra will look at opportunities to extend the service to other customers, venues, and media contribution use-cases around the world.

9Now launches Start Over feature

From https://tvtonight.com.au/2022/12/9now-launches-start-over-feature.html

9Now viewers can go back to the start of a Live streaming show for up to two hours.

9Now has launched its very nifty ‘start over’ function which addresses one of the biggest pain points when it comes to watching live content on BVOD – missing the start of a program and having to wait for the video to be published.

It is available on Web and Mobile Apps, and coming soon to Connected TVs (Apple TV, Android TV, Telstra TV, Amazon Fire TV).

Viewers who join a live channel late can start the program over, up to two hours from the start time.

Once a viewer is in start over mode, they are also provided with the ‘jump to’ option which either takes them straight to the live broadcast or, if a new program has started, they can jump straight to the beginning of the next program.

Nine’s Director of Programming and 9Now, Hamish Turner, said “9Now’s focus is simple: to entertain and inform Australians with the very best in sport, news and entertainment. This focus is pivotal with the increase in streaming on connected TVs.

“9Now’s daily active accounts have seen 52% growth over the last two years, and the percentage of live viewing minutes up 40%. The new start over function, coupled with Full HD of all our live simulcast channels enhances the viewing experience, ensuring our audience will never miss a minute from their favourite shows.”

Nine’s Chief Product Officer, Bec Haagsma, said “This investment in 9Now is the perfect example of the market-leading innovation happening across Nine – unique technology for our market, putting our viewers in complete control of their viewing experience, and functionality that no other live broadcaster in the country can compete with. It’s live TV, better.”

“We know our audiences, and are making product improvements with their needs and preferences in mind. We’ve found that on average, people can tune in 5-6 minutes late to the news, and up to 15-20 minutes late to shows like The Block, which is completely relatable given the juggle of work, family and other commitments we all deal with. Now when they open 9Now they can control their viewing of our live schedule, whenever and wherever it suits them.

“This is great news for our advertisers as well, with an increase in total minutes consumed by viewers. For example, we could see as much as a 10% growth in 9News total minutes from this single feature – improving both consumption and engagement.”

The start over function is part of a comprehensive viewer-focused upgrade of 9Now, which brings together the simplicity of free-to-air TV, with the convenience and interactivity of digital.

Other key improvements to the live streaming quality on Nine’s 24/7 live channels include:

Full HD 1080p
50 frames per second (FPS) on Channel 9 and 9Gem
5.1 Dolby Surround Sound
Closed captions

This summer, 9Now will also launch an entirely new in-app experience that instantly plays live TV as soon as you open the app (just like traditional TV), whilst letting you browse the catalogue for your favourite content.

The Australian Open signals the start of the Grand Slam season and it’s the start of a multi-year deal with Sky

From https://www.sky.co.nz/-/the-australian-open-signals-the-start-of-the-grand-slam

• Sky renews its partnership with Tennis Australia, with a multi-year deal for the Australian Open from 2023
• Sky first partnered with the AO in 1991
• Multiple tournaments included in the line-up, including the Laver Cup and AO Legends
• The AO adds to an impressive schedule of sport for Sky viewers

Sky New Zealand is delighted to confirm tennis fans from all over Aotearoa will be able to watch a full slate of tennis from across the Tasman, thanks to a multi-year deal with Tennis Australia.

Sophie Moloney, Sky CEO says, “We know how much the Australian Open is loved by our customers, who look forward to these two weeks of world class tennis every summer. I’m so pleased our customers will be able to see the best in the business on court in Melbourne for years to come. What’s more the Open follows the ASB Classic in January, back for the first time in two years and also available on Sky.

“In addition to the Australian Open grand slam, the new deal with our partner Tennis Australia includes the AO Junior Championships, AO Legends, the AO Qualifying Tournament, the Wheelchair Championships and the AO Australian and Asia-Pacific Wildcard Play-offs. The deal also includes the Laver Cup – the latter celebrating the legendary Rod Laver after whom the famed Melbourne tennis arena is named.

“Sky has been an amazing partner for more than 30 years and has helped make the Australian Open one of the most popular sports events in New Zealand,” Tennis Australia Chief Revenue Officer Cedric Cornelis said.

“Sky’s innovative approach to showcasing the full AO experience in January across all media platforms will also help us drive more Kiwi visitors across the Tasman to our events.”

The AO follows the ASB Classic in New Zealand and will be live on Sky and Sky Sport Now from 16 – 29 January 2023, with other related tournaments ahead of that landmark event including the Qualifying Tournament as outlined above. Specifically, Sky will have four dedicated channels on Sky Sport and Sky Sport Now. What’s more, Sky Box subscribers will be able to access a total of 16 different court feeds via Sky Go so they can watch ALL the action wherever they are able to stream. Selected content will also be available free-to-air, with details to be revealed soon.

Success for OneWeb and 40 satellites

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/09/success-for-oneweb-and-40-satellites/

A SpaceX rocket successfully launched 40 OneWeb satellites into orbit on December 8th (at 5.27pm local Florida time). The satellites were deployed shortly after launch and signal acquisition confirmed on all the satellites.

The mission was OneWeb’s 15th to date and the constellation operator says puts it firmly back on track to start global coverage and services in 2023.

With 502 satellites in-orbit, OneWeb has almost 80 per cent of its first-generation constellation completed – with only three more launches now remaining to reach global coverage. The latest launch is a significant milestone, as the company will be able to expand service dramatically and initiate connectivity solutions soon to areas including the US, Southern Europe and North Africa, Northern India, the Middle East, Japan, Southern Australia, South Africa and parts of South America.

OneWeb has just three more launches needed to achieve full deployment of its fleet.

Neil Masterson, Chief Executive Officer of OneWeb, commented: “This launch is an immensely gratifying way to close out 2022, bringing OneWeb another step closer to activating our space-based connectivity globally and reflecting the shared ambition and collective goodwill that is driving the satellite communications industry. We are thankful for the support of other leaders in the space industry allowing us to quickly restart our launch campaign and we are delighted to work with SpaceX today for our first-ever launch from Florida, the home where our satellites are manufactured. As we look to our final ‘Three to Global Reality’ launches in the first half of 2023, we are thrilled to see our connectivity footprint dramatically expand from today, and to soon activate our network globally to reach remote and under-served areas of the world.”

SpaceX successfully landed its Falcon 9 booster following what was a textbook launch.

Disney+ AVoD launches with 100+ advertisers

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/09/disney-avod-launches-with-100-advertisers/

Disney+ Basic, Disney’s ad-supported subscription offering is now available in the US, with more than 100 advertisers across all major categories at launch. New subscription plans with ads across the Disney Bundle and Hulu + Live TV are also now available, delivering viewers more options to choose a plan that best serves their needs to stream their favourite content.

“Today’s launch marks a milestone moment for Disney+ and puts consumer choice at the forefront,” said Michael Paull, president, Direct to Consumer. “With these new ad-supported offerings, we’re able to deliver greater flexibility for consumers to enjoy the full breadth and depth of incredible storytelling from The Walt Disney Company.”
“Today we welcome Disney+ with ads to the largest, most diverse and impactful portfolio in the industry,” added Rita Ferro, president, Disney Advertising. “We are committed to connecting our clients to the best storytelling in the world while delivering innovation and viewer-first experiences in streaming now and in the future.”

At launch, Disney+ Basic subscribers will enjoy the full content catalogue and key product features that are also offered on a Disney+ Premium plan. This includes:
•Exclusive Originals & Library Content – an ever-growing collection of thousands of titles across films, documentaries, series, and shorts, plus unprecedented access to Disney’s long history of incredible film and television entertainment
•Profiles – create up to seven profiles per account, with the ability to set profile PINs and content ratings by profile through Parental Controls
•Concurrent Viewing – stream on up to four supported devices simultaneously
•High-Quality Video Formats – including, where supported, 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, Full HD, HDR10, and Expanded Aspect Ratio with IMAX Enhanced

Existing Disney+ subscribers have the option to switch to the Basic plan for $7.99 (€7.56)/month. Those that choose to remain a Premium subscriber for $10.99/month or $109.99/year require no further action.

Disney+ Basic launches with a roster of blue-chip brand advertisers and from all major agency holding companies including Dentsu, Havas, Horizon, IPG, Omnicom Group, Publicis, RPA, Stagwell and WPP, representing over a dozen categories including (retail, apparel, autos, financial services, restaurants, technology, telecom, CPG, travel) with hundreds of creatives that Disney says will deliver the volume and variety needed to create a great experience for brands and consumers.

Subscriptions to Disney+ Basic are intended only for use in the US and in countries where an ad-supported subscription is available. Disney+ Basic subscribers will not have access to Premium features such as Downloads or GroupWatch and SharePlay, as well as Dolby Atmos at launch.

China launches new test satellite

From https://english.news.cn/20221207/d2164995af01440c8f8e976f1af00891/c.html

A Kuaizhou-11 Y2 carrier rocket carrying the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) test satellite blasts off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China, Dec. 7, 2022. The satellite was launched at 9:15 a.m. (Beijing Time) and entered the planned orbit. (Photo by Wang Jiangbo/Xinhua)

JIUQUAN, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) -- China successfully sent a new test satellite into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Wednesday.

The VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) test satellite was launched by a Kuaizhou-11 Y2 carrier rocket at 9:15 a.m. (Beijing Time) and entered the planned orbit.

The satellite will be mainly used for communications test and key technologies verification of the VDES and the automatic identification system (AIS).

It was the 23rd flight mission of the Kuaizhou-11 rockets, according to the launch center.

SES launches satellite for internet service

From https://www.manilatimes.net/2022/12/09/business/corporate-news/ses-launches-satellite-for-internet-service/1869574

SATELLITE global connectivity solutions company SES officially revealed its second-generation Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellation system which will begin providing terabit-level scalable services in the third quarter of 2023.

According to the company, this launch is the first of the five O3b mPOWER launches before the company begins formal operations.

The satellite constellation communications system comprises an initial constellation of 11 high-throughput and low-latency satellites as well as extensive ground infrastructure. It also builds on the success of SES' first-generation O3b system, the industry's only commercially proven non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) constellation, and will also operate in the medium earth orbit at 8,000 kilometers away from Earth.

"The O3b mPOWER will offer low-latency (roundtrip latency of less than 150 milliseconds) connectivity services ranging from 50 Mbps (megabits per second) to multiple gigabits per second as it is designed to enable the delivery of high-throughput in the most flexible manner," the company said. "This will help telecommunications, maritime, aeronautical and energy sectors, as well as governments and institutions across the world.

For the Philippines, SES Asia Director for Business Development Rob Marabut explained that this technology will be able to help Filipinos connect with each other better as it will help their clients boost services to their clients.
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"As of 2022, 76.01 million internet users in the Philippines account for only 68 percent of the population. There is high connectivity in urban areas, but the opposite applies to rural areas," Marabut said. "O3b mPOWER will help to further bridge the digital divide in previously unconnected areas in the country by delivering high-quality connectivity in remote areas or where geography makes communications infrastructure expensive to build."

Marabut added that the constellation will also support 4G (fourth generation) and 5G (fifth generation) mobile deployments in these areas, ultimately driving digital transformation, cloud adoption and digital services for several businesses and individuals in the country.

"O3b mPOWER will also provide instant bulletproof recovery solutions in the case of natural disasters by ensuring uninterrupted connectivity during emergencies as well," Marabut pointed out.

The NBTC has unanimously resolved to reimburse 600 million baht from the Sports Authority of Thailand.

From https://www-thansettakij-com.translate.goog/sport/sport/549576?fbclid=IwAR0yPbIxtGeBMuCSrer1ANEUrTbgJF_C6DCGrVJp0JmhK_BP7p7rHtgUA28&_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp

The NBTC unanimously resolved to demand a refund of 600 million baht from Sports Authority of Thailand After breaking the conditions for live broadcasting of the 2022 World Cup, leaving the IPTV box "black screen"

On December 8, 2022, today, reporters reported that The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission or the NBTC board held a special meeting on the consideration of the implementation of the memorandum of cooperation on the support of expenses for live broadcasting of the World Cup 2017. 2022 (Final)

Recently, a news source from the NBTC revealed to "Economic Base" that the NBTC board meeting of 6 people unanimously resolved. Ask the Sports Authority of Thailand or SAT to refund 600 million baht within 15 days after being notified in writing. with default interest at the rate of 5 percent per year (if any) to support the cost of purchasing the rights to broadcast the live broadcast of the 2022 World Cup (final round) after the "black screen" IPTV pay-TV problem 

Sources from the NBTC have further revealed that The official money collection letter that was issued. because the board The NBTC needs to take action in the power of NBTC to protect themselves If in the future prosecuted under Section 157

Previously, the NBTC sent a letter to the SAT requesting a return of 600 million baht in support after the black screen IPTV subscription system had the following key points:

memorandum of agreement Its purpose is to enable the general public and underprivileged people to view and access the live coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Finals) and any broadcasting or television broadcasting business licensee or licensee under the supervision of The NBTC and the Office of the NBTC can legally broadcast the 2022 FIFA World Cup (final round) under the announcement. relevant criteria so that the general public and underprivileged people can view and access such programs.

Re: Criteria for Broadcasting a Television Broadcasting Service Provided in General as well as to ensure that all television network operators who provide pay television services Proceed to broadcast live broadcasts of the FIFA World Cup Final 2022 (Final Round) (FIFA World Cup Final 2022) so that members can receive regular television services directly and continuously. and there is no change, reproduction, adaptation of the program schedule or program contents according to Clause 6 of the NBTC's Notification on General Television Broadcasting Criteria immediately from the date of receipt of this letter in case SAT fails to correct or is unable to perform properly as specified in Clause 2, the Office of the NBTC reserves the right under Clause 8 of the MOU.
The SAT is obligated to return all received support to the Office of the NBTC within 15 days after being notified in writing. with default interest at the rate of 5 percent per year (if any). The Office of the NBTC reserves the right to claim any damages. As a result of SAT's non-compliance with the memorandum of agreement that occurred or may occur in the future.

Sencinet’s 5-Year HTS capacity commitment on Telesat’s Telstar 19 VANTAGE Satellite

From https://news.satnews.com/2022/12/08/sencinets-5-year-hts-capacity-commitment-on-telesats-telstar-19-vantage-satellite/?mohide=true&mc_cid=c7b21139b0&mc_eid=e80892f101

Telesat, a satellite operator, and Sencinet, an integrator of managed services and solutions, announced Sencinet’s 5-year high-throughput satellite (HTS) capacity commitment to modernize and expand the Petrobras oil and gas connectivity network.
Telesat’s Telstar 19 VANTAGE satellite

The innovative design of Telesat’s Telstar 19 VANTAGE satellite was a key differentiator in the managed solution that Sencinet designed to win the Petrobras connectivity network contract. A high-power Ku-band spot beam will provide very high throughputs at a lower cost-per-bit in the Brazilian Pre-salt oil region, where the greatest concentration of Petrobras’ data traffic occurs. This, combined with a wide regional Ku-beam on the same satellite will connect refineries and other enterprise locations throughout the country.

“We congratulate Sencinet on winning this competitive procurement and for making Telstar 19 VANTAGE a key component of its solution for Petrobras,” stated Glenn Katz, Telesat’s Chief Commercial Officer. “As valued partners for nearly two decades, Sencinet and Telesat have been collaborating and engineering cutting-edge solutions, creating important operational and commercial advantages for enterprise customers in Brazil.”

“With an optimal 63°W orbital location over Brazil, Telstar 19 VANTAGE provides Petrobras with unsurpassed performance and efficiency,” stated Jayme Ribeiro, Sencinet’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing. “Additionally, our state-of-the-art hub investments leveraged in this solution provides growth capabilities for Petrobras as well as other enterprise customers in the region.”

Warner Music Group launches channels on Roku

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/12/08/warner-music-group-launches-channels-on-roku/

Warner Music Group’s editorial and engagement division Warner Music Experience (WMX) has launched three new FAST channels on The Roku Channel in the US. The move is the latest indication that music-based content is a key area of expansion for FAST, with MTV and Vevo-branded channels already active in the sector.

The three new channels are WMX Pop, WMX Rock and WMX Hip-Hop. They will be exclusive to Roku for three months before seeking distribution on other platforms.

WMX president Maria Weaver said: “FAST is growing twice as quickly as the general CTV market, and there is undeniable demand for music content in the FAST space. At WMX, we strive to bring our artists every opportunity to connect with their fans and to ensure that their content reaches fans everywhere they are.”

The new channels will feature music videos and concerts from Warner Music’s catalogue of artists as well as original programming from the company’s media brands, including UPROXX, HipHopDX, Songkick, Cover Nation, The Pit and Lasso Nation. There are also plans for the channels to premiere new exclusive series, such as “Iconic Records: Life After Death,” a show about the world’s most iconic albums.

BBC UKTV channel to join South Africa’s DStv this month

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/12/07/bbc-uktv-channel-to-join-south-africas-dstv-this-month/

Multichoice’s digital PayTV platform DStv is adding a new BBC channel to its offering from December 15. BBC UKTV, which is also available in Australia, offers a variety of UK-originated content including comedy, soaps, natural history, kids content and flagship factual entertainment franchises like Top Gear.

The move means that DStv now carries six BBC channels on its platform. The rest of the line-up includes BBC Earth, BBC Brit, BBC Lifestyle, CBeebies, and BBC World News. Commenting on the latest addition, MultiChoice’s executive head of general entertainment channels Georginah Machiridza said. “We have strengthened our partnerships, which has in turn strengthened our content offering, therefore, we are extremely excited to introduce BBC UKTV to our viewers.”

The move is a slight surprise, given that there were reports in October that BBC UKTV was launching as a free-to-air channel on South Africa’s Openview, an eMedia owned platform that is in 3 million homes. This move was postponed – so it is not clear at time of writing if that deal has been scrapped, if a non-exclusive agreement has been reached, or if another variant of the channel is also coming to the country.

Multichoice is active across both PayTV and streaming, via its Showmax platform. In November, it reported that its linear PayTV base grew 5% to reach 22.1 million subscribers, made up of 9.1 million in South Africa and 13 million in the rest of Africa.

SVOD streamer Paramount+ goes live in German-speaking territories

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/12/08/svod-streamer-paramount-goes-live-in-german-speaking-territories/

Global streaming service Paramount+ is launching today in the DACH market (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) with thousands of hours of content. The launch follows last week’s arrival in France and means the service is now live in 45 markets. 

Parent group Paramount held an event in Berlin last night to showcase the content coming at launch. Key titles include Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Yellowstone and Germany Shore, based on the Jersey Shore format. Additionally, Paramount+ will offer a selection of blockbuster films following their theatrical and home entertainment releases, including Top Gun: Maverick, which arrives on December 22nd.

Paramount+ says it is also investing in local content and talent, with German-language originals including such as Der Scheich (The Sheik), Spotlight and Simon Beckett’s Chemistry of Death, a crime series based on a series of best-selling novels.

Marco Nobili, EVP and international GM of Paramount+, said: “2022 has been the year of global expansion for Paramount+. With the latest launch in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and France last week, we are now streaming in key markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia and soon in India.”

Starting today, Paramount+ in Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be available online at https://paramountplus.de , on mobile devices and a range of connected TV devices via distribution through Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Roku and more. Users will be able to sign up at the price of € 7.99 or CHF 12 after a 7-day trial period.

Paramount+ is also launching on Sky platforms. Through this agreement, Sky subscribers with Sky Cinema will have access to Paramount+ content at no additional cost, and the Paramount+ app will launch on Sky Q. In French-speaking Switzerland, Paramount+ will be exclusively distributed via Canal+ packages.


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Optus D3 156E 11720 H Sr 29500 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 3/5
Sid 16006 Vpid 1061 (H264) Apid 1064 "WWE HD" started , Irdeto / NDS

From my Email


From The Dish

Optus D3 156.0E 11720 H "WWE Network Australia" has started on , Irdeto.

AsiaSat 7 105.5E 3725 V "Channel S" has left .
AsiaSat 7 105.5E 4180 V "Sony Wah" has left .

AsiaSat 5 100.5E 4040 H "Angel TV Far East" has started on , Fta.

G-Sat 15 93.5E 11090 V "Dhamaka Movies B4U has replaced B4U Bhojpuri" on , Fta.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11510 V "Atrangii" has left .
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11670 H Travelxp HD, Cartoon Network India and Colors Bangla have started on , Irdeto. Gemini Movies, Asianet HD and Surya TV have left.

G-Sat 10 83.0E 3831 V "Gyandhara and Gyandarshan" have left.

Apstar 7 76.5E 3720 H Star Movies Gold, Star Chinese Channel International, Star Chinese Movies South East Asia, National Geographic Asia and National Geographic Wild Asia have left again.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 3828 V "GS TV" has left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 4059 V "CTS" has left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 H "Winners Chapel International" has started on , Fta.

From playtv

亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,3753 V 8330一组KidZone+ Pakistan、Pop Pakistan两个频道消失。(2022-12-07)

亚洲5号(100.5°E)卫星,4040 H 29720一组新增安琪电视,开锁播出。(2022-12-05)
Eutelsat172B(172.0°E)卫星,3947 H 15000一组新增Elections Channel,开锁播出。(2022-12-05)


Foxtel builds up to SVOD advertising launch

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/12/06/foxtel-builds-up-to-svod-advertising-launch/

Australian pay TV platform Foxtel is on track to launch an advertising proposition on its Binge SVOD service in March next year, according to Mark Frain, CEO of Foxtel Media.

Foxtel evolved from pay TV to a streaming-focused business while maintaining its traditional set-top business over the last five years.

Speaking at the Future of TV Advertising event in London, Frain said his company had to move aggressively into streaming to address declining revenues and increasing costs and the impact this was having on the coe business. Kayo Sports took all of the group’s premium sports from TV to an on-demand streaming platform. This was followed by SVOD service Binge.

Kayo cost A$25 a month compared with a price of around A$100 for the core pay TV offering. Some 67% of customers are now streaming customers, compared with 8% in 2022. Foxtel is now in every second house, double the penetration it had in 2017.

Kayo Sports now has 1.27 million subs while binge has 1.45 million.

Foxtel Media was a linear ad business. The group did not turn on advertising on Kayo until it had critical mass. Foxtel will launch an ad tier on Binge in March next year.

“We will launch with an audience of just under half a million, so it is a valuable audience to reach,” he said. The group will cap ad load at four minutes per hour with frequency capping.

The group has worked to ensure that the ad experience is positive. Frain said that “watchability, connectivity and useability” were key.

He said that Foxtel had always run half the ad load of FTA networks in the Australian market. This was only now beginning to deliver a premium in relation to the ad sale, he said.

He said audience engagement on Kayo Sports was 30% better than FTA, and ad awareness was 1.5 times greater. Ads were working 50% better, he said.

Work on measuring these results was enabling Foxtel to charge more than FTA, he said. A$50-60 CPM on Binge was about three times the value of CPMs on FTA linear TV, he said. “This is our opportunity to be at the top of the food chain when it comes to CPMs,” he said.

Frain said Foxtel Media revenue had grown 18% year-on-year, with digital accounting for 30% of the overall book.

He said that Kayo was now a A$60 million ad business on its way to becoming worth A$100 million.

In terms of measurement, Frain said that Foxtel Media was able to “mark its own homework” in the way that Meta and YouTube had done for years, with no pushback. He said he believed that changes in the measurement ecosystem were now inevitable.

Elon Musk's SpaceX unveils Starshield satellite services for U.S. military

From https://www.spacewar.com/reports/Elon_Musks_SpaceX_unveils_Starshield_satellite_services_for_US_military_999.html

SpaceX is rolling out a new business called Starshield to support U.S. military applications, building upon the company's existing satellite system.

The latest Elon Musk endeavor expands on Starlink Internet satellite technology for national security uses, to include secure communications and space surveillance payloads, for its largest customer, the Pentagon.

"While Starlink is designed for consumer and commercial use, Starshield is designed for government use," the company wrote on its website, "with an initial focus on three areas: Earth observation, communications and hosted payloads."

"Space X's ongoing work with the Department of Defense and other partners demonstrates our ability to provide in-space and on-ground capability at scale," the company said.

Starshield will offer satellites with sensing payloads to deliver data directly to the user, provide global communications to government users and build satellite buses to support customer payload missions providing "end-to-end systems" to win big ticket government contracts.

In addition, Starshield satellites would be equipped with laser terminals to allow them to operate with existing military satellites, since the Defense Department wants to use commercial low Earth orbit satellite capacity to transport data.

SpaceX continues to build out its Starlink satellite system. Last week, the company received federal approval to launch 7,500 communication satellites to expand Starlink's Internet services around the world.

Currently, there are more than 3,500 older model satellites in orbit, providing services to about 500,000 Starlink subscribers as of June.

The newly approved second-generation satellites will be deployed in the Starlink Internet network constellation that circles the Earth in low orbit amid tons of space junk.

Musk said the new satellites are a lot bigger than the older model, due to the large size of the antenna.

Eutelsat takes Press TV off air

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/07/eutelsat-takes-press-tv-off-air/

French satellite operator Eutelsat has taken Press TV off air following the European Union’s imposition of sanctions on Iran’s English-language news network, according to a Breaking News report on the service’s website.

On November 14th, the European Union imposed sanctions on a number of Iranian institutions and individuals, including Press TV, over alleged rights violations following the recent riots in the country.

Press TV was forced off the air in the UK after media regulator Ofcom revoked its licence for what it described as a serious breach of the Broadcasting Code

SIG: “Risk of 5G interference on satellite controlled”

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/07/sig-risk-of-5g-interference-on-satellite-controlled/

The Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) has concluded that the risk of interference to satellite systems from 5G is, although real, controlled and being effectively resolved on a case-by-case basis by satellite operators and affected clients. This conclusion was reached following a review of the findings of the SIG 5G working group, which commenced in November 2021, to gather and analyse a broad range of data.

The results of the analysis so far show that there are no direct reports of incidents regarding 5G C-Band interference. While there is reference to problems between 5G and C-Band, that is being handled by both satellite operators and their clients directly. The analysis also indicated a global trend for auctioning off C-Band frequencies.

Martin Coleman, Board Member, the Satcoms Innovation Group has been leading the working group and commented: “European and Global satellite operators in general now accept that C-Band frequencies below 3.8GHz are the domain of the mobile industry and work closely with the relatively few clients affected to resolve any local difficulties between 5G and a client’s satellite ground infrastructure. An exception to this is within the USA where satellite operators accept C-Band frequencies below 4GHz are for mobile services.”

A likely modification to the current division of C-Band will be the addition of a 40MHz guard band changing the useable limits for satellite services to 3.84GHZ and 4.04GHz, respectively. This would ensure better service results for those clients having to modify their ground systems.

The Satcoms Innovation Group added that the data collected raises the need for further investigation into RFI and spectrum issues from mobile and wireless operators, around the use of Ka-Band (26GHz) and Q-Band (40GHz).

Helen Weedon, Managing Director, SIG, commented: “These results are relatively good news for the satellite industry, however, there is a need for ongoing monitoring of any potential reports of 5G interference. In addition, further analysis around the use of Ka-Band and Q-Band frequencies is also required.”


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Apstar 7 76.5E 3840 H Sr 9872 "SWE-043 (Mobilinks) DVB-S2 8psk Fec 3/4
Cross-Country Skiing Women

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D2 12701 V Sr 15000 "SCM | FOXSPORT" Encrypted
D2 12714 V Sr 7500 "SCM | SEVEN (STS) Encrypted

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Intelsat 19 166.0E 12606 H "3ABN International" has started on , Fta.

G-Sat 30 83.0E 4133 H "Awakening TV" has started on , Fta.

ABS 2 75.0E 3606 V "AP1 TV" has left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 4184 V "TV 9 Bharatvarsh, TV 9 Gujarati, TV 9 Kannada, TV 9 Marathi and TV 9 Telugu" have started on, Fta.

From playtv

老挝1号(128.5°E)卫星,3651 V 12000一组Red TV、Nepal TV分别替换Gold Sports、ARY Digital Asia两频道,依旧开锁播出,同组Mega TV等频道消失。(2022-12-03)

马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,Transvision直播12563 H 30000、12563 V 30000两组信号消失。(2022-12-02)

中新二号(88.0°E)卫星,12702 H 20000一组佛卫慈悲台消失,目前彩条开锁播出。(2022-11-29)


More Fijians have access to Walesi platform

From https://www.fbcnews.com.fj/news/over-230000-fijians-now-have-access-to-walesi-platform-throughout-fiji/

Over 230,000 Fijians now have access to Walesi platform throughout Fiji.

Chief Executive, Sanjay Maharaj says out of this, 90 percent of Fijians have received the set-top box for free while 10 percent purchased it as they did not qualify for the subsidy.

He adds they have also installed 3,500 digital satellite receivers in rural and maritime areas.

“We have also connected 200 plus schools to the Walesi platform to Walesi Digital TV, again, this gives students access to gain educational content, news, and generally just keeping in touch with the rest of the world. Some of the schools we visited were very remote and for some students, that was the first time they ever saw TV.”

Maharaj says they have also conducted over 500 community installments for easy access to the Walesi platform.

Russia gets approval for satellite broadband

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/05/russia-gets-approval-for-satellite-broadband/

Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia has succeeded in gaining regulatory approval for a global broadband-by-satellite constellation. The project – called Sphere – already has one satellite in orbit, a ”demonstration” SkyF-D craft, launched on October 22nd.

Russian Space Agency Roscosmos is backing the scheme, and the Russian government has plans to invest some $370 million by 2024 having spent $92.5 million last year and similar sums in 2022 and annually until 2024.

The system calls for an initial 12 satellites but a total of 264 in the full constellation and which operate in a Medium Earth orbit (MEO) of 8070 kms. The project is planned to initially serve Russia before expanding to the rest of the planet.

It is the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) which authorised the SkyF project despite delays in the manufacturing of the satellite.

Sphere is described as a public/private project although it is as yet unclear as to who will be financing the constellation, not whether international sanctions against Russia will permit rapid progress to be made.

Last year, before the Ukraine war, the Sphere project was said to be one of the key projects of Roscosmos and aimed at developing space information technologies and eliminating the so-called digital inequality. Thanks to it, “the most modern communication and monitoring system will be created, including both the existing and future space infrastructure,” stated Roscosmos.

DAZN launches first ever FAST channel on waipu.tv in Germany

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/12/02/dazn-launches-first-ever-fast-channel-on-waipu-tv-in-germany/

German streaming service waipu.tv and sports platform DAZN have joined forces to launch a new DAZN-branded FAST channel for German sports fans.

Called DAZN FAST, the channel is the sports streamer’s first free channel. Designed to complement the company’s subscription offering, its line up includes documentaries, highlights, and reruns of live matches from top leagues such as LaLiga and Serie A. DAZN Originals such as The Phenomenon will also be shown on DAZN FAST, as well as shows such as Decoded, Inside Football and Unfiltered.

The FAST channel is part of a wider partnership between the two companies which will also see DAZN’s subscription services integrated into a broad-based entertainment package. Called Perfect Plus with DAZN, this package will be marketed at €39.99 per month and include around 200 HD TV channels and 30,000 hours of VOD content alongside the live sports events scheduled on DAZN.

Alice Mascia, CEO of DAZN in the DACH region, said: “With the joint package and the integration of the linear DAZN TV and FAST channels into the waipu.tv offer, we are once again making it easier for sports fans to enjoy our content. The partnership is a further step towards making DAZN available to a broad, sports-loving target group.”

Markus Härtenstein, CEO of Exaring AG, operator of waipu.tv added: “This co-operation brings us closer to the goal of becoming the German TV super aggregator.”

Poll: UK adults seek traditional TV and radio protection

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/05/poll-uk-adults-seek-traditional-tv-and-radio-protection/

Three quarters (75 per cent) of people in key UK constituencies want their MP to protect traditional TV services, as the country faces a deepening cost of living crisis.

A poll of over 5,000 people in the north and south of England found that eight in 10 (78 per cent) see digital terrestrial TV – better known as Freeview – as important, if not essential, to their daily lives. Around eight in 10 (78 per cent) said they depend on traditional TV as an affordable and valued form of entertainment.

More than a quarter (26 per cent) are worried about the cost of TV subscriptions – rising to 40 per cent of those on lower incomes. Half can’t afford subscription services or don’t think they offer value for money, and more than half (52 per cent) said they aren’t interested in switching from Freeview to streaming apps.

Rising prices have led households to cut back on TV streaming services this year as people look for ways to save money, according to market research company Kantar.

The value for money and high-quality programming offered by traditional TV is particularly important for families. In the constituencies polled, more than eight in 10 people (82 per cent) said they rely on terrestrial TV as an affordable form of entertainment for their children. Two thirds said they believed watching Freeview is better for their children than streaming services or YouTube.

Digital terrestrial TV is universally available across the UK, it doesn’t need a superfast broadcast connection, and there’s no additional monthly subscription cost.

The areas polled by Strand Partners and broadcast infrastructure company Arqiva cover key constituencies in the north of England, such as Darlington where Peter Gibson is MP, and in the south-west – including North Devon where Selaine Saxby is MP. The survey also captures Transport Minister Richard Holden’s North-West Durham constituency and former Tory Chairman Sir Jake Berry’s Rossendale and Darwen constituency.

More than seven in 10 (72 per cent) said the loss of traditional TV would have a significant negative impact on the UK. Around two thirds (65 per cent) think it should be classed as ‘critical national infrastructure’ – essential for the day to day running of the country. When asked, 16 per cent of those polled said they associate protecting traditional TV services with the Conservative Party, 34 per cent associated it with Labour.

As it stands, there is only certainty of provision for TV and radio through an aerial until the early 2030s. Ofcom is currently considering what the UK’s negotiating position will be at the 2023 World Radio Communication Conference (WRC23), where countries will decide whether the spectrum of radio frequencies currently used for TV broadcasting should instead be allocated to other technologies. Decisions at previous WRCs have already led to a reduction in the spectrum allocated to digital terrestrial TV, which has meant more services are now squeezed into fewer frequency bands.

If the UK is to preserve its broadcast services it will need to fight for them in negotiation with other countries, including those within the EU who are expected to vote as one bloc. To have the technical capacity to deliver these services later down the line, the Government must commit to protect them now and ensure that there is no change in the spectrum allocated to television broadcasting.

Selaine Saxby, Conservative MP for North Devon, said: “People in my constituency rely on their terrestrial TV service. I see every day how essential Freeview is to families in rural areas who struggle to get good broadband, to those who cannot afford monthly streaming subscriptions, and to older people who lack confidence online. We must protect terrestrial TV services for the long-term, and I will be pressing that case with government.”

Peter Gibson, Conservative MP for Darlington, said: “I am concerned about the potential lack of continued terrestrial TV and radio services for my constituents in Darlington. Before these are potentially disconnected, we need a much deeper understanding as to who this is going to affect the most and how it will impact vulnerable people in our community.”

The coalition behind the Broadcast 2040+ campaign has written to Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State at the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, to urge the Government to protect traditional TV and radio services to 2040 and beyond.

The letter, from Arqiva Chief Executive Shuja Khan, is signed by a range of groups on behalf of viewers and listeners across the country, including the Children’s Media Foundation, over-60s campaign group Silver Voices, and the Rural Services Network.

In the letter, Arqiva CEO Shuja Khan said:

Broadcast TV and radio are part of the daily routine of tens of millions of people across the UK – nine out of ten adults listen to radio at least once a week and nearly half the households in the UK regularly access television through an aerial.

These services bind us together as a people, whether it is through national moments that matter like the Queen’s State Funeral and Jubilee or celebrating national success like the Women’s Euro Final.

Now is a critical moment to guarantee them for the long-term. The Government is only committed to these services until the early 2030s. On questions of critical national infrastructure, that is closer than it seems.

Dennis Reed, Director of UK-wide over-60s campaign group Silver Voices, said: “The Arqiva survey proves how important terrestrial TV and radio is to the well-being of older people. At a time when pensioners’ income is under so much stress from energy prices and food inflation, streaming services are a luxury few can afford. Freeview has been a lifeline for older people during the pandemic, and now during the cost-of-living crisis, providing public information, entertainment and company. The Government must give an unequivocal commitment to maintaining terrestrial services up to and beyond 2040.”

Greg Childs OBE, Director of the Children’s Media Foundation, said: “The high value placed on digital terrestrial television services by families with children is an indicator of the continued importance of public service content to parents, which is not at all surprising to us at the Children’s Media Foundation. In the face of the cost of the growing number of streaming services and the unreliability and insecurity of ‘free surfing’ on YouTube or TikTok, parents naturally want to ensure the continuation of services which offer their kids content that is regulated, relevant, rooted in their own lifestyles, and not reliant on the additional cost of subscription.

“It’s clear that parents and children will miss Freeview services if they are no longer available.”

Graham Biggs MBE, Chief Executive of The Rural Services Network, said: “Government often states a policy that no-one should be disadvantaged by where they live. The Rural Services Network recently published a report showing that the cost of living in rural areas is higher than elsewhere whilst local earnings are less. This reinforces the fact that the safeguarding of DTT and radio is of fundamental importance to rural areas where the population is much older than the national average and the least well served by broadband connectivity. We continue to strongly support the Broadcast 2040+ campaign.”

Colin Browne, Chairman of the Voice of the Listener & Viewer, said: “This research underlines how important it is that viewers and listeners across the UK are able to access high quality television and radio into the future. Only digital terrestrial can guarantee that.”

“Universal access to public service broadcasting is a vital element in the social glue which binds us all together as a nation,” commented Patrick Younge, former Chief Creative Officer of BBC Television Production and Chair of the British Broadcasting Challenge. “It is as important for our social well-being as the NHS is for our physical health.”

Paramount+, British Airways channel partnership

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/05/210727/

SVoD service Paramount+ is partnering with British Airways to preview some of the streamer’s best television series on long-haul international flights.

A dedicated channel on the airline’s Highlife entertainment platform will feature a curation of exclusive Paramount+ series for all ages, including Halo, The Offer, Queen of the Universe, Kamp Koral: Spongebob’s Under Years, Icarly, Yellowstone and the Star Trek franchise.

Customers who wish to continue watching their favourite programme after their flight can do so by subscribing to the streaming service via a QR code on the Paramount+ channel on Highlife or on ParamountPlus.com. Customers will also be able to subscribe to Paramount+ ahead of their trip, providing them with the ultimate entertainment travel companion before, during and after their flight.

An introductory subscription offer of a month-long trial of Paramount+ will also available via the British Airways’ Executive Club, for Bronze, Silver and Gold members.

“This partnership is a fantastic platform for our continued growth in the UK, allowing us to introduce millions of customers a year to some of the best shows anywhere, available on Paramount+,” declared Anna Priest, Chief Marketing Officer, UK, at Paramount. “We’re confident that British Airways customers will love what they see and be encouraged to continue exploring the mountain of entertainment on offer.”

“We’re committed to enhancing the premium experience for customers when they choose to fly with us and we believe this new partnership with Paramount+ allows our customers to enjoy hours of content in the comfort of their seat,” added Calum Laming, British Airways’ Chief Customer Officer. “There really is something available for everyone!”

QVC, HSN livestream video shopping on Pluto TV

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/05/qvc-hsn-livestream-video-shopping-on-pluto-tv/

Video commerce specialists QVC and HSN have launched on AVoD service Pluto TV. QVC and HSN are joining Pluto TV in the US as the only livestream shopping channels on the service.

QVC and HSN, part of Qurate Retail, will offer Pluto TV’s audience some 40 hours a day of live vCommerce programming across both channels, featuring premier brands and fresh new products presented by celebrities, influencers and other interesting personalities who engage with customers in real-time on multiple platforms. This includes such shows as QVC’s In the Kitchen with David which is watched in nearly 700,000 homes per hour across America during each of its two editions per week, and HSN’s Gotta See G by Giuliana Rancic, which is watched by over 270,000 homes per hour across the US.

“With QVC and HSN in the line-up, Pluto TV viewers can now enjoy two distinct livestream shopping experiences, each with its own celebrities, product collections and storytelling style,” said David Apostolico, SVP Platform Strategy, Development & Distribution, vCommerce Ventures at Qurate Retail Group. “We look forward to welcoming new and existing customers via Pluto TV and are determined to continue meeting passionate shoppers everywhere they are engaging with video.”

“QVC and HSN are leaders in livestream video commerce, offering curated products and lean-back shopping experiences that are fun and engaging,” added Amy Kuessner, Senior Vice President of Content Strategy & Global Partnerships, Paramount Streaming. “Their esteemed expertise and reputation in the landscape are qualities we are proud to highlight on Pluto TV.”

QVC and HSN join Pluto TV’s service, which curates a diverse line-up of channels, in partnership with over 400 international media companies. Pluto TV offers a wide array of genres, languages and categories, including movies, television series, sports, news and opinion, music, lifestyle and culture, kids, and much more. Pluto TV can be easily accessed and streamed across mobile, web and connected TV devices.

The launch reflects Qurate Retail Group’s strategic initiative to expand the reach of its original vCommerce experiences across new media and digital platforms. QVC and HSN reach more than 200 million homes globally via 14 linear TV channels, which are widely available on cable/satellite TV, free over-the-air TV, and digital livestreaming TV. QVC has been the first livestream shopping channel on multiple streaming services. QVC and HSN also reach more than 100 million Internet-connected homes across the US via the QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience and reach millions of homes via websites, mobile apps and social pages.


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Optus D2 12634 V Sr 7500 "EarthShot Remote 1 Cooktown" Encrypted
Optus D2 12640 V Sr 3750 "Earthshot Remote 1 Rvs" Encrypted
Optus D2 12679 V Sr 7500 "GMA 10" From a Horse race track
Optus D2 12701 V Sr 15000 "SCM | FOXSPORT" Encrypted

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马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,Transvision直播12563 H 30000、12563 V 30000两组信号消失。(2022-12-02)


Southern hemisphere's biggest radio telescope begins search for ET signatures

From https://www.spacedaily.com/reports/Extraterrestrial_signal_search_is_underway_using_the_southern_hemispheres_biggest_radio_telescope_999.html

"One of the first targets we'll be observing is our nearest neighbor star, Proxima Centauri, which appears to host two small rocky planets in the star's habitable zone," said Breakthrough Initiatives Executive Director, Dr. S. Pete Worden. "Routine observations with the Listen backend on MeerKAT are now underway, and the team looks forward to sharing the first science results in the coming months."

Breakthrough Listen has begun observations using a powerful new instrument deployed to the MeerKAT radio telescope in the remote Karoo region of South Africa. The new search for technosignatures - indicators of technology developed by extraterrestrial intelligence - expands the number of targets searched by a factor of 1,000.

The astronomers and engineers on the Breakthrough Listen team have spent the last three years developing and installing the most powerful digital instrumentation ever deployed in the search for technosignatures, and integrating the equipment with the MeerKAT control and monitoring systems in cooperation with SARAO engineers. The new hardware complements Listen's ongoing searches using the Green Bank Telescope in the USA, the Parkes Telescope in Australia, and other telescopes around the world. But while Listen's programs at the GBT and Parkes involve moving these thousand-ton-plus dishes to point at targets all over the sky, the program on MeerKAT usually won't mechanically move the antennas.

"MeerKAT consists of 64 dishes, which can see an area of the sky 50 times bigger than the GBT can view at once," explained Breakthrough Listen Principal Investigator Dr. Andrew Siemion. "Such a large field of view typically contains many stars that are interesting technosignature targets. Our new supercomputer enables us to combine signals from the 64 dishes to get high resolution scans of these targets with excellent sensitivity, all without impacting the research of other astronomers who are using the array."

By operating in this "commensal" mode, Breakthrough Listen gains access to one of the world's most capable and sensitive radio telescopes almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ability to scan 64 targets at a time within the main field of view also improves Listen's ability to reject interfering signals from human technology such as Earth-orbiting satellites. The Listen team had to develop sophisticated targeting and scheduling software to ensure the survey goals could be met in the desired timeframe 1. They have also developed an automated data processing pipeline that scans through the data in near-real-time to search for interesting signals.

Breakthrough Listen is also working with SARAO to develop research opportunities for astronomers and data processing experts in Africa on this cutting-edge program. The search for life in the Universe has become a major focus area for research internationally, and the Breakthrough Initiatives are leaders in the field.

"I am very excited to be able to conduct a search for technosignatures using one of the most sensitive telescopes in the world," remarked Dr. Cherry Ng, Breakthrough Listen's Project Scientist for MeerKAT. "It will take us just two years to search over one million nearby stars. MeerKAT will provide us with the ability to detect a transmitter akin to Earth's brightest radio beacons out to a distance of 250 light years in our routine observing mode."

Dr. Fernando Camilo, Chief Scientist for SARAO, the observatory that built and operates MeerKAT, is also excited about the new search.

"MeerKAT has a remarkable combination of sensitivity and survey speed, which makes it a wonderful telescope for SETI," said Camilo. "The telescope was planned and developed here in South Africa, and it's very exciting that young South Africans will have the chance to be involved at the forefront of the search for life beyond Earth."

"One of the first targets we'll be observing is our nearest neighbor star, Proxima Centauri, which appears to host two small rocky planets in the star's habitable zone," said Breakthrough Initiatives Executive Director, Dr. S. Pete Worden. "Routine observations with the Listen backend on MeerKAT are now underway, and the team looks forward to sharing the first science results in the coming months."

"NBTC" black screen "World Cup 2022" on C band to prevent FIFA from cutting off all channels

From https://www-pptvhd36-com.translate.goog/sport/news/185774?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp

"NBTC" has a black screen resolution of the 2022 World Cup on televisions viewed via C-Band satellite dishes until the final match after FIFA issued a warning about copyright infringement.

On December 1, 2022, the Broadcasting Commission television business And the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) called a meeting of representatives of various television channels in Thailand to discuss the issue of signal encryption. Live broadcast of the 2022 World Cup from Qatar

According to the International Football Federation (FIFA) as the true owner of the copyright have been warned On the detection of smuggling of illegal live broadcast signals from neighboring countries of Thailand (Indonesia) as a result of the original satellite encryption standard used in Thailand, namely in the BISSKY system 

NBTC reveals that digital TV has a quota to return for filming parallel to the 2022 World Cup

SAT asks FIFA to consider reducing World Cup royalties

by FIFA has sent warnings 6 times already and if Thailand does not fix the signal may be suspended Do not broadcast live matches. Even though the royalties have already been paid.

Therefore, the NBTC resolved to require advanced coding (CAS) from the MUX network service provider and to suspend the transmission of images in the C-Band satellite system (black grating satellite dish). say Causing viewers in C-Band satellite systems to not be able to watch live broadcasts of the 2022 World Cup.

The channels to watch the 2022 World Cup that can still be viewed as usual are as follows:
- Digital TV system
- Dedicated satellite system KU-Band (small dish) DTV Samart
- Network True Visions

This action will take effect immediately from tonight (00:01 on December 2, 2022), which will allow watching the 2022 World Cup in the final group game, Group E, both pairs late at 2:00. . Will not be able to watch via C-Band satellite system, it will be black screen only during the competition. until the finals on December 18.

The first 2 pairs with the command "black screen" in the C-Band satellite system will begin to take effect:
- Costa Rica meets Germany at 2:00 a.m. (Thairath TV Channel 32 / True Sport 5)
- Japan meets Spain at 2:00 a.m. (True Four U 24 / Channel 7 HD / True Sport 2)

Thailand switches off World Cup C-band satellite signal

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/02/thailand-switches-off-world-cup-c-band-satellite-signal/

Viewers in Thailand will no longer able to watch World Cup matches on C-band satellite television, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) has ruled.

The C-band signal was switched off December 1st following a warning from FIFA over broadcasting copyright, having found the country’s transmission access was also being used in other countries.

FIFA had asked broadcasters to encrypt its over-the-air transmissions at least to the minimum standards of ‘Biss CA Director’ or ‘Power/u’.

Viewers in Thailand can still watch live World Cup matches via digital television, the Samart KU-Band satellite system and TrueVisions channels.

6 firms pick up satellite bid forms

From https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2450257/6-firms-pick-up-satellite-bid-forms

Six companies have picked up bid documents for the satellite orbital slot auction as the process concluded on Wednesday, says the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

The six are National Telecom (NT), mu Space and Advanced Technology, Prompt Technical Services, Space Tech Innovation, Ascend Capital and The Win Telecom.

Registered on Nov 22, Space Tech Innovation is a subsidiary of SET-listed satellite service provider Thaicom, while Ascend Capital is under Ascend Group, an online business arm of conglomerate Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group.

Prompt Technical Services was registered in 2000 as an electricity installation service provider, while mu Space is a local satellite and space tech firm. The Win Telecom, registered two years ago, operates engineering and related technical consultancy services.

The upcoming auction is the second attempt by the NBTC after it was scrapped last year when TC Space Connect, a subsidiary of Thaicom, was the only bidder.

A Thaicom source who requested anonymity said the company changed its bidder from TC Space Connect to Space Tech Innovation because the former filed a petition with the Central Administrative Court against the NBTC's decision to scrap the auction last year, even though TC Space Connect was qualified to join the auction.

The upcoming auction is scheduled for Jan 8 next year. The information session about related document preparation is slated for Dec 2.

Interested firms are scheduled to submit their bid documents on Dec 27 with a fee payment of 500,000 baht. The list of qualified bidders is slated for announcement on Jan 4, with a mock auction on Jan 7. If there is only one bidder, the auction will be postponed to Jan 29, allowing more time for other interested parties to apply.

Air Marshal Thanapant Raicharoen, an NBTC board member, said the regulator expects the auction will be successful given the number of interested companies. It is still too early to predict how many will submit bid requests on Dec 27, he said.

According to AM Thanapant, this auction has more practical conditions than the previous attempt.

The auction offers five slot packages, covering 50.5°East and 51°E with a starting price of 374 million baht; 78.5°E with a starting price of 360 million; 119.5°E and 120°E with a starting price of 397 million; 126°E with a starting price of 8 million; and 142°E with a starting price of 189 million.

The licences for orbital slot usage run for 20 years. He said 119.5°E is expected to be the most desirable slot for bidders, followed by 78.5°E. Winning bidders are obliged to reserve one transponder per broadcast satellite, or 400 megabits per second capacity per broadband satellite, for state use and public services without charge.

China's two meteorological satellites put into operation

From https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202212/02/WS6389b1b5a31057c47eba2606.html

BEIJING -- Two meteorological satellites, along with their ground application systems, have officially started operation, said the China Meteorological Administration on Thursday.

The trial operation of the two satellites, Fengyun 3E (FY 3E) and Fengyun 4B (FY 4B), began in June this year. They will provide observation data and application services to global users.

The FY 3E, launched on July 5, 2021, was the world's first meteorological satellite in early morning orbit for civil service.

The trial operation showed that the satellite improved the forecast deviation, strengthened the interaction between observation and forecast, and enhanced the accuracy of path prediction. Its data assimilation boosted the precipitation forecast capability of the numerical-prediction system.

The FY 3E will form a network with FY 3C and FY 3D to provide global coverage of observation data every six hours, improving the accuracy and timeliness of weather forecasts.

The FY 4B, launched on June 3, 2021, was China's first new-generation meteorological satellite in geostationary orbit. During the trial operation, it performed remarkably in the observation of rainfall, severe convection, and typhoons.

The satellite will network with the FY 4A to meet the needs of meteorological monitoring and forecasting, disaster prevention, and mitigation for China and the countries along the Belt and Road.

China has launched a total of 19 Fengyun meteorological satellites, seven of which are currently in orbit. They are providing data products and services to 124 countries and regions.

FCC partially approves Gen2 Starlink deployment

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/02/fcc-partially-approves-gen2-starlink-deployment/

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved SpaceX’s application to deploy up to 7,500 satellites but put other decisions on hold. SpaceX had sought approval to operate a network of 29,988 non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellites.

“Specifically, we grant SpaceX authority to construct, deploy, and operate up to 7,500 satellites operating at altitudes of 525, 530, and 535 km and inclinations of 53, 43, and 33 degrees, respectively, using frequencies in the Ku- and Ka-band,” said the FCC in its Order and Authorization. “We defer consideration of SpaceX’s proposed use of E-band frequencies and tracking beacons.”

“Our action will allow SpaceX to begin deployment of Gen2 Starlink, which will bring next generation satellite broadband to Americans nationwide, including those living and working in areas traditionally unserved or underserved by terrestrial systems,” it added. “Our action also will enable worldwide satellite broadband service, helping to close the digital divide on a global scale. At the same time, this limited grant and associated conditions will protect other satellite and terrestrial operators from harmful interference and maintain a safe space environment, promoting competition and protecting spectrum and orbital resources for future use.”

Pluto TV lands in Canada

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/01/pluto-tv-lands-in-canada/

Pluto TV, the FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) service, has made its debut in Canada, streaming more than 20,000 hours of free programming. This marks Pluto TV’s most robust content at launch offering to-date, introducing a lineup of over 110 thematic and single-series channels curated from a library containing thousands of titles from Paramount and global media partners.

Through a partnership with Corus Entertainment, Pluto TV now offers Canadian audiences a of range free programming including iconic TV and film franchises across popular genres such as drama, comedy, lifestyle, kids, movies, around-the-clock news and more.

“I am thrilled to officially introduce Pluto TV to Canadian audiences, bringing them a fantastic lineup that combines the best of Corus’ Canadian content, Paramount’s deep library and more than 100 third-party partners. The union of Pluto TV and Corus delivers the best of both worlds, debuting a free streaming destination for fans, and creating opportunities for advertisers, offering a premium inventory in a brand safe TV environment,” said Olivier Jollet, Executive Vice President & International General Manager for Pluto TV. “This year has marked tremendous growth for Pluto TV, having expanded to the Nordics in May and now to Canada. As we are now in more than 30 countries and territories, we are one step closer to our mission to entertain the planet.”

“The debut of Pluto TV marks the next evolution of streaming in Canada, as Corus celebrates the launch alongside Paramount Global as partners in both content and ad sales,” said Troy Reeb, Executive Vice President, Broadcast Networks, Corus Entertainment. “Corus is home to Canada’s biggest portfolio of original content in the food and lifestyle space, and the stories that connect with Canadians where they live through Global News. Our strategy has always been rooted in placing more content in more places, and Pluto TV further advances this goal. We are also thrilled to expand our offering for advertisers with the addition of Pluto TV’s huge inventory of premium video.”


Please note Cband reports will be very limited, (The Cband dish motor is out of action)

late update, news flash re: Thaicom Cband Fifa wolrd Cup Thailand channel blanking out the matches due to signal spill and piracy


Intelsat 19 12606 H Sr 30000 Fec 5/6 DVB-S QPSK

Note new SR

Sid 118 Vpid 1181 (H264) Apid 1182 "3ABN International" started, FTA, SD
Sid 208 Apid 2081 "3ABN Radio" started, FTA
Sid 209 Apid 2091 "3ABN Australia Radio" started , FTA

Info Optus D2: Satellite Change
1 December, 2022

The Optus D2 satellite has reached the end of its life and will be decommissioned in early 2023. Currently 3ABN International, 3ABN Radio, and 3ABN Australia Radio are broadcast on the Optus D2 satellite. These broadcasts will cease on 31st December 2022.

As a result, all three of these services are now on the Intelsat-19 satellite, located at 166° East. To continue to receive them, you will need to rotate your dish to point at this new satellite. We encourage you to do this.

The new satellite parameters are:

Position: 166° East
Transponder: AN18K (Ku Band)
Frequency: 12,606 Mhz
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 30,000 MS/s
F.E.C.: 5/6

We recommend that you use a satellite or antenna installer to move the dish for you. If you wish to do it yourself, please note the following important points:

You will need to rotate your LNB 90º anti-clockwise, while facing the dish from the front, e.g. if the cable connection on the LNB is at 8 o’clock, rotate the LNB so that it is at 5 o’clock.
To get Intelsat-19, mark the post of the dish at the current position, then another mark about 12mm to the left. Rotate to the new mark. You may have to drop the elevation slightly depending on your location, only if required.

The change to Intelsat-19 has allowed us to upgrade our technology to use the current MPEG-4 standard for digital television broadcasts. This requires an MPEG-4 compatible set-top box (STB). STBs from 2012 onwards are compatible with MPEG-4, however older boxes, especially the old ST Gold, Wavelength, and Humax F2 STBs are not compatible and will need to be replaced. This change does not affect our radio services, so affiliates can continue to use older boxes for downlinking for radio.

Alternatively, 3ABN International is available on VAST for viewing anywhere in Australia. This option is not available in New Zealand. Other Christian networks on Optus D2 will start broadcasting on VAST in the coming weeks.

Please make this change before 31st December 2022 to continue to receive 3ABN.

If you have any further questions, please call us on (02) 4973 3456, or email [email protected].

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Measat 3b 91.5E 12563 V "Boomerang South East Asia, KBS World, Cinemax Asia, AXN East Asia, Fight Sports, Trans 7, Lingua Channel, Trans TV, CNBC Indonesia, Xtrem Sports, Gaming TV and Gossip" have left .
Measat 3b 91.5E 12563 H "TVN Premium Indonesia, CNN Indonesia, Lifetime Asia, Discovery Channel Southeast Asia, HBO Signature Asia, HBO Asia, Golf+, Warner TV Southeast Asia, TVN Movies Indonesia, Eurosport Asia, One, NatureVision TV and Cooking TV" have left .
Measat 3b 91.5E 12603 H "Speed TV, Superyacht TV and Sports TV have started on encrypted. FashionTV Asia, Tech Storm, Movies News, TVRI Sport and Travel TV" have left.
Measat 3b 91.5E 12643 V "Galaxy, Galaxy Premium and IMC" have left .
Measat 3b 91.5E 12643 H "IMC and Galaxy Premium" have left .

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"NBTC" black screen "World Cup 2022" on C band to prevent FIFA from cutting off all channels

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From https://www-pptvhd36-com.translate.goog/sport/news/185774?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp

"NBTC" has a black screen resolution of the 2022 World Cup on televisions viewed via C-Band satellite dishes until the final match after FIFA issued a warning about copyright infringement.

On December 1, 2022, the Broadcasting Commission television business And the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) called a meeting of representatives of various television channels in Thailand to discuss the issue of signal encryption. Live broadcast of the 2022 World Cup from Qatar

According to the International Football Federation (FIFA) as the true owner of the copyright have been warned On the detection of smuggling of illegal live broadcast signals from neighboring countries of Thailand (Indonesia) as a result of the original satellite encryption standard used in Thailand, namely in the BISSKY system 

NBTC reveals that digital TV has a quota to return for filming parallel to the 2022 World Cup

SAT asks FIFA to consider reducing World Cup royalties

by FIFA has sent warnings 6 times already and if Thailand does not fix the signal may be suspended Do not broadcast live matches. Even though the royalties have already been paid.

Therefore, the NBTC resolved to require advanced coding (CAS) from the MUX network service provider and to suspend the transmission of images in the C-Band satellite system (black grating satellite dish). say Causing viewers in C-Band satellite systems to not be able to watch live broadcasts of the 2022 World Cup.

The channels to watch the 2022 World Cup that can still be viewed as usual are as follows:
- Digital TV system
- Dedicated satellite system KU-Band (small dish) DTV Samart
- Network True Visions

This action will take effect immediately from tonight (00:01 on December 2, 2022), which will allow watching the 2022 World Cup in the final group game, Group E, both pairs late at 2:00. . Will not be able to watch via C-Band satellite system, it will be black screen only during the competition. until the finals on December 18.

The first 2 pairs with the command "black screen" in the C-Band satellite system will begin to take effect:
- Costa Rica meets Germany at 2:00 a.m. (Thairath TV Channel 32 / True Sport 5)
- Japan meets Spain at 2:00 a.m. (True Four U 24 / Channel 7 HD / True Sport 2)

Australian sustainable fishing companies Austral and Raptis upgrade to AuraNow VSAT

From https://news.satnews.com/2022/11/29/australian-sustainable-fishing-companies-austral-and-raptis-upgrade-to-auranow-vsat/?mohide=true&mc_cid=53f3055a62&mc_eid=e80892f101

Satcom Global announced that Australian fishing companies Austral and Raptis, have upgraded their satellite communications to AuraNow maritime VSAT. This upgrade enables their fleets access to flexible bandwidth that aligns with the seasonality of fishing, and supports sustainable fishing operations. 

Phil Robson, Northern Fishing Fleet Manager at Raptis, explained, “Satellite technology is a key asset for helping us to uphold our sustainability standards. With uninterrupted, high-quality data at their disposal, both our crews and onshore management teams can monitor factors such as catch limits and temporary sea area closures in real time to ensure strict adherence to AFMA regulations.”

Austral and Raptis have completed a fleet wide rollout of the innovative communications solution to meet their growing demand for data for both business operations and crew connectivity. Through the AuraNow customer portal, fishing vessel fleet managers can make changes to bandwidth at any time, for as little as 24 hours to suit the fluctuating demands of the industry. The fisheries can upgrade their bandwidth instantly to meet increased requirements for data during the fishing season and schedule a bandwidth downgrade or suspension as fishing operations come to an end in order to minimize their costs.

Andy Prendergast, General Manager at Austral, added, “Wild-caught fish are a naturally regenerating food resource for the world’s population, but their survival, and ultimately ours, is dependent upon allowing them to reproduce and grow in clean and protected ocean ecosystems. A reliable communications link is vital for letting us report to and collaborate with stakeholders — including inter-governmental agencies — to maintain compliant, best-practice fisheries management during our operations.” 

With the innovative VSAT solution on board, Austral and Raptis benefit from unlimited and unrestricted access to dependable high-speed connectivity at sea for business operations, with bridge computers and tablets connected to the business network, and running charting and tracking software. The high-speed AuraNow bandwidth is also required for communications with other vessels, customers, and shore teams; weather mapping; catch reporting; image and video transfer; and remote, webcam-based maintenance or repair of IT or equipment issues.

Andy Prendergast, General Manager at Austral, continued, “Having a permanent connection to the internet has revolutionized our ability to reliably communicate with our fleet across a wide range of platforms, including email, WhatsApp, Messenger and VoIP. It also means that everyone at sea can stay in regular touch with friends and family as well as browsing social media and shopping online. Becoming part of the digital age was long overdue in our remote fishery and the difference it makes to our people at sea, sometimes for up to four-and-a-half months at a time, is incredible.”

Austral and Raptis fishing vessels can be at sea from June to December without returning to port, processing their catches on board and offloading them to mother vessels, so a failsafe means for crew to contact family and friends at home is vital for crew welfare. Austral and Raptis allocate 200MB to their crew daily for use on their smartphones and tablets via the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) functionality of the Satcom Global IPSignature4 ‘smart box’ onboard. 

Chris Leydon, General Manager, Oceania, at Satcom Global, added, “We are getting excellent feedback from the vessels that the crews are happy to have easy and regular contact with home, onshore fleet managers are able to communicate with the vessels more effectively, and vital operational data is being transferred rapidly and seamlessly. Both Austral and Raptis have been recommending our solution to other firms in their sector, which has led to more orders for the AuraNow solution coming in from across the fishing industry.” 

On board vessels, the AuraNow is a small form factor and lightweight Intellian v60E maritime VSAT antenna requiring minimal installation space, and compact below deck rack including IPSignature 4 ‘smart box’ for network management, monitoring and support.

AuraNow offers a communications management portal for 24/7/265 control over vessel connectivity, allowing fleet managers to manage VSAT bandwidth as needs and requirements change. Users can upgrade, downgrade and suspend their service on demand at the touch of a button on the portal that also gives visibility of vessel connectivity status and performance, as well as weather and sea conditions, satellite beam overlay and vessel tracking. Users only pay for the bandwidth they need in 24-hour increments without any hidden charges or penalties, or a Fair Use Policy restricting data use.

Speedcast deploys multi-site connectivity solution in Antarctica for Australian Antarctic Division

From https://news.satnews.com/2022/11/29/speedcast-deploys-multi-site-connectivity-solution-in-antarctica-for-australian-antarctic-division/?mohide=true&mc_cid=53f3055a62&mc_eid=e80892f101

Speedcast has conducted systems deployments for the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) to improve overall communications capabilities at multiple research sites in Antarctica. Based in Kingston, Tasmania, the AAD operates year-round stations in Antarctica and depends on Speedcast connectivity to complete research, send data and keep in touch with the rest of the world while operating from the southernmost continent. The AAD represents a sector of the Australian Government delivering the Australian Antarctic Program.

The systems deployments are part of an ongoing, strategic program demonstrating the strong partnership between AAD and Speedcast. Applying learnings from Speedcast’s recently deployed communications solution on AAD’s resupply and icebreaker vessel, the RSV Nuyina, AAD will establish best practices for ensuring the highest levels of connectivity across their land-based sites.
RSV Nuyina is the main lifeline to Australia’s Antarctic and sub-Antarctic research stations and the central platform of Australia’s Antarctic and Southern Ocean scientific research.

Providing the flexibility of a multi-path telecommunications platform, Speedcast’s SD-WAN and TrueBeam smart network management solutions are being delivered to meet AAD’s remote communications requirements, while also facilitating growth opportunities for the future, including the ability to add LEO services.

As part of the agreement, the existing primary communications system is being enhanced, along with the supply, implementation, and commissioning of a secondary solution at AAD’s three Antarctic research stations and on Macquarie Island. These connectivity needs are primarily driven by AAD’s work health and safety program, as the research stations are in extremely remote locations on ice. As the environment presents dangerous conditions for personnel, site access for AAD staff is only provisioned during the summer season.While unmanned in the winter, if the primary communications system is unavailable for any reason, the sites could be relegated to having no data collection or communications capabilities for months until the summer season returns. A secondary communications link ensures that the remote sites have an extra layer of safety and redundancy.

This agreement follows Speedcast’s continued support of environmental research and exploration efforts in Antarctica, including partnering to deliver connectivity services enabling awareness of major climate action.

“Speedcast’s communications solution for AAD delivers exciting technology innovation and network automation to keep their remote research stations connected, ensuring 100% uptime at the end of the Earth,” said James Trevelyan, Senior Vice President of Enterprise and Emerging Markets at Speedcast. “Since joining forces as AAD’s connectivity partner, we’ve been able to offer a solution to increase their network capacity 100-fold. The research stations systems deployments enable the delivery of a strong workplace health and safety program for AAD’s highly skilled personnel who spend extended periods of time in the very harsh, remote site locations, conducting critical scientific research efforts.”

SES-21 Goes Operational to Serve the United States

From Press Release 01 Dec 2022

SES-21 will enable SES to continue delivering C-band broadcast services to millions of American homes and provide critical network communications services 

Luxembourg, December 1, 2022 – SES announced today that the new SES-21 satellite became operational today at the orbital position of 131 degrees West, after launching on October 4, 2022. Upon reaching its final fixed position and completing testing, SES will begin transitioning customers to the new satellite. SES-21 will enable SES to continue delivering C-band broadcast and radio services to millions of American homes, as well as provide other critical network communications services to the United States.

SES-21 was successfully launched by United Launch Alliance (ULA) in tandem with SES-20 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. SES-20 and SES-21 are highly efficient all-electric 702SP satellites manufactured and assembled in Los Angeles by Boeing. 

SES is launching five satellites as part of a broader Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program to clear a portion of C-band spectrum to enable wireless operators to deploy 5G services across the contiguous U.S. (CONUS). Satellite operators, including SES, have been tasked by the FCC to clear the lower 300MHz of C-band spectrum throughout the CONUS by December 2023. SES-21 is critical to that effort, enabling SES to transition existing services to the upper C-band frequencies while maintaining uninterrupted services for customers. 

SES-20, the other C-band SES satellite launched by ULA in October, is scheduled to go into service before the end of the year. 

“We are excited that SES-21 is now ready to serve our customers in the United States, and we would like to thank our partners at Boeing and ULA for their hard work in helping SES achieve this milestone," said Ruy Pinto, Chief Technology Officer at SES. “ULA’s Atlas V rocket delivered SES-20 and SES-21 accurately to a near-geosynchronous orbit that enabled us to get SES-21 into service very quickly.”

More information on the SES-20 and SES-21 satellites can be found on the SES C-band in the U.S. newsroom.

For further information please contact:

Suzanne Ong
External Communications 
Tel. +352 710 725 500
[email protected]

Arianespace Ariane 6 to launch Intelsat satellites

From https://www.arianespace.com/press-release/arianespace-ariane-6-to-launch-intelsat-satellites/

- Arianespace to launch two satellites onboard a dedicated Ariane 6 in 2025.

– The contract repurposes a previous launch agreement and introduces one additional satellite.

– IS-41 & IS-44 will expand Intelsat’s global connectivity and 5G reach.

Arianespace signed a contract with longtime customer Intelsat to launch two satellite payloads, IS-41 and IS-44, using the heavy-lift Ariane 64 from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana in 2025. This agreement repurposes a previous launch contract and adds one additional satellite.

“We are honored, yet again, by our faithful longtime partner Intelsat with another significant contract,” said Stéphane Israël, CEO of Arianespace. “Intelsat is entrusting us with two highly sophisticated payloads for flight aboard our next generation heavy lift vehicle, the Ariane 64. What a tremendous vote of confidence in our team and our launcher! This special relationship goes back four decades and spans the entire Ariane line.”

“Launched with the Ariane 6, these innovative satellites will extend Intelsat’s 5G global reach and Media neighborhoods with high-speed, dynamically-allocated connectivity across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia for commercial and government mobility customers, as well as cellular network backhaul,” said David C. Wajsgras, CEO of Intelsat. “Without world-class, international aerospace partners like Arianespace, Intelsat would not be the global leader it is today.”

Thales Alenia Space is manufacturing the IS-41 and IS-44 satellites, which are based on the innovative and flexible Space Inspire product line. The two software-defined satellites, fully reconfigurable in orbit, will collectively weigh close to 8000 kg at launch and will be placed into the requested geostationary transfer orbit.

Ariane 6 has been designed from the outset to be scalable and able to integrate, during its life and on a regular basis, new technologies. Ariane 6’s incremental development is intended to regularly improve the performance of the launch solutions offered by Arianespace and always better fulfil the needs of both institutional and commercial customers. These developments are funded and managed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and implemented by Ariane 6’s launcher system prime contractor ArianeGroup.

About Arianespace

Arianespace uses Space to make life better on Earth by providing launch services for all types of satellites into all orbits. It has orbited over 1,100 satellites since 1980. Arianespace is responsible for operating the new-generation Ariane 6 and Vega C launchers, developed by ESA, with respectively ArianeGroup and Avio as industrial primes. Arianespace is headquartered in Evry, near Paris, and has a technical facility at the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, plus local offices in Washington, D.C., Tokyo and Singapore. Arianespace is a subsidiary of ArianeGroup, which holds 74% of its share capital, with the balance held by 15 other shareholders from the Ariane and Vega European launcher industry, and ESA and Cnes as censors.

Eutelsat orders ‘Flexible’ satellite

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/01/eutelsat-orders-flexible-satellite/

Paris-based satellite operator Eutelsat has ordered a flexible software-defined craft from Thales Alenia Space.

Eutelsat says that this ‘New generation’ of high-throughput, software-defined satellite, allowing flexibility and instant reconfigurability, to adapt to changing missions. It will reinforce Eutelsat’s in-orbit assets to serve surging demand for Connectivity in the Americas.

The Flexsat (for flexible satellite) will be based on Thales Alenia Space’s cutting-edge ‘Space Inspire’ (INstant SPace In-orbit REconfiguration) product line, enabling seamless reconfiguration and instant in-orbit adjustment to offer an optimum level of customer service, maximising the effective use of the satellite resources, says Eutelsat.

“The new satellite will expand Eutelsat’s in-orbit assets providing more than 100 Gbps of incremental capacity over the Americas to support the surging Connectivity market. Its performances combined with the high level of flexibility in terms of coverage, bandwidth allocation, and power levels, will offer an unparalleled quality of service to Eutelsat’s B2B customers for its ADVANCE backhauling, enterprise, government, aero, and maritime solutions,” adds Eutelsat.

Importantly, given that Eutelsat is in the process of merging with low Earth orbiting satellite operator OneWeb, the new satellite will also be able to accommodate joint GEO-LEO services, specifically in zones where demand is highly concentrated.

The Flexsat is expected to be delivered in 2026. The capital expenditure associated with the programme is embedded in Eutelsat’s standalone capital expenditure and adjusted discretionary free cash flow estimates for FY2022-23 and FY2023-24. It is also included in the financial trajectory of the proposed combination of Eutelsat and OneWeb.

Eva Berneke, CEO/Eutelsat, commented: “The uniqueness of a Flexsat makes it particularly convenient to optimise capacity and reconfigure services during the satellite’s lifetime, depending on applications and coverage areas. This new satellite will further underpin Eutelsat’s growth strategy aimed at addressing the booming Connectivity segment and it is also able to support joint GEO-LEO services. We are delighted to partner once again with Thales Alenia Space, and proud to be among the first customers of the innovative Space Inspire product line.”

“By ordering the first Software Defined Satellite of its fleet based on Space Inspire product line, Eutelsat has once again expressed its confidence in Thales Alenia Space, extending a long partnership recently marked by the launches of EUTELSAT KONNECT VHTS in September and of EUTELSAT 10B last week,” commented Hervé Derrey, CEO of Thales Alenia Space.

WildEarth launches on The Roku Channel

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/12/01/wildearth-launches-on-the-roku-channel/

WildEarth has expanded its live and linear channel footprint to include The Roku Channel, the home of free entertainment on the Roku platform.

The WildEarth Channel features live expert-hosted wild animal experiences The addition of the channel will make quality nature and animal programming more accessible to US nature lovers.

“WildEarth is super proud to be launching as a channel on The Roku Channel. We are excited to immerse viewers in these unique nature experiences which have proven to be so popular around the world” commented Graham Wallington, CEO and Co-Founder of WildEarth.

Audiences can now stream WildEarth for free on The Roku Channel, channel number 478.

Da Vinci debuts on Sling TV, TCL

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/30/da-vinci-debuts-on-sling-tv-tcl/

Da Vinci’s newly launched FAST channel is now available for all Sling users in the US to stream for free. The channel will continue its FAST rollout to streaming TV audiences across the US on TCL Channel’s free streaming service available on TCL TVs, powered by Roku and Google smart TV systems.

Da Vinci delivers an educational entertainment experience for the whole family. The channel features first-window and award-winning documentaries, series and TV shows that are all TV-G rated. Titles include Science Max, Operation Ouch, Siyaya: Come Wild with Us, The Pet Rescuers and many more. The channel also features exclusive and original in-house productions including the BAFTA-nominated show Search It Up and the upcoming holiday series Marvellous Makes.

Founder and COO, Estelle Lloyd, said: “It’s our mission to support and entertain families by providing a high quality, edutainment experience for co-viewing. Da Vinci streams positivity; and values-driven, feel-good content 24/7. We feel this is especially important in the post-Covid era. These launches are significant as they remove the biggest barrier, the paywall, and expose us to new and fresh audiences. We can reach so many more homes and devices and – for us – that’s significant in fulfilling our purpose. We’re delighted to work with Sling and TCL and very keen to partner with more FAST platforms.”



Intelsat 19 166E 3867 H Sr 7200 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 3/4
"FIJI FEED" started, Powervu Encrypted

Optus D1 160E 12652 V Sr 7200 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" Channel 7 Cricket coverage

Wednesday feeds

Optus D2
12634 V Sr 7200 "Hindi Backup 1" NZ vs India ODI, Cricket, Encrypted
12643 V Sr 7200 "English Backup 1" NZ vs India ODI, Cricket, Encrypted

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From the Dish

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 10925 V "Cinemachi Crime, Cinemachi Drama, Duronto TV, Deepto TV and Colors Bangla" have started on , Irdeto.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 V "Gracehill TV" has started on , Fta.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 H "Flame TV" has left again.

From playtv

中新二号(88.0°E)卫星,12702 H 20000一组佛卫慈悲台消失,目前彩条开锁播出。(2022-11-29)
亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,3847 H 8000一组新增两个测试频道,锁码播出。(2022-11-29)


Vocus tees up Musk’s satellites to boost rural internet

From https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/vocus-tees-up-musk-s-satellites-to-boost-rural-internet-20221129-p5c26p.html

Macquarie-owned telco Vocus Group has linked up with Elon Musk’s low-orbit satellite business Starlink to deliver high-speed internet to businesses that operate in remote or regional Australia.

The landmark new agreement will allow Vocus to compete against the NBN’s satellite services, which is the only option available to some regional and rural users.

The telco’s head of enterprise and government Andrew Wildblood said Vocus had already received interest in Starlink’s low-earth orbit satellites from businesses in the resources, agriculture and education sectors.

“There’s plenty of open space in the Australian landscape where there is no service and people still need to explore...and operate, either from an agricultural perspective or from a government perspective,” he said. “The predominant interest from our customer base has been in mining, oil and gas resource sector where they’re operating the most remote parts of Australia.”
Andrew Wildblood, Chief Executive of Enterprise and Government at Vocus.

Andrew Wildblood, Chief Executive of Enterprise and Government at Vocus.Credit:Louie Douvis

Musk, the co-founder of $1.3 trillion Tesla, rocket company SpaceX and owner of Twitter, began rolling out his satellite internet service, Starlink, locally in April 2020. The service provides internet using low orbit satellite constellations and promises speeds of between 100 Mbps and 300Mbps and is available for purchase across Australia.

NBN claims Musk’s Starlink is wrecking its business, as telcos slam price hikes

For people in remote communities, Starlink has delivered a much-needed fix to longstanding issues with internet connectivity because it offers cost-effective coverage in hard-to-reach places. The NBN’s Sky Muster satellite promises speeds of 12 Mbps for the basic service and 25 Mbps for premium service.

Vocus’ new agreement is an expansion of its relationship with SpaceX, which began two years ago when it built the ground stations that allow Starlink’s satellites to connect to the broader internet. Under the agreement, Vocus will install the service, provide local support, and will have satellites in stock locally for dispatch or resolution of faults.

The enterprise satellite terminals cost about $US3700 ($5562) to purchase and more than $500 per month, depending on the plan.

Wildblood said the new deal could allow mining companies and farmers to gain access to reliable internet in areas they otherwise couldn’t, or improve connectivity in remote schools in the Northern Territory.

“We’ve actually done some consulting work into Northern Territory Government to work out how they can solve communication into remote schools, particularly Arnhem Land,” Wildblood said. “Now [Starlink] is commercially available, how do we construct solutions for them that enable them to get coverage across multiple sites not just one individual site.”

“In remote, regional communities, it’s a game changer in education, it’s a game changer in health and safety, it’s a game changer in agriculture, mining, oil and gas.”

Wildblood said there were also opportunities to use LEO satellites during natural disasters when telecommunications infrastructure is impacted by floods or fires. He said there was also a business case with the rise of cybercrime.

“Satellite is increasingly going to play a more important part in national security,” he said. “We’ve seen the situations that have gone on at Optus and Medibank...but if you think about nation state attacks in the state of war - the first thing to do is take our communication networks.

“If they take out the terrestrial communication networks, you’ve got to communicate somehow and satellite provides optionality.”

Wildblood said he did not expect the deal would lead to a material increase in earnings over the next few years, but believes it will allow Vocus to reach more people and take market share.

“We have about 10 per cent of the business market in data and IP,” he said. “We strongly believe this will give us opportunity to take market share from [geostationary orbit] satellite providers plus NBN services that might be operating on traditional satellites. Plus, it opens up opportunities to complement our fibre.”

Vocus is one of several telecommunications providers exploring ways to invest in LEO satellites, which sit about 300 km from earth (NBN’s satellites sit 36,000 km from earth). Telstra announced in September it was testing OneWeb’s LEO satellites in Australia (Vocus already has a relationship with OneWeb). In October, the federal government said it was looking at using LEO satellites to improve regional telecommunications coverage.

China sends new trio of mysterious spy satellites into orbit

From https://www.space.com/china-launches-three-spy-satellites-orbit

Chinese reports described the launch of single satellite, but the U.S. Space Force has detected three objects from the launch.

China's latest launch has put three new Yaogan spy satellites into orbit.

A Long March 2D rocket blasted off from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwestern China on Sunday (Nov. 27) at 7:23 a.m. EST (1223 GMT; 8:23 p.m. Beijing time).

The Chinese space industry (opens in new tab) and media reports (opens in new tab)suggest that the launch carried a single Yaogan 36 remote sensing satellite. However space tracking by the U.S. Space Force's 18th Space Defense Squadron, which focuses on space domain awareness, registered three payloads in orbit in roughly 300-mile-altitude (500 km) orbits.

Related: China launches mysterious Shiyan-20C satellite to orbit (video)

China's previous two launches involving Yaogan 36 satellites also saw satellite triplets sent into orbit, meaning Sunday's launch was a third group of three Yaogan 36 satellites. 

China typically describes Yaogan satellites as being designed for uses including gathering scientific data, conducting land surveys and monitoring agriculture. However, the secrecy surrounding the satellites leads analysts outside of China to believe that the satellites also have military capabilities and stakeholders.

The payload adapter which released the satellites into orbit also carries a deborbit drag sail to help bring the object back into the atmosphere sooner than otherwise possible. 

The Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST), began adding the sail to the payload adapter for its Long March 2D rocket earlier this year.

The launch was China's 54th of a busy year, and came as the country prepared for launch of the Shenzhou 15 crewed mission to the Tiangong space station.

DAZN, Irdeto team to fight premium sports piracy

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/28/dazn-irdeto-team-to-fight-premium-sports-piracy/

Recognising that the past few years have proved that the only way to tackle piracy in sports streaming broadcasting is for the industry to collaborate and form a unified approach to address the cyber threats, sports streaming platform DAZN and digital platform cybersecurity specialist Irdeto are joining forces to address the misuse of premium content and fight video piracy in sports streaming.

The existing partnership has been extended to include Irdeto Anti-Piracy services, enabling DAZN to strengthen its efforts in keeping its premium content safe from illegal streaming and sharing. Simultaneously, Irdeto has become DAZN’s primary multi-DRM provider.

DAZN’s significant growth has been driven by geographical expansion and live sports rights over the past few years, making fighting piracy a top business priority. If unchecked, piracy results in sports losing vital funding globally throughout the value chain, from the world’s top leagues to grassroots clubs, negatively impacting the entire industry.

“DAZN is committed to creating a global sports streaming service that delivers for fans and partners alike,” stated Sandeep Tiku, DAZN Group CTO. “To do that takes significant investment in acquiring rights and developing technology. The damaging effects of piracy are clear – potentially reducing investment for sports at all levels, exposing fans to privacy and security risks, and funding organized crime. Working with Irdeto, DAZN can more effectively tackle the pirates through enforcement and better use of technology, while educating fans of the risks of accessing pirated content.”

DAZN has used Irdeto’s digital assets management and protection expertise since 2020 when the company integrated Irdeto Control into their technology. Earlier in 2022, the existing partnership was strengthened by Irdeto becoming the primary multi-DRM provider. Since the full implementation of Irdeto Control, DAZN latency has decreased significantly. Additionally, Irdeto forensic TraceMark and a range of Cybersecurity Services (CS) have been added to the products and services mix provided by Irdeto.

The Irdeto Anti-Piracy Suite can be leveraged to solve a broad range of business threats as well as to predict the challenges on the horizon. The suite is tailored to DAZN’s needs and allows DAZN to prepare, adapt and respond to the diversity of cyber and piracy threats that may affect them easily and quickly. With the Anti-Piracy Suite, DAZN can identify new piracy activities, sale of counterfeit products, and analyse emerging market trends to implement best practices and ensure they are one step ahead of the pirates.

The dedicated anti-piracy team of DAZN works closely with the Irdeto team of experts to counteract piracy through investigation and enforcement operations, injunctions and continuous innovation in subscriber protections. They will continue to act to protect premium content, to back the sports streaming industry as activists in this space and to secure the integrity of the industry fans.

According to Irdeto, the extended partnership between Irdeto and DAZN will result in a more profound knowledge sharing of the ever-evolving challenges related to the world of live sports streaming. It will allow Irdeto to tailor and evolve Anti-Piracy Services and solutions to address emerging industry issues.

“Premium live sports is one of the biggest forms of content driving the OTT live streaming industry, which has made live sports a primary target for piracy,” commented Mark Mulready, VP of Cyber Services at Irdeto. “We are very excited about taking our partnership with DAZN to the next level, working together to protect their premium content. Irdeto’s wisdom and insights gained from decades of fighting piracy and cyber threats, coupled with the best technology and DAZN’s team of experts, will be key to shutting down pirates and cybercriminals.”

Al-Hawiah fined for World Cup piracy

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/28/al-hawiah-fined-for-world-cup-piracy/

Yemeni broadcaster Al-Hawiah has been fined $20,000 for illegally broadcasting the opening games of the FIFA World Cup without permission.

The fine was applied by Nilesat, which the broadcaster uses to beam its channels over the complete Middle East.

According to local reports, Cairo-based Nilesat is “studying a possible suspension of the channel”.

The overall transmission rights to cover the FIFA tournament are held for the Middle East by Doha-based beIN Sport.

The head of Al-Hawiah, Mohammed Al-Emad, told a local press conference that he’d obtained permission to show the games through his contacts with leading figures in Qatar, and the matches were shown with permission – but he later retracted his statement.

Contract signed by Momentus to deploy the CUAVA-2 smallsat for the Australian Research Centre

From https://news.satnews.com/2022/11/28/contract-signed-by-momentus-to-deploy-the-cuava-2-smallsat-for-the-australian-research-centre/?mohide=true&mc_cid=cfb222de19&mc_eid=e80892f101

Momentus Inc. has signed a contract with the CUAVA Training Centre at the University of Sydney to deploy the CUAVA-2 cubesat to LEO in October 2023.

CUAVA is the Australian Research Council Training Centre for CubeSats, Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles, and their Applications and is a partnership centered at the University of Sydney that aims to fundamentally change the capabilities and applications of cubesats to create major, commercial value, with wide applications.

CUAVA-2 is a 6U cubesat with two primary payloads…

(1) A Hyperspectral Imager developed by the Space Photonics group (SAIL) in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney to demonstrate a novel imager and provide high resolution spatial and spectral data for applications across agriculture and forestry, coastal and marine environments, urban areas, water hazards and mineral exploration

(2) A GPS Reflectometry payload developed by the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) at the University of New South Wales. CUAVA-2 will be the second satellite to be launched by CUAVA, targeted for deployment from a Momentus Vigoride Orbital Service Vehicle that will launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

CUAVA-2 also carries multiple secondary payloads and technology demonstrations, including the Charge Exchange Thruster (CXT), the wide field-of-view CROSS star tracker, the Electron Density and Debris Instrument (EDDI), the Electro Permanent Magnetorquer, the Perovskites in Orbit Test (Port) payload of advanced solar cells, and a Radiation Counter and Data over Power-bus payload. These payloads were developed at the University of Sydney.

“Momentus is proud to partner with CUAVA, a leading Australian research center,” said Momentus Chief Executive Officer, John Rood. “Innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology is what we love to do at Momentus. We look forward to supporting CUAVA’s mission to use leading edge capabilities in space to improve life on Earth.”

“The CUAVA-2 CubeSat is the culmination of several years of hard work by the satellite team and our partners,” said CUAVA Director, Professor Iver Cairns. “We are looking forward with great excitement to the launch with Momentus, and to gathering unique data from the many advanced payloads and technology demonstrators on CUAVA-2 once in orbit.”

Momentus is a U.S. commercial space company that offers in-space infrastructure services, including in-space transportation, hosted payloads and in-orbit services. Momentus believes it can make new ways of operating in space possible with its in-space transfer and service vehicles that will be powered by an innovative water plasma-based propulsion system that is under development.

CUAVA is funded by the Australian Research Council. Working with Industry Partners, its mission is to train the next generation of workers in advanced manufacturing, commercial space, and uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. In doing so, CUAVA will develop new instruments and technology to solve crucial problems, and develop a world-class Australian industry in CubeSats, UAVs, and related products. CUAVA has been in operation since December 2017, with headquarters at the University of Sydney.

ViaSat-3 completes final integrated satellite test

From https://news.satnews.com/2022/11/28/viasat-3-completes-final-integrated-satellite-test/?mohide=true&mc_cid=cfb222de19&mc_eid=e80892f101

Viasat Inc. has completed the Final Integrated Satellite Test (FIST) of the ViaSat-3 satellite and has now progressed to the Flight Final phase of integration, where the build-up to flight configuration will be conducted.

FIST is designed to test all the satellite’s payload and bus systems to confirm they function properly following the stresses of mechanical environmental testing, which simulated the launch of the spacecraft. The satellite had already successfully completed mechanical environmental testing and thermal vacuum testing that simulated vacuum and extreme hot and cold conditions of space where the satellite will operate during its expected 15-year lifetime. FIST provided confirmation that the satellite continued to perform as designed following the mechanical and thermal stresses of the prior test phases.

The ViaSat-3 class of Ka-band satellites are expected to provide the best bandwidth economics in the industry with substantial flexibility to move and concentrate that capacity virtually anywhere there is demand – whether it is on land, in the ocean or in the air.

The first two satellites are planned to focus on the Americas and EMEA, respectively, and the third satellite is planned to focus on the Asia Pacific region, to complete Viasat’s global, service coverage.

The ViaSat-3 EMEA satellite is currently undergoing integration with spacecraft partner, Boeing, and the third ViaSat-3 APAC satellite is undergoing final payload integration and testing at Viasat’s Tempe, Arizona facility.

“With the completion of the Final Integrated Satellite Test, we now have final confirmation that the satellite design and build process has produced a spacecraft that is ready for launch. We can now progress to the final buildup for flight and look forward to finishing the satellite soon and preparing it for transport from Boeing’s facility in El Segundo, California to Cape Canaveral, Florida,” said Dave Ryan, president of Space & Commercial Networks at Viasat.

“Completion of FIST is a significant milestone as we move towards spacecraft delivery and launch,” said Ryan Reid, president of Boeing (NYSE: BA) Satellite Systems International. “We’ve validated the design and workmanship of the spacecraft after integration of our powerful 702 platform with Viasat’s ultra-high throughput payload. These are some of the final steps as we prepare the spacecraft for delivery to launch.”

EU opens way for 5G boom on airlines, the road – and even the metaverse

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/25/eu-opens-way-for-5g-boom-on-airlines-the-road-and-even-the-metaverse/

The EU has approved the use of 5G on planes, potentially opening up a lucrative new market opportunity for innovative new data and wide inflight services. Currently there are around 30,000 flights a day in Europe (around 80% of which are intra-Europe).

Unveiling its decision, the EU’s European Commission said: “Airlines will be able to provide 5G technology on their planes, alongside previous mobile tech generations. Passengers aboard flights in the EU will be able to use their mobile phones to the maximum of their capacity and features, just like with a ground-based 5G network.”

Thierry Breton, commissioner for the internal market, said: “5G will enable innovative services for people and growth opportunities for European companies. The sky is no longer a limit when it comes to possibilities of super-fast, high-capacity connectivity.”

Since 2008, the Commission has reserved certain frequencies for mobile communications on planes, allowing airlines to provide messaging, phone calls and data services to passengers flying in the EU. This update of the Commission’s implementing decision paves the way for wide-spread deployment of 5G services.

The Commission also amended an implementing decision on 5GHz frequency bands, which makes the bands available for Wi-Fi in road transport, for example in cars and buses. The amending decision lays the foundation for innovations in the automotive industry and potentially for Metaverse applications. According to the amendment of the implementing decision, Member States can make 5GHz frequency bands available for use on road vehicles as early as possible and at the latest by 30 June 2023.

AMC Networks shuts streamer Acorn TV in South Africa

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/28/amc-networks-shuts-streamer-acorn-tv-in-south-africa/

In a sudden and unexpected move, AMC Networks-owned stream Acorn TV has told subscribers in South Africa that it is shutting down. Four years after arriving in the market, Acorn posted a message on its service that said: “We regret to inform you that Acorn TV will shut down in South Africa by the end of 2022. Please cancel your subscription by going to My Acorn TV and then Manage Account.”

South Africa is a highly-competitive streaming market where the likes of Netflix and Disney+ are slugging it out with the likes of Multichoice’s Showmax and the newly-launched SABC+. As yet, AMC Networks has made no official comment.

During its most recent financial results (Q3, 2022), AMC Networks’ new CEO Christina Spade said the company expected its overall streaming business to be around 12 million by the end of the year. She said there was “a good runway for streaming growth” ahead. The company is aiming for 20-25 million streaming subs by 2025.

The closure of Acorn TV in South Africa may simply be a response to local market conditions. But It may also signal the start of a consolidation period for Acorn TV, which is currently available in around 30 territories. Rival streamer Lionsgate retrenched recently, closing local streaming operations across several markets.

Any further closes of local Acorn TV services might suggest an increased emphasis on sister platform AMC+, which first saw the light of day in 2020. Until that point, Acorn was the jewel in AMC’s streaming crown, with subs of around 1 million. But the last year has mainly been about the expansion of AMC+, which launched in Spain, Korea, India, New Zealand and Australia during October. Given the extreme pressure that exists for consumer eyeballs, the company may be mooting a merged SVOD offer.

Also worth noting is that AMC has been moving aggressively into FAST channels, which opens up the possibility of a new advertising revenue stream.

Globecast distribution deal with EarthxTV

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/29/globecast-distribution-deal-with-earthxtv/

Globecast, the solutions provider for media, has announced an agreement with EarthxTV to provide cloud playout for the linear TV channel and distribution to MVPDs.

EarthxTV is a Dallas-based TV entertainment network dedicated to environmental sustainability. It’s now available through distribution deals including Spectrum and the National Cable television Cooperative (NCTC) in the US.; Sky and Freeview in the UK and Ireland; and M7 in Europe.

Globecast is orchestrating the EarthxTV playback entirely in the cloud then delivering the linear channel signal via fibre and satellite to MVPDs. Cloud-hosted content is used to deploy FAST and pop-up channels for virtual MVPDs and OTT providers. Globecast’s cloud services are powered by AWS, with the company announcing earlier this year it has joined the AWS Partner Network, extending its reach and providing the cloud power Globecast and its customers need.

Rajan Singh, EVP of Global Distribution at EarthxTV, said: “With EarthxTV being a newly launched linear network, our priority was finding a media services partner that fully understands what we want to achieve, the importance of it and can provide a technically elegant playout workflow that’s flexible and cost-effective. Globecast talked us through all the options and we were very impressed with their knowledge and expertise in cloud playout, especially with EarthxTV being new to linear.”.

By using cloud playout, there’s a significant benefit in terms of sustainability. AWS provides a tool for calculating carbon emissions savings as a result of being in AWS instead of on-prem. In 2022 to date, Globecast Americas has saved over 18 metric tons of emissions, according to the tool, across all MCR services.

René Villapando, VP Technical Solutions Sales, Globecast Americas, added: “The future of the planet is in our hands and Globecast believes initiatives like this are timely, welcome and very important. Focusing on the future of our planet is of key concern for Globecast, and this partnership with EarthxTV clearly defines why we do what we do at Globecast, helping our customers deliver key content via our market-leading cloud playout and distribution solutions.”


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Monday night feed
Asiasat 5 100.5E 4174 H Sr 7200 "GCA HD ENC-1" Golf Highlights

Intelsat 19 166E 12686 H Sr 30000 "RTS" FTA, World Cup Football, Most matches live and FTA here, as well as on SBS One HD on Optus D1

Measat 3D 91.5E 3760 H Sr 29700 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 5/6
Sid 503 Vpid 551 (H264) Apid 552(eng) ,553 Rock Extreme started here, loads as "Rock -ENT 2" HD, Encrypted

Measat 3D 91.5E 3734 V Sr 3255 "Service 01" Horse racing ,Penag Turf Club , SD, FTA

Sunday misc feeds

Apstar 7 76.5E 3843 H "YLE FIN-029 JUMP (YLE)" Encrypted , SKI Jumping
Apstar 7 76.5E 3853 H "GCUK Enc 11" Sr 7200 DVB-S2 8PSK Encrypted Motorsports

Sunday pm feeds

Optus D2
12634 V Sr 7200 "Hindi Backup 1" Encrypted Cricket NZ vs India
12643 V Sr 7200 "English Backup 1" Encrypted Cricket NZ vs India
12652 V Sr 7500 "GMA 10" Encrypted
12705 V Sr 7500 "Traralgon Races" Encrypted
12723 V Sr 7500 "STS 10 WAFL Grand Final"
12732 V Sr 7500 "STS 10 WAFL Fox _Emerg"
12741 V Sr 7500 no lock

Sunday a.m feeds

Asiasat 5 4014 H Sr 7200 "BRAVE DENPASAR" MMA Bali
Asiasat 5 3875 H Sr 7200 "JOBURG OPEN WORLD FEED BACKUP" Golf
Asiasat 5 3914 V Sr 7200 "T10_FEED" Abu Dhabi T10 Cricket event (Encrypted)

Saturday evening feeds
Optus D2 12357 V Sr 7500 "STS 9 SANDOWN GREYHOUNDS" Encrypted

Saturday afternoon feeds

Optus D1
12652 V Sr 7200 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" WBBL final on Ch7
12670 V Sr 22500 "BBL 7 Main" "BBL World" "BBL EVS Clean" WBBL Cricket Final

Optus D2
12366 V Sr 7500 "ARC Main (STS) Encrypted
12634 V Sr 7200 "Hindi Backup 1" Encrypted Cricket setup
12643 V Sr 7200 "English Backup 1" Encrypted Cricket setup
12652 V Sr 7500 "TV-001 (Encoder)" From a horse track
12670 V Sr 22500 "Celebrity 2022 Path 1"
12696 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Horse racing
12705 V Sr 7500 "GMA 007" Encrypted
12714 V Sr 7500 "Astra 5" WBBL
12741 V Sr 7500 no lock

12701 H Sr 15000 "WBBL Path 1" WBBL Cricket
12714 H Sr 7500 "WBBL PATH 2" WBBL Cricket
12723 H Sr 7500 "Adhoc Enc 12_Mod 7" Fox Sports

Friday evening feed
Asiasat 5 100.5E Sr 7200 "JOBURG OPEN WORLD FEED MAIN" Golf

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Telstar 18 Vantage 138.0E 3872 H "TeleRadyo" has left .

Vinasat 1 132.0E 11589 H "VTV Can Tho" is now encrypted.

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 4520 H "Nagorik TV" is now encrypted.

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 10725 V "Global TV, Channel 24 and Cinemachi Action have started on , Irdeto. Deepto TV, Duronto TV and Star Jalsha" have left.
Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 10805 V "Jalsha Movies, Star Bharat India, Star Plus India, Zee Anmol and Star Gold India" have started on , Irdeto. Discovery Science India and Discovery Channel Bangla have left. 1ET Sports, Health & Wellness, News 24, Lolly Kids, Sky News International, Star Movies Select, Colors Bangla Cinema, Zee Café, Ekhon TV, Eurosport Asia and Disney International HD have started on 10845 V, Irdeto. TLC HD India, Sangshad TV, VoA TV Asia, Geo News International, Zee Cinema Asia, Jalsha Movies, Star World India, Animal Planet India, Pogo, ARY Digital Asia, Bangla Talkies and Cinemachi Comedy have left.
Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 10885 V "Animal Planet India, B4U Music India, CNA, CGTN, TLC HD India, Zee News, My TV, Madani Channel Bangla, Sonic Nickelodeon, Somoy News TV, DD India and Cinemachi Romance have started on , Irdeto. Star Sports 1, & flix, T Sports, Disney International HD, News 24, DW English, Nickelodeon India, Cartoon Network Pakistan, Bangla TV, 9XM, Colors Bangla, 9X Jalwa and Cinemachi Action" have left.
Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 11265 V "NTV" has started on , Irdeto. Aakaash Aath and Somoy News TV have left again.

SES 7 108.2E "BeIn Sports 3 Indonesia" has left 2535 V and 2565 H.
SES 7 108.2E "BeIn Sports 1 Indonesia" has left 2625 V and 2655 V.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3860 V "BeIn Sports 1 Indonesia" has left.
Telkom 4 108.0E Ruai TV is back on 4020 V, clear.
Telkom 4 108.0E BeIn Sports 3 Indonesia has left 4060 V.

Measat 3a 91.4E 3760 H "Rock Extreme" has started on , Irdeto.
Measat 3a 91.4E 4162 H "BeIn Sports 1/3 Indonesia" have left .

Measat 3a 91.4E 12356 H "Galaxy, AXN East Asia, History Asia, One, Galaxy Premium, Zee Bioskop, Kix, Thrill, Kompas TV, CNN International Asia Pacific, Asian Food Network, CNBC Asia-Pacific, Life, Arirang World, DW English, MNC TV, Aljazeera English and BTV" have started on , encrypted.
Measat 3a 91.4E 12396 H "BeIn Sports 1/3 Indonesia" have left .

Express 80 80.0E 11044 V "REN TV and Domashniy" are now encrypted.

Apstar 7 76.5E Star Movies Gold has replaced Star Movies China on 3720 H and 4080 H, Irdeto.

Intelsat 39 62.0E 4049 L "MRTV, MRTV News, MRTV Parliament, MRTV NRC, MRTV Farmers, MRTV Sports, Myanmar International TV, Education Channel, MRTV Entertainment, MRTV 4, Channel 7, 5 Plus, MN TV, Channel 9, MWD, Channel K, YTV and Fortune TV" have started on , Fta.
Intelsat 39 62.0E 4061 L "Channel K, YTV and Fortune TV" have started on , Fta.

Intelsat 39 62.0E 11140 V "MRTV News, MRTV Parliament, MRTV NRC, MRTV Farmers, MRTV Sports, Education Channel, MRTV 4, Channel 7, 5 Plus, Channel K, YTV and Fortune TV have started on, Fta. MRTV is now Fta. Sky Net Buddha Channel, Bloomberg TV Myanmar, One News, Sky Net Info Channel, Sky Net Up to Date, Sky Net Live Channel, Sky Net Cartoon, ZooMoo Asia, Nick Jr Asia, Nickelodeon South East Asia, Animax Asia, Egg Network, Sky Net Myanmar Art and Sky Net Myanmar Movies" have left.

From playtv

泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12605 V 30000一组新增@TV频道,开锁播出。(2022-11-27)
SES-7/9(108.2°E)卫星,12461 H 45000一组新增FIFA World Cup2频道,锁码播出。(2022-11-27)

马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,4160 H 25250一组BeIN Sports 1与BeIN Sports 3两个高清频道消失。(2022-11-26)


China launches remote sensing satellite into space: Report

From https://www.aa.com.tr/en/asia-pacific/china-launches-remote-sensing-satellite-into-space-report/2749580

Yaogan-36 satellite launched into space from Xichang Satellite Launch Center, state-run media reports

China launches remote sensing satellite into space: Report

China has launched a new remote sensing satellite, local state-run media reported on Sunday.

The Yaogan-36 satellite was launched into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwestern province of Sichuan with a Long March-2D carrier rocket, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The satellites landed in the planned orbital position after the launch, it said.

It was the 451st mission for the Long March series carrier rockets.

World Cup streaming ban hits Saudi viewers

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/28/world-cup-streaming-ban-hits-saudi-viewers/

Saudi Arabia football fans hoping to watch World Cup action on streaming service TOD TV claim the government has blocked the platform from screening the games. TOD TV, which holds the rights to show the World Cup in Saudi Arabia, is owned by Qatar’s beIN Sports Media Group.

The service’s website says: “Sorry, the requested page is violating the regulations of the Media Ministry,” with TOD TV apologising to viewers “for the temporary loss of service … due to reasons beyond our control. We value our viewers having a premium user experience and are working on resuming normal services as soon as possible.”

Qatar’s beIN group was affected by a political dispute between the state and Saudi Arabia in recent years as part of boycott on Qatar over its political stance, losing its licence to broadcast in Saudi Arabia. However, after Saudi Arabia mended ties with Qatar in 2021, beIN resumed service for the Saudi market.

TOD TV is broadcasting some of the matches, including Saudi Arabia’s, for free, but 42 matches were only going to be available on the streaming service, which apparently was blocked just before the start of the tournament on November 20th.


Sunday, no update


Saturday, no update



Friday afternoon feeds

Optus D2
12634 V Sr 7200 "Hindi Backup 1" ODI NZ vs India (Encrypted)
12643 V Sr 7200 "English Backup 1" ODI NZ vs India (Encrypted)
12670 V Sr 22500 "Celebrity 2022 Path 1" (Encrypted)
12696 V Sr 7500 "GMA 006" (Encrypted)
12741 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" PGA Golf , Brisbane, FTA

Asiasat 5
3985 V SR 7200 "WORLD TX3 T2" Cricket India vs NZ, (Encrypted)
3876 H Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Brisbane PGA Golf, FTA

Asiasat 5 3915 V Sr 7200 "ABU DHABI T10 LEAGUE matches reported here"

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From the Dish

Eutelsat 172B 172.0E 3947 H "Fijian Elections Office" has started on , Fta.

SES 7 108.2E 11539 H "BuKo Channel" has left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 4WG TV has moved from 12562 H to 12682 H, Fta.

From playtv

韩星5/5A号(113.0°E)卫星, 蒙古直播11613 V 43200一组CTC频道开锁播出。(2022-11-25)


SES responds to Russia carriage complaints

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/25/ses-responds-to-russia-carriage-complaints/

SES says it has fully complied with the suspension of sanctioned Russian channels across the EU, Russia and Ukraine. When the European sanctions were passed on March 2nd, SES turned off the designated signals of specific RT/Russia Today channels and Sputnik across Europe immediately.

“Russia Today is delivered indirectly via the satellite from one customer in sub-Saharan Africa and one in India. In each case, the signal is encrypted and is part of a broader bouquet of channels. We have repeatedly requested that these customers remove the sanctioned channel and continue to do so,” it added.

“As a satellite operator, SES leases bandwidth to media companies and content aggregators who have permissions, licenses or registrations granted by regulators in their specific markets. In both cases, the service providers have permissions, licenses and registrations granted by relevant regulators in their specific markets. They offer the content in an encrypted format so it is only accessible to subscribers to the service. SES is not able to remove these channels without impacting tens of legitimate channels that are not subject to sanctions. Such action would likely meet with unintended legal and geopolitical consequences,” states SES.

“SES is fully committed to implementing the sanctions imposed by the European Union as we have been since the decisions were taken, and continues to insist that the sanctioned Russian channels be removed from our satellites,” it concluded.

Satellite Vu secure deal with Japanese Space Imaging firm

From https://businessmag.co.uk/technology-innovation/satellite-vu-secure-deal-with-japanese-space-imaging-firm/

A Surrey aerospace firm has secured a multi-million pound purchase option with Japan Space Imaging Corporation (JSI).

Satellite Vu, who are based at the Surrey Research Park, are to enhance JSI's global imaging capability through their Early Access Option Programme (EAOP).

The EAOP provides high res' thermal imagery, products, and services such as satellite capacity.

The data will be generated by a network of satellites scheduled for launch in 2023. The satellites have the ability to monitor the temperature of any building on the planet in near real-time.

Anthony Baker, Founder and CEO of Satellite Vu, said: “We are excited to be working with JSI to provide our high-resolution data to expand and enhance their imaging portfolio and boost their national security efforts.

"The benefits of satellite technology and data from space are being felt across the globe, and the launch of our first thermal infrared monitoring satellites next year is the first step in our journey to providing high-quality, consistent data which can have a huge impact for governments and businesses.”

Koji Ueda, CEO and President of JSI said of the deal: “We are thrilled with this partnership with Satellite Vu. Our customers are already expressing their interest in the unique capabilities Satellite Vu brings into the market."

Beximco to use Bangabandhu Satellite-1 to distribute foreign pay TV channels

From https://unb.com.bd/category/Tech/beximco-to-use-bangabandhu-satellite-1-to-distribute-foreign-pay-tv-channels/105249

The Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited (BSCL) has signed an agreement with Beximco Digital Distribution Limited (BDDL) under which BDDL will use Bangabandhu Satellite-1 (BS-1) to distribute eight foreign clean-feed pay TV channels in Bangladesh.

With this agreement, BDDL will be the first and the only foreign pay TV channel distributor to avail of downlinking services from BS-1, according to a media statement.

Md Shafiqul Islam, managing director of BSCL, and Jamanul Bahar of BDDL signed the deal in Dhaka Thursday.

"The most predominant form of TV distribution is currently through millions of analogue cable connections which have no protection for consumers, limited capacity to carry channels, poor picture quality, lack of service, lack of addressability and no interactive services and critically rampant with piracy related to the TV channels which leads to the government deprived of substantial taxation income and lower revenues for broadcasters," Shayan F Rahman, chairman of BDDL, said.

"The conversion from analogue to digital television broadcasting will provide newer and more secure ways of distribution of content which include cable, IPTV, OTT and DTH," he added.

Space tracking company adds quantum-safe encryption

From https://techmonitor.ai/hardware/post-quantum-encryption-space

Quantum computers are unlikely to be able to crack encryption for a decade but companies are installing quantum-safe solutions early.

A company that uses satellites to track ship movements has become the first in the world to offer post-quantum encryption end-to-end from the satellite to the cloud. French satellite company Unseenlabs worked with quantum encryption developer Secure-IC on the new protocols.
Data on the satellite and as it is received on the ground is encrypted end-to-end with post-quantum encryption solutions. (Photo by sdecoret/Shutterstock)

Unseenlabs has a fleet of satellites in low Earth orbit designed to track any vessel anywhere on the ocean at any time. Companies pay a subscription for access to this data, giving them the ability to locate and monitor vessels and keep them safe. It can also be used in the fight against pollution, illegal traffic, piracy and other negative impacts on the ocean and climate.

Some of the data being sent from space to the ground can be commercially sensitive and is already protected using the best current end-to-end encryption authentication protocols, but that won’t protect the information when quantum computers reach maturity.

At some point within the next ten to 15 years experts predict quantum computers will become powerful and error-free enough to crack even the best encryption techniques within a day or less – something classical computers would need tens of thousands of years to achieve.

To combat this risk, companies, governments and organisations are working on post-quantum encryption algorithms using maths problems that even a quantum computer couldn’t easily solve and Unseenlabs is the first satellite fleet operator to implement this throughout its network.

The US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has been holding a competition since 2016 to source new standards for encryption algorithms that, in theory, should be able to withstand the codebreaking abilities of mature quantum computers. So far, four have been put forward as standards, and have yet to be cracked.

It isn’t clear exactly which algorithms are being deployed by Unseenlabs on its fleet of seven satellites but it is being launched as part of a security integration platform similar to those used in Internet of Things devices and fleets of equipment managed by large companies. It will be available on the most recent pair of satellites launched by the company – bro-6 and bro-7 – that launched earlier this year.

Making post-quantum encryption future-proof

The new project, dubbed bro-pqc, will see the platform deployed to the existing seven spacecraft as well as all future satellites, including the integration of current and post-quantum cryptography solutions. The company says this allows it to future-proof its authentication.

“It is augmented with the ability to notarise information arising from the satellites and secure data using post-quantum cryptography,” an Unseenlabs spokesperson explained, adding that the service is powered by Securyzr™ technology, a cybersecurity lifecycle management platform built by Secure-IC for connected objects. It allows companies to deploy and manage fleets from the cloud – which is vital when your fleet is hundreds of miles above the Earth in the vacuum of space.

“With the ‘bro-pqc’ project, we aim to leverage post-quantum cryptography to provide state-of-the-art and future-proof authenticity of the data which is measured from LEO and subsequently downloaded to Earth,” says Jonathan Galic, Unseenlabs CTO and co-founder.

“Secure-IC offerings deliver the flexibility, performance and capability we were looking for, which are needed in order to deliver tangible, near real-time data and secure data to our clients,” Galic adds.

The Securyzr™ technology will allow the company to deploy the post-quantum solutions after launch, as well as make updates as new, more secure algorithms are developed. This is vital as post-quantum cryptography standards are still in development with many not tested or finalised.

“Our solutions are currently embedded into hundreds of millions of electronic chips for smartphones, computers, automobiles, smart meters, cloud servers and more,” says Sylvain Guilley, co-founder of Secure-IC and company CTO.

“The announcement of this partnership with Unseenlabs reaffirms Secure-IC’s leading position in the embedded cybersecurity landscape and innovation in cutting-edge technologies.”

The company has been developing both hardware and software-based post-quantum solutions and adapting it for ‘internal security’ running on device firmware that can then be deployed and updated as the algorithms improve.

TheSoul takes channels to Samsung TV Plus in Europe

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/24/thesoul-takes-channels-to-samsung-tv-plus-in-europe/

Content provider TheSoul Publishing has forged a partnership with Samsung to bring several of TheSoul’s brands to Samsung TV Plus in key European territories.

TheSoul Publishing is releasing both 5-Minute Crafts and TeenVee as English- and Spanish-language channels on Samsung’s FAST service. The content will be introduced starting this month and continue to premiere through the end of the year.

TheSoul’s content will include 22-minute episodes delivered on two linear free ad-supported TV (FAST) channels across four territories. The programming will also be available as video-on-demand (VOD), offering a library of crafts, DIY, and animation videos to Samsung device owners.

TheSoul Publishing reaches more than 1.5 billion social followers across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snap, providing content in 20 different languages, distributed via a social media-driven cross-platform network.

“We are extremely excited to launch TheSoul Publishing’s flagship brand, 5-Minute Crafts, across Southern and Northern Europe and Benelux as well as TeenVee across Italy and Spain by year’s end. TheSoul’s universally popular content is a fantastic addition to the Samsung TV Plus line-up and we expect this will be the beginning of an ongoing partnership,” said Cristina Sala, country manager Samsung TV Plus, Italy.

“Whether inspiring families’ creativity through crafts or entertaining with humorous animation, our content touches all demographics and global preferences. That’s why we are incredibly excited to bring our hugely popular channels to Samsung TV Plus, allowing our fans to watch our multi-language content directly on their Samsung TVs and devices. We have no doubt that this new partnership will help our content connect with its intended viewers. TheSoul looks forward to our fans being able to view our entertaining videos whenever they want and wherever they happen to be,” said Jonathan Shrank, head of content distribution at TheSoul.



Measat 3D 91.5E 4162 H
"Bein sports 1 Indonesia"
"Bein Sports 3 Indonesia

have left

Eutelsat 172B 3947 H Sr 15000 "Election Channel" has started, FTA ,SD

A few local Broadcasts of the Fifa World Cup

Intelsat 19 166E 12686 H Sr 30000 "RTS" channel , FTA Fifa World Cup
Intelsat 19 166E 12686 H Sr 30000 "MRT1" Fifa world Cup Germany vs Jpn , (Encrypted)

Optus D1 12532 H Sr 47300 16 APSK ACM Multistream "SBS One HD" , FTA Fifa World Cup

Chinasat 12 3757 V Sr 2083 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 2/3 "Ch7" Thailand , FTA Fifa World Cup, SD

also available via pirate channels on Laosat 1 128.5E Piurate channels on the Cband. If you can get it in the 5G mess.

Optus D2 Thursday Evening feeds

12638 V Sr 15000 "WBBL at Karen Rolton Oval" WBBL T20 Cricket (Encrypted)
12738 V Sr 7500 "Astra 5" WBBL T20 Cricket, FTA

Thursday afternoon feeds

Optus D2
12634 V Sr 7200 "Hindi Backup 1" Cricket ODI setup feed for Friday
12643 V Sr 7200 "English Backup 1" Cricket ODI setup feed for Friday
12652 V Sr 7500 no lock
12670 V Sr 22500 "Celebrity 2022 Path 1" Encrypted
12741 V Sr 7500 no lock

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From the Dish

Measat 3a 91.4E 3880 H "Outdoor Channel International" is now encrypted.

From playtv

亚洲5号(100.5°E)卫星,4080 H 30000一组Belarus 24频道恢复,目前黑屏开锁播出。(2022-11-23)


FIFA threatens to cut World Cup broadcasts in Thailand After finding it, it fell off to another country.

From https://www-thaipbs-or-th.translate.goog/news/content/321886?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp

please note article translated by google

FIFA threatens to cut World Cup broadcast rights Warning to speed up protection after finding a signal that has dropped to another country. while the Sports Authority of Thailand Allocate live broadcasts of the World Cup to digital TV for 3 matches equally on all channels.

On November 23, 2022, reporters reported progress on the allocation of live broadcasts of the 2022 World Cup, the latest Sports Authority of Thailand. call representatives of digital TV channels Come to a meeting to discuss the case of True Channel returning the quota for 16 World Cup live broadcasts back to the Sports Authority of Thailand. be allocated to digital TV channels to be broadcast live in parallel with True

At the meeting, it took almost 2 hours to discuss before it was concluded that the 16 matches that True reinstated will be allocated to channels that draw 2 live matches and 1 match from last Saturday's draw. to have 3 matches broadcast live on each channel

Thai PBS from originally broadcasting 2 matches, which is Thursday, November 24, which is a game in Group G at 5:00 p.m. Switzerland meets Cameroon and Thursday, December 1 is the game. The final Group F match between Canada and Morocco at 10:00 p.m. will add one more match live, with Portugal's debut game. Led by Cristiano Ronaldo meets Ghana at 11:00 p.m. today (November 24).

As for the 2 matches, the 3rd place round was broadcast by PPTV. And the final is broadcast live on Channel 7, which will be taken in parallel with True.
FIFA finds copyright infringement Threatening to cut off Thailand signals

While broadcasting this World Cup live There was a complaint to FIFA that Thailand's World Cup broadcast signal was dropped to Aceh, Indonesia, and Laos. If you don't find a way to prevent urgently, the signal will be cut off. Makes it impossible to watch the World Cup

FIFA proposes that Thailand must encode broadcasts transmitted via satellite systems according to FIFA's standards. After discussions between the NBTC and SAT and digital TV operators, it was concluded that although Thailand could not meet FIFA standards. because it is an advanced technology that Thailand does not have And there will be a problem that the viewing box cannot be decrypted as well. But will propose to FIFA that Thailand will change the encryption code instead believe that it can prevent copyright infringement

(Craig's comment, this happens every single World cup. It's not a new issue. This will happen, Thaicom will lower signals and roll their weak biss codes to please Fifa. Meanwhile the pirate broadcast via "gold sport" will continue via Laosat. Along with the Match feeds on Intelsat19 using the same weak Biss encryption)

Fifa warns it will revoke Thailand’s World Cup broadcast rights over encryption failures

From https://www.nationmultimedia.com/thailand/general/40022396

Fifa has threatened to revoke Thailand’s right to broadcast the final World Cup matches after it found the country’s transmission access was “also being used in other countries”, the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) said on Wednesday.

Fifa’s warning prompted SAT to immediately notify the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, urging the telecom watchdog to ensure all parties involved in the broadcasting of the World Cup 2022 finals – being held in Qatar until December 18 – strictly abide by Fifa’s broadcasting transmission encryption standard.

SAT governor Kongsak Yodmanee said on Wednesday that these parties are five multiplexer DTTs, Thaicom, and all companies providing set-top box (STB) services.

Fifa has asked the broadcasters to strictly encrypt its over-the-air transmissions at least to the minimum standards of “Biss CA Director” or “Power/u”, said Kongsak.

Furthermore, Thaicom and the providers of STB services cannot use the Biss 1 Simultcrypt as they are now doing, he added.

“Failure to comply with these rules will result in Thailand’s broadcasting rights being forfeited,” Kongsak added.

High Court ruling against pirated football broadcasting sets crucial precedent, says Astro

From https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/high-court-ruling-against-pirated-football-broadcasting-sets-crucial-precedent-says-astro

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 24): As the World Cup fever begins to heat up in Malaysia, the High Court here has made a landmark ruling which sets a precedent that it is illegal for commercial premises to broadcast contents from unauthorised sources.

In a statement on Thursday (Nov 24), Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd said the Kuala Lumpur High Court has ruled that a local commercial premise had acted illegally by showing pirated broadcasts of sports and entertainment contents — including Premier League football.

"The directors of 42 East Pub and Restaurants in KL were showing contents in their premises without a legitimate commercial broadcast subscription to Astro," the group said.

Astro added that this ruling follows recent amendments to the Copyright Act 2022, which strengthened legislation around copyright infringement and empowered authorities to act against those selling illegal streaming devices and illegal website operators.

According to Astro, the court's ruling set a crucial precedent that it is illegal for commercial premises to show contents from unauthorised sources — whether pirated foreign channels or Astro broadcasts without the appropriate licence.

"Future legal actions could lead to significant financial and legal consequences for anyone found to be showing infringing contents in their commercial premises," Astro said.

Astro group chief executive officer-designate Euan Smith said the group welcomes the ruling, which has set a legal precedent for copyright infringement as piracy hurts the group's ability to serve sports fans and commercial enterprises.

"It damages the income of the entire content creation industry, reduces the amount of tax being received by the government to support the Malaysian economy, and puts food and beverage owners at risk of serious financial penalties."

Smith said Astro is committed to working closely with the authorities, industry players as well as the Premier League in battling piracy and in encouraging commercial enterprises to only watch live sports on legal and high-quality platforms.

Meanwhile, Premier League general counsel Kevin Plumb said the decision makes it very clear that anyone showing pirate contents in a commercial premises is breaking the law.

"The Premier League works closely with Astro and Malaysian law authorities, to take action against piracy and help educate fans — we want to ensure they can come together to watch and enjoy Premier League contents in the best quality via legitimate sources," he said.

Currently, Premier League football is on a break to make way for the 2022 Fifa World Cup, which kicked off on Nov 20.

At the time of writing, shares in Astro gained one sen or 1.49% to 68 sen, giving the group a market capitalisation of RM3.55 billion.

EU complains again over sat-links to Russia

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/23/eu-complains-again-over-sat-links-to-russia/

Thirty-nine members of the European parliament have written to the EU’s top legal officials demanding that Europe’s two giant satellite operators immediately take down Russian-backed channels from their portfolios of broadcasts.

Various EU officials have already complained about Eutelsat’s carriage of Russian channels. Eutelsat has said it wants to be politically neutral and in addition has certain contractual obligations with non-Russian wholesale carriers of channels.

“Despite the sanctions, the satellite companies Eutelsat and SES have continued providing services for the broadcasting of Russian war propaganda in the European Union, in Ukraine, in Russia and beyond, including in Africa,” a parliamentarian letter said.

The letter was written by two EU members: French lawmaker Nathalie Loiseau and Estonian delegate Andrus Ansip. In their letter which was supported by the other Members, Ms Loiseau and Mr Ansip stated that the satellite operators have failed to comply with sanctions against Russia. The letter confirmed that Eutelsat has allegedly worked with Russian officials to block American and European-backed channels from pay television systems in Russia.

This means that Russia is allowed to beam propaganda from RT and Sputnik throughout Europe and parts of North Africa with apparent impunity, while depriving Russian citizens of alternative media sources who are able to provide a fuller picture of the conflict in Ukraine, the lawmakers alleged.

“Eutelsat has allowed two Russian pay-TV platforms, Tricolor and NTV-Plus, to stop broadcasting some Western TV channels in the Russian Federation, so that there is now almost no access to alternative sources of news or international channels in Russia,” the letter argued. “Eutelsat thus contributes to fuelling the Russian public support to Putin’s war and prevents them from having access to independent news sources.”

“Russian audio-visual media services are subject to regulations of the Russian Federation which do not guarantee pluralistic media landscape. Unfortunately, the current legal framework and Council decisions do not provide adequate legal basis to prohibit all Russian channels broadcasting in the EU,” the letter argued. “Therefore, we, as elected members of the European Parliament, call for a complete suspension of broadcasting of Russian TV channels and radio stations that spread hatred and disinformation in the context of the war in Ukraine to be included in a future package of European sanctions, which would give it unassailable legal force.”

Cinedigm launches RetroCrush on Samsung TV Plus

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/23/cinedigm-launches-retrocrush-on-samsung-tv-plus/

Cinedigm, a streaming and entertainment company, has announced that RetroCrush, the company’s anime channel, has launched on Samsung TV Plus’ line-up of linear channels.

RetroCrush allows viewers to experience the golden age of anime with fan favourites and deep cuts across the classic anime TV and movie spectrum, including more than 190 series and 60 feature films from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Some of the titles Samsung TV Plus viewers will find on RetroCrush range from Cyber City Oedo 808 to Phoenix to Magical Fairy Persia.

“Having previously launched The Bob Ross Channel, Comedy Dynamics, The Dove Channel and Midnight Pulp as FAST channels on Samsung Smart TVs, we are thrilled to add one of our most popular channels to the Samsung TV Plus offering,” John Stack, senior director of business development at Cinedigm. “Anime continues to be one of the most sought-after genres for children and adults alike and we look forward to Samsung TV Plus viewers discovering our premium anime films and series.”

AfroLandTV partners with FAST Channels TV

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/23/afrolandtv-partners-with-fast-channels-tv/

African movies are some of the most diverse and interesting stories in the world. Whether told around a campfire or passed down generations through cinematic excellence. Global audiences are now more receptive to African movies. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever had a record shattering box office thus November, opening to over $180 million domestically in the US. It’s well on its way to grossing a billion dollars globally.

With the holiday season upon us, there is no better way to celebrate than watching diverse authentic Black movies and TV. From music and dance to comedy and drama, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the holidays with free African movies and TV on AfroLandTV.

AfroLandTV is a Comcast NBCUniversal backed a free advertising streaming service and they partnered with Fast Channels TV to bring thousands of hours of Black, African and Nollywood live TV to the AfroLandTV platform. AfroLandTV is the biggest Pan African streaming platform in North America and this partnership bolsters their offering and mission to become the “Pluto TV of Black entertainment.”

With AfroLandTV’s live TV channels, this is the perfect way to discover new stories. You can choose from various channels that focus on Black entertainment, Nollywood movies, News, Afrobeat, Kids, Lifestyle, Gossip, and more. These channels are premium so you’re getting quality entertainment 24/7 for free.

AfroLandTV adds 9 new Live TV channels from FAST Channels TV.

Some of the best Channels you get to watch for free this holiday season include:

· FEVA TV – Watch general entertainment from movies, shows, and news that positively project Africa, Black, and Caribbean people. Catch the FEVA! Whether looking for fashion tips, celebrity gossip, or just something to watch, FEVA TV is the place for you.

· 4ACETV AFROBEAT – Showcasing trending African music, including Afrobeat, Amapiano, and Afrohouse, amongst others, the 4ACETV AFROBEAT channel is the perfect place to experience the best African music and culture. Weather you have the channel running in the background for atmosphere, this is the channel for Afrobeat.

· R2TV – A light entertainment channel with a mix of bouquet exciting programs focused mainly on lifestyle, fashion, and reality. R2TV is your go-to channel for the latest in Reality TV! From the biggest hits to the hidden gems, they’ve got everything you need to stay up-to-date.

· X2DTV – Africa’s leading gospel-inspired entertainment and lifestyle TV channel. X2DTV provides top-notch, wholesome family entertainment that is motivational, entertaining, and educational.

· Teen Africa – A family-orientated channel dedicated to quality, entertaining and educative programs. The channel allows African teens to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives with the world.

· AMusic Channel – Another Afrobeat channel, it showcases some of the best in Nigerian music. The AMusic channel is great for finding new music just for you.

· Aforevo 1 – A bouquet of contemporary Nollywood movies and programming carefully selected for quality entertainment. The content on the channel is a mix of music, comedy, and entertainment.

· A-Z Mark Angel Comedy – A-Z Mark Angel Comedy channel features some of the best comedy skits from West Africa. A perfect combination of laugh materials that will always make you laugh aloud.

· Yebo.live – This is Africa’s Biography, Discovery, and History represented under one channel. The Yebo channel is a great resource for information on African culture and history.

There you go! That’s it for the list of awesome Black channels to get lost in this Holiday season. You can watch AfroLandTV on your smart TV (Roku, Samsung, Vizio, Fire TV, LG, and others), streaming device, or download mobile apps in the Apple and Google stores.



Wednesday evening feed

Optus D2 12638 V Sr 15000 "WBBL at Karen Rolton Oval" Encrypted
Optus D2 12670 V Sr 22500 "Celebrity 2022 Path 1" Encrypted
Optus D2 12723 V Sr 7500 "Astra 5"
Optus D2 12737 V Sr 15000 "ENC2 Boxing B/U" Fta a while then Encrypted

Intelsat 19 3780 H has left

Measat 3D 91.5E 3880 H The Outdoor channel has encrypted (Irdeto)

Tuesday evening feeds

Asiasat 5 4147 H Sr 7200 "MAIN FEED1" Temp feed Showing Manoto HD channel
Asiasat 5 3885 V Sr 7200 "WORLD TX3 T2" T20 Cricket NZ vs India (Encrypted)

Optus D2

12634 V Sr 7200 "Hindi Backup 1" T20 From NZ , Amazon feed Encrypted
12643 V Sr 7200 "English Backup 1" T20 From NZ , Amazon feed Encrypted
12652 V Sr 7200 no lock
12652 V Sr 7500 no lock

Intelsat 19 166E 12686 H Sr 30000 "RTS" Fifa World Cup 2022 is being seen here , FTA,

Monday night feed
Chinasat 12 87.5E 4004 V Sr 3750 "DSNG3" Thailand Horse Showjumping

From my Email


From the Dish

Intelsat 19 166.0E 3780 H "Nickelodeon South East Asia, MTV 90s, MTV Live Australia, Paramount Network Asia and Nick Jr Asia" have left

Intelsat 19 166.0E 12604 H "TBN Pacific, TBN Inspire Australia, Alkarma TV Middle East, Oman TV, Al-Fady TV, ERI TV 1, Almagd TV, Good., Telepace, God TV Australia, Daystar TV, EWTN Asia - Pacific, SBN International, The Kingdom Sat, Angel TV Australia, Thai TV Global Network and Supreme Master TV" are still on , Fta.

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 4552 V Star Plus India, Star Gold India, Star Bharat India, Star Jalsha, Jalsha Movies, National Geographic India, National Geographic Wild Asia and Fox Life India have started on , Videoguard.

SES 7 108.2E 11539 H "Cignal PPV 2 SD has replaced RJ TV" on , encrypted.
SES 7 108.2E 11568 H "TV UP has replaced HBO Family Asia" on , encrypted.
SES 7 108.2E 11627 H "AllTV, RJ TV, TV 5, Cignal PPV 2 HD and Premier Sports 2" have started on , encrypted.
SES 7 108.2E 11627 H "Viaplay Sports 2" has left.
SES 7 108.2E 11656 H "BuKo Channel has replaced Cignal 24/7 Pinoy PPV" on, encrypted.

AsiaSat 7 105.5E 4100 V "Dhamaka Movies B4U has replaced B4U Plus" has on , Fta.

G-Sat 15 93.5E 11510 V "Dhamaka Movies B4U has replaced B4U Plus" has on , Fta.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11550 V "Prasar Bharati News Services" has started on , Fta.
G-Sat 15 93.5E 11630 V "Sanskriti 24x7" has left .

SES 9 108.2E 11921 V "Nex Info 2" has started on, Fta.

Telkom 4 108.0E 4180 V "Nex Info 2" has started on , Fta.

Thaicom 6 78.5E 12604 V "Go Sports 38 has replaced Bangkok Channel" on , Fta.

From playtv

国际19号(166.0°E)卫星,MTV Classic 澳大利亚 、MTV 90s等全组频道消失,设置3780 H 30000无信号。(2022-11-23)

亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,4100 V 29720一组的Hamaka Movies替换B4U Plus频道,开锁播出。(2022-11-21)


New Zealand Based Satellite Operator Hits 85mbps Mark For $159

From Press Release: Woi satellite

Woi satellite, owned by New Zealand communications company MMG Communications, today announced a major reduction in pricing and speed increases across two of its residential plans.

Woi has also launched a $100 a month unlimited data plan with 12mbps download speed and 10mbps upload speed. It will also, for the first time, be introducing an 85mbps download and 20mbps upload unlimited data plan for $159, the same retail price of Starlink in New Zealand.

“Our biggest advantage is that we’re local and many Kiwis still want to support a Kiwi owned business. We have ample satellite capacity across the country and there is no waiting. Our rural customers want local support, and we provide this in-country”, Woi’s Director Richard Broadbridge said.

The price reduction will be reflected across all current customer accounts from January 1 and anyone signing up between now and March 31 will benefit from the offer offers.

Woi will begin activating the new plans in December with a general install rate nationwide of $495.

It’s a great time to jump on board. Never has a New Zealand owned satellite provider retailed 100mbps of internet for under $160 a month.

The new plans are available for pre order now on Woi’s website: www.woi.co.nz

About Woi:

Woi satellite internet is a retail brand of MMG Communications Limited, a Pasifika owned business operating out of Penrose in Auckland. MMG Communications provides technology solutions in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea with active projects across the Pacific region. Its notable projects include Host Broadcasting of the 2019 Pacific Games in Apia, the launch of TV services for the Government of Tuvalu and analogue to digital migration for the Government of American Samoa. Woi is a retailer of Kacific Broadband satellites and is a finalist in the 2022 NZ Compare Broadband Awards and Pacific Business Trust Awards for Innovation. The company specializes in emergency communications and has developed a solar powered Wi-Fi trailer for regional emergency responders.

Successful launch of EUTELSAT 10B telecom satellite

From Press Release

Thales Alenia Space Civil Telecommunications Telecommunications satellites

A new-generation satellite delivering connectivity for the aviation and maritime sectors

Cannes, November 23, 2022 – The EUTELSAT 10B communications satellite, built by Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), has been successfully launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Built for international operator Eutelsat, the EUTELSAT 10B satellite will deliver high-throughput services (HTS) for the aviation and maritime sectors across Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East, Africa, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. These services will be provided by a digital multibeam payload allowing dynamic allocation of services, which is vital for ensuring robust flexibility in response to changing market requirements. The satellite also carries two C- and Ku-band payloads to ensure continuity of TV service for existing customers on the EUTELSAT 10A satellite.

EUTELSAT 10B has a fifth-generation digital processor integrated into the heart of the payload, achieving a high degree of flexibility and efficiency in terms of throughput and bandwidth. The satellite is based on the all-electric Spacebus NEO platform developed by Thales Alenia Space, with the support of the French Space Agency (CNES) and the European Space Agency (ESA). It has a nominal lifespan of at least 15 years.

With greater capacity than its predecessor EUTELSAT 10A — also designed by Thales Alenia Space and launched in 2009 — the HTS missions of this new-generation satellite will enable Eutelsat to meet the growing demand for anywhere, anytime connectivity on land, at sea and in the air.

“After the launch last September of the KONNECT VHTS satellite dedicated to bridging the digital divide in Europe, I’m thrilled with the successful launch of EUTELSAT 10B, which will enhance connectivity for the aviation and maritime sectors,” said Hervé Derrey, CEO of Thales Alenia Space. “This latest achievement reflects our ability to develop new telecommunications solutions, working with our customer Eutelsat and with CNES and ESA, whose support has been vital as we strive to meet current and emerging market needs.”


Drawing on over 40 years of experience and a unique combination of skills, expertise and cultures, Thales Alenia Space delivers cost-effective solutions for telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, environmental management, exploration, science and orbital infrastructures. Governments and private industry alike count on Thales Alenia Space to design satellite-based systems that provide anytime, anywhere connections and positioning, monitor our planet, enhance management of its resources, and explore our Solar System and beyond. Thales Alenia Space sees space as a new horizon, helping to build a better, more sustainable life on Earth. A joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), Thales Alenia Space also teams up with Telespazio to form the parent companies’ Space Alliance, which offers a complete range of services. Thales Alenia Space posted consolidated revenues of approximately 2.15 billion euros in 2021 and has around 8,900 employees in 10 countries with 17 sites in Europe and a plant in the US.


Sandrine Bielecki
Tel: +33 (0)4 92 92 70 94
[email protected]

Catherine des Arcis
Tel.: +33 (0)6 78 64 63 97
[email protected]

Cinzia Marcanio
Tel: +39 (0)6 415 1 26 85
[email protected]

France Télévisions Overseas taps Globecast, Net Insight for contribution and distribution

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/22/france-televisions-overseas-taps-globecast-net-insight-for-contribution-and-distribution/

French overseas territories pubcaster France Télévisions Overseas has tapped technology partners Globecast and Net Insight to replace its legacy media contribution and distribution solution for the territories it serves: French Guiana; French Polynesia; Guadeloupe/Saint Martin; Martinique; Mayotte; New Caledonia; Réunion; Saint Pierre and Miquelon; Wallis and Futuna.

France Télévisions was looking to replace and upgrade technology to manage contribution feeds between local studios across the territories, as well as with eight press agencies. The requirement overs both permanent and occasional feeds from a central studio in France to all territories.

The broadcaster turned to Net Insight’s Nimbra edge technology to deliver media over IP and cloud netwoks in combination with Globecast’s cloud infrastructure.

The system provides the flexibility to allow additional feeds – for example, for a specific event – to be inserted into the transport solution as and when required, a capability that was previously absent.

“There were multiple drivers behind the project, which is now up and running. The solution needed to be as cost-effective as possible so leveraging a combination of the public internet and the cloud was a priority, while guaranteeing premium service quality. Our expertise in creating large-scale media networks, with Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge technology key to this solution, was essential for this project,” said Yann Madeleine EVP Sales, Globecast in France.

“It was essential that we created a premium quality, extremely reliable media transport solution and very cost-effectively, too. Our and Net Insight’s cloud and overall IP know-how is crucial to the success of this project. In addition, France Télévisions now benefits from a one-stop shop contractually and when it comes to any questions or issues.”

Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight, said: “The media industry is moving fast into the new era of cloud and IP workflows. Media companies like France Télévisions are harnessing the innovation and unique advantages of cloud and IP technologies, including unpreceded scalability and the flexibility to manage live feeds reliably and cost-efficiently. Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge is the most open and agile cloud delivery solution, and we’re pleased that together with Globecast we empower the media industry to innovate into the future.”

Jacques Donat-Bouillud, director of broadcasting and distribution Networks Development for France Télévisions, said, “France Télévisions was looking for a reliable, resilient and innovative solution to ensure the exchange of media, video and audio between our various local stations overseas and in France. The solution proposed by Globecast and its partners meets the criteria since it allows us to improve the services provided, while maintaining the level of quality of service required for the public service missions of France Télévisions. In addition, this solution is more economical than the previous one, while making a leap forward in technology. Globecast also has the advantage of relying on competent and reliable local partners in all overseas territories. It’s very important that France Télévisions be able to benefit from local resources and skills, in particular in the event of major climatic events, which are unfortunately still possible in the overseas territories.”

Manila Broadcasting Company migrates to MEASAT-3d

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/23/manila-broadcasting-company-migrates-to-measat-3d/

Malaysian satellite operator MEASAT has begun migrating Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) stations onto its latest MEASAT-3d satellite. This makes MBC the first media organisation in the Philippines to broadcast via the new craft.

“We are pleased to welcome MBC on board MEASAT-3d,” said Ganendra Selvaraj, Chief Commercial Officer, MEASAT. “As a pioneer broadcast institution in the Philippines, MBC has always been at the forefront of new technology and developments, and this migration to our new satellite continues this practice. They are one of MEASAT’s long-standing customers; broadcasting on our MEASAT-2 satellite since 2001 and we have been working together through thick and thin. When MBC’s headquarters caught fire in 2019, destroying most of the key equipment, we raced to support via our own MEASAT Teleport and Broadcast Centre uplink for almost a year while MBC rebuilt their main studio. This latest migration further strengthens MBC’s broadcast services via MEASAT through their broadcast facility in Manila.”

“As a leading news and entertainment station in the Philippines – a distinction we are proud to maintain until today, it is important for us to work with a satellite services provider that is technologically advanced, reliable and flexible – supported by a team we are happy to call friends,” added Ruperto Nicdao Jr, President of MBC. “For MBC, MEASAT is all these and more. They have been an excellent partner over the years and were a great help amidst the challenge of rebuilding our studio, so we are most pleased to extend and expand our professional relationship with them. Through this migration to MEASAT-3d combined with a new uplink antenna built with MEASAT’s support at our newly renovated studio facility, our position is now further strengthened.”

MBC is the largest broadcast network in Asia, with over 200 stations throughout the Philippines archipelago. It operates six AM and FM networks – DZRH, 90.7 Love Radio, 101.1 Yes The Best, 96.3 Easy Rock, Aksyon Radyo, and Radyo Natin.

MEASAT-3d is co-located with MEASAT-3a and MEASAT-3b at the 91.5°E orbital hot-slot to form one of the region’s most powerful and robust video neighbourhoods with what MEASAT says is unrivalled in-orbit redundancy and expansion capacity.

India: TRAI delays satellite licences

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/21/india-trai-delays-satellite-licences/

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) says it needs more time for consultation ahead of any approvals to operational requests from Starlink, OneWeb and Jio Satellite and to licence their broadband activity in India.

TRAI is reportedly going to take until the New Year before it issues a consultation paper which will outline its methodology of allocating spectrum to the applicants.

“We are aware that department of telecommunications has issued their reference calling for auctioning the satellite spectrum but we will follow a consultative process and then give our recommendations on the subject,” Trai officials said.

Some India authorities have already issued the Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite (GMPCS) licence to OneWeb and Jio Satellite Communications, a unit of Reliance Jio, to offer satellite-based internet services. Other companies which have applied for the licence include Elon Musk’s Starlink and Tata Group’s Nelco.

In April, Trai had recommended that spectrum in the band of 24.25-28.5 GHz band be auctioned, which includes 27.5-28.5 GHz frequency range for satellite services.

Recently, Bharti Enterprises chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal had argued against the auction scheme for allocation of satellite spectrum. According to Mr Mittal, the auction should not apply for satellite services which do not compete with mobile services. The satellite companies, including Bharti’s OneWeb project, are also waiting for the government to release its Spacecom policy.

Australia: WaterBear network on Samsung TV Plus

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/21/australia-waterbear-network-on-samsung-tv-plus/

WaterBear Network, the free streaming platform dedicated to sustainability and the future of the planet, has announced the continued expansion of its linear FAST channel on Samsung TV Plus across Australia.

Available on all Samsung Smart TVs from 2017 -2022, viewers of the channel will have access to WaterBear Network’s original content. This includes a diverse slate of documentaries that delve into the most pressing environmental and social issues facing Australia – from MILKED to In My Blood it Runs, The Positive Alternative, Out in the Lineup and Fly The Roof.

This follows the expansion of its FAST channel on Samsung TV Plus across Europe and the UK earlier this year. WaterBear Network is currently available across 194 countries.

VP of Distribution at WaterBear Network, Oliver Taprogge, commented: “Following our expansion into further European territories in July, we’re delighted to be increasing our FAST channel availability on Samsung TV Plus further and launching in Australia. The expansion of this partnership highlights the impactful selection of content on offer and the growing demand of consumers for content that reflects today’s most pressing issues. With the WaterBear platform now already available across 194 countries, this expansion into Australia is a major step in connecting audiences with the world’s most critical social and environmental stories.”

Autentic and OneGate joined forces to launch wildlife FAST channel

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/21/autentic-and-onegate-joined-forces-to-launch-wildlife-fast-channel/

Leading German media companies Autentic and OneGate Media have joined forces to launch a new FAST channel Adventure Earth, which they say will be “a home for high-quality nature and wildlife documentaries.” Adventure Earth has initially launched on Samsung TV Plus in the UK, but negotiations with other platforms are underway.

Munich-based Autentic specialises in high-quality documentaries and factual series for the international market. OneGate Media is a leading German distribution and production company for film and TV and belongs to the Studio Hamburg Group.

Autentic and OneGate Media will jointly supply the channel with their catalogues. OneGate Media will manage the tech platform while Autentic will handle the distribution and programming of Adventure Earth. At launch, the new channel will include titles such as Masai Mara, The Animal Within and The Wild Andes.

Tania Reichert-Facilides, managing director OneGate Media, said: “We welcome Adventure Earth to our channel family. We bring strong VOD expertise to the collaboration. We operate more than 30 national and international channels, and this FAST channel is the successful start of our new cooperation.”

Patrick Hörl, managing director Autentic, added: “Autentic has always been first and foremost about top-notch and relevant content, so partnering with OneGate Media to launch Adventure Earth is only a logical step for us. Captivating stories about sustainability and biodiversity in nature and wildlife are more popular than ever.”

FAST Channels TV launches 5 Christmas channels

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/22/fast-channels-tv-launches-5-christmas-channels/

Discover seasonal classics, Christmas comedies and holiday hits with five festive channels from FAST Channels TV.

The brand new Holidays Channel features over 120 hours of Christmas videos, including snowscapes and holiday scenes to a mix of music styles – there’s even videos for pets. Karaoke Christmas is the home of holiday hits, a one of a kind channel where viewers can sing along to their favourite festive tracks, and The Christmas Channel is full of heartwarming movies and feel-good music. The Holiday TV Channel features a selection of seasonal films and shows the whole family can enjoy, while on a-z Holiday Christmas, every day is Christmas day; viewers can watch holiday classics and discover new favourites, all in one place. Distribution partner, Mometu, are already taking advantage of FAST Channels TV seasonal offering.

Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, commented: “During this time of the year, consumers are actively seeking out holiday content. Our collection of Christmas channels offers a curated selection of some of the most popular seasonal TV, movies, and music, allowing partners to deliver holiday content during the biggest period of the year, and complementing our portfolio in line with our mission to bring great entertainment to fans old and new.”

FAST Channels TV’s channel count now stands at over 230, with more being added each month. If you have premium content and want to create a FAST channel, or are looking for more content for your platform, talk to the team at FAST Channels TV on [email protected]

Amagi acquires Streamwise

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/21/amagi-acquires-streamwise/

Amagi, the global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV, has acquired Streamwise, an early-stage data aggregation and reporting platform for content distributors. Streamwise specialises in automating and standardizing data collection across streaming platforms. The acquisition will help Amagi to enhance its data solutions capabilities with comprehensive, more streamlined reporting and dashboards.

With the explosion of live linear channels, advertising and viewership on Free Ad-supported Streaming TV, data and insights on content and ad performance will become the key differentiator that helps content creators stay ahead of the game. The need for comprehensive insights is forcing content creators to invest heavily in building these capabilities in-house.

Amagi THUNDERSTORM, the advanced server-side ad insertion (SSAI) solution offers a robust dataset of performance metrics on viewership and ad engagement to content brands that deploy it for monetization. But, content brands, as part of their distribution and monetisation agreements, are often left with data and metrics from a variety of platforms in multiple formats that need to be consolidated to provide a holistic view of how their content is generating revenue. With Streamwise, Amagi will be able to seamlessly integrate its proprietary as well as third-party data to provide content brands with insightful, unified analytics. Streamwise’s modern and intuitive UX will make it easy for Amagi’s customers to gain actionable business insights in a centralized and automated manner.

“What content brands need now more than ever is information at their fingertips. The genius of Streamwise’s data platform lies in its simplicity and accessibility, making it an excellent value addition to Amagi’s SSAI-based ad offerings. Together, we can enable content brands to shape their programming, optimise their distribution and generate better ROI,” said Baskar Subramanian, CEO & Co-founder, Amagi.

“Our combined offering will help content distributors make smart decisions and scale their business in the streaming economy by saving content, sales, marketing, and finance executives from repetitive, manual, and error-prone processes,” said Doug Shineman, CEO of Streamwise, who is joining Amagi to lead business development for its new analytics vertical.

Amagi plans to offer Streamwise capabilities as a stand-alone offering to customers. Once it is integrated with the Amagi product suite in the coming months, customers will be able to additionally subscribe to Streamwise solutions in a seamless manner. Amagi provides a complete suite of solutions for channel creation, distribution and monetisation. Amagi’s global clients include ABS-CBN, AccuWeather, A+E Networks UK, Cinedigm, Cox Media Group, Crackle Plus, Fremantle, Gannett, Gusto TV, NBCUniversal, Tastemade, The Roku Channel and Vice Media among others.

Vevo partners Plex as it expands global streaming presence

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/22/vevo-partners-plex-as-it-expands-global-streaming-presence/

Leading music video network Vevo is partnering with free global streaming platform, Plex, to launch a slate of streaming channels featuring 24/7 linear programming of premium music videos. The partnership will bring Vevo content to users in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Mexico.

“Vevo’s music video expertise and past decade of success has positioned us well to strike linear programming deals with leading streaming platforms,” said Rob Christensen, senior vice president, global advanced TV, Vevo. “This partnership furthers our mission of ubiquity, helping make music videos available via all the platforms that people choose to consume popular content around the world.”

News of the Plex deal follows a similarly high-profile partnership with Hulu in the US, announced a few weeks ago. Christensen said: “Plex is another big free ad-supported streaming TV partner for us. FAST viewing is really taking off because people want relevant, curated content for a more lean-back experience at home.”

Plex is available across a range of platforms, device types and streaming services, including consoles. Shawn Eldridge, VP, strategic alliances and content, Plex, said: “Music is an essential genre in entertainment, so adding the world’s music video category leader to our platform is a vital edition. Vevo’s content supports our mission of delivering an amazing user experience and being a one-stop-shop for streaming.”

Vevo has been very active on the FAST scene in recent weeks. Earlier in November, the company partnered with Amagi. At the time it said: “Amagi’s cloud-based infrastructure enhances our ubiquity and bolsters our flexibility as we navigate growth, and helps us meet global content delivery and ad tech requirements.”


Tuesday, no uupdate



Asiasat 7 105.5E 4100 V Sr 29720 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 5/6
Sid 69 Vpid 331 (H264) Apid 332 "Dhamaka Movies" is new here, FTA, SD

Sunday afternoon feed log

Intelsat 19 3867 H Sr 7200 "EDM HD ENC-1" FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 (Encrypted)

Optus D2
12634 V Sr 7200 "Hindi Backup 1" NZ vs Ind T20, Encrypted
12643 V Sr 7200 "English Backup 1" NZ vs Ind T20, Encrypted
12652 V Sr 7200 "World Feed Clean" NZ vs Ind T20, Encrypted
12670 V sr 22500 no lock
12696 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" Horse racing
12705 V Sr 7500 "GMA 006" Encrypted
12714 V Sr 7500 "STS 12" Encrypted
12723 V Sr 7500 "Astra 4" WBBL Cricket match 54
12732 V Sr 7200 "STS 2" Encrypted
12741 V Sr 7500 "STS 006" Encrypted

Optus D1
12652 V Sr 7200 "BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" WBBL for channel 7
12670 V Sr 22500 "BBL 7 Main" "BBL World" "BBL EVS Clean" WBBL T20 Cricket

Saturday evening feeds

Optus D2
12357 V Sr 7500 "STS 006" Dog racing

Asiasat 5
3914 V Sr 7200 "ENC-RR24" Table Tennis
4040 H Sr 29720 "Macau GP" Macau G.P race
3985 V Sr 7200 "World Feed M" DP World Golf
4147 H Sr 7200 "EDM SG HD ENC-7" Singapore Horse racing

Saturday afternoon feeds

Intelsat 19 3947 H Sr 7200 "Fi17GNVE" Macau G.p FTA

Optus D1
12634 V Sr 7200 "ATN 7SNV 1" New feed channel 7
12651 V Sr 7200 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" Horse racing channel 7
12661 V Sr 7500 "astra 4" Horse racing presenter

Optus D2

12634 V Sr 7500 "GMA 006" Encrypted
12643 V Sr 7500 "GMA 007" Encrypted
12652 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" Horse races
12670 V Sr 22500 "Celeb 2022" Encrypted
12696 V Sr 7500 "Penshurst SNG" Encrypted
12732 V Sr 7200 "STS2" Encrypted

Friday evening feeds Optus D2

12357 V Sr 7500 "STS 9 NBL Silverdome" Encrypted
12367 V Sr 7500 "return" Encrypted
12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 4" WBBL Cricket
12696 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" Horses

Eutelsat 172B 172E 3947 H Sr 15000 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 3/5
Sid 800 Vpid 8005 (H264) Apid 8007 "Election" started, FTA SD, Colour bars

From my Email


From the Dish

SES 9 108.2E 11921 V "O Shop" has left .

Telkom 4 108.0E 3971 H "BTV" has left .
Telkom 4 108.0E 4180 V "O Shop" has left .

Express 80 80.0E 10981 V "JWL" has started on , Fta.

Apstar 7 76.5E 3720 H "Star Movies China, Star Chinese Channel International, Star Chinese Movies South East Asia, National Geographic Asia and National Geographic Wild Asia" have started on , Irdeto.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12562 H "Inspiration TV UK" has started on , Fta. Gracehill TV, Ebenezer TV and Turning Point TV have left.

Express AT1 56.0E 12245 R "Tavria" has started on , Fta.

Express AM6 53.0E 12592 H "Tavria" is back on, T2-MI, Fta.
Express AM6 53.0E 12594 V Persiana Sports has started on , Fta.

From playtv

亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星, 艺华直播消失,设置12354 V 43000无信号。(2022-11-20)
亚太7号(76.5°E)卫星,新增卫视中文台 国际 、国家地理频道等五个频道,设置参数3720 H 30000锁码播出。(2022-11-20)

马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,4040 H 28600一组BeIN Sports 2高清频道消失。(2022-11-18)
(俄)快车AM5/AT2(140.0°E)卫星,11260 V 30000一组Torre Ricca频道消失。(2022-11-18)


Australia’s first rocket is set to launch into space in April 2023

From https://www.newscientist.com/article/2347513-australias-first-rocket-is-set-to-launch-into-space-in-april-2023/

The Eris rocket developed by Australian company Gilmour Space will be the first Australian system to go into orbit if it successfully launches next year

Australian company Gilmour Space has nearly finished building a rocket that it will attempt to launch into space in April 2023. If successful, it will be Australia’s first homegrown orbital spacecraft.

“Space [technology] is one of the key enablers of society – it’s good for a nation to have access to space capability if it can,” says Adam Gilmour, a long-time space enthusiast who co-founded the company after working in banking for 20 years.

The rocket, called Eris, will stand 23 metres tall and weigh over 30 tonnes. It will be powered by five hybrid engines that contain a solid fuel and a liquid oxidiser.

A final test conducted in early November found that each engine could generate 115 kilonewtons of thrust – “enough to pick up three or four SUVs [sports utility vehicles] each”, says Gilmour.

The company expects to finish building Eris by March and is planning a test launch from a site near Bowen in north Queensland in April.

The rocket will be fitted with a lightweight satellite and aim to enter low Earth orbit.

“We’re confident it will take off the pad, but no first launch vehicle from a new company has ever successfully gone to space on the first try,” says Gilmour. “What generally happens is the second one works, so we’re building two of them so we can learn from the first and succeed with the second,” he says.

If the launch is successful, it will make Australia the 12th country in the world to send one of its own orbital rockets into space, joining the US, UK, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, France, Israel, India and Iran.

Most of the funding for the project has come from venture capital, with the Australian government contributing a small amount.

Following a successful launch, Gilmour Space plans to build bigger rockets that will be able to carry payloads of up to 1000 kilograms into low orbit. This would allow it to launch satellites for the Australian government and private companies for use in mining, agriculture, communications, defence, Earth observation and other areas.

“We’ve been using other countries’ rockets for the last 50 years, but there are a lot of restrictions,” says Gilmour. “If you’ve got an Australian launch vehicle, then if you’re an Australian company or the government, you’ve basically got unfettered access,” he says.

Aude Vignelles, the chief technology officer of the Australian Space Agency, says that having space capabilities would give a boost to Australia’s national well-being. “Australia’s geographical advantages and political stability [also] make us an attractive destination for launch activities,” she says.

If Eris successfully gets to orbit, it will be the first rocket with hybrid engines to do so, says Vignelles. Most rocket engines contain fuels and oxidisers that are both solids or liquids, since they tend to be more powerful. But several companies are developing hybrid engines that have one component in solid form and the other in liquid form, since they have the potential to be safer, simpler and cheaper.

Gilmour Space also has ambitions to build rockets that can carry astronauts by 2026.

China develops de-orbiting sail to manage space debris

From https://english.news.cn/20221120/9246f48af43d4f8c95489e90fc36eb8b/c.html

BEIJING, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- As the number of rocket launches, planetary missions and satellite activities continues to grow, so does the junkyard in space. Many have been pondering the question of how to reduce the amount of debris orbiting Earth. Now, China may have found a solution with its newly deployed "sail" technology.

Hundreds of millions of items of human-made debris are continually circling Earth, including broken rocket bodies, defunct satellites and fragments from orbital collisions. Keen to tackle the space-junk problem, Chinese aerospace scientists have managed to use a large "sail" to de-orbit spacecraft at the end of their life.

The de-orbiter is a sail-like device made of a thin film, the thickness of which is less than one tenth of the diameter of a hair. Folded, it is approximately the size of an adult's palm, but it can cover an area of 25 square meters when unfolded. When a spacecraft is decommissioned, the sail onboard can be automatically opened. Once deployed, it will increase the effects of air friction, slowing the spacecraft in orbit and speeding up its descent into the Earth's atmosphere, where it will burn up.

Scientists have already tested the technology on space missions. The latest example is the launch of a Long March-2D carrier rocket in southwest China on June 23, which sent three satellites into orbit. A deorbiting sail attached to the rocket unfolded three days later.

This event marked the first time that a large deorbiting device has been deployed in such a way, according to the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, which made the device.

"The use of the sail device will help release precious orbital resources," said Li Yide, head of the academy.

Li gave the example of a 15 kg satellite at an altitude of 700 km, saying that without deorbiting measures, the satellite would continue in orbit for 120 years after the end of its service life. However, by deploying a 2-square-meter sail on the satellite, its time in orbit can be cut to less than 10 years, Li said.

Unlike traditional space-junk removal methods, such as robotic arms, tethers and nets, the de-orbiter can reduce space-junk without additional fuel consumption. It only requires a small amount of electricity to function, the scientist noted.

Li's academy has studied the sail technology for more than 10 years, and its products can now meet the deorbiting requirements of various spacecraft, from micro-nano satellites to large launching vehicles, which can weigh several tonnes.

The sail device was put on display to the public at this year's Airshow China.

China has intensified research efforts in recent years to reduce the risk of in-orbit collisions and ensure sustainable human activity in space. Apart from testing new technologies in the area of space-debris cleaning, the country also vows to improve space-debris monitoring and expand the space environment governance system with a planned near-Earth object defense system.

PSLV-C54 has packed all the satellites in bag and is ready to launch in space, get to know all about it 

From https://www.thetechoutlook.com/news/science/pslv-c54-has-packed-all-the-satellites-in-bag-and-is-ready-to-launch-in-space-get-to-know-all-about-it/

As part of the EOS 06 C54 mission, ISRO is to launch OceanSat-3 and eight nanosatellites on 26 November 2022. A report by PTI says that the mission will launch OceanSat-03, along with BhutanSat, a Bhutanese satellite, a nano-satellite called Anand, developed by Pixxel India, and other nano-satellites developed by Dhruva Space, the launch of OceanSat-3 will facilitate the potential of applications in other areas.

Oceansat-3 has a mass of 960Kg and will operate at 1,360 Watts. As far as the count is concerned it is the 84th mission and fifth mission this year.

OceanSat-3, and those eight nano-satellites, will be launched from the First Launch Pad, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. The main objective of this rocket launch is that it would be instrumental in studying surface winds and ocean surface strata, monitoring phytoplankton blooms, studying suspended sediments and aerosols in the water, and observing chlorophyll concentrations.

Morocco: ACE shuts down major sports piracy ring

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/21/morocco-ace-shuts-down-major-sports-piracy-ring/

On the eve of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the coalition dedicated to protecting the dynamic legal ecosystem for creative content, confirmed the successful shutdown of a major sports piracy operation in Morocco.

Before they were shut down November 11th, the streaming websites carried live football matches free of charge. The domains, livekoora.online and yalla-shoot-new.tv, drew 20.6 million monthly visits in October 2022.

The piracy operation primarily drew content from international sports broadcaster, beIN SPORTS, which joined ACE in April 2022 and supported this successful action in Morocco.

“The successful ACE action in Morocco is a direct result of our enhanced focus on the growing threat that live sports piracy poses to consumers, sports leagues and their fans,” said Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Global Content Protection Chief for the Motion Picture Association and Head of ACE. “Working with our member, beIN SPORTS, we have sent a clear message to piracy operators around the world, including anyone planning to steal content from the upcoming World Cup games, that we will find you and shut you down.”

“With just days to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, we are delighted with the most recent shutdown of illegal broadcast websites in Morocco,” added a beIN Spokesperson. “We are grateful to our partners at ACE for facilitating this important anti-piracy activity, which safeguards our consumers in Morocco, ensuring they are not subject to harmful illegal streaming.”

ACE has dramatically enhanced its focus in 2022 on the growing threat large-scale piracy operations pose to live sports broadcasters. According to a study from Synamedia/Ampere, addressing global sports piracy could amount to an additional $28 billion (€27.7bn) of annual revenue for the industry.

ACE’s comprehensive approach to reducing piracy, which includes criminal referrals, litigation, and direct communications among other tactics, has positioned ACE and its partners to move swiftly into reducing piracy of live sports broadcasts globally.

FilmRise FAST channels on LG Channels

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/21/filmrise-fast-channels-on-lg-channels/

FilmRise, the New York-based film and television studio and streaming network, has announced today that LG will expand its FAST channel offerings with the launch of a suite of FAST channels across North America, UK, Ireland and the Nordics in addition to FilmRise AVoD content for the LG Channels service.

FilmRise founder, Danny Fisher, commented: “Our partnership with LG Electronics has proven to be an incredibly fruitful one and we are thrilled to be adding these FAST Channels for LG consumers to enjoy. This deal represents our aggressive initiative in expanding our global footprint into new territories through collaborations with connected devices.”

LG Channels is LG’s exclusive free streaming service available on LG smart TVs, offering a wide selection of live and on-demand programming, including movies, TV shows, news, sports, children’s programmes and more.

FilmRise channels being added to LG Channels include:

Forensic Files: Iconic true crime series that presents the science behind crime-solving that features dramatic recreations, expert interviews and deep-dives into key evidence.

Unsolved Mysteries: Hosted by Robert Stack, this series uses reenactments and interviews to retell the circumstances of mysteries that remain unsolved. Covering crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.

Heartland: CBC’s longest-running hour long drama series takes viewers into a close-knit multi- generational family living on the Heartland ranch in Alberta, Canada.

Hell’s Kitchen: Hosted by Gordon Ramsay, this programme is filled with cutthroat competition and cooking drama.

21 Jump Street: To combat a rise in school crimes, LAPD sends four young-looking officers to high school to pose as students. Starring Johnny Depp.

FilmRise Free Movies US: Films starring top talent such as Matthew McConaughey, Charlize Theron, Zac Efron and more are featured in this massive selection of free blockbusters.

FilmRise Free Movies CA: A selection of free blockbusters. This channel has programs specifically curated for the Canadian audience.

FilmRise Free Movies UK: Films specifically curated for the UK audience.

FIFA+ adds new features ahead of World Cup

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/18/fifa-to-redefine-world-cup-digital-fan-experience/

FIFA+, the official digital destination of football fandom which launched earlier in 2022, says it is set to redefine the way in which fans – all over the world – enjoy the FIFA World Cup, as it rolls out its full tournament offering in 11 languages ahead of kick off on November 20th.

Throughout the global event, FIFA+ will become the official companion experience of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with an enhanced global FIFA app and web platform, available across select connected devices – making it the all-in-one destination for FIFA World Cup fans.

FIFA+ will also complement the tournament’s broadcasters– helping fans find their favourite team’s live games through the ‘Where to Watch’ feature and sharing behind-the-scenes and original content created throughout.

The free platform is adding a host of immersive features that FIFA claims will provide a game-changing experience for fans around the world. Among these:

Full Tournament Coverage

FIFA+ will be capturing the tournament in full across its channels, with a live blog running non-stop, capturing the sights, sounds, atmosphere and energy of the world’s biggest football celebration. The FIFA+ editorial team will be on hand to bring photos and video from every match, the FIFA Fan Festival, around Qatar and beyond, while the platform will be the source of all official stats and data throughout.

Official Highlights

Throughout the FIFA World Cup, FIFA+ will be FIFA’s official home of highlights, with each and every match recapped within minutes of the final whistle and all the thrills and drama available to fans in every corner of the globe – with a version available to watch in sign language as well.

FIFA+ Stadium Experience

For those in Qatar, the FIFA+ Stadium Experience will revolutionise how fans enjoy the beautiful game. Available on the app for fans attending the match in the stadium, the function allows FIFA+ users to experience the action like never before – with a live augmented reality overlay of stats, heatmaps, insights, different camera angles, VAR replays as on TV, and much more. The all-new viewing experience is designed specifically to complement and enhance how those in the ground celebrate and support.

FIFA+ Fantasy, Panini, and more games

One for both casual and core gaming fans, FIFA+ will be the official home of FIFA World Cup Fantasy throughout the tournament. Fans can lead their team to glory with Fantasy Classic, or take on each other globally each day to win prizes in Fantasy Daily, both of which are complemented by other FIFA+ Play Zone favourites such as the digital Panini Album, Daily Predictor and World Cup Trivia game.

The FIFA World Cup Daily, By Hisense

Meanwhile, FIFA+’s commitment to high-quality content will continue apace with The FIFA World Cup Daily, By Hisense, brought to fans live every day direct from the FIFA Fan Festival, bringing celebrities, creators, influencers and legends together to recap the day’s play.

FIFA+ Collect

FIFA+ Collect, FIFA+’s official digital collectables marketplace, will also go from strength to strength during the tournament, with a special World Cup drop set to launch ahead of kick-off.

FIFA Store

The newly-launched FIFA Store will be available on FIFA+. Fans can enjoy product lines from the 32 qualified nations as well as wider FIFA Member Associations, merchandise, memorabilia and accessories. It will also home a new line of ‘FIFA’ products featuring artwork and designs inspired by storytelling from FIFA’s biggest events.

Archive, Originals and Live

Outside of the FIFA World Cup, FIFA+ remains the home of 40,000 live regional matches every year, an existing extensive archive featuring every men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup match ever produced, and a slate of Original programming – including the landmark docuseries Captains which intimately goes behind-the-scenes with six leading global icons (among them Luka Modric and Thiago Silva) on their journey to qualify for Qatar.

Personalisation and FIFA ID

All of the above is underpinned by a personalised experience and a rich notifications integration, where fans can register for free, choose their favourite World Cup team, and enjoy a bespoke journey through the FIFA World Cup, with news, highlights, insights and analysis relevant to them specifically. The same login is then used across FIFA+ Fantasy, FIFA+ Collect, and a range of other digital FIFA features.

“This is a significant moment, as we welcome the entire world to FIFA+ during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar,” declared Charlotte Burr, FIFA Director of Strategy, Digital and FIFA+. “FIFA+ is set to truly change the game by providing a new blueprint for how fans enjoy their World Cup on FIFA’s channels for years to come. FIFA+ is set to become the official companion experience for the tournament, giving fans around the world a unique and personal experience and reshaping how they enjoy sport’s biggest tournament now and in to the future.”


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Intelsat 19 12604 H The Telstra mux has a new SR, 30000 Still DVB-S QPSK Fec 5/6

Apstar 7 76.5E 3720 H Sr 30000 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 3/4 A copy of the mux on 4080 H has started here

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Asiasat 5 3885 H Sr 7200 "World Feed" Golf

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G-Sat 10 83.0E 10970 V "Aryan TV National, Colors Cineplex Superhits, Sidharth Bhakti and ETV Life" have started on , Videoguard.
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Express 80 80.0E "KinoJam 1" has moved from 10981 V to 11606 H, encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12634 V "BTV 1" is back on , Fta. France 24 English has left.

From playtv

亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,数码天空12416 V 45000一组凤凰卫视香港台替换中央电视台体育赛事频道,依旧锁码播出。(2022-11-18)
亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,4100 V 29720一组的B4U Plus频道降为720x576标清,搜索台标显示为HAMAKA MOVIES,开锁播出。(2022-11-18)


Space invaders: China and Russia engaged in shadow wars using satellites

From https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/space-invaders-china-and-russia-engaged-in-shadow-wars-using-satellites/V6OPXE37SBB3BJFNHTIULOIEGM/

Sentencing for downing of MH17 revealed, Ardern preps for meeting with China and Jo Biden can’t get enough of his cheat sheets in the latest New Zealand Herald headlines. Video / NZ Herald

Something sinister is going on above our heads - several somethings, in fact.

Satellites are chasing each other. Secret spaceplanes are doing strange things. Dead objects are coming back to life.

A Russian “chaser” satellite has been sitting hot on the tail of a secret US military surveillance satellite since August, a Chinese spaceplane is shifting orbit with a strange ‘tethered’ device dangling behind it and a supposedly “dead” Saudi Arabian satellite has suddenly, without explanation, moved.

Why? Satellites have long been critical components for communications and surveillance.

But now, they’re everywhere – all the time. They’ve become essential to every aspect of modern-day life, from financial transactions to tracking submarines. That makes them targets.

Space, however, isn’t like any other battlefield. The consequences of a single shot can echo through the centuries and several already are because the wreckage can cannon about in orbit, posing a threat to space travel for decades – and millennia – to come.

“Some space experts have called the war in Ukraine the first commercial space war,” says international affairs analyst Mariel Borowitz.

“The conflict has clearly shown the national security value of commercial satellite imagery, the ability of commercial satellite images to promote transparency and the importance of not only national space power, but also the space capabilities of allies.”

Russia and China see such space-source material as a clear and present danger to their territorial ambitions and both have issued barely veiled threats that they are doing something about it.

Australia’s Defence Space Command (DSpC) is barely a year old but it’s already been – unintentionally – in the thick of the action.

In August, it participated in a global hook-up of civilian and military space awareness organisations to learn what this new theatre entails.

“As well as the simulated exercise, Russia launched a satellite during the exercise, in real-time,” DSpC participant Corporal Jackson Smart said shortly after the Sprint Advanced Concept Training exercise wrapped up.

“We were able to plot the trajectory of the Russian launch using commercial sensors and quickly identify its initial orbit.”

It wasn’t just any satellite, Kosmos-2558 was on an orbital path tailing that of a US spy satellite (USA-326).

That hints it could be an “inspector” or an assassin - Russia is known to have both.

The only official comment relating to Kosmos-2558 has been by US Space Command’s General James Dickinson. He said its tailgating behaviour was “really irresponsible”.

Russia has previously tested “chaser” satellites that can pass close to an object of interest for detailed photographs and electronic emissions analysis. But it’s also deployed small satellites armed with projectiles.

In July 2020, Kosmos-2543 was also stalking a US spy satellite. As it passed close by, it reportedly deployed a sub-satellite that seemed to fire a single shot.

The projectile was not aimed at anything, raising speculation that it was an overt threat.

“It’s very worrying, and you can be sure the Pentagon is tracking Kosmos-2558 closely,” says Belgian satellite security expert Bart Hendrickx. “[Russian] seem to be waiting for the right moment to deploy that subsatellite. It hasn’t separated yet, but once it does, it could move next to the US satellite and do the unthinkable.”

Satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) orbit as low as 160km. Bigger, more significant satellites, such as GPS beacons, have Geostationary Orbits some 36,000km high.

Neither is easy to observe clearly from the ground and that makes it easy for satellites, and even rocket debris, to be more than they seem.

Others, reported to have passed their expiry dates, can remain very much alive, even unintentionally.

Hackers revived a decommissioned Canadian telecommunications satellite annual Def Con hacker convention in August. Using roughly $500 of commercially available equipment, Karl Kosher revived it to broadcast live streams of the event worldwide.

Other unusual activity doesn’t have such an innocent explanation.

In September, a supposedly dead Saudi-owned communications satellite suddenly moved. ARABSAT 1A (15560) is now on a course that will pass through a densely populated patch of Geostationary Orbit.

It wasn’t supposed to have thrusters but this cannot be confirmed and it doesn’t appear to have been hit by debris but many are too small to track.

It could have been the accidental venting of a storage tank. But there is no way of checking.

Satellites can be moved and it’s getting easier to do so. It used to be very expensive and rare to fit chemical manoeuvring thrusters. But new technology, such as Australia’s Neumann Space’s metal-fuelled drive, has dramatically slashed their size and cost.

Others are pursuing the idea of “space tugs” to clean up – and recycle – space junk.

In January, China’s Shijian-21 space tug “towed” a defunct Chinese communications satellite out of its valuable Geostationary Orbit and into a deeper orbital “graveyard”.

But such a space tug can’t be stopped from interfering with vital infrastructure.

Both China and the United States are operating robotic spaceplanes, similar to the old Space Shuttle in looks and capabilities but not size.

Their cargo bays make them immensely flexible. Their thrusters give them the ability to move about in orbit. Their wings and heat-shield tiles allow them to return to Earth.

China’s second “reusable experimental spacecraft” launch was from the Gobi Desert on August 4. It’s since “flown” to a 608km high orbit.

Then, in late October, civilian and military ground-based sensors saw the spacecraft (NORAD ID 53357) had a companion. This is now sitting in space just 200m away.

But China’s not the only one doing mysterious things in orbit with its robot spaceplanes.

Boeing’s X-37 has been operational since 2010 and its latest secret mission has lasted more than 900 days in orbit. One of its four mission payloads is a NASA experiment looking at the effects of space radiation on seeds. The remainder is top secret.

“The fact that most space assets are dual-purpose and owned and operated by civilians and military alike highlights that it’s virtually impossible to separate the two uses,” argues Royal Australian Air Force Wing Commander Ulas Yildirim.

“This is because the security and prosperity of the state and its people are not mutually exclusive.”

As the access to space gets easier, and new technologies introduce new capabilities, orbital confrontations will continue to rise.

Space News reported in June that two Chinese companion satellites, Shiyan-12-01 and Shiyan-12-02, were approached by a US surveillance satellite. The two craft quickly separated – but not before one manoeuvred into an ideal position for close-up photos of its pursuer.

“The laws of armed conflict for the terrestrial domains evolved over many centuries, but that’s a luxury we don’t have in developing equivalent frameworks for space,” says Yildirim. “Settling these issues will remove any ambiguities on the role of defence space organisations upfront. And it will allow the argument to be framed by what nations seek to achieve rather than the means available to do so.”

Nuclear weapons in orbit are a real threat. The flash of electromagnetic radiation (EMP) can fry electronics on the ground but it can do the same in space.

China thinks this may be an answer to the constellations of small, cheap satellites now swarming across the skies.

A People’s Liberation Army study published in May identified SpaceX and its Starlink communications constellation as a threat. It has been crucial for Ukrainian soldiers to bypass Russia’s efforts to jam and destroy ground-based phone and radio networks.

So China has simulated the effects of a near-space nuclear blast.

The Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology calculated the impact of a 10-megaton explosion at an altitude of 80km. It found a cloud of radioactive atmospheric particles would balloon up to 500km high and cover a 140,000sq/km area.

“The strong residual radiation of the debris cloud may cause failures of spacecraft moving in it, such as satellites, or even cause direct damage that can lead to destruction,” the study reportedly reads.

“Due to the high concentration of fission products inside the debris cloud, the released gamma rays and beta particles are strong, making their effects on spacecraft and communications within the affected area stronger.”

While space conflict remains, for the moment, in the realm of spying, hacking and jamming, kinetic conflict is a real possibility.

“If competition continues, it is not inconceivable that it could lead to conflict,” warns Kings College London defence studies expert Mark Hilborne.

Especially over Ukraine.

“While the use of kinetic weapons, which destroy satellites by running into them at high speeds and which Russia tested recently, seems unthinkable, we cannot be sure what Putin will do next,” he adds.

It’s a threat recognised by Australia’s embryonic Space Command.

At the foundation of the command earlier this year, Air Vice-Marshal Catherine Roberts said Chinese and Russian space activities were her greatest concern. And establishing the ability to track, monitor and observe what’s going on over our heads is crucial.

“I think the activities by China and Russia, which have been fairly well documented in the public domain, scare me,” Air Vice-Marshal Roberts said. “We need to accelerate the capabilities so we can deal with the threats.”

Arianespace to boost launches in 2026

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/17/arianespace-to-boost-launches-in-2026/

Arianespace has been beset by delays in the development of its new Ariane 6 rocket. The company blames Covid and the pandemic’s affect on component production for the new rocket. Arianespace has said that the new rocket will launch around Q4 2023. The launch company says it will take up to 2026 to ramp up production of between 9-11 rockets per year.

Arianespace has plenty of customers waiting for its development including European scientific and government missions plus 18 launches for Jeff Bezos; Project Kuiper broadband-by-satellite project. It should have launched its first Ariane 6 back in July 2020.

The Amazon order covers the Ariane 6 Block II, a more powerful version of the rocket. But, as yet the improved rocket has to receive development funding approval at a European Space Agency ministerial meeting in a few days and thus enter operation in the second half of 2025, Arianespace Chief Executive Stephane Israel says: “It shows our ability to continuously approve the rocket,” he added.

Arianespace’s current schedule calls for 4-5 launches in 2024, followed by 8 in 2025 and as mentioned a boosted 9-11 launches annually in 2026.

Stephane Israel says that Arianespace can increase the launch cadence in 2026-2027 but the company needed a clear business case.

Russia working on satellite constellation

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/17/russia-working-on-satellite-constellation/

Russia is working on Skif, the name of a proposed satellite constellation to rival the likes of Elon Musk’s Starlink and Jeff Bezos’ Project Kuiper.

Russia’s TASS news agency reports that Skif is planned to commence deployment around the planet in 2025.

Russia’s Skif satellite constellation is being developed to provide cheap and high-speed internet access across the country. On October 22nd, scientists launched the Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket with three Gonets-M satellites and a Skif-D module under the Sfera programme from the Vostochny space centre and completed the system’s testing and payload demo.

The start of the Skif system’s deployment is scheduled to begin in 2025, “with the launch of two Skif satellite prototypes,” Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems (ISS) company’s Yevgeny Nesterov said in an interview.

“Flight trials, when complete, will be followed by experiments in establishing communication channels, with regard to the Doppler effect and variable delay,” the scientist added.

Vice Media to launch news FAST channel

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/17/vice-media-to-launch-news-fast-channel/

Vice Media is launching a new FAST channel dedicated to content from its Vice World News brand, DTVE sister title TBI has learned.

The news channel will launch “very soon”, according to the group’s exec MD of distribution, Bea Hegedus, with the roll-out set for the US first.

It will offer programming that is “adjacent” to breaking news and will build on Vice’s heritage of factual content, which has grown consistently over the past five years.

Speaking during a FAST session at the Media & Entertainment Leaders Summit (MELS) in London today, Hegedus said that the new channel would offer shows that provide in-depth explorations of current affairs subjects.

Vice World News is the group’s international news network, which produces hundreds of hours of TV, digital and audio news programming for consumers globally.

Its output ranges from docs and docu-series to podcast, with a focus on extremism, climate, privacy, inequality and race, while partners have included A+E Networks, Showtime, Spotify and Hulu.

Hegedus added: “[Vice World News] is producing authentic deep dives into the news around the world – they are doing really amazingly well on TikTok and they are doing amazingly on Twitch, too.

“We have these teams making incredible documentaries about news events around the world, so the idea is to launch a [FAST] channel in the US, first, where you can watch all of this.”

Hegedus said the move had been driven by the surging interest in news content among FAST viewers, adding: “There are different genres doing well on FAST but the fastest growing after drama is news. We’re launching a news channel to capture that audience.”

The news comes just a few weeks after Vice Media Group announced that it had promoted Morgan Hertzan to president of global TV, while Cory Haik, who has served as the company’s chief digital officer since 2019, was also upped to chief operating officer for news and entertainment.

MELS, which is being produced by Informa’s TBI, DTVE and Omdia is taking place today with companies including TikTok, Roku, Banijay, Sky Studios and STARZPLAY taking part in discussions around the future of content creation and distribution.

Spanish police in major piracy takedown

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/17/spanish-police-in-major-piracy-takedown/

Agents from Spain’s Policía Nacional (National Police), in a joint operation with EUROPOL, have dismantled a criminal network that allegedly distributed audiovisual content illegally to more than 500,000 users in several European countries.

The four individuals arrested operated from Malaga and used various web pages to advertise subscription packages made up of more than 2,600 television channels and 23,000 movies and series. In addition, they had more than 95 resellers located in Spain, the United Kingdom, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece.

The profits obtained, which amounted to around €3 million per year, were laundered by the organisation by acquiring movable and immovable property in the province of Malaga and diverting funds through Spanish companies to bank accounts located in tax havens. During the searches, the agents disconnected 10 routers – connected to 32 servers located in France, the Netherlands and Spain – where the illegal television content was hosted, and seized computer equipment, €2,800 in cash and two high-end value vehicles at €180,000.

The investigation began in 2020 following a complaint filed by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, a coalition dedicated to protecting the dynamic creative ecosystem and reducing digital piracy. Initial police efforts identified the existence of an organisation that, since 2012, would be commercialising and distributing massively and fraudulently – through different companies – audiovisual content from different television platforms with conditional access to payment.

SABC to launch OTT service

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/17/sabc-to-launch-ott-service/

South Africa’s SABC is to launch a new streaming service branded SABC+. The public broadcaster is taking over responsibility for existing OTT services from telco TelkomOne which wants to exit the offering.

SABC and Telkom launched the OTT service in November 2020 in order to offer SABC’s back catalogue and free-to-air channels on a streaming platform. It was initially expected to be a 5-year agreement.

“Telkom and the SABC have had a successful partnership since the launch of TelkomOne in late 2020. The platform has now matured and ready to scale under the management of the SABC’s broadcasting expertise,” Telkom said in a statement.

The existing TelkomOne customer base will be handed over to SABC. Telkom said existing TelkomOne ‘Amp’ customers with active subscriptions will automatically have access to SABC+ at no additional cost. “They can also look forward to enhanced content offerings which they can subscribe to directly through SABC+.”

“Their expertise in sourcing and curating relevant content will enrich the current content library for existing and new customers,” said Telkom CMO Gugu Mthembu.



Feeds logged Wednesday evening

Asiasat 5 3705 H Sr 4600 "no name" G20 Summit
Asiasat 5 3954 V Sr 7200 "Main" G20 summit
Asiasat 5 3945 V Sr 7200 "G20 VIP MAIN"

Flaggeds as $ but were actual FTA

From my Email


From the Dish

Apstar 6C 134.0E 3418 H "VTV 1-5/7-9, VTV Can Tho and VTV 5 Tay Nam Bo" have started on.

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 10765 V "Independent TV, Asian TV, Ekushey TV, CGTN, Bijoy TV, ATN Bangla, ATN News, Boishakhi TV, Channel 24, Desh TV, Mohona TV, SA TV, Bangla Vision, Aakaash Aath, Channel I, Nickelodeon India, Ananda TV, RTV, Jamuna TV, My TV, NTV, Somoy News TV, WION, BTV World, Star Plus India, Star Bharat India, Zee Bangla Cinema, Zoom, Zee Action, Star Gold India and NDTV 24x7" have left .

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 11265 V "Independent TV, Asian TV, Ekushey TV, Bijoy TV, ATN Bangla, ATN News, Boishakhi TV, Zee Bangla Cinema, Desh TV, Mohona TV, SA TV, Bangla Vision, Aakaash Aath, Channel I, Nickelodeon India, Ananda TV, RTV, Jamuna TV, Bangla TV, DW English, Somoy News TV, BTV World, Discovery Channel Bangla, Discovery Science India, & pictures, Zoom, Zee Action, Discovery Kids India and NDTV 24x7 have started on , Irdeto. ATN Bangla, Bangla TV, Bangla Vision, Channel I, Ekattor TV, Gaan Bangla, NTV, DBC News and News 24" have left again.

Yamal 401 90.0E 11345 H "Perviy kanal Georgia" has left .

ABS 2A 75.0E 11605 V "Perviy kanal Georgia" has left .
ABS 2A 75.0E 11800 V "Kion Hit" has started on , encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 11130 V "SuperSport World Cup Extra and SuperSport World Cup Fan Zone Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport Premier League and SuperSport Football Africa" have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11170 H "SuperSport World Cup Central and SuperSport World Cup Extra Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport PSL and SuperSport Premier League Africa" have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11514 H "SuperSport World Cup Fan Zone has replaced SuperSport Football" on , Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11554 V "SuperSport World Cup Extra, SuperSport World Cup Select 1 and SuperSport World Cup Select 1 Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport Premier League, SuperSport LaLiga and SuperSport LaLiga Africa "have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11554 H "SuperSport World Cup Extra Africa has replaced SuperSport Premier League Africa" on , Irdeto.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11594 V "SuperSport World Cup Select 1 and SuperSport World Cup Central have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport LaLiga and SuperSport PSL" have left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11594 H "Central Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport Variety 1 Africa, SuperSport LaLiga Africa and SuperSport Football Plus Africa" has left.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 11674 H "SuperSport World Cup Fan Zone has replaced SuperSport Football" on , Irdeto.

Intelsat 36 68.5E 11808 V "SuperSport World Cup Select 2 Africa and SuperSport World Cup Central Africa have started on , Irdeto. SuperSport Variety 1 Africa and SuperSport Football Plus Africa" have left.
Intelsat 36 68.5E 11888 H "SuperSport World Cup Extra has replaced SuperSport Premier League" on , Irdeto.

KazSat 3 58.5E 12594 V "MCM Top Russia" has left .

Azerspace 1 46.0E 11095 H "Qartuli TV" has started on, Fta

From playtv

马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,3960 H 29700一组历史高清2频道(H2)消失。(2022-11-16)


Australia: Sat One named OneWeb partner

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/16/australia-sat-one-named-oneweb-partner/

OneWeb, the low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, has announced Sat One as a distribution partner. Based in new Perth, Western Australia, Sat One will help to deliver OneWeb’s high-speed, low-latency communications services in Australia.

Supported by a global network of gateways and user terminals, OneWeb’s LEO platform will provide high-bandwidth connectivity to expand Sat One’s existing capabilities in Australia. The partnership will enable reliable internet access for end users, no matter how remotely located they are.

With the start of services in 2023, OneWeb’s partnership with Sat One will focus on expanding bandwidth for a variety of industries such as mining, oil and gas. This will bring a range of benefits including improved productivity, health and safety, asset tracking, environmental monitoring and crew scheduling, while also helping remote employees stay connected.

Sat One also aims to extend its existing connectivity in local communities in hard-to-reach areas and through challenging weather conditions.

OneWeb VP APAC, David Thorn added: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Sat One. OneWeb’s aim is to help our partners meet their customers needs by integrating our network’s high-speed, low latency capabilities into their offering. This partnership will help us to expand our existing offering in Australia as we continue to bring quality connections that businesses can rely on across remote and challenging environments. .”

Sat One Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Fairbairn, commented: “We are keen to leverage OneWeb’s LEO services and expand our existing remote connectivity capabilities, ensuring we can service our clients with low latency, high speed connectivity services from the sky no matter the location.

“LEO deployed in the remotest locations of Western Australia, will revolutionise how industries such as mining, oil and gas can leverage data from the earliest stage of remote site development to transform all aspects of operations and technology by improving operational technology and business application performance, health and safety of staff and reducing production costs.”

Vodafone TV switch-off pushed back to February 28 as Sky box delay drags on

From https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/130503059/vodafone-tv-switchoff-pushed-back-to-february-28-as-sky-box-delay-drags-on

Vodafone billed Vodafone TV as “the future of entertainment” when it launched in 2017.

Vodafone has told customers it won’t now switch off its Vodafone TV service, which is still used by tens of thousands of customers, until the end of February.

The company previously advised it had delayed the closure from September to October and then to November and later until after “the summer break”.

The extensions have been designed to give Sky Television more time to make a new Sky box available as an alternative to customers.

Sky had hoped to start selling its new $200 Sky box around the middle of this year, but chief executive Sophie Moloney told shareholders at its annual general meeting earlier this month that it had yet to start customer trials.

Sky has blamed supply chain issues for the delays.

Sky’s new satellite and internet-connected Sky box will support 4K viewing, streaming apps and voice commands.

Sky expects to begin selling its new box early in the new year, offering it first to its “most loyal customers”.

But Vodafone TV customers who don’t want to wait for it also have the option of switching to Sky’s current MySky box or a $100 “Sky Pod” media player that has fewer features but which does not require a satellite dish.

About 100,000 households were using Vodafone TV late last year.

That number is believed to have since dwindled but Vodafone spokesperson Conor Roberts said a “significant proportion” were still using it.

Sky spokesperson Kirsty Way said the Vodafone TV extension would give Sky “more time to finesse the Sky Box”.

While customer trials of the Sky box were very close, she said Sky needed a little more time to get it right.

“We will continue to update customers in the coming weeks,” she said.

Chinese private satellite firm Galactic Energy sends five satellites into a solar synchronous orbit

From https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202211/1279679.shtml

Chinese private satellite firm Galactic Energy sends five satellites into a solar synchronous orbit on November 16, 2022. Photo:Wang Jiangbo
Chinese private aerospace venture Galactic Energy Space Co successfully launched the Ceres 1 (Yao 4) carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China's Gansu Province on Wednesday afternoon, successfully placing five commercial satellites into a solar synchronous orbit.

It was the fourth consecutive successful launch of the firm's Ceres-1 commercial rocket. Galactic Energy Space has maintained a 100 percent success rate, sending 14 satellites for seven clients into orbit, consolidating the record for private commercial rocket launches in China, the company said in a statement sent to the Global Times on Wednesday.

It was also the first time for the domestic low-orbit satellites constellation to use private commercial rockets for launch, promoting the healthy development of the ecosystem of domestic commercial space industry, which is a milestone, the company said

The five satellites - Jilin-1GF03D08, 51, 52, 53, 54 - are the third generation optical remote sensing satellites independently developed by Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co, the first commercial remote sensing satellite company in China. Jilin-1 satellite constellation is the core project of the company.

Jilin-1 satellite constellation can provide high-quality remote sensing information and product services for agricultural and forestry production, environmental monitoring, smart city, geographical mapping, land planning and other fields, according to the company.

Galactic Energy also utilized its independently developed transfer launching vehicle during this launch for the first time, which shortened preparation time from four to one hour, addressing the issue of long preparation time and low launch frequency and lay ground for the mass launch and delivery of Ceres-1 commercial rockets.

China has been encouraging the innovative growth of the commercial space technology sector. The nation's aerospace sector opened its doors to private capital for the first time in 2015. Over 370 commercial aerospace enterprises had registered in the country, according to an industrial report in 2021.

China's top economic planner, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), added "satellite internet" to a list of "new infrastructure" in a meeting in April 2020. The NDRC also provided a clear definition of new infrastructure, with areas including satellite internet, 5G, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to be targeted for investment.

SpaceX seeking fresh funding?

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/16/spacex-seeking-fresh-funding/

SpaceX is reported to be seeking to raise around $1 billion (€0.96bn) in fresh funding in a formal offering. If successful it would value Elon Musk’s business at around $150 billion, a 20 per cent increase in SpaceX’s value.

The offering would be aimed at helping employees and shareholders cash out, two of the sources said. That view appears to contradict earlier information from a separate source that the offering would raise up to $1 billion for SpaceX via a new share issuance, reported Reuters.

The share offering will be priced at around $85 per share.

Musk raised another $250 million back in August for SpaceX and taking the total raised this year (to date) of $2 billion. At the time SpaceX was valued at $127 billion. At that time the cash came from 5 investors including South Korea’s Mirae Asset Global Investments.

XUMO launches Holiday Hub

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/16/xumo-launches-holiday-hub/

XUMO, the free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) service, has launched its Holiday Hub of 18 dedicated channels, featuring hundreds of hours of themed entertainment, including seasonal movies, several Xumo original titles as well as a dedicated movie marathon from Hallmark Movies & More, home of Hallmark’s holiday classics.

“Our Holiday Hub is the ideal destination for viewers to indulge in the widest array of holiday movies and themed content ever provided on Xumo,” said Fern Feistel, VP of marketing and content operations at Comcast. “From popular movie titles and family favorites to Xumo originals, we’re kicking off the season with curated programming that will keep our audiences entertained through the holiday season and well into the New Year.”

Channels within Xumo’s Holiday Hub include Xumo Holiday Classics, Hallmark Movies & More, Holiday Movie Channel, North Pole Radio, Stingray Fireplace, iHeart Christmas, and a dozen others with featured movies such as Christmas Wedding Runaway, The Miracle Worker, A Very Corgi Christmas, and Saving Christmas, to name a few. Also streaming are four Xumo originals: My Favorite Christmas Tree and A Royal Christmas Match from Reel One Entertainment, as well as year-round thrillers Andromeda and Submerged: The Hunley from ITN Studios.

FAST Channels TV partners with South Florida PBS

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/16/fast-channels-tv-partners-with-south-florida-pbs/

FAST Channels TV has partnered with PBS’ Health Channel to deliver a new FAST channel which will include a line-up of Health Channel original productions.

Health Insiders digs deep into reliable medical information, spotlighting gripping patient stories and actionable advice from doctors, specialists, nurses, nutritionists and fitness specialists.

Doctor Q & A provides viewers across the country with access to medical and health experts from some of the most prestigious institutions in the nation, such as Duke University, Northwestern University School of Medicine, Miami Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute, University of Pittsburg, and the Newport Heart Medical Group, to name a few. These 30-minute programmes feature the nation’s top medical experts answering health and wellness questions submitted by viewers. Some of the topics discussed on Doctor Q & A are stomach pain, reflux disease, and IBS; caring for your back; Alzheimer’s Disease; plastic surgery; prostate cancer; bone health; and getting a good night’s sleep, among others.

Smartlife is a fast-paced programme that delivers reliable and accurate health and wellness information alongside the latest health news, to fuel viewers lifestyles with enjoyable exercise, healthy eating plans, and patient testimonials.

FAST Channels TV works with content owners and platforms to provide additional content, technology, apps, and monetisation services, allowing its partners to focus their resources on securing additional premium content and the marketing efforts that will define a project’s success.

On partnering with FAST Channels TV, Dolores (Sukhdeo) Alonso Fernandez, South Florida PBS President & CEO, stated: “By distributing our content via FAST Channels TV and reaching a wider audience, we are hopeful that the Health Channel will inspire, inform, and encourage viewers to live a healthier life.”

Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, commented: “The addition of South Florida PBS’ Health Channel to FAST Channels TV’s diverse content catalogue further demonstrates our commitment to expand and deliver top tier entertainment, opening up new opportunities for customers to get their content in front of global audiences”. The Health Channel has already launched on FlixHouse and HeroGo TV. It is available in the USA and Canada on Mometu.



Asiasat 7 105.5E 4100 V Sr 29720 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 5/6
Sid 69 Vpid 331 (H264) Apid 332 "Dhamaka Movies" is new here, FTA, SD currently showing b4uplus

Officialy starts November 20th


Intelsat 19 12726 H Sr 28054 DVB-S QPSK Fec 3/4

Sid 7 Vpid 2001 (Mpg2) Apid 3001 "TRT TURK" Started,SD
Sid 8 Vpid 2002 (Mpg2) Apid 3002 "Duna World" Started,SD
Sid 9 Vpid 2003 (Mpg2) Apid 3003 "TVR International" Started,SD
Sid 10 Vpid 2004 (Mpg2) Apid 3004 "Amazing Discoveries" Started,SD
Sid 11 Apid 3005 "Overcomer" started
Sid 12 Apid 3006 "TSR" started
Sid 13 Apid 3007 "TRT FM" started
Sid 14 Apid 3008 "Duna World Radio" started

all FTA

The channels on Sid 1,2,3,4,5,15,16,17,19.20 are back to encrypted (Irdeto)

Intelsat 19 3946 H sr 7200 "EDMSG HD-ENC-5" Test feed for FIFA WC reported testing
Intelsat 19 3920 V Sr 28800 "History" is now Inplus, SD, (Irdeto)

Vinasat 1 132E 3549 V Sr 1200 Fec 3/4 DVB-S2 8PSK

There is a Vietnamese radios mux here

Sid 2 "VOV_1-VOV_2" Apid 511
Sid 3 "VOV_3" Apid 512
Sid 4 "VOV_5-VOV6.1" Apid 513
Sid 5 "VOV_GT-HN" Apid 514
Sid 6 "VOVTT.HCM-VOV.Test_4" Apid 515
Sid 9 "TIENG_ANH-24_7" Apid 518
Sid 10 "VOV_GT-HCM" Apid 519
Sid 11 "FM-SucKhoe" Apid 521
Sid 12 "Mekong-FM" Apid 523
Sid 13 "VOV.Test2a_VOV.Test2b" Apid 525
Sid 14 "Test_Tone" Apid 527


From my Email


From the Dish

Apstar 6C 134.0E 3837 H "Pinoy Box Office, Viva Cinema and Tagalized Movie Channnel" have started on , PowerVu+.
Apstar 6C 134.0E 4032 H "PNN" has left .
Apstar 6C 134.0E 4036 H "TV 3" has left .
Apstar 6C 134.0E 4043 H "CTV 8" has left.

Vinasat 1 132.0E 3460 V "VTV 1-5/7-9, VTV Can Tho and VTV 5 Tay Nam Bo" have left .

AsiaSat 9 122.0E 4140 V "4KUniverse" has left.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3773 V "Nusa TV" has started on , Fta.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3971 H "Surau TV" has left.
Telkom 4 108.0E 3980 V "EBC Yoyo Asia" has left.
Telkom 4 108.0E 4080 H "Beautivi" has left .

Measat 3b 91.5E 10852 V "Astro SuperSport Special Event Sports 5 has replaced Ta-Daa!" on, Videoguard.
Measat 3b 91.5E 10932 V "Astro SuperSport Special Event Sports 6 has replaced TVS" on , Videoguard.

Measat 3d 91.5E 11102 V "Astro Vaanavil and Astro Vinmeen HD" have started on, Videoguard.

Measat 3a 91.4E 3760 H "Zee Classic has replaced Zee Zest" on, Conax.

Measat 3a 91.4E 12356 H "MNC Vision Channel Info" has started on , Fta.

Azerspace 1 46.0E 4120 V "ROC TV has replaced WRM TV" on , Fta.

From playtv

ABS-2/2A(75.0°E)卫星,12473 V 22500一组Cartoon Network频道消失。(2022-11-15)
ABS-2/2A(75.0°E)卫星,11800 V 45000一组新增8 Kanal频道,开锁播出。(2022-11-15)
亚洲9号(122.0°E)卫星,4140 V 29720一组4K Universe频道消失。(2022-11-15)


Thaicom to be bought by Gulf Group

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/14/thaicom-to-be-bought-by-gulf-group/

Satellite operator Thaicom’s 30-year concession to access certain orbital rights ended in September 2021. The Thai government took two satellites – half the fleet – back on September 10th 2021.

In a new statement to the Thai stock exchange the satellite operator said that current major shareholder, Intouch Holdings, would sell its 41.13 per cent stake in Thaicom to Gulf Ventures for $0.27 per share.

Once this initial transaction concludes Gulf will buy the remaining 58.9 per cent (about 645 million shares) from the company’s remaining shareholders at the same 27c/share price.

Gulf Group has been diversifying for the past year or two since buying the Singapore Telecom-backed Intouch and its wireless unit AIS.

Thaicom said the transaction, and its overall costs to Gulf Group of some $292 million, is likely to close in the next few months.

The partial ending of the orbital concession also meant the end of quite significant fees to Thailand’s government. Thaicom reported that its costs had tumbled by 44 per cent to $28.9 million. However, the revenue side of the equation is also down by 12.8 per cent for the 9-month period to September 30th.

The current situation is that the company’s main revenue is coming from Thaicom 7 and 8 which it is allowed to sell satellite services. Additionally, Thaicom has been leasing capacity on Thaicom 4 and 6 from Thailand’s National Telecom Public.

Thaicom CEO, Patompob Suwansiri, said: “Twelve months down the line [since the ending of the concession] we are in a very good position. We have a better balance sheet and we are more profitable. We are still looking for growth and just like the other operators we are focusing on what we can leverage.”

NBTC to hold auction for five satellite slot packages early next year

From https://www.nationmultimedia.com/thailand/general/40022091

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission will hold bidding for five satellite slot packages on January 6 next year, expecting to draw at least two or three bids, an NBTC member said on Tuesday.

NBTC commissioner Thanaphan Raicharoen said the watchdog’s directive on regulations for approving the licences of satellite slot packages have been published in the Royal Gazette and have taken effect.

With the directive coming into effect, the NBTC will on January 8 auction off licences for accessing the five satellite slot packages. Certain packages will have more than satellite networks as defined by coding numbers of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The five satellite slot packages to be offered for leasing by Thailand are:

50.5 degrees East slot with C1 and N1 networks and 51 degrees East with 51 network. Bidding starts at 374 million baht.

78.5 degrees East with A2B and 78.5E networks. Bidding starts at 360 million baht.

119.5 degrees East with IP1, P3 and 119.5E networks and 120 degrees East with 120E network. Bidding starts at 397 million baht.

126 degrees East with 126E network. Bidding starts at 8 million baht.

142 degrees East with G3K and 142E networks. Bidding starts at 189 million baht.

Thanaphan said the NBTC has allowed interested bidders to receive bidding documents since November 4 and the documents will be available until the end of this month.

The NBTC will hold an info session on December 2 to explain how bidders could prepare documents for filing for the bidding.

Interested bidders would be allowed to submit their bid documents on December 27.

Thanaphan said the NBTC would spend a week from December 27 to January 4 to review the qualifications of the bidders and the list of qualified bidders would be announced on January 4.

A mock auction will be held on January 7 before the real auction will take place the following day, Thanaphan added.

But if there were only one bidder, the NBTC will extend the auction by at least 14 days.

In that scenario, the NBTC will hold a new round of bidding documents distribution from January 6 to 11 and a new info session will be held on January 12 while a new bidding document submission round will be held on January 19.

The NBTC will check the qualifications of bidders in the new round from January 20 to 26 and announce the names of those who qualified on January 27 and hold a mock auction on January 28 and a real auction on January 29.

He said the NBTC has listened to public opinions from earlier hearings and it decided to hold the auction in terms of packages to allow newcomers to participate in the auction.

He said qualifications for packages of satellite networks would be different so that smaller firms could participate in bidding for networks that would require less advanced technologies, especially the package for the 126 degrees East slot.

Thanaphan added that the winner of each package would also be required to allow the government to use one broadcast transponder free of charge and use 400 Mbps data broadband channel per each satellite.

“The NBTC hopes that the revised regulations would attract two of three bidders at least,” Thanaphan said.

He added that the NBTC wants to auction off the rights to use the satellite orbit slots to protect them from being taken back by the ITU if they were left unused.

China launches Yaogan-34 remote sensing satellite

From https://english.news.cn/20221115/0e423f640d4a46b8830e65b85632d274/c.html

A Long March-4C rocket carrying a new remote sensing satellite of the Yaogan-34 series blasts off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China, Nov. 15, 2022. This remote sensing satellite will be used in areas such as land resources survey, urban planning, crop yield estimation, and disaster prevention and mitigation. (Photo by Wang Jiangbo/Xinhua)

JIUQUAN, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- China successfully sent a new remote sensing satellite of the Yaogan-34 series into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 9:38 a.m. (Beijing Time) on Tuesday.

The Yaogan-34 03 satellite, carried by a Long March-4C rocket, successfully entered its planned orbit.

This remote sensing satellite will be used in areas such as land resources survey, urban planning, crop yield estimation, and disaster prevention and mitigation.

It was the 450th flight mission of the Long March carrier rocket series.

ClearSpace announces life extension collaboration with Intelsat

From https://spacenews.com/clearspace-announces-life-extension-collaboration-with-intelsat/

TAMPA, Fla. — ClearSpace, the Swiss orbital debris removal startup, said Nov. 14 it is planning a mission to extend the life of an Intelsat satellite before it runs out of fuel around 2026-2028.

The four-year-old company’s announcement gave no further details about its “collaboration” with Intelsat, which marks an expansion for ClearSpace out of plans to clean up debris in low Earth orbit (LEO) to servicing geostationary spacecraft.

Intelsat declined to comment on the specifics of its collaboration with ClearSpace.

“With this in-orbit servicing collaboration, besides the economic benefits of the services, Intelsat is supporting ClearSpace´s work towards an accessible, resilient and sustainable space economy,” Intelsat chief technology officer Bruno Fomont said.

ClearSpace aims to build on core capabilities it is already developing for the European Space Agency’s ClearSpace-1 program in 2025, the venture’s first mission, when it aims to use a spacecraft with four articulated arms to de-orbit part of a Vega rocket.

Separately in September, the UK Space Agency shortlisted groups led by ClearSpace and Japan-based in-orbit servicing venture Astroscale for a mission to remove two spacecraft from LEO in 2026.

Intelsat is currently the only satellite operator that has employed commercial life extension services.

Mission Extension Vehicles (MEVs) from Northrop Grumman are currently extending the lives of two Intelsat satellites that were previously running out of fuel: IS 901 and IS 10-02. Their five-year agreements started in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

SpaceLogistics, Northrop Grumman’s satellite-servicing subsidiary, plans to send a new type of servicer called a Mission Robotic Vehicle (MRV) to a satellite owned by Australia’s Optus in 2024. The MRV will have a robotic arm designed to install propulsion jet packs on satellites that need more fuel.

Other startups are also developing businesses for the nascent satellite life-extension market.

Starfish Space said Nov. 9 it has booked a SpaceX launch to perform its first satellite docking test next fall.

Emergency SOS via Satellite Now Available on iPhone 14 in the US and Canada

From https://pocketnow.com/emergency-sos-satellite-iphone-14-available/

Apple today announced that Emergency SOS via Satellite feature is now available on the iPhone 14 series. The company first showcased the feature at the iPhone 14 launch event in September earlier this year, saying that it would be available to use in November. The feature is available in the United States and Canada starting today and will expand to additional countries in December.

Every model of the iPhone 14 lineup is compatible with this feature. Users need to download and install the latest software available (iOS 16.1 at the time of writing this) on their iPhone, and the feature will automatically be enabled. Using this feature, which Apple hopes you never use, users "can connect directly to a satellite through a combination of custom-designed components and deeply integrated software" in case of emergency.

Emergency SOS via Satellite LI

When you're in an area without Wi-Fi, cellular service, and even 911 is unreachable, you'll see an option to contact emergency services via satellite on your iPhone 14. At this point, a user must locate a satellite overhead, then point their iPhone toward that satellite to remain connected.

The app then asks a number of questions that any emergency response service would ask due to limited bandwidth and the difficulty of maintaining a connection. It then puts all that information into a highly compressed text message, which is then sent to the satellite. The satellite then relays the message to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) on the ground, which responds to the SOS request.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, on Emergency SOS via Satellite feature

"Some of the most popular places to travel are off the beaten path and simply lack cellular coverage. With Emergency SOS via satellite, the iPhone 14 lineup provides an indispensable tool that can get users the help they need while they are off the grid. Our teams worked tirelessly to tackle a new set of technical challenges to bring this service to life, in addition to building a reliable on-the-ground infrastructure. Emergency SOS via satellite is a breakthrough service available only on the iPhone 14 lineup, and a new innovation that we hope will provide our customers some peace of mind."

Apple is also making a demo of the service available today. Using this, you will be able to test satellite connectivity on your iPhone by connecting to a real satellite in your area. Don't worry, Apple doesn't pass on the demo messages to emergency services, and this is just for you to familiarize yourself with the feature.

Apple also allows iPhone 14 owners to use the satellite connectivity feature to send their location. In the Find My app, users can open the "Me" tab, swipe up to see My Location via Satellite, and tap Send My Location. This feature won't trigger the emergency services feature, but share your location via satellite with Find My.

While the feature doesn't let you call, it can prove to be useful in a number of situations. For the first two years, the feature is free, but Apple has not yet announced the cost after that. Lastly, it's worth noting that the feature will be available in France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK in December.

Boeing’s anti-jam satellite communications payload on track for 2024 launch

From https://spacenews.com/boeings-anti-jam-satellite-communications-payload-on-track-for-2024-launch/

Boeing and Northrop Grumman in 2020 won separate contracts to develop Protected Tactical Satcom payloads

WASHINGTON — A satellite communications payload Boeing developed for the U.S. Space Force successfully demonstrated it can prevent jamming attacks, the company said Nov. 15.

The anti-jam test, conducted at Boeing’s facility in El Segundo, California, is a key step toward the planned 2024 launch of the Protected Tactical Satcom Prototype, or PTS-P, a payload that the Space Force will test in orbit to assess whether it can provide secure communications in potential war scenarios when U.S. networks would be targets of electronic and cyber attacks.

Boeing and Northrop Grumman in 2020 won separate contracts worth $191 million and $253 million, respectively, to design PTS payloads. These are part of a larger Space Force program to deploy jam-resistant geostationary satellites or perhaps hosted payloads for military classified and unclassified communications.

Boeing’s and Northrop Grumman’s prototype PTS payloads will operate in geosynchronous Earth orbit so they are compatible with military terminals with stationary antennas that point only to GEO satellites.

“Our adversaries are always attempting to deny our ability to communicate,” said Justin Bruner, PTS-P program manager at the U.S. Space Force. In a statement Nov. 15, he said Boeing “has made significant strides” in the development of anti-jam capabilities.

The PTS-P uses military-developed software known as the Protected Tactical Waveform (PTW). Boeing said the payload can “geolocate and actively suppress jamming in real-time, with thousands of data points gathered every second.”

In the recent demonstration, the company simulated adversaries’ attempts to block a user’s communication. “In every simulation, the prototype autonomously mitigated highly-dynamic jamming attempts and preserved connectivity, including situations where the user was in close proximity to the interference source,” Boeing said.

Troy Dawson, vice president of government satellite solutions at Boeing Defense, Space & Security, said the company’s PTS-P payload is scalable and hostable on both commercial or government satellites.

“The team has completed several hardware and software demonstrations, working towards a 2024 launch and ensuing on-orbit demonstrations,” he said.

Neither Boeing nor the Space Force has said what platform will host the PTS-P payload for the 2024 demonstration. A spokesman for Space Systems Command said plans for future PTS acquisitions have yet to be finalized. “Since the host of the Boeing PTS prototype payload is contractor proprietary, we are not able to provide any further details at this time,” the spokesman said.

Under a separate program, Boeing is developing the U.S. military’s 11th broadband communications satellite known as Wideband Global Satcom, or WGS-11+, projected to be completed by 2024.

Roku Channel expands live TV line-up

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/16/roku-channel-expands-live-tv-line-up/

Streaming device and platform specialist Roku has unveiled a broad expansion of its linear channel line-up. Users of The Roku Channel will now be able to stream new content in popular genres, including news, sports, kids and family, lifestyle, Spanish-language entertainment, and more from The Roku Channel’s Live TV Guide.

New channels include Spanish-language local news programming from NBCUniversal Telemundo; live shopping programming from QVC and HSN; genre-specific programming from AMC Networks on the AMC Showcase Channel, which will feature popular series such as Mad Men and The Walking Dead, exclusive to The Roku Channel, and many more.

Additionally, after the successful launches of both library content and Roku Originals from Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse, The Roku Channel is introducing channels dedicated to the food and lifestyle icons. In addition, in advance of the premiere of Roku Original The Great American Baking Show Celebrity Holiday Special, The Roku Channel is launching The Great British Baking Show Channel, which will include fan-favourite programming such as The Great British Baking Show, Celebrity Baking Show, Baking Show: An Extra Slice, and more content from the Baking Show universe. In addition, The Roku Channel is rolling out The Block, The Roku Channel’s premier destination for Black movies and entertainment. Users will be able to enjoy authentic stories that inspire and celebrate Black culture.

“We’re proud to bring our audience an abundance of entertainment options from top content providers they know and love,” said Ashley Hovey, Head of The Roku Channel, AVOD. “We always strive to bring our users more ways to watch in-demand content. This launch welcomes new programming from a variety of genres, including news and sports, and dedicated channels from beloved personalities and iconic series to The Roku Channel.”

Users can access The Roku Channel’s line-up of more than 350 linear channels through its dedicated Live TV Guide. The Roku Channel is accessible for free through web, iOS, and Android devices, as well as Amazon Fire TV and select Samsung TVs. Users with Roku TVs and devices can also access linear channels through the Roku platform’s Live TV Zone on the Home Screen Menu.

Golf TV in the bunker as WBD dispenses with another niche streamer

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/14/golf-tv-in-the-bunker-as-wbd-dispenses-with-another-niche-streamer/

As staff and service restructuring shockwaves continue to reverberate through every corner of Warner Bros Discovery’s global empire, the latest casualty is dedicated golf streaming service Golf TV. In a memo to Golf TV subscribers on Friday, WBD said the global ex-US service will end on December 12, with its current inventory of live events relocating to Discovery+ and other platforms within the group.

The core of the dedicated service is content from the PGA Tour, which is currently in the midst of a 12 year, $2 billion agreement with the streamer. However the rights holder seems comfortable with the shift in strategy, which won’t involve any financial adjustments. In fact, some observers have suggested the writing was on the wall in late 2021, when the PGA Tour merged its US streaming platform into Disney’s ESPN+.

After the expensive failure of CNN+ earlier this year, the key message coming out of WBD is that super-serving streaming niches is not a viable strategy – at least for a broad-based outfit like WBD (perhaps more so for low cost agile players). JB Perrette, president and CEO, global streaming and games, was reported earlier this year by The New York Times as skeptical of the company’s ability to run niche streaming services profitably, citing Discovery’s lack of success in areas like cars, food and golf.

Golf TV was launched as an ex-US service in January 2019. At the time, Alex Kaplan, (former) president and general manager, Discovery Golf said: “Building on Discovery’s heritage of real-life storytelling and direct-to-consumer platform experience, we’ve already established a world-class Golf TV team. With work well underway, our carefully considered plans will allow us to continually enhance Golf TV as we roll-out and further develop the product.” Currently, WBD is embroiled in the process of merging HBO Max and Discovery+ into a unified service by mid-2023.

Jail term for STB pirate

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/14/jail-term-for-stb-pirate/

A man who made over £2 million (€2.3m) by selling set-top boxes that enabled buyers to watch premium television content without a subscription has been jailed.

Halton Mark Anthony Powell, of Hornchurch in east London, launched Droidsticks Ltd. in 2013 and sold the set-top boxes through his shop, website and an online marketplace. An investigation by City of London Police’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) revealed that Powell made £2,344,949 in sales through the online marketplace.

Powell pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court on August 23rd, 2022, to supplying articles for use in fraud. He was sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment at the same court on November 11th, 2022.

“Powell attempted to hide the illegitimate nature of his business by concealing evidence that he was selling products pre-configured to stream Sky Sports and Sky Cinema,” said T/ Detective Sergeant Peter Gartland, from City of London Police’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). “However, PIPCU officers were able to prove he was aware the set-top boxes were being used for this purpose by thousands of customers.”

“It is vital to remember that watching premium content without a subscription is illegal – and enabling access to it can land you with a criminal record, as this case shows.”

“We’d like to thank PIPCU for their support in bringing this case to a successful conclusion,” added Matt Hibbert, Sky’s Director of Anti-Piracy, UK & Ireland. “The financial sums involved, and the length of the sentence handed down today underline the seriousness of this type of criminality. We’ll continue to work with law enforcement and our industry partners to protect consumers and take action against those organisations intent on stealing our content.”

The investigation was launched in March 2015 after an online marketplace reported that a large volume of set-top boxes was being sold through an account owned by Droidsticks. The company was selling set-top boxes pre-loaded with a piece of software referred to as the ‘Droidsticks Wizard’, which enabled users to install add-ons to access Sky’s sports and movie channels, as well as other premium television content. Set-top boxes that contain this software at the point of sale are illegal.

Powell was arrested by PIPCU officers, and they seized 1,300 set-top boxes from a storage unit and another 121 boxes from Powell’s shop. A review of Powell’s bank account showed that he made a total of £2,344,949 from the sale of 24,515 set-top boxes through the marketplace.

During his police interview, Powell answered ‘no comment’ to all questions.

Following the sentencing, the Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that it will commence proceedings for confiscation orders against any available assets.

Redbox, Crackle on VIZIO TV remotes in 2023

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/14/redbox-crackle-on-vizio-tv-remotes-in-2023/

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment has announced an expanded deal with VIZIO that brings the Redbox and Crackle free streaming apps to VIZIO remote controls.

In the second half of 2023, consumers who purchase new VIZIO TVs will have immediate access to the Redbox and Crackle AVoD services through dedicated buttons. The Redbox and Crackle apps give VIZIO users access to a wide range of content, from AVoD titles and over 150 free live TV (FAST) channels to the latest movies and TV series available for purchase or rental.

“We’re excited to expand our footprint with VIZIO and allow customers instant access to our vast libraries across Redbox and Crackle,” said Adam Mosam, chief digital officer of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. “This comes at an optimal time as we grow our AVoD and FAST offering in the coming year.”

“As one of the first to launch the Chicken Soup for the Soul app, and Crackle FAST channels in our free streaming service, WatchFree+, we are pleased to offer new VIZIO customers direct access to the Crackle and Redbox streaming services from the VIZIO remote,” said Seta Goldstein, director of content & technology partnerships at VIZIO. “Our expanded relationship with Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment makes it easy for VIZIO users to discover Crackle and Redbox programming – at the touch of a button.”


Tuesday, no update


Lots of observations today.


Apstar 6C 134E 3418 H Sr 19200 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 2/3 The VTV mux from Vinasat 1 has moved here. Which is weird perhaps an issue with Vinasat 1? Still issues with 5G t.I on this one

Telstar 18 Vantage 138E 3837 H Sr 3750 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 3/4
A new mux started here, All Powervu Encrypted, SD , going by the bitrates

Sid 1 Vpid 110 (H264) Apid 111 "PBO Channel"
Sid 2 Vpid 210 (H264) Apid 211 "Viva Channel"
Sid 4 Vpid 410 (H264) Apid 411 "TMC"

Asiasat 9 122E 4140 V "4kuniverse" has left

Misc feeds seen on Asiasat 9 Monday afternoon

Asiasat 9 122E 3827 H Sr 7198 "IBS.G20-Backup" Encrypted
Asiasat 9 122E 4107 H Sr 7200 "ENC4" Encrypted
Asiasat 9 122E 4116 H Sr 7200 "ENC5" Encrypted
Asiasat 9 122E 4124 H Sr 7200 "ENC6" Encrypted

Sunday night feed log

Optus D2
12696 V Sr 7500 "GMA 10" Encrypted
12696 H Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" T20 WC related

Laosat 1 128.5E 3489 V Sr 6400 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 2/3

"Himalaya HD" Started
"HTV Premium" Started

the Premium channnel is for FIFA World Cup PAID distribution to cable operators

Laosat 1 128.5E 3677 V Sr 6400 DVB-S2 8PSK
"CNN Bangla" started

Though not loading on our dish due to 5G

Sunday feed logs

Optus D1
12651 V Sr 7200 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" WBBL Cricket for Channel 7
12670 V Sr 22500 "BBL 7 Main" "BBL World" "BBL EVS Clean" WBBL Cricket feed

Optus D2
12634 V Sr 7500 "Astralinks" Encrypted
12652 V Sr 7500 "D2 BBL 7 Clean" WBBL Cricket
12670 V Sr 22500 "Celebrity 2022 Path 1" Encrypted
12705 V Sr 7500 "Cobram Harness" Encrypted
12741 V Sr 7500 "ARG | Speed Series" Encrypted

Saturday feed log

Asiasat 5 3907 H Sr 7200 "Service-1" China Golden Rooster Awards show

Asiasat 5 3994 V Sr 7200 "NEDBANK GOLF WORLD FEED MAIN"
Asiasat 5 3984 V Sr 7200 "ADHOC ENC1" Soccer, NZ vs Korea

Intelsat 19 12618 V Sr 7500 "WCL003 MAIN" Encrypted

Optus D2

12357 V Sr 7500 "STS 9 SEN Greyhounds" Encrypted
12634 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Horse racing
12643 V Sr 7500 "GMA 007" Encrypted
12652 V Sr 7500 "D2 BBL 7 Clean" Cricket
12670 V Sr 22500 "Celebrity 2022 Path 1" Encrypted
12697 V Sr 7200 "RWC_BIF_Bkup_S_Enc23" Encrypted
12714 V Sr 7500 "GMA 006" Encrypted
12723 V Sr 7500 "STS 12" Encrypted
12732 V Sr 7500 "STS 12" Encrypted
12741 V Sr 7500 "ARG | Speed Series" Encrypted
12696 H Sr 7500 "Astralinks" Horse racing
12706 H Sr 7500 "Adhoc Enc 12_Mod 7" 7 Horse racing

Optus D1

12652 V Sr 7200 "7BCM D1/T7 Slot 3" WBBL channel 7
12670 V Sr 22500 "BBL 7 MAIN" "BBL World" "BBL EVS Clean" WBBL

From my Email


From the Dish

LaoSat 1 128.5E 3407 V "Himalaya TV" has left .
LaoSat 1 128.5E 3490 V "Himalaya TV and Himalaya TV Premium" have started on .
LaoSat 1 128.5E 3675 V "Falguni TV" has left .

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 11265 V "ATN Bangla, Bangla TV, Bangla Vision, Channel I, Ekattor TV, Gaan Bangla, NTV, DBC News and News 24" have started on , Fta.

ST 2 88.0E 11483 V "Sports 18 1 has replaced D2h Cinema" on , encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12682 V "Prophetic 24 Seven" has started on , Fta.

Azerspace 1 46.0E 3874 H "Jehova Jire TV" has started on , Fta.

From playtv

老挝1号(128.5°E)卫星,新增CNN Bangla频道,设置参数3677 V 6400开锁播出。(2022-11-13)
老挝1号(128.5°E)卫星,新增Himalaya HD、HTV Premium两个频道,设置3489 V 6400开锁播出。(2022-11-13)
越星1/2号(132.0°E)卫星,越南国家电视1台(VTV1)一组更改接收参数,设置3418 H 19200部分开锁播出。(2022-11-13)
ABS-2/2A(75.0°E)卫星,12533 V 44950一组新增Konnyi Mir、Terra HD等八个频道,部分开锁播出。(2022-11-13)
马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,3880 H 29720一组新增BeIN Sports 2频道,锁码播出。(2022-11-13)

亚太5C(138.0°E)卫星,12598 H 45000一组Doc Box、阿里郎电视消失。(2022-11-12)


SpaceX Falcon 9 shifts the Intelsat G-31 + G-32 satellites from Earth to their orbits

From https://news.satnews.com/2022/11/13/29579/?mohide=true&mc_cid=d72d873419&mc_eid=e80892f101

The Maxar manufactured Intelsat Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 32 satellites launched aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9. Photo courtesy of SpaceX.

On Saturday, November 12, at 11:06 a.m., ET, a SpaceX Falcon 9 launched the Intelsat G-31/G-32 mission to a geosynchronous transfer orbit from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

This was the 14th launch of this booster, which previously supported Dragon’s first crew demonstration mission, the RADARSAT Constellation Mission, SXM-7, and 10 Starlink missions.

“Today’s successful launch is part of our Galaxy fleet refresh plan and is a clear demonstration of Intelsat’s commitment to our media customers,” said Intelsat CEO, Dave Wajsgras. “The Galaxy fleet is the most reliable and efficient media content distribution system in North America, and our customers can continue to count on it for years to come.”

Galaxy 31 separated from the vehicle at 11:46 a.m., EST, and Intelsat confirmed signal acquisition at 11:59 a.m., EST. Galaxy 32 separated from the vehicle at 11:41 a.m., EST, and Intelsat confirmed its signal acquisition at 11:50 a.m., EST.

Galaxy 31 will replace Galaxy 23 at 121 degrees west and will initiate service in early 2023. The satellite will provide distribution services to cable headends throughout the United States.

Galaxy 32 will replace the C-band payload of Galaxy 17 at 91 degrees west in early 2023. This satellite will provide service continuity for Intelsat’s media customers, with high-performance distribution to viewers in North America.

This launch continues Intelsat’s Galaxy fleet refresh plan that started with Galaxy 30 in 2020 and carries the second set of a total of seven new Intelsat satellites launching during the next six months.

SpaceX Launches Two Telecom Satellites on 14th Mission

From https://financialtribune.com/articles/sci-tech/115959/spacex-launches-two-telecom-satellites-on-14th-mission

SpaceX launched two telecom satellites on Saturday (Nov. 12), tying its own rocket reuse record in the process.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Florida's Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 11:06 a.m. EST (1606 GMT) on Saturday, carrying Intelsat's Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 32 satellites aloft.

It was the 14th mission for this Falcon 9 first stage, tying a SpaceX record. The booster also helped loft Demo-2, SpaceX's first-ever astronaut flight, in May 2020; the RADARSAT Constellation Mission; the SXM-7 spacecraft for SiriusXM; and 10 big batches of SpaceX's Starlink satellites, the company wrote in a mission description, Space.com reported.

There will be no 15th flight for this booster, however; SpaceX did not try to bring it down for a safe landing and future reuse.

"Today's payload needed a little more performance out of Falcon 9, and so we had to use the propellants that we would normally use for the entry burn and landing burn to instead take the payload to orbit," SpaceX space operations engineer, Siva Bharadvaj, said during a webcast of the launch.

Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 32 are both quite heavy, and the Falcon 9 carried them to a distant geosynchronous transfer orbit. The rocket's upper stage deployed the two satellites as planned about 33 minutes and 38 minutes after liftoff, respectively.

The duo will help Intelsat refresh its communications fleet, the company said on its website. The high-speed satellites represent a "new generation of technology" for customers that largely include television broadcasters, Intelsat officials stated.

Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 32 will replace older North American-focused satellites in geosynchronous orbit, meaning they will remain consistently above one area of Earth.

Saturday's launch was the second Intelsat mission in just over a month for SpaceX, which lofted the Galaxy 33 and Galaxy 34 satellites using a Falcon 9 on Oct. 8. It was the 14th mission for that rocket's first stage as well.

At the time, Intelsat officials said the two Galaxy satellites will provide fresh capabilities in C-band, a radio frequency range that Galaxy 31 and 32 will also use.

Saturday's launch was the 52nd overall for SpaceX in 2022, adding to the company's growing single-year record (which had been 31 in 2021). It was also the 48th flight this year using a previously flown Falcon 9 rocket.

The vast majority of SpaceX launches in 2022 has served to grow the company's enormous Starlink satellite-internet constellation. But SpaceX has also launched other companies' satellites to orbit, as well as cargo and crew missions to the International Space Station with Falcon 9s in 2022.

In addition, the SpaceX flew its Falcon Heavy on Nov. 1. That mission, which lofted payloads for the US Space Force, was the first flight of the powerful rocket since June 2019.

China’s new satellite-hunting radar aims to blind US

From https://asiatimes.com/2022/11/chinas-new-satellite-hunting-radar-aims-to-blind-us/

Newly-unveiled SLC-18 radar seeks to blunt US space-based intel advantage and could soon be exported to America’s adversaries

China’s new electronically scanned array radar aims to blunt the military advantages long provided by satellite intelligence, raising proliferation concerns in Washington and other Western capitals.

The 10-meter-tall SLC-1 radar unveiled at this year’s Zhuhai Airshow can detect and track low-orbiting satellites and predict their paths, its manufacturer China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) claimed at the show, the South China Morning Post reported last week.

The state-owned Chinese company also claimed that the SLC-18 high-power, low-frequency P-band radar can function around the clock in all weather conditions and has an exceptionally large search range.

With proper geographic positioning, an SLC-18 radar network can monitor all satellites traveling over a specific area and predict the arrival of others, enabling commanders on the ground to respond, the company said.

According to CETC deputy manager Sun Rui, the SLC-18 “can detect satellites from a distance and can identify and categorize them to form a radar database that can help other equipment respond accordingly… at the same time, it sends data on the satellites to the command center to assist in decision making.”

Sun noted that the US currently deploys constellations of low-orbit surveillance satellites, meaning that a detection system needs to be able to detect, identify and react quickly. He said that the use of satellite surveillance in modern warfare makes it imperative for militaries to have satellite tracking capabilities over a specific area to avoid detection, engage in deception maneuvers or jam enemy satellites.

From a proliferation perspective, the SLC-18 may be available for export, with Pakistan, Iran and North Korea as possible allied customers.

Sun suggested the system “provides relatively economical ground-based monitoring of space targets to serve friendly countries … offering situational awareness capabilities against low-orbiting satellites to balance the battlefield posture.”

Space-based reconnaissance provides tremendous advantages in military operations, including at strategic and tactical levels. Stark examples of these advantages were seen in the 1980-89 Iran-Iraq war and the ongoing Ukraine war. Asia Times has previously noted that during the Iran-Iraq war, US-supplied satellite intelligence enabled Iraq to inflict battle reverses and massive casualties on Iran.

Similarly, commercial satellites have been decisive in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This March, The Washington Post reported that five commercial satellite imaging companies are sharing intelligence with Ukraine, with the intelligence allowing the latter to accurately target Russian forces, kill top generals and destroy fuel and ammunition stockpiles.

The use of commercial satellites for military purposes can be seen as a “grey zone” move by the US to complicate efforts to counter its long-established use of space as a sanctuary for its satellites, which are critical information nodes in US warfighting concepts and underline China’s and other US adversaries’ need for anti-satellite capabilities.

Although Russia has threatened to attack private commercial satellites supplying intelligence to Ukraine, the implications of such a move are unclear and would likely mark a significant escalation in the Ukraine war. An alternative response to destroying such satellites would be to evade them, blunting any intelligence advantage they offer while removing the risk of escalating terrestrial conflicts into outer space.

SatelliteObservation.net notes that satellites have predictable orbits, as gravity is the only force acting on them. Ground-based sensors may also only see satellites once or twice a day for a few minutes, relying on the laws of orbital mechanics to know their position at a particular time.

While satellites can maneuver to change their orbits, it is usually done with a chemical fuel that satellites carry only limited supplies, meaning they cannot maneuver all the time. Although some satellites are powered by electric rather than fuel-guzzling engines, they have much less power and take significantly more time to change orbital direction.

These limitations make satellite detection via ground tracking a viable counter-satellite capability.

In April 2020, the US Space Force announced the activation of Space Fence, an S-band ground-based sensor that can track commercial and military satellites, spent rocket boosters and debris as small as 10 centimeters in low earth or geosynchronous orbit across in an east-west surveillance direction from 1,900 miles (3,057 kilometers) out.

“Space is now recognized as a congested and contested domain… and Space Fence is the next evolution in our efforts to maintain space superiority,” said Lieutenant Colonel David Tipton, commander of the 20th Space Control Squadron, in a March 2020 article in C4ISRNET.

However, C4ISRNET notes Space Fence’s limitations, including the fact that its single radar is based in Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, making it impossible to track smaller objects continuously. Breaking Defense notes that Space Fence needs a 10-megawatt power plant to function, puts off emissions that can be targeted by an adversary and carries a hefty US$914 million price tag.

Other drawbacks mentioned by Global Security include limited data acquisition abilities, inability to attain precision orbit parameters of detected objects, lack of 24/7 capability for electro-optical systems and high costs and complexity.

The same source notes that these challenges stem from a perceived need to search all of space, with large sensors like Space Fence offering increased sensitivity but having a narrow field of view and enlarging the area needed to be searched.

Global Security suggests the alternative need for ground-based tracking systems that are simple, accurate and limited to a specific area of space that can quickly catalog earth-orbiting objects. Satellite ground tracking technology may thus evolve toward proliferated, small and mobile systems that can be deployed at the tactical level instead of large, strategic-level systems like Space Fence.

China is not the only country to make recent advances in tactical-level ground-based satellite tracking technology. Breaking Defense reported in October that Australia-based Silentium Defense had built a “space observatory in a box,” a passive satellite-tracking radar that could fit in a shipping container alongside all necessary components such as power supplies and computers.

The report said that users could deploy the system to fill coverage gaps left by existing space-tracking systems and Australia could opt to export the system to countries that now lack space-tracking capabilities. Silentium Defense’s system has reportedly been developed entirely in Australia, which means Canberra can export it to any country it chooses without US permission.

At the same time, Breaking Defense notes that Silentium’s system is limited by its reliance on external sources of FM radio waves to bounce off LEO satellites, meaning its utility may be limited in areas where those signals are few and weak.

The advent of small, mobile and affordable satellite ground-based tracking stations such as China’s SLC-18 and Silentium Defense’s passive radar may lead to the proliferation of such capabilities, blunting the future advantage of space-based satellite intelligence gathering.

Italy: Major illegal streaming police operation

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/11/italy-major-illegal-streaming-police-operation/

Italy’s Polizia postale (Postal police) in the city of Catania have conducted an operation against audiovisual piracy, with the execution of numerous searches and seizures in 23 provinces.

Seventy people are currently under investigation for criminal association of a transnational nature aimed at the dissemination of conditional access television modules. They also face other charges such as money laundering, fraudulent transfer of assets, substitution of person, possession and manufacture of false identification documents, improper use and falsification of non-cash payment instruments.

The investigations, developed by the constant monitoring of the network aimed at combating cybercrime, uncovered the existence of a criminal association organised in a hierarchical manner according to distinct and specific roles (head, deputy head, master, admin, technician, reseller), whose products were distributed throughout the nation (Catania, Rome, Naples, Salerno and Trapani) and abroad in England, Germany and Tunisia. The organisation specialised in the distribution to a large number of users, nationally and internationally, of live schedules and on-demand content protected by television rights, owned by the most well-known television platforms, through the illegal IPTV system.

The profits ascertained only in the months of investigation are some €10 million, but the damages for the audiovisual industry could amount to over €30 million per month considering that the operation uncovered 70 per cent of illegal national streaming, equating to over 900,000 users.

The first investigations highlighted the presence on Telegram, in various social networks, in various sites of bots, channels, groups, accounts, forums, blogs and profiles that advertise the sale on the national territory, of accesses for illegal streaming of content to payment via IPTV of the most popular platforms.

The small group of ringleaders was responsible for promoting and directing the venture, deciding the costs of subscriptions, suspensions of the service and the methods of distributing the devices and coordinating individual operators throughout the country.

Furthermore, in order to evade the investigations, the suspects made use of encrypted messaging applications, fictitious identities and false documents; the latter were also used for the registration of telephone users, credit cards, television subscriptions and server rentals.

The illegal flow of illegal devices to users was stemmed and during the searches, numerous computer material and illegal devices for connections and broadcasting activities were seized.

At this stage, the investigation only involves those at the top of the organisation as well as the resellers of the TV packages, after which the users of the illegal services will be identified.

Eutelsat maintains 2022 dividend

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/11/eutelsat-maintains-2022-dividend/

Eutelsat held its AGM in Paris on November 10th. Top of the list of decisions made was confirmation that its dividend for this year (its trading year to June 30th 2022) will be maintained. Investors have a choice of either accepting the 93 cents/share dividend, or to take newly-issued shares in Eutelsat at the option price of €7.27 per share.

The dividend will be paid on December 16th. The shares go ‘ex-dividend’ on November 17th.

The share purchase option comes about as a result of the proposed merger between Eutelsat and mega-constellation OneWeb. Eutelsat has already said that for the next three trading years its dividend payment is being suspended.

Other decisions made include:

· Ratification of the appointment of Eva Berneke as Director;
· Appointment of Fleur Pellerin as Director;
· Appointment of CMA-CGM as Director. CMA-CGM will be represented by Michel Sirat;
· Renewal of the mandate of Bpifrance Participations as Director. Bpifrance Participations will be represented by Samuel Dalens;
· Compensation of corporate officers and compensation policy.

The Eutelsat board remains composed of 10 members, 50 per cent of whom are women and 70 per cent of whom are independent.

VIZIO upgrades UX

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/11/vizio-upgrades-ux/

Connected entertainment specialist VIZIO has unveiled an upgraded design and user experience for WatchFree+, VIZIO’s free streaming service that comes built into millions of VIZIO Smart TVs.

This latest update features a new look and feel, intuitive Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), faster and easier navigation, and personalisation features to the free streaming service. WatchFree+ has grown to include more than 260 free channels and 6,000 titles on demand, offering a library of movies, TV shows, news, sports and music.

The redesigned WatchFree+ offers features centred around an enhanced user experience and access to content. The WatchFree+ Guide now displays upcoming content segmented in 30-minute intervals, allowing viewers to explore the collection of WatchFree+ content in a familiar format. In addition, the WatchFree+ interface allows advertisers to promote contextually relevant content seamlessly within the WatchFree+ Guide.

Notable updates to the WatchFree+ user experience:
•Electronic Programme Guide: See a schedule of all WatchFree+ programmes in a simple grid format, segmented in half-hour intervals.
•In-Line Content Descriptions: View movie and show descriptions as you move through the WatchFree+ Guide.
•Picture-in-Picture: Continue to watch a show while browsing additional WatchFree+ channels.
•Jump to a Category: Long press the ‘OK’ button while in the EPG guide to get a list of channel genres, making navigation easier.
•Easy Access to On Demand Titles: Quickly and easily launch an on-demand movie or show directly from the programme guide.

“We are proud of the growth we have seen across our free streaming service,” declared Steve Yum, Vice President of Software Product Management at VIZIO. “This redesign makes it easier than ever to navigate and explore the continually expanding universe of entertainment on WatchFree+ across live and on demand programming.”

The latest WatchFree+ programming is now available on all VIZIO TVs.

(Craig's comment, check out the Vizio stream playlist on our streams page.)


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Friday p.m feeds

Optus D2 12652 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" Horse racing
Optus D2 12697 V Sr 7500 "GMA 006" Encrypted
Optus D2 12706 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Horse Racing Presenters
Optus D2 12741 V Sr 7500 "ARG | Speed Series" Encrypted

Intelsat 19 12618 V Sr 7200 "WCL003 MAIN" Crankworx Rotorua

Chinasat 6 B 115.5E 3709 H Sr 10920 DVB-S Fec 3/4
"Xiamen Star TV China" is currently FTA

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From the Dish

AsiaSat 9 122.0E 4140 V "Cinemachi Max" has started on , Irdeto.

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3852 H "Swadesh News and Bharat Today" have left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 11090 V "MTV Hits Europe" has left .

From playtv

中星6B(115.5°E)卫星,3709 H 10920一组厦门卫视再次开锁播出。(2022-11-10)


Binge, Kayo subscribers up, Foxtel down.

From https://tvtonight.com.au/2022/11/binge-kayo-subscribers-up-foxtel-down.html

Binge was the star performer in the Foxtel Group over the past year, rising 67% in subscribers.

Foxtel Group subscribers increased to 4.605 million (4.465 million paid), a record high, up 16% on the prior year, in Fiscal 2023 results for the period ending September 30, 2022.

Total streaming subscribers, including Kayo Sports, Binge, Foxtel Now and Flash reached 2.947 million (2.807 million paid), were 2.8 million paying subscribers up 34%.

News Corp Chief Executive Robert Thomson said, “Foxtel’s streaming services attained 2.8 million paying subscribers as of the end of September, surging 34% versus the prior year and accounting for 63% of the total paying subscriber base,” said “Kayo and Binge added nearly three quarters of a million paying subscribers in the past year alone, underscoring the potential of Foxtel in a still expanding Australian market. Foxtel Group delivered record audiences for the recent AFL and NRL finals. Meanwhile, motorsport, the Rugby League World Cup and T20 World Cup Cricket are bolstering subscriber loyalty as we near the spring selling season.”

News Corp CFO Susan Panuccio said, “Total closing paid subscribers across the Foxtel Group reached almost 4.5 million at quarter end, up 16% year over year, with the growth rate improving 3 percentage points from the fourth quarter. Total subscribers, including trialists, reached over 4.6 million.

“Total paid streaming subscribers reached over 2.8 million, increasing 34% versus the prior year and adding 117,000 sequentially, with streaming subscribers now representing 63% of Foxtel’s total paid subscriber base.

“Kayo paying subscribers reached almost 1.3 million, up nearly 19% year over year, slightly down from the fourth quarter levels due to typical seasonal patterns with the end of the AFL and NRL seasons in September.

“Binge paying subscribers grew a robust 67% year over year to over 1.3 million subscribers, benefiting from the release of the House of the Dragon and the popularity of the Foxtel original series, The Twelve.

“Foxtel ended the quarter with over 1.4 million residential broadcast subscribers, down 10% year over year, similar to the fourth quarter rate. Broadcast churn was 14.2% compared to 14% in the prior year, partly reflecting the acceleration of migrating subscribers off cable. Broadcast ARPU rose over 1% to approximately A$83.”

In other results, Foxtel Now reached 197,000 subscribers (191,000 paid), down 18%; Flash, launched in October 2021, reached 29,000 subscribers (15,000 paid); Foxtel residential and commercial broadcast subscribers were 1.658 million, down 6% and Foxtel Residential subscribers declined to 1.439 million.

Residential churn was 14.2%, rising 40 basis points.

Astro launches BIZfibre broadband service targeting SMEs

From https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/astro-launches-bizfibre-broadband-service-targeting-smes

PETALING JAYA (Nov 10): Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd (Astro) has launched BIZfibre, a broadband service targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which account for 97% of total business establishments in Malaysia.

Group chief executive officer (GCEO)-designate Euan Smith said the content and entertainment company aspired to partner with SMEs, offering one-stop connectivity and entertainment solutions with world-class WiFi plus engaging content that is 100% legal.

“Listening to feedback from our commercial customers and prospects, we have designed our BIZfibre plans to enhance business performance through faster, more reliable and stable connectivity,” he said at the launch of the new broadband here on Thursday.

Smith said that Astro had curated a range of value-added packages that meet all commercial needs, regardless of size or industry.

“Our BIZfibre and commercial TV Packs offer a unique value proposition, building on Astro’s rich content heritage and great service,” he said.

Head of enterprise business Kevin Ng said Astro encouraged commercial enterprises such as food and beverages outlets and hotels to only access content that is legal.

“We take a serious view of illegal streaming of content as it is important to ensure our legitimate commercial subscribers are not short-changed,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Astro said it was confident that BIZfibre would be an important contribution to the growth of its broadband and commercial customer base.

It said in conjunction with the launch of BIZfibre, Astro is offering a VIP Pack with 59 channels and a VIP Plus Pack with 70 channels, which comes with all VIP sports passes such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and other exciting live sports such as the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A, Formula 1, UFC, NBA as well as signature Astro Originals and premium international shows.

Astro said BIZfibre would also be available on a standalone basis, delivering unlimited fixed internet with speeds of 500 Megabits per second (Mbps) and 800Mbps at RM239 and RM299 per month, respectively.

“It comes with the latest WiFi 6 router to guarantee the growing network needs of today’s commercial customers, plus one free mesh WiFi unit to overcome common connectivity issues such as weak and limited coverage, internet dead spots and inconsistent speeds,” it added.

Kazakhstan to Collaborate with Türkiye on Replacing KazSat Satellite

From https://astanatimes.com/2022/11/kazakhstan-to-collaborate-with-turkiye-on-replacing-kazsat-satellite/

ASTANA – Kazakhstan and Türkiye announced plans to work on replacing the KazSat 3 satellite with KazSat 3R, said the Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin on his Facebook page on Nov.4.

Minister Mussin at the meeting with representatives of Turkish Aerospace Industries. Photo credit: Mussin’s Facebook page.

“Before decommissioning KazSat 3, we need to build a more modern satellite to replace it and ensure the uninterrupted provision of communication, television and radio broadcasting services. We need to prepare technical documentation and final calculations until February,” said Mussin.

During the meeting with representatives of the Turkish Defense Industry Agency and Turkish Aerospace Industries, the minister indicated the country’s interest in their experience and technical capabilities, including in building high-throughput satellites (HTS), hybrid solutions, and use of innovative technologies in building a reconfigurable payload based on digital processors.

“Considering that Turkish Aerospace Industries is ranked among the world’s top 100 defense companies in the aerospace industry, we will benefit from the experience of our colleagues who have already produced a dozen satellites. I hope our country will be able to increase satellite production to the same level,” he added.

Mussin also demonstrated Kazakhstan’s unified platform for tracking crop growth, measuring water resources, subsoil use, monitoring forests, garbage disposal, and other related activities utilizing Earth’s remote sensing satellites. He emphasized that the Turkish side showed interest in working together on such a platform.

Mussin signed a memorandum of understanding with the Turkish Defense Industry Agency in October to collaborate on the development of satellites. If the cooperation with Türkiye is successful, the rest of the Turkic states could join. If Kazakhstan launches a satellite on its own, it will only be able to utilize ten percent of its capacity. This is why working with other countries in this area is more efficient and cost-effective.

OneWeb spreads satellite connectivity wings into Asia and Africa

From https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252527139/OneWeb-spreads-satellite-connectivity-wings-into-Asia-and-Africa

Satellite broadband provider OneWeb has announced a major expansion of its footprint in deals with Airtel Africa to bring low-latency low Earth orbit (LEO) connectivity services to government and enterprise customers, and has signed a distribution partnership agreement with satellite service provider Azyan Telecom in the Sultanate of Oman and the Middle East.

The announcement comes just days after a UK parliamentary committee report concluded that the benefit to UK taxpayers of OneWeb, into which $500m has been invested, was unclear.

The partnership with Airtel Africa builds on OneWeb’s existing initiatives in Africa, including installations of satellite network portals (SNPs) in Angola, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal and Mauritius. It will focus on delivering satellite communications services to enterprise and civil government customers across selected areas of the continent for a wide range of use cases, including connectivity in rural areas, agriculture, hospitals, hotels, schools, and in the energy and mining sectors. OneWeb and Airtel Africa will also provide critical backhaul in unserved and underserved regions.

With only four more launches of craft in its constellation to go, OneWeb said it also remains on track to activate its coverage solutions in Africa, and elsewhere around the world, in 2023.

“Internet penetration is rising across Africa and systems are even more connected as the digital transformation is driving growth among organisations,” said Luc Serviant, group enterprise director, Airtel Business at Airtel Africa. “Through our partnership with OneWeb, we will support SMEs, entrepreneurs, corporates and governments to do business everywhere in Africa, with low-latency and highly resilient communication services.

“OneWeb and Airtel Africa will begin trialling service in South Africa in September, with plans to achieve full coverage in 2023 across Airtel Africa’s footprint, comprising 14 countries in East, Central and West Africa.”

Meanwhile in Asia, OneWeb and its joint venture entity formed with Tonomus have inked a distribution partnership agreement with Azyan Telecom, a satellite service provider in the Sultanate of Oman and the Middle East. The partnership aims to enhance the capabilities of existing and future national telecom networks in Oman through OneWeb’s space-based communication capabilities of high-speed, low-latency connectivity.

This will, in turn, contribute to ensuring access for companies and communities to high-speed communications that are compatible with advanced terrestrial systems and networks, said OneWeb. This coverage will also be extended to encompass remote and rural areas in Oman by providing diverse and multiple digital communication sources to those areas.

Azyan Telecom will use OneWeb’s global connectivity network to expand its existing connectivity in Oman and provide high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity to the entire country. To date, the delivery of high-speed connections has been challenging in parts of Oman because of the terrain and frequent hurricanes. Services are set to start in the second half of 2023 and will focus on delivering widespread connection to some of the more remote and challenging parts of the country.

OneWeb said the strategic geographic position of Oman and the diversity of its international terrestrial and submarine infrastructures is a potential location for it to deploy a network platform in the country, in order to provide satellite broadband services to the region at large.

“We are excited to be cooperating with Azyan Telecom to deliver widespread connectivity across the Sultanate of Oman and support government efforts to provide reliable connectivity for the Sultanate,” said OneWeb NEOM JV chief executive officer Laith Hamad. “Our partnership will help to bring affordable connectivity to the widest possible audience in the region, particularly given the challenging conditions that have left many without high-speed connection.

“This is another great milestone towards enabling connectivity through OneWeb LEO satellite technologies enabled by the OneWeb Tonomus JV in the region. We convey our sincere appreciation to the Omani Telecommunication Regulatory Authority for all their support.”

Chinese firm plans to develop commercial remote sensing satellite system

From https://english.news.cn/20221111/a34c041aeebe450d8cf169134b42836e/c.html

BEIJING, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- The China Siwei Surveying and Mapping Technology will build its new-generation commercial remote sensing satellite system by 2025, the Science and Technology Daily reported Thursday.

Zhang Xiaodong, general manager of the company, made the remarks at the ongoing 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known as Airshow China, in the southern port city of Zhuhai.

The commercial remote sensing satellite system features 28 satellites with various payloads, covering more than 30 million square kilometers of daily ground data on average, Zhang was quoted as saying in the news report.

Among the 28 satellites, 16 have higher than 0.5-meter resolution, four have 0.7-meter resolution, and eight have higher than 1-meter resolution, according to the report.

The company has completed the building of four satellites for the system and has begun to provide timely, efficient and high-performance spatio-temporal information services.

Atlas 5 launches weather satellite, reentry tech demo mission

From https://spacenews.com/atlas-5-launches-weather-satellite-reentry-tech-demo-mission/

WASHINGTON — An Atlas 5 successfully launched a polar-orbiting weather satellite and a reentry technology demonstrator on the final flight of the vehicle from California.

The United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 401 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 3 at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California at 4:49 a.m. Eastern Nov. 10. A problem loading liquid oxygen in the rocket’s Centaur upper stage delayed the liftoff by 24 minutes, two-thirds of the way into the 36-minute launch window.

The Centaur upper stage deployed the mission’s primary payload, the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) 2 satellite, 28 minutes after liftoff, placing it into a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of approximately 800 kilometers. The spacecraft made contact with controllers shortly after deployment. However, NASA reported nerly three hours after liftoff that they had yet to receive telemetry that the solar array deployed as planned.

JPSS-2 is the second of four planned polar-orbiting weather satellites in the JPSS program to provide weather data for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. JPSS-1, built by Ball Aerospace, launched in 2017 and is in service as NOAA-20. An older satellite, Suomi NPP, also provides weather data from polar orbit but is nearing the end of its life as it runs out of stationkeeping propellant.

Northrop Grumman built JPSS-2 and has contracts for JPSS-3 and -4, which will provide continuity for the JPSS program into the 2030s. Steve Krein, vice president of civil and commercial space at Northrop Grumman, said in an October interview that the company is “well along” in the production of the two future JPSS satellites.

The satellites use the latest version of Northrop’s LEOStar-3 bus. “We’ve got a new avionics suite, we’ve got a new set of sensors, wheels, star trackers, et cetera, that we brought to bear both for the Landsat [9] mission and the JPSS mission,” he said. “It’s a continuous upgrade in components and operating paradigms.”

The JPSS satellites provide critical weather data that complements observations by the GOES series of satellites in geostationary orbit. “JPSS data is a major input into U.S. and international global numerical weather prediction models,” said Jordan Gerth, meteorologist and satellite scientist at NOAA’s National Weather Service, during a pre-launch briefing Nov. 8. “With JPSS, the quality of local three- to seven-day weather forecasts is outstanding.”

A secondary payload on the launch was the Low-Earth Orbit Flight Test of an Inflatable Decelerator (LOFTID), a technology demonstration of an inflatable heat shield. LOFTID separated from the Centaur 75 minutes after liftoff, after the upper stage performed two burns to place it on a reentry trajectory.

The vehicle appeared to perform as expected through reentry, deploying a parachute and splashing down in the Pacific Ocean east of Hawaii 2 hours and 13 minutes after liftoff. A recovery vessel will pick up the spacecraft as well as a separate data recorder ejected from LOFTID before splashdown.

LOFTID is designed to test the performance of an inflatable decelerator six meters across, collecting data during reentry before splashing down east of Hawaii. NASA is interested in using that technology, scaled up, for landing future Mars missions too large for existing entry, descent and landing systems. ULA, which cooperated with NASA on LOFTID through a Space Act Agreement, is studying using that technology for recovering engines from its Vulcan rocket.

The launch was the 100th mission for NASA’s Launch Services Program, which coordinates launches for NASA science missions. It is also the final Atlas 5 launch for the program and the final Atlas 5 launch from Vandenberg. ULA will convert the launch pad for use by Vulcan.



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Thursday evening feeds

Optus D2 12652 V Sr 7500 "noname" Dog racing

Feed Wednesday night

Optus D2 12357 V Sr 7200 "service 01" Lawn bowls

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Nothing from Lyngsat

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韩星6/7号(116.0°E)卫星,12053 H 23800一组新增Shinsegae Shopping频道,开锁播出。(2022-11-10)
中星6B(115.5°E)卫星,3709 H 10920一组厦门卫视恢复锁码播出。(2022-11-10)

中星6B(115.5°E)卫星,3709 H 10920一组厦门卫视开锁播出。(2022-11-09)
SES-7/9(108.2°E)卫星,10981 H 45000一组环球影视、星空影视 等频道锁码播出。(2022-11-09)


Disney streamer business continues to grow, buts losses mount

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/09/disney-streamer-business-continues-to-grow-buts-losses-mount/

Walt Disney continued to achieve strong growth in its streaming business during Q4 2022, but at a cost. Across all of its core SVOD brands (Disney+. ESPN+ and Hulu), the company now has 235 million subscribers. But it also reported direct-to-consumer operating losses of $1.5 billion for Q4, thanks to content and marketing investments.

The scale of the losses, combined with lower than expected profits, unnerved financial markets. However company CEO Bob Chapek was upbeat, forecasting profitability in 2024: “Our fourth quarter saw strong subscription growth with the addition of 14.6 million total subscriptions, including 12.1 million Disney+ subscribers. The rapid growth of Disney+ in just three years since launch is a direct result of our strategic decision to invest heavily in creating incredible content and rolling out the service internationally, and we expect our DTC operating losses to narrow going forward and that Disney+ will still achieve profitability in fiscal 2024, assuming we do not see a meaningful shift in the economic climate,” he said.

Bob Chapek

“By realigning our costs and realising the benefits of price increases and our Disney+ ad-supported tier coming December 8, we believe we will be on the path to achieve a profitable streaming business that will drive continued growth and generate shareholder value.”

Looking at the company’s performance across all segments, revenues for Q4 grew 9% while the full year increase was 23%. Chapek attributed this, in part, to “record results at Parks, Experiences and Products.” Linear networks and content licensing were both up year on year, but down for Q4 (5% and 15% respectively). In its financial statement, the company said: “International Channels revenues for the quarter decreased 18% to $1.1 billion and operating income decreased 18% to $0.1 billion. Lower results were primarily due to a decrease in advertising revenue and, to a lesser extent, higher marketing spend and an unfavourable foreign exchange impact.”

Drilling down into the figures, flagship streaming brand Disney+ added 12.1m subscribers for Q4, and now accounts for 102.9m subs in total. The majority of the Disney+ growth came internationally. Hulu remains a major contributor to Disney’s streaming business (47.2m subs) and ESPN+ grew robustly to 24.3m subs. Disney+ Hotstar in India is another critical part of the story, with 61.3 million subs. DTC revenues for Q4 2022 grew 8% to $4.9 billion. Disney expects the rollout of an ad-supported tier to help accelerate the company’s move towards profitability.

FAST Channels TV lands on Samsung TV Plus

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/09/fast-channels-tv-lands-on-samsung-tv-plus/

Samsung TV Plus, the streaming service available on Samsung Smart TVs, continues to expand its lineup of extensive entertainment options for all audience demographics, free of charge, with two new channels from FAST Channels TV; HITS Mexicanos and Danger TV, will offer viewers the opportunity to listen to their favourite music and be on the edge of their seats with moments of action and danger.

In Hits Mexicanos viewers will enjoy the best hits of legendary Mexican artists from various periods. It is an outstanding selection that encompasses multiple musical styles, such as Ballad, Ranchera and Banda, as well as Tribal, Pop and Rock.

“We are thrilled to partner with Samsung to bring our Hits Mexicanos to viewers in Mexico. HITS Mexicanos provides Mexican music from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s with the Mexican artists of the time,” said Russell Foy, CEO of FAST Channels TV.

Mexican Samsung Smart TV users will also be able to watch Danger TV, a channel that showcases the best series and movies full of adrenaline and adventure from around the world, including extreme weather, speed, and much more.

“At Samsung TV Plus we always strive to deliver a variety of premium content for our viewers. With the arrival of these channels, our Mexican audience will be able to listen to music that has marked generations enjoy the best in danger and adventure videos,” said Aline Jabbour, Director of Business Development and Content Acquisitions for Latin America at Samsung TV Plus.

With these new channel launches, the best of TV is still in one place. Samsung TV Plus is pre-installed on 2017-2022 Samsung Smart TVs. There are no fees, no credit cards or subscriptions required. Simply open the app for instant access to news channels, entertainment, and more.

FAST Channels TV works with content owners and platforms to provide additional content, technology, apps, and monetisation services, allowing its partners to focus their resources on securing additional premium content and the marketing efforts that will define a project’s success.

To put your content on a platform or channel, or to take any of the current FAST Channels TV line-up please get in touch on [email protected] and for more information regarding FAST Channels TV platform, visit fastchannels.tv.

Peacock US adding live stream of NBC stations

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/09/peacock-us-adding-live-stream-of-nbc-stations/

Peacock Premium Plus customers in the US will soon have 24/7 access to watch their local affiliate station through a channel on their Peacock homepage. The live stream channel, which will be available in all 210 NBC affiliate markets on November 30th, will include NBC’s full lineup of local news, sports and weather, market-by-market, as well as network hits including TODAY, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and NBC prime – all in real time.

This live stream offering complements the existing on-demand content available from NBC, as well as Peacock’s entertainment, news, and sports programming.

“With Peacock’s local affiliate livestream, our subscribers are getting the unique combination of the ad-free on-demand content they love with the local news and NBC programming that is already part of their daily life,” said Kelly Campbell, President, Peacock and Direct-to-Consumer, NBCUniversal. “NBC affiliates have long been an integral part of local communities, and we look forward to being another point of connection and engagement for those communities across the country.”

“Our Affiliates have always been terrific partners as our industry evolves to meet our consumers’ expectations and viewing habits,” said Philip Martzolf, President, NBC Affiliate Relations. “This is an exciting new offering that expands our best-in-class broadcast and local programming to new audiences.”

“Our NBC Affiliate stations are trusted destinations for our viewers to be entertained and informed,” said Eric Meyrowitz, Executive Vice President, Hearst Television and Chair, NBC Affiliates Board. “This partnership elevates our commitment to our audiences by giving them another place to receive our local and NBC broadcast programming alongside Peacock’s original and unique content.”



Asiasat 9 4140 V Sr 29720 DVB-S2 8PSK Fec 5/6
Sid 112 Vpid 2321 (H264) Apid 2322 "Cinemachi Max" started (Irdeto)

Tuesday evening feeds
D2 12367 V Sr 7200 "Service 01" Bowls Premier League
D2 12652 V Sr 7500 "GMA 006" Encrypted
D2 12670 V Sr 22500 "Celebrity 2022 Path 1" Encrypted

Some services from Optus D2 have started the move to 160E

Optus D1 12443 V Sr 1642 Fec 3/4 DVB-S2 QPSK
A copy of The ABC Radios mux from D2 12295V started here

Optus D1 12445 V Sr 833 Fec 3/4 DVB-S2 QPSK
A copy of The ABC Radios mux from D2 12297V started here

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From the Dish

G-Sat 30 83.0E 3805 H "Vistara News" has started on , Fta.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 3839 H "NB News has replaced Sambhav TV" on , Fta.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 3852 H "News State Punjab Haryana Himachal has replaced News State Rajasthan" on , Fta.
G-Sat 30 83.0E 4080 H "Super TV" has started on , Fta.

ABS 2A 75.0E 11531 V "Evrokino, Usadba, Unikum, Russkiy Illusion, Illusion +, Okhota i Rybalka, Voprosy i Otvety, Retro, Zdorovoe TV, Domashnie Zhivotnye, Psikhologiya 21, Zoo Park and Russkiy Illusion Mezhdunarodnaya versiya" are now encrypted.

ABS 2A 75.0E 11605 V "Avto 24, Draiv and Tochka Otryva" are now encrypted.

Express AM6 53.0E 12592 H "Tavria and VTV Plus" have left .

From playtv

印度G-Sat 10/30(83.0°E)卫星,3805 H 28500一组新增Vistara News频点,开锁播出。(2022-11-08)


Foxtel revenue up, paid subscribers rocket, but contribution to News Corp slides

From https://www.adnews.com.au/news/foxtel-revenue-up-paid-subscribers-rocket-but-contribution-to-news-corp-slides

Foxtel recorded strong revenue and paid subscriber growth in the September quarter, but its contribution to News Corp has dipped because of a stronger US dollar.

News Corp September quarter results show an $8 million, or 2%, slide in revenue of $US502 million.

This was mainly due to a $40 million, or 8%, negative impact from foreign currency fluctuations.

Adjusting for the currency moves, revenue was up 6% to $542 million.

Higher revenues from Kayo and BINGE, higher commercial revenues and an increase in advertising revenues were partially offset by the impact from fewer residential broadcast subscribers.

Foxtel Group streaming subscription revenues represented about 25% of total circulation and subscription revenues in the quarter, as compared to 19% in the prior year.

As of September 30, Foxtel’s total closing paid subscribers were nearly 4.5 million, a 16% increase mainly due to the growth in BINGE and Kayo subscribers, partially offset by lower residential broadcast subscribers.

Broadcast subscriber churn in the quarter increased slightly to 14.2% from 14% in the prior year. Broadcast ARPU for the quarter increased 1% year-over-year to A$83.

Segment EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) in the quarter decreased $3 million, or 3%, reflecting a $9 million, or 8%, negative impact from foreign currency fluctuations.

The decline also reflects higher sports programming rights costs, driven by the timing of sports events, notably in motorsports, and contractual increases, as well as higher marketing costs at BINGE. Adjusted Segment EBITDA increased 5%.

Billionaire Sarath Ratanavadi’s Gulf Energy To Takeover Thai Satellite Firm For $292 Million

From https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonathanburgos/2022/11/08/billionaire-sarath-ratanavadis-gulf-energy-to-takeover-thai-satellite-firm-for-292-million/?ss=energy&sh=2391c3354672

Gulf Energy—controlled by billionaire Sarath Ratanavadi—is spending as much as 10.9 billion baht ($292 million) to take over satellite operator Thaicom as Thailand’s biggest private power producer deepens its investments in the telecommunications industry.

Under the deal, Gulf Energy will acquire 41% of Thaicom for 4.5 billion baht from affiliate Intouch Holdings, the parent company of Thailand’s biggest mobile carrier Advanced Info Service (AIS). The company will spend another 6.4 billion baht to buy the rest of the company from from other shareholders.

The acquisition will create opportunities for Gulf Energy to further expand its telecommunications business, the company said in a regulatory filing on Monday. Gulf Energy has been diversifying into new business with the acquisition last year of stakes in Singtel-backed InTouch and its wireless unit AIS.

In January, Gulf Energy partnered with billionaire Changpeng Zhao’s Binance—the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volume—to build a digital asset exchange platform in Thailand. It has also tied up with Singtel to set up data centers across the country.

Gulf Energy was founded by Sarath in 2007. With a net worth of $11.1 billion, Sarath ranked no. 4 in the list of Thailand’s 50 Richest that was published in June.

TAP Digital Media Ventures signs with ABS for World Cup 2022 distribution via ABS-2

From link

TAP Digital Media Ventures Corporation (TAPDMV) has selected ABS as the satellite broadcast partner for the distribution of FIFA World Cup 2022 on their World Cup HD TV (WCTV) channel on ABS-2 East Hemi beam.

ABS will provide additional bandwidth coverage for the World Cup TV channel, which will broadcast live transmission of the matches in Qatar from November 20th to December 18th, 2022.

“TapDMV is pleased to be working again with ABS as our broadcast solution provider in delivering the nationwide HD Feed of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on our linear channel, WCTV. It is with pride that we are able to bring the world’s most prestigious sport tournament to our cable affiliates throughout the Philippines, in partnership with ABS,” said Gonzalo de Guia, Chief Technology Officer of TapDMV.

“ABS is extremely excited to be selected by TAPDMV to facilitate and provide the broadcast delivery solution for one of the world’s most iconic and coveted sporting events,” said Jennifer Blasko, EVP of Sales & Marketing of ABS. “ABS-2, at 75˚East is strategically located for interconnecting Asia, Europe and the Middle East, making it the ideal choice for video contribution and distribution of live sports, news, and entertainment content where service reliability and low latency are critical.”

ABS is a global satellite operator and offers a complete range of tailored solutions including broadcasting, data and telecommunication services to broadcasters, service providers, enterprises and government organizations. ABS operates a fleet of satellites; ABS-2, ABS-2A, ABS-3A ABS-4/Mobisat-1 and ABS-6. The satellite fleet covers over 93% of the world’s population across the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Russia. Headquartered in Bermuda, ABS has offices in the United States, UAE and Asia.

TAP Digital Media Ventures Corp. (TAPDMV) is a Philippine Media Content Distribution Company which operates a group of sports and entertainment linear channels including Tap Sports, Premier Sports, Premier Football, Tap Movies, Tap ActionFlix, TapTV and TapEDGE that are carried by Pay Television Platform providers nationwide. The company also recently launched its Direct-To-Consumers (D2C) sports and entertainment subscription streaming service, TapGo, as part of its product offerings.

Thaicom Q3 revenue up 3.4%

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/08/thaicom-q3-revenue-up-3-4/

Satellite operator Thaicom has announced its financial results for the third quarter ended September 30th 2022.

During the first 9 months of 2022, Thaicom sae a net profit of Baht 481 million (€12.9m), an increase of 122.8 per cent compared with that of the same period of last year (YoY), or Baht 216 million, and a core profit (operating profit excluding the effect of foreign exchange, the share of profit from investment in joint ventures, and extra items) of Baht 528 million, significantly increased from the loss of Baht 88 million for the same period of last year due to the decrease in satellite depreciation and the concession fee, offsetting the revenue drop from broadcast customers.

For Q3 2022, Thaicom posted consolidated revenue from sales of goods and rendering of services of Baht 762 million, an increase of 3.4 per cent from Baht 737 million in Q2/2022 (QoQ), mainly due to the increase in long-term commitment service revenue from international clients. Thaicom saw a core profit of Baht 190 million, an insignificant change from that of Q2 2022 of Baht 200 million, and a net profit of Baht 121 million, which decreased by 60.9 per cent compared with that of Q2 2022 of Baht 309 million. The main reason was the impairment of the satellite at Baht 259 million resulting from the general downtrend of the broadcast industry, together with the delay in applying for a foreign landing right licence due to changes in the regulatory process, which caused the shift of transponder sales to be later than the original plan. During Q3 2022, Thaicom recognised a gain from foreign exchange of Baht 314 million, which increased by 36.8 per cent from Baht 229 million for Q2 2022 (QoQ) due to the Thai Baht depreciation against the US Dollar and the dollar assets of the company exceeding its dollar liabilities.

Compared to Q3 2021 (YoY), the consolidated revenue from sales of goods and rendering of services decreased by 17.7 per cent from Baht 925 million, mainly due to the ramp-down of broadcast customers together with the occasional service incurred during Q3 2021. The core profit, however, increased significantly at 950.1 per cent compared with that of Q3 2021 of Baht 18 million because of the structural change in operating costs after the concession ended, which resulted in decreases in satellite depreciation and the concession fee. The net profit for Q3/2022 decreased by 17 per cent from Baht 146 million for Q3 2021, mainly due to the aforementioned impairment.

During Q3 2022, Thaicom signed a strategic partnership agreement with US-based Orbital Insight, a specilaist in geospatial analytics and location intelligence technology, to enable Thaicom to deliver data insights and intelligence services leveraging space-based technology and other sources with Orbital Insight’s geospatial analytics platform to its customers in Thailand and the region.

This collaboration marks an important milestone in our global partnership strategy for the company’s future growth. As a regional space tech company, Thaicom will leverage this data-driven technology from the Orbital Insight Platform to embrace new business opportunities in the new space economy domain. Applying insights from this trusted geospatial data will help customers in the government and private sectors make better-informed decisions and enhance the country’s development in the digital era.

Furthermore, Thaicom collaborated with the Thai General Insurance Association (TGIA) to use Earth Observation (EO) satellite technology in the Crop Insurance Claims Analysis System for the rice insurance scheme, starting with a sandbox area of 3 million rai, covering the 6 provinces of Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Sawan, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Roi Et, and Sukhothai before expanding to other areas nationwide.

Lao Telecommunications, Thaicom’s telecommunication and mobile service provider subsidiary in Lao PDR, reported total mobile subscribers as of the end of Q3 2022 of 2.23 million, an increase from 2.01 million as of the end of 2021, and maintained its position as the country’s leading mobile network operator. LTC’s performance recovered from last year due to significant growth in the teenage segment from the T-Plus brand, and LTC continuously generated positive operating profits.

SpaceX readies 2 Intelsat launches

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/07/spacex-readies-2-intelsat-launches/

SpaceX is scheduling November 8th for the launch of two Intelsat satellites: the operator’s Galaxy-31 and Galaxy-32 craft.

The satellites are the next in Intelsat’s comprehensive Galaxy fleet refresh plan, a new generation of technology that will provide Intelsat Media customers in North America with high-performance media distribution capabilities and to cable operators cable head-ends.

Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 32 are also critical to Intelsat’s US C-band clearing strategy which helps pave the way for 5G’s rollout in the US.

Launch timetable, subject the usual weather and technical considerations, is timed 11.06am Florida time. However, as this is written the weather prospects at the Cape are not looking good and launch could slip a day or two.

SpaceX will use one of its ultra-reliable Falcon 9 rockets to take the two satellites into their geostationary transfer orbits.

Built by Maxar Technologies, Galaxy 31 and Galaxy 32 will eventually be positioned in geostationary orbit to provide C-band video and television broadcast services in the US.

The Falcon 9’s first stage booster will be expended on this mission and – unusually – not be landed on the floating barge. Instead, the Falcon’s first stage will splash down in the Pacific Ocean and not be recovered.

This mission will be the 185th Falcon 9 launch, and the 48th re-flight of the first stage booster this year. Another SpaceX record expected to be broken is that this flight is the 52nd launch this year for Elon Musk’s rocket company.

Intelsat buying 3D-built mini-satellite

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/08/intelsat-buying-3d-built-mini-satellite/

Intelsat has ordered a small 12-transponder mini-satellite from Switzerland’s ‘SWISSto12’ manufacturer of its HummingSat craft. It will be Intelsat-45 when launched in 2025.

The HummingSat is one-tenth of the size of a conventional geostationary satellite and contains many parts which will be 3D printed. Measuring only about the size of a washing machine, it will still carry 12 Ku-band transponders and be placed into a normal geostationary orbit. It will weigh about 500 kgs. At the moment there is no precise target for its orbital slot which will be determined close to its launch date.

“The SWISSto12 product brings two innovations to meet our business needs,” said Jean-Luc Froeliger, SVP of Space Systems, Intelsat. “The small size addresses a gap in our fleet strategy, enabling us to be increasingly more targeted to meet specific customer requirements. In addition, the additive-manufacturing process used for this spacecraft is paving the way for faster satellite build cycles in the future. We are confident in the HummingSat technology and want to support the success of new players in the field of commercial communication satellites.”

There are plenty of existing satellite builders which have portions of the craft constructed with ‘additive manufacturing’ components. Airbus, for example, uses 3D additive manufacturing where metal is needed (often titanium) but where the process must cope with extreme temperature variations. The process also saves cash.

HummingSats are just over one cubic meter in volume, about one-tenth the size of conventional satellites placed in geostationary orbit. SWISSto12 is developing the satellites in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) through its public-private-partnership program. Each HummingSat is designed to launch as a rideshare mission on a rocket carrying one or more large spacecraft to GEO transfer orbit. The new satellite product line recently passed its system requirements review, assessed by a panel of ESA experts.

Dr. Emile de Rijk, SWISSto12 founder and CEO, said: “The award of the IS-45 program by Intelsat is a landmark moment for SWISSto12. We are humbled to embark on this journey with Intelsat, who are the foundational architects of satellite communications. It is unprecedented for a specialist high growth scale-up to secure a contract of this depth with a leading telecommunications operator. It provides a solid start to our HummingSat product line to open a new chapter in the satellite communications industry.”

Dr. de Rijk added that the costs will be at least 3 times cheaper than the more traditional orbiting satellites.

SWISSto12 is a leading manufacturer of advanced satellite payloads and systems, including the HummingSat: a small yet powerful geostationary telecommunications satellite. The company’s satellites and payloads benefit from unique and patented 3D printing technologies and associated

Radio Frequency (RF) product designs that deliver lightweight, compact, highly performing, and competitive RF functionality.

Besides its space portfolio, the company is also active in telecommunications, surveillance and radar applications for the aeronautic industry. SWISSto12 has developed commercially with success in Europe, the USA and Israel and is the fastest growing Swiss aerospace company. SWISSto12 spun off in 2011 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), is privately owned and backed by prominent Swiss and European Investors.

$15.7m fine for iStar pirate CEO

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/08/15-7m-fine-for-istar-pirate-ceo/

The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) has confirmed that a federal court in Michigan has ordered the removal of IBCAP member channels from the iStar IPTV service, one of the largest pirate services offering multicultural content in the US. The case was filed by IBCAP member DISH Network.

This order follows a judgment and permanent injunction already issued against Atlas Electronics, which resulted in the shutdown of sales through one of the largest iStar retailers in the US. The recent order also requires iStar and its CEO, Ahmed Karim, to pay $15,700,000 (€15.8m) in damages.

Not only did the court issue a broad injunction against iStar, but it also:
•Enjoined all dealers, distributors and sellers of the iStar service.
•Ordered Worldstream B.V. and certain other hosting providers to disable certain IP addresses used by iStar and cease providing other services to iStar.
•Ordered VeriSign, Inc. and Registry Services, LLC to disable certain iStar-related websites and transfer key domain names used by iStar to market and operate the service.

“As with other lawsuits coordinated by IBCAP against pirate services, our goal is to obtain court orders that result in the removal of IBCAP member channels, if not the shutdown of the service entirely,” stated Chris Kuelling, executive director of IBCAP. “The crux of our strategy is to secure broad injunctions which effectively remove the elements necessary for the operation of a pirate service such as hosting providers, CDNs, domain registrars and dealers. Once such order is obtained, the next phase is methodical and persistent enforcement against these critical elements of the pirate network. This strategy has consistently proven effective in shutting down a long list of pirate services. We look forward to having iStar join that list.”

FAST Channels TV brings popular viewing to CarbonTV

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/07/fast-channels-tv-brings-popular-viewing-to-carbontv/

FAST Channels TV has partnered with CarbonTV, a premium video platform, to deliver a new FAST channel, plus a catalogue of FAST content for the outdoor enthusiast.

The latest addition to the FAST Channels TV line-up, Skull Bound TV, sees host and skull artist, Jana Waller, take viewers on hunting and fishing adventures across the globe, featuring breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife. While currently only available from CarbonTV, Skull Bound TV will soon be available on various FAST TV platforms.

The partnership will also bring more than 50 FAST channels to CarbonTV’s already huge selection of titles, including the iconic PBS documentary series, Wild America, alongside a library of quality adventure entertainment and animal related shows.

On partnering with FAST Channels TV, Julie McQueen, CarbonTV President, said: “FAST Channels TV has enabled us to elevate our content distribution, broadening our reach and delivering a rich viewing experience to wider audiences. As we continue to extend our offering, we hope to tap into FAST Channels TV’s extensive network and expertise.”

Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, commented: “The innovative as-a-service revenue-share model at the heart of FAST Channels TV makes a compelling business case for content providers and OTT platforms alike. We’re proud to be able to expand CarbonTV’s consumer offering, producing purpose-driven content that its audiences will love.”

FAST Channels TV works with content owners and platforms to provide additional content, technology, apps, and monetization services, allowing its partners to focus their resources on securing additional premium content and the marketing efforts that will define a project’s success.

To put your content on a platform or channel, or to take any of the current FAST Channels TV line-up please get in touch on [email protected] and for more information regarding FAST Channels TV platform, visit fastchannels.tv.


Tuesday, no update



Asiasat 9 122E 4140 V Sr 29720 Fec 5/6 DVB-S2 8PSK
Sid 107 Vpid 2271 (H264) Apid 2272 "Cinemachi" HD
Sid 108 Vpid 2281 (H264) Apid 2282 "Cinemachi Docu" HD
Sid 109 Vpid 2291 (H264) Apid 2292 "Speed Factor", HD
Sid 110 Vpid 2301 (H264) Apid 2302 "Party's" HD
Sid 116 Vpid 2361 (H264) Apid 2362 "WOW" HD
Sid 118 Vpid 2381 (H264) Apid 2382 "Foodies" HD
Sid 121 Vpid 2411 (H264) Apid 2412 "Chillayo" HD

all Irdeto

A few wekend feed logs

Sunday p.m feeds

Asiasat 5 3876 H Sr 7200 "MYSVTP-1-1" Petronas Cub Prix. Motorbike race

Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 4" WBBL cricket
Optus D1 12670 V Sr 7500 "7 Feed" WAFL
Optus D1 12679 V Sr 7500 "Foxtel etc feed" WAFL

Optus D2 12634 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Encrypted
Optus D2 12643 V Sr 7500 "GMA SNG" Horse racing
Optus D2 12652 V Sr 7500 "TV-001" From a race track
Optus D2 12670 V Sr 22500 "Celebrity 2022 Path 1" Encrypted
Optus D2 12697 V Sr 7500 "GMA 10" Encrypted
Optus D2 12706 V Sr 7500 "GMA 006" Encrypted

Sunday a.m feeds

Asiasat 5 3887 V Sr 7200 "BWF HYLO GERMAN"
Asiasat 5 3805 H Sr 7200 "DPWT WORLD FEED" Golf

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From the Dish

AsiaSat 9 122.0E 4140 V "Cinemachi, Cinemachi Docu, Speed Factor, Party's, Wow!, Foodies and Chillayo" have started on , Irdeto.

Bangabandhu 1 119.1E 4520 H "Nagorik TV" is Fta.

Telkom 4 108.0E 3766 H "TV Sunnah" has left.

Measat 3b 91.5E 12603 V "Cinemax Asia" on is now encrypted.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12634 V "Khuduga HD" has left .

From playtv

亚洲9号(122.0°E)卫星,新增Cinemachi、Cinemachi Docu等7个频道,设置4140 V 29720锁码播出。(2022-11-06)


TCL Roku TVs coming to Australia

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/04/tcl-roku-tvs-coming-to-australia/

Roku and TCL Electronics have announced that TCL Roku TV models will be coming to Australia. Available from this November, Australian consumers can purchase 4K UHD TCL Roku TV models in 55- or 65-inch screen sizes.

Australian Roku TV models include support for Freeview, giving consumers access to terrestrial (DVB-T) free-to-air TV channels such as ABC, SBS, 7, 9, and 10.

“Roku TV models offer a great experience, whether you love watching live TV or are an avid streamer. They combine a great selection of entertainment with unmatched simplicity at a very affordable price point,” said Arthur van Rest, VP, International at Roku. “TCL was one of the first TV manufacturers to embrace Roku TV, and we are excited to expand our global partnership by launching in Australia.”

With a TCL Roku TV, Australian consumers can access the Roku Channel Store, which offers thousands of free and paid streaming channels. At launch, the Australian channel store includes popular global streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, BritBox and Prime Video, combined with local subscription service Stan plus broadcasters 9Now and 7plus, with more services expected to follow soon.

China launches new communications satellite

From https://manilastandard.net/news/314275934/china-launches-new-communications-satellite.html

China Saturday sent a new communications satellite into orbit from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

The “ChinaSat 19” satellite was launched at 7:50 p.m. (Beijing Time) by a Long March-3B carrier rocket.

The satellite will mainly provide communications services for the important routes across the Pacific, the eastern Pacific Ocean, and the west coast of North America.

The launch marks the 447th mission of the Long March carrier rocket series.

Eutelsat warned to cease Russian operations

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/04/eutelsat-warned-to-stop-collaborating-with-russia/

Andrus Ansip, the former European Commission’s vice president, has again criticised satellite operator Eutelsat for not ceasing its relationship with Russia. Ansip, also a former prime minister of Estonia, is accusing Eutelsat of collaborating with Russia.

Ansip was following up his previous October 18th condemnation of Eutelsat. This time he has been unequivocal in his comments, saying: “Other companies have taken serious action independently from EU measures to help stop the war in Ukraine, whereas Eutelsat has decided to continue the collaboration with Russian partners, knowing that you have a key role as a satellite operator during this hybrid war. This presents a complete lack of empathy for the population suffering from the war and a complete ignorance towards the international condemnations of the actions of the Russian Federation.”

Additionally, he says that some Russian broadcasters are spreading propaganda beyond Russia’s borders.

Eve Berneke, CEO at Eutelsat, has responded saying that the operator has already removed some contentious Russian channels that were deemed to be spreading disinformation. She has asked Ansip to be more specific and name the channels he is concerned about. Additionally, Berneke says that Eutelsat cannot pass judgement on the 7,000 TV channels that it carries and has to rely on local regulators.

Ansip is also somewhat counter-critical saying that Russian pay-TV operator Tricolor should – somehow – be forced to resume transmissions of eight international news channels that have been taken down.

According to the Kyiv Post newspaper, which quotes the ‘Leave Russia’ campaign established by the KSE Institute and Ukrainian IT volunteers, Russian DTH satellite operators FSUE Kosmicheskaya Svyaz, NTV Plus, and Tricolor TV all use the Eutelsat 36B satellite.

One of the problem channels is RT which transmits its Arabic language channel to a wide audience outside Russia.

On September 9th, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) asked French broadcasting regulator ARCOM to order Eutelsat to stop carrying three Russian TV channels which are spearheading the Kremlin’s war propaganda.

“France cannot tolerate a situation in which operators under its jurisdiction are contributing to the Kremlin’s war propaganda in violation of their legal obligations. France’s broadcasting regulator can end this situation, and we call on it to act without delay,” Christophe Deloire, the secretary general of RSF, stated in September.

Roku Channel Adding 11 New Free Channels From AMC Networks

From https://thestreamable.com/news/roku-channel-adding-11-new-channels-from-amc-networks?fbclid=IwAR1pBgRcZ5Ljngpihc3ACl4N9BzCwlm_4JYsLoZdQ4waUN0xwStOk69TMSA

The premium family of AMC Networks is expanding its relationship with the Roku Channel. The companies have announced that the free ad-supported TV (FAST) service has added 11 new channels from the AMC Networks in a multiyear agreement.

The announcement did not include details about all of the 11 new channels coming to the Roku Channel, but it did highlight a new “AMC Showcase” channel. AMC Showcase will spotlight many of AMC’s most well-known dramas, including “Mad Men.”

“This is an exciting expansion of our relationship with one of our most important and long-term partners, which will make even more of our acclaimed and popular programming available to The Roku Channel’s audience including, for the first time, the addition of 11 of our curated FAST channels,” said Kim Kelleher, chief commercial officer of AMC Networks.

“It also serves our strategic goal of distributing and windowing our high-quality content across a coordinated ecosystem that includes our own networks and streaming services and leading partner platforms. We are thrilled to be in business with Roku and to have expanded this key partner relationship for years to come,” Kelleher added.

The new FAST channels will certainly have a large customer base on the Roku Channel. Roku announced in its quarterly earnings call that during Q3, users streamed 21.9 billion hours of content, an increase of 1.1 billion over the previous quarter. The service added 2.3 million “incremental active accounts” in Q3, bringing its global total to 65.4 million.

“The Roku Channel is thrilled to announce its expanded relationship with longtime partner AMC Networks,” said Rob Holmes, Vice President, Programming, Roku, “Every day, audiences come to The Roku Channel for easy access to a wide range of entertainment options. We are constantly working to enhance our programming portfolio to meet the needs of our users. Through this multi-faceted expansion of our partnership, we are pleased to provide our audiences with even more top content, plus exclusive programming, from AMC Networks, and look forward to connecting AMC Networks with viewers across The Roku Channel’s programming ecosystem.”

The agreement is just the latest example of AMC’s growing distribution range. The company recently agreed to terms with YouTube to offer content from AMC+ on the platform’s new “Primetime Channels” offering. AMC had nearly 11 million subscribers to its various streaming platforms in Q2, and the increased exposure to its content will only help those numbers increase.

Redbox Adds New Free Channels

From https://www.thestreamingadvisor.com/topnews/redbox-adds-new-free-channels/?fbclid=IwAR3co6Lwr1do5fuNc7HUkTFUFLL0726QkuMj9oSgtSt2cZPTnrslXUGdfuA

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Inc. today announced that its Redbox Free Live TV service has surpassed 150 free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels. Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal, The Biggest Loser, and Wipeout Xtra FAST channels, all from leading producer-distributor Banijay, were added. In addition, Cowboy Way, True Crime Now, Paranormal Files, and Snowy River FAST channels were also added.

The Redbox Free Live TV service can be accessed through the Redbox streaming app for free on Roku, Samsung TVs, LG TVs, VIZIO TVs, and many others.

“We have been aggressively adding channels to our Redbox Free Live TV service and expect to accelerate that further in the coming months,” said Adam Mosam, chief digital officer of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. “The addition of these addictive evergreen channels combined with hundreds of hours of newly added genre content adds tremendous value to our growing FAST offering.”

The new Redbox Free Live TV channels include:

The Biggest Loser – The hit NBC series comes to Redbox streaming. The show features 14 overweight contestants who will endure intense workouts and dieting with the goal of becoming – The Biggest Loser

Cowboy Way – From artisans who’ve mastered their craft to everyday ranchers out to prove they’re the best of the best, the Cowboy Way channel features a curated lineup that highlights the lives of those fueled with unwavering grit—America’s tried-and-true

Deal or No Deal – The ground-breaking hit game show hosted by Howie Mandel, where contestants play and deal for a top cash prize in a contest of nerves, luck, and raw intuition

Fear Factor – Fear Factor is the ultimate adrenaline rush, a true test of stamina and guile for those willing to put their body and soul on the line for $50,000. It’s not a show for the faint-hearted; participants must confront their most primal fears, try to remain calm, and tap into their inner strength to perform some of the most daring and stomach-churning challenges ever

Paranormal Files – Be prepared to encounter the paranormal world! Paranormal FilesChannel goes beyond reality into the supernatural and secret worlds of UFOs, aliens, hauntings, witches, zombies, vampires, conspiracies, the occult and other extraordinary phenomena

Snowy River – Inspired by Banjo Paterson’s famous poem, The Man from Snowy River, this series is about cattle rancher Matt McGregor, his family, and their neighbors in the township of Paterson’s Ridge in Australia’s Snowy Mountains. Starring Guy Pearce, Hugh Jackman, and Josh Lucas

True Crime Now – ​​From global documentary streamer MagellanTV, True Crime Nowfeatures a unique collection of more than 1,000 true-crime documentary films and series, with thrilling new content added weekly. True Crime Now’s robust catalog explores everything from notorious serial killers and cult leaders to the worlds of criminal psychology, organized crime, the paranormal and more

Wipeout Xtra – The home of physical and exciting game shows, where viewers can witness unexpected challenges

Vevo taps Amagi to help drive its FAST Channel ambitions

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/04/vevo-taps-amagi-to-help-drive-its-fast-channel-ambitions/

Leading music video network Vevo has partnered with Amagi to facilitate enhancements to its global connected TV programming and advertising infrastructure.

Globally, Vevo now has more than 80 linear FAST channels via more than 30 distribution partners. Amagi’s role will be to ensure quality streaming of Vevo linear channels across CTV platforms, and enable the seamless delivery of video ads into Vevo channels across distributors. In addition to providing a programming and ad serving infrastructure, Amagi will provide analytics to bolster Vevo’s reporting.
Natalie Gabathuler-Scully, SVP, global revenue and distribution operations at Vevo said: “As Vevo expands and monetises on CTV worldwide, we are extending our capabilities correspondingly in order to work with more distributor and advertising partners, especially those in the rapidly growing FAST space. Amagi’s cloud-based infrastructure enhances our ubiquity and bolsters our flexibility as we navigate growth, and helps us meet global CTV content delivery and ad tech requirements.”

Amagi provides cloud broadcast and targeted advertising solutions to broadcast TV and streaming TV platforms. Srinivasan KA, co-founder, Amagi, said: “As their technology partner, Amagi offers Vevo the ability to quickly and cost-effectively create, distribute and monetise content with best-of-breed cloud-based solutions. We look forward to continuing to amplify Vevo’s reach across platforms and geographies.”


Sunday, no update


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Friday evening Feeds, Optus D2

D2 12701 V Sr 15000 Fec 3/4 "Boxing Path1" Encrypted
D2 12714 V Sr 7500 Fec 5/6 no lock
D2 12723 V Sr 7500 Fec 5/6 "return" Encrypted

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From the Dish

Intelsat 19 166.0E 12604 H "Hope Channel International" has left again.

Vinasat 2 131.8E 11293 V "Vie Giai Tri" is now encrypted.
Vinasat 2 131.8E 11293 V "VTV 2 and VTV 5" have started on , Conax. Son La TV and Cao Bang TV have left.

Thaicom 8 78.5E 10970 H "Food Network Asia and BBC Earth Asia" have left .
Thaicom 8 78.5E 11090 H "Motorvision TV and BBC Earth Asia" have started on , encrypted.
Thaicom 8 78.5E 11090 H "True Shopping" has left .
Thaicom 8 78.5E 11170 H "Food Network Asia" has started on , encrypted.
Thaicom 8 78.5E 11170 H "Motorvision TV" has left .

Intelsat 20 68.5E 11514 V "Cape Town TV" is Fta.
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12634 V "BTV 1" has left .
Intelsat 20 68.5E 12722 V "Revivalland TV" has left .

From playtv

SES-7/9(108.2°E)卫星,12461 H 45000一组Saudi Quran替换中天综合/中天娱乐,依旧锁码播出。(2022-11-04)


Foxtel, NBCUniversal multi-year content deal

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/03/foxtel-nbcuniversal-multi-year-content-deal/

The Foxtel Group and NBCUniversal (NBCU) have announced a new, multi-year partnership that will deliver blockbuster movies, drama, comedy, reality, news, and more to fuel the Group’s subscription TV and streaming platforms.

With the addition of thousands of hours of NBCU’s iconic TV series and movies across a variety of genres, Foxtel Group now significantly enhances its content offering to its more than 4.5 million subscribers in Australia. The agreements include:

•Premiere Australian rights for Universal Pictures and Peacock original movies, and am expanded range of titles from the NBCU’s library of blockbusters and classics. This strengthens Foxtel and BINGE’s extensive movie catalogue of hit films and includes Fast and Furious, Jurassic Park and Despicable Me; current films like Minions: The Rise of Gru; and a strong line-up of forthcoming theatrical releases including Fast X, Ticket to Paradise and Oppenheimer.
•Critically acclaimed premiere TV, with Foxtel Group becoming the exclusive rights holder for premium, first-run scripted series from Sky Studios; Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group (USG); and USG produced series for Peacock, NBCU’s streaming service.
•NBCU’s extensive library of iconic network television including Universal Television’s fan favourite comedies The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation.
•Retaining popular NBCU channel brands, which deliver international business and finance news on CNBC; mega-hit network TV dramas like the Law & Order and Chicago brands on the Universal TV channel; and beloved kids and family content on the DreamWorks channel.
•Two additional news channels:MSNBC, which will be available on Foxtel and on the Foxtel Group’s news streaming service, Flash, and NBC News NOW which will also be available on Flash.

The pre-existing Bravo unscripted content rights agreement between Foxtel Group and NBCU will also ensure that new seasons of popular franchises including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, and Below Deck Mediterranean will continue to power the dedicated reality TV channel FOX ARENA and remain available on-demand on both FOXTEL and BINGE.

Foxtel Group’s Chief Content and Commercial Officer Amanda Laing said: “We have a long, shared history with NBCU of bringing iconic entertainment to millions of Australians. We are pleased to extend our strong relationship with NBCU, securing their amazing range of acclaimed films and television, and much-loved channels. This partnership guarantees that Foxtel retains the content that our subscribers love, and BINGE can continue to deliver strong growth, with yet more premium television from Sky Studios, Universal International Studios and Peacock. The deal confirms that while major content suppliers have a growing number of partnership options in Australia, the Foxtel Group remains a key partner of choice.”

“We are thrilled to continue bringing Foxtel Group subscribers an amazing breadth of NBCUniversal’s top content and much-loved channel brands via our ongoing, successful relationship,” added Chris Taylor, MD, NBCUniversal International Networks & Direct-to-Consumer and Distribution, Australia & New Zealand.

ViaSat-3 launch slips, with consequences

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/03/viasat-3-launch-slips-with-consequences/

ViaSat-3, the first of a trio of massive broadband satellites for the California-based operator, has slipped its expected launch date. SpaceX, which is launching the craft on one of its Falcon Heavy rockets, now says that the launch cannot happen before December 27th.

The Kennedy Space Centre has published its anticipated launch schedule for December and states the launch date as December 31st.

However, this places Indonesia’s small Nusantara-H1-A satellite into a dangerous situation. The Indonesian satellite is a co-passenger on the SpaceX rocket. Back in June Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications & Informatics managed to gain a ‘Bringing into Use’ extension from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to December 31st.

That now seems impossible, and consequently the Indonesian’s have again gone to the ITU requesting a further extension to March 31st 2023 in order for the satellite to be manoeuvred to its correct orbital position.

There are reportedly further knock-on consequences affecting Indonesia’s customer. The satellite is contracted to be leased by Indonesia telecom operator PT Sarana Mukti Adijaya (SMA). It provides a range of satellite-based solutions including teleport and data centre leasing, data and telecoms services, broadcast and VSAT.

SMA has leased the Indonesian satellite for a period of 91 days which will then establish its rights to the 116.1 degrees East orbital slot and where it wants to place a much larger satellite.

Gravity Space., which built the Indonesian craft, say that its on-board electric thrusters could take anything from three to eight months to arrive at the 116.1 East position. Gravity Space still talks on its corporate web-site of the Indonesian satellite being in position during Q3/2022 having launched “on a Falcon Heavy rocket in July 2022”.

Eutelsat Hotbird 13G successfully launched

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/03/eutelsat-hotbird-13g-safely-launched/

SpaceX performed a flawless launch for Eutelsat’s 13G Hotbird satellite from Florida in the early hours of November 3rd at 1.22am local time.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage booster supporting this mission previously launched CRS-22, Crew-3, Turksat 5B, Crew-4, CRS-25, and one Starlink mission. After stage separation, the first stage landed on the Just Read the Instructions droneship, which was stationed downrange in the Atlantic Ocean.

The new satellite will join its sister craft Hotbird 13F which launched on October 15th.

Eutelsat says that the two satellites will replace the current three craft occupying the 13 degrees East orbital slot when successfully deployed. However, they will take some time to get to their slots. The two satellites are all electric and orbit raising will each take about 5 months.

The two Hotbird satellites will provide video broadcasting service to more than 160 million homes in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Eva Berneke, Eutelsat Chief Executive Officer, said: “Eutelsat Hotbird 13G is now on its way to join Eutelsat Hotbird 13F at our flagship 13-degree East position. We also look forward to completing the GNSS network for our European Union long term customer and partner, the EUSPA. My congratulations to the Eutelsat, Airbus and SpaceX teams for another successful launch into geostationary orbit.”

SpaceX launches broadcast satellite to serve Europe, Africa, Middle East

From https://www.spacedaily.com/reports/SpaceX_launches_broadcast_satellite_to_serve_Europe_Africa_Middle_East_999.html

SpaceX Thursday put the Hotbird 13G satellite into orbit for Eutelsat to bolster broadcast systems across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In a statement Eutelsat said, "Once into orbit and positioned, the satellite Eutelsat Hotbird 13G will, with its twin Eutelsat Hotbird 13F launched on Oct. 15, reinforce and enhance the broadcast of more than a thousand television channels into homes across Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Moreover, the two satellites will offer advanced features in terms of uplink signal protection and resilience."

The Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched at 1:22 a.m. EST from Cape Canaveral, Florida, according to Eutelsat.

Eutelsat's statement said that the satellite "was successfully launched into Geostationary Transfer Orbit." It was a 35-minute flight and the spacecraft initialization was completed over a 3-hour period.

The Hotbird 13G is the second of two satellites built by Airbus Defense and Space. They will replace three older satellites.

"Eutelstat Hotbird 13G is now on its way to join Eutelstat Hotbird 13F at our flagship 13-degree East position. We also look forward to completing the GNSS network for our European Union long-term customer and partner, the EUSPA," Eutelsat's CEO Eva Berneke said in a statement. "My congratulations to the Eutelsat, Airbus and SpaceX teams for another successful launch into geostationary orbit."

India's defunct surveillance satellite RISAT-2 hits Indian Ocean near Jakarta

From https://argusnews.in/article/national/indias-defunct-surveillance-satellite-risat2-hits-indian-ocean-near-jakarta

India's defunct Radar Imaging Satellite-2 (RISAT-2) re-entered the earth atmosphere on October 30 in an uncontrolled manner and hit the Indian Ocean near Jakarta, ISRO said.

Chennai, Nov 4: India's defunct Radar Imaging Satellite-2 (RISAT-2) re-entered the earth atmosphere on October 30 in an uncontrolled manner and hit the Indian Ocean near Jakarta, said Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The 300 kg RISAT-2, a surveillance satellite, was launched on April 20, 2009, using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

The satellite with a design life of four years had initially carried 30 kg of fuel for operations in the space.

According to ISRO, the satellite did not have any fuel when it re-entered the earth atmosphere and studies confirmed that the pieces generated due to aero-thermal fragmentation would not have survived re-entry heating and hence no fragments would have impacted the earth.

The re-entry of the satellite was monitored by ISRO with the Multi Object Tracking Radar (MTOR) at the Sriharikota rocket port and with software analysis, the space agency said.

"As RISAT-2 re-entered within 13.5 years, it complied with all necessary international mitigation guidelines for Space Debris, showing ISRO's commitment towards long term sustainability of Outer Space as well," ISRO asserted. (IANS)

Premier League pirate faces jail term

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/03/premier-league-pirate-faces-jail-term/

A UK man who ran an operation offering illegal access to Premier League football has received a suspended eight-month prison sentence.

Peter Dilworth, from Wirral, Merseyside, in the northwest of England, who operated a service offering illegal access to sports and entertainment content appeared in Liverpool Crown Court, having pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him by the Crown Prosecution Service.

UK intellectual property protection organisation FACT worked with Merseyside Police to identify Dilworth as the operator of the service called Marvel Stream UK, and in March 2022, Merseyside Police arrested and interviewed him and searched his premises.

FACT initially commenced its investigation into the individual in January 2021 after receiving intelligence from the Premier League which indicated that Marvel Stream UK provided access to Premier League matches and Sky Sports and BT Sport broadcasts.

“This is another step forward in the right direction in tackling the issue of illegal streaming, and we thank Merseyside Police for their work on this,” commented FACT Chief Executive Kieron Sharp. “Their support and assistance in procuring evidence for this prosecution was vital for the outcome of this case.

“As clearly shown by this result, enabling illegal access to streaming content is a crime with serious consequences, in this case, a criminal conviction plus a sentence of eight months. It is also extremely risky and dangerous, exposing users to malware, viruses, identity theft, inappropriate content, and financial losses,” he warned.

“We welcome this sentence, which shows the value of working closely with our partners in law enforcement,” added Merseyside Police Detective Constable Gareth Jones. “Dilworth made a considerable amount of money from his dishonesty, and we are glad that this joint investigation has resulted in such a positive outcome.”

“Illegal streaming is far from a victimless crime, and as well as the impact it has on the businesses and content creators, essentially means that legitimate subscribers pay for those who illegally access such services. We will use all available powers and continue to work with FACT to identify and put anyone else who sees intellectual property theft as a criminal opportunity before the courts,” he confirmed.

“We would like to thank Merseyside Police for all their work and support on this case,” stated Kevin Plumb, General Counsel for the Premier League. “The successful prosecution would not have been possible without them acting on our intelligence and ultimately arresting the operator.”

“The vast majority of our fans watch Premier League action via authorised sources but those who don’t must be aware this is not only an illegal activity that can lead to custodial sentences but also one that leaves them at risk of becoming victims of hacking, viruses, and fraud. We will continue to work closely with law enforcement to tackle piracy of our content and to educate fans on the dangers of watching Premier League matches via unauthorised streams.”

FACT work with sports rights holders, broadcast partners, and others across the broadcast industry to investigate and prosecute suppliers of illegal streaming services and other piracy crimes, as well as those accessing illegal content.

Dilworth’s sentencing follows the recent case of Michael Hornung, formerly of Manchester who received a four year and six months prison sentence and a Confiscation Order of £258,000 for selling and advertising unauthorised decoders that were enabled to access unauthorised channels from Virgin’s cable subscription service, including Sky Sports and BT Sport.



Thursday evening feeds

Optus D1 12652 V Sr 7500 "Astra 4" WBBL Cricket

Optus D2 12710 V Sr 30000 Fec 3/4
Optus D2 12732 V Sr 7500 Fec 5/6

Neither locking, D2 a bit low in power theses days , especially on busy weekends

Intelsat 19 12604 H Sr 27800

"Hope TV"
"Voice Of Croatia"
"Narodni Radio"
"Mood Media"
"Hope Radio"

Have left

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From the Dish

AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7 120.0E 3900 H "Channel Max" has left .
AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7 120.0E 4180 H "Channel XFC" has left .

Measat 3d 91.5E 4160 V "AXN Taiwan, AXN Philippines, Animax Asia, Animax Taiwan, Gem and Animax Philippines" have started on , PowerVu.

Intelsat 20 68.5E 12562 H "OPM Doctor Jesus TV" has started on , Fta.

Intelsat 17 66.0E 3876 H "Pear TV" has started on, Fta.


Viaplay Select joins SBS streaming platform in Australia

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/02/viaplay-select-joins-sbs-streaming-platform-in-australia/

Viaplay Group and SBS in Australia have agreed a multi-year partnership that makes curated content from Viaplay Select available in Australia on the SBS On Demand streaming service. Launching November 2, the agreement gives SBS On Demand’s users access to hundreds of hours of Viaplay Originals and additional curated content over the course of the partnership.

The agreement is the latest Viaplay Select partnership to be announced, following deals with DMD’s CINDIE service in Latin America and with WOWOW in Japan, with further markets targeted soon.

Vanda Rapti, Viaplay group SVP & head of acquisitions, content distribution & partnerships, called it: “a compelling concept that helps our partners stand out in today’s competitive streaming market. Australia and the Nordic region may be on opposite sides of the globe, but top-quality drama is a universal language.”

Kathryn Fink, director of TV at SBS added: “SBS has long been a pioneer of premium Nordic programming in Australia. Viaplay Originals like Wisting and Darkness: Those Who Kill are already among SBS On Demand’s most-watched series. We’re thrilled to partner with Viaplay and reinforce SBS’s reputation as a leader in international drama, while meeting the growing appetite of Australian audiences for global storytelling.”

Viaplay Select is focused on markets where Viaplay is not currently prioritising the launch of a direct-to-consumer service. Viaplay’s direct-to-consumer offering is today available in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, the Netherlands and the UK (as of this week), and will launch in the US and Canada in the first quarter of 2023.

Viaplay Original series set to premiere in Australia as part of the deal include the gritty crime show Fenris and acclaimed comedy-drama Pørni.

Sky TV plans to return more money to shareholders

From https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/477905/sky-tv-plans-to-return-more-money-to-shareholders

Sky TV chair Philip Bowman says the healthy share price increase over the past year does not yet reflect the company's improved results and outlook. Photo: Supplied / Richard Parsonson

Sky Television's board faced some irate shareholders at this morning's annual meeting over its plans to return capital.

The pay-TV operator's shareholders voted to approve a $70-million return of capital by way of a 40-cent payment per share, to be paid out by the end of the month.

"This change is a positive demonstration of our ongoing commitment to return surplus cash and one that I trust shareholders will appreciate," chair Philip Bowman said.

Bowman also said a buyback of shares was still on the cards, with a decision to be made when it announced its first half result in February.

However, not every shareholder was impressed with either proposal.

One shareholder told the company she felt "swindled" following last year's consolidation of shares and was not at all interested in another buy back.

"I'm aggrieved. I bought 3250 Sky shares for $6 and something, just under 20,000 in 2014," she said adding she had just 325 shares left after a consolidation in August 2021.

Another shareholder referred to Sky's shares as "penny dreadfuls".

A couple of shareholders spoke in favour of the company's proposals, including one who said shareholders should be "happy", because it could be worse.

"None of us like making an investment in a company and then watching the share price go down," Bowman said, in response.

"While Sky's shares listed on the NZX provided a healthy 18 percent increase in the year to 31 October compared to the NZX50's fall of 13 percent and the ASX300's fall of 2 percent, we are yet to see the share price reflect the improved results and outlook for the company," he said, adding that the board believed Sky's shares were significantly under-priced.

Bowman said the company was also planning to pay bigger dividends to shareholders of between 60 percent and 90 percent of its free cash flow, a shift from the current payout range of between 50 percent and 80 percent.

"As a result of the change, Sky's dividend guidance for FY23 has been increased to between $18m and $24m," Bowman said.

Chief executive Sophie Moloney said the company was on track to deliver a full-year result in line with the guidance provided in August.

Net profit was expected to be between $50m and $60m, with underlying profit of $150m to $170m, revenue of $750m to $770m and capital spending of $60m to $75m.

Russia launches Soyuz rocket carrying military satellite - state media

From https://www.reuters.com/world/russia-launches-soyuz-rocket-carrying-military-satellite-state-media-2022-11-02/

Nov 2 (Reuters) - Russia has launched a Soyuz rocket carrying a military satellite into space, Russian news agencies reported on Wednesday citing the defence ministry.

The rocket - a Soyuz-2.1b medium-class launch vehicle - was launched at 9:48 a.m. Moscow time (0648 GMT) from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, the ministry was quoted as saying.

It did not provide details about the purpose of the satellite.

SES adds extra capacity for Papua New Guinea

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/02/ses-adds-extra-capacity-for-papua-new-guinea/

SES, which unveils its latest quarterly financials on November 3rd, has signed an agreement with Digicel Pacific for 40 per cent more satellite capacity to Papua New Guinea.

Digicel is taking extra bandwidth on SES’s O3b mPOWER satellite fleet to provide its customers with seamless connectivity following damage to the international Pipe Pacific Cable (PPC) which typically connects Papua New Guinea to Australia and rest of the world. The additional O3b services will continue to help Digicel Pacific maintain connectivity during outages caused by such cable breaks while also expanding coverage across the remote parts of the country, a crucial enhancement for the 80 per cent of Papua New Guineans residing in rural areas, says SES.

The support from SES comes at a critical time for the South Pacific island after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in September caused damage to multiple cable systems, resulting in large disruption to data services across most of the country. During the disruption, SES assisted Digicel Pacific with emergency bandwidth, providing an increase of 40 per cent in high-performance, low-latency O3b services deployed across 12 sites throughout the country to keep communities connected. SES also stepped in with an incremental 3 Gb/s of capacity and additional ground equipment to enable Digicel Pacific to restore its network connectivity and critical communications services for both consumers and telecommunication customers.

With this move, SES says it confirms its position in the region as the only satellite provider who has the capability to commit to high-throughput, low-latency services to mobile network operators, enabling them to quickly restore communications networks in times of outages. Likewise, for the past decade, governments and businesses around the Pacific – including other islands prone to natural disasters like the Kingdom of Tonga – have similarly leveraged the O3b system to provide resiliency to their networks in times of need. The availability of high-speed bandwidth and low-latency connectivity has played a key role in narrowing the digital divide in Papua New Guinea, particularly in parts of the nation not reachable by fibre.

“Unfortunately, we have seen more frequent and intense natural disasters occurring in the Pacific Islands over the last decade, which is why safeguarding networks and providing network resilience is more critical than ever,” said John Turnbull, Director for Fixed Data, Pacific at SES. “SES and Digicel Pacific are committing to connect residents in Papua New Guinea with the high-performance and most reliable connectivity needed to accelerate restoration efforts. With O3b mPOWER, we can further leverage the system’s future-proof scalability and guaranteed performance to achieve an even higher level of network resilience and safety.”

Russia to introduce restrictions on pay TV content

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/01/russia-to-introduce-restrictions-on-pay-tv-content/

Deputies from Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party in the Russian Duma have introduced a draft law proposing to impose the same age-appropriate content restrictions on pay TV channels that already apply to free-to-view over-the-air TV, according to local reports.

Characterised as designed to protect minors, the new rules would see pay TV services forbidden from transmitting content rated 18-plus between the hours of 04:00 and 23:00, while content rated as 16-plus could not be broadcast between 07:00 and 21:00.

The move, if approved, is likely to have a negative impact on pay TV operators in the country, with some loss of subscription revenue and additional burdens in ensuring compliance.

The authors of the proposed legislation cited statistics from 2020 that showed that 46.2 million Russian homes subscribed to pay TV services, giving them a reach of about 81.5% of all Russian households.

The changes come alongside a wave of amendments to legislation in Russia designed to “protect traditional values” in the words of the Duma, and which basically amount to a ban on the promotion of LGBTQIA content in the Russian Federation.

New rules, which impact laws covering IT, media, advertising and cinema, designed to prohibit the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations”, were unanimously adopted during their first reading in the parliament last week.

Among other things the amendments ban advertising that demonstrates “non-traditional sexual relations or preferences”, while cinematic movies promoting “non-traditional relations” will not receive a licence.

Duma chairman Vyacheslav Volodin told deputies that “we must do everything to protect our children and those who want to live a normal life”.

“Everything else is sin, sodomy, darkness, and our country is fighting this,” said Volodin.

WWE Expands Deal With MultiChoice in Africa, Making Streamer Showmax New Home of WWE Network

From https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/wwe-africa-deal-multichoice-showmax-1235253720/

The partnership replicates the sports entertainment powerhouse's deal with Peacock/NBCUniversal in the U.S. for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sports entertainment powerhouse WWE has extended and expanded its relationship with African pay TV giant MultiChoice with a new TV and WWE Network rights deal that makes streaming service Showmax the new home of WWE Network in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The deal replicates WWE’s deal with Peacock/NBCUniversal in the U.S. for the region. The company has also struck similar deals in Indonesia and the Philippines (Disney+ Hotstar), the Middle East and North Africa (MBC/Shahid) and most recently Australia (Foxtel/Binge).

Former Studiocanal Exec Isabel Hund New CEO Of Legendary-Tobis German Joint Venture

The MultiChoice partnership makes all WWE Premium Live Events, including WrestleMania, as well as WWE Network’s library of original and archived programming available to stream on-demand via Showmax. Its Showmax Pro streaming service bundles the Showmax entertainment offerings with music channels, news and live sports streaming from MultiChoice’s sports unit SuperSport.

Meanwhile, SuperSport will continue to broadcast live weekly episodes of WWE flagship shows Raw, SmackDown and NXT, as well as all of its Premium Live Events under a multi-year deal extension.

“SuperSport recently launched a brand-new localized WWE content series called Jambo WWE, and the expanded WWE and MultiChoice partnership will see additional partnership initiatives leveraging WWE IP announced during the term,” the companies said.

They didn’t disclose financial terms. But according to sources close to the new deal, financially, it provides WWE with a 50 percent increase over the previous agreement with MultiChoice.

“Showmax Pro is the market leader and a perfect home for WWE content,” said Matt Drew, WWE senior vp, international. “By delivering our premium live events including WrestleMania, we believe this partnership will expand our audience and deliver even more to WWE fans throughout the region.”

Said Barry Dubovsky, chief operating officer of MultiChoice Connected Video: “Adding WWE to the Showmax platform is an exciting development that we know our entertainment and sport-loving African subscribers are going to enjoy, making WWE even more accessible and affordable.”

Showmax’s entertainment offering includes original regional fare, such as African fantasy series Blood Psalms, South African hit crime thriller series Reyka, Nigerian original limited series Diiche, Journey of the Beats, a 10-part docuseries on the origin and evolution of Afrobeats, Kenyan political drama series County49 and original thriller series Igiza. Subscribers can also watch such HBO hits as White Lotus and Euphoria.

Showmax is also the only place to stream all episodes of Reyka, the South African smash-hit show that was recently nominated for two International Emmy Awards.

Pluto TV triples the amount of CBS archive available on its platform

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/11/01/pluto-tv-triples-the-amount-of-cbs-archive-available-on-its-platform/

While the battle for SVOD subscribers continues to rage, an equally intriguing tussle for eyeballs is unfolding in AVOD. Yesterday, Paramount Global announced that its free ad-supported streaming service Pluto TV is tripling the volume of content it offers from the CBS archive, taking the total on offer to around 6,300 episodes. CBS and Pluto are both part of the Paramount family, formerly known as Viacom CBS.

By the end of this year, CBS classics such as such as Mork & Mindy and Taxi will be added to the platform’s on-demand line up. Meanwhile series like Cheers, Star Trek: The Original Series, and Frasier will feature on the service’s channels.

“Pluto TV and CBS are both proven leaders delivering world-class entertainment to global audiences,” said Tom Ryan, CEO of Paramount Streaming and Pluto TV co-founder. “With unrivalled access to the CBS library, Pluto TV is able to deliver world-class, evergreen programming with flexible viewing options, all for free.”

“The overwhelming success of the CSI and 48 Hours channels on Pluto TV are just two recent examples of how our broadcast franchises are connecting with a growing and often unduplicated streaming audience,” added president and CEO of CBS George Cheeks. “We think we’re just getting started in how we can work together with Pluto TV for the benefit of our content and the company.”

Cheeks said that the Pluto TV/CBS alliance is “a great example of how having a big network and studio partnered closely with a FAST platform can supercharge our streaming ecosystem. Both of our teams are continually benefiting from insights and learnings around FAST programming performance to help define future strategies.”

The use of CBS archive content on Pluto TV makes sense. But it is likely to have an impact on the wider marketplace. Firstly, amid the cost of living crisis, it’s another reason for consumers to switch out of SVOD into AVOD. Secondly, Pluto TV’s increased reliance in in-house content could impact on the viability of third party FAST channels – which will be involved in more intense competition for viewers.



Measat 3D 4160 V Sr 29700 Fec 5/6 DVB-S2 8PSK

Sid 10 Vpid 1050 (H264) Apid 1051,1952,1053 "AXN TW HD" HD
Sid 30 Vpid 310 (H264) Apid 301,302 "AXN PH HD" HD
Sid 50 Vpid 550 (H264) Apid 551,552,553,555 "Animax Asia HD" HD
Sid 130 Vpid 2360 (H264) Apid 2320,2322 "AXN PH MPEG4" SD
Sid 152 Vpid 1520 (H264) Apid 1521,1522,1523 "Animax Taiwan HD2" HD
Sid 160 Vpid 1610 (H264) Apid 1600,1602 "Gem PH SD" SD
Sid 190 Vpid 2960 (H264) Apid 2920,2922 "Animax PH MPEG4" SD

all started here, Powervu Encrypted, but "open" on some receivers

Asiasat 6 120E
3900 H "Channle MAX-HD" has left
4180 H "XFC-HD" has left

Intelsat 19 3811 H Sr 15000 "Celebrity 2022 Path 2 (Gravity Media Australia)

Tuesday morning feeds

Optus D1 12638 V Sr 15000 Fec 4/5 16 APSK Channel 7 backup mux, seen quite often
Optus D1 12679 V Sr 7373 Fec 2/3 16 APSK a temporary backup mux with the following

"10 Albury"
"10 Peach"
"10 BOLD"
"Sky News Regional"
"10 HD Albury"
"10 SHAKE"

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Optus D3 156.0E 12052 V "SBS Viceland NSW, SBS NSW, SBS Food NSW, NITV, SBS World Movies, SBS WorldWatch, ABC TV WA, ABC Kids South East, ABC TV Plus South East, ABC Me South East, ABC TV and ABC News" are now encrypted.

Apstar 9 142.0E 4077 V "BYU TV Global" has left.

Express AT2 140.0E 12245 R "TV 1000 Action" has started on , Viaccess.
Express AT2 140.0E 12303 L "Tayny Galaktiki" has started on , Viaccess.
Express AT2 140.0E 12322 R "TV 1000 Russkoe Kino" has started on, Viaccess.
Express AT2 140.0E 12399 R "Viasat Explore East, Viasat History, Viasat Nature East and TV 1000 East" have started on , Viaccess.

Vinasat 2 131.8E 11293 V "Vie Giai Tri" has started on, Fta.

AsiaSat 9 122.0E 4140 V "Health & Wellness and Pet & Pal" have left .

AsiaSat 7 105.5E 3675 V "Ritmu TV" is back on , Fta.

Express 80 80.0E 11044 V "REN TV and Domashniy" are Fta.

ABS 2 75.0E 4093 V "TAP World Cup TV" has started on , Irdeto.

Express AT1 56.0E 11919 L "Scream" has started on , encrypted.

From playtv

亚洲7号(105.5°E)卫星,4180 V 30000一组Ten TV 巴基斯坦升级为高清格式,依旧锁码播出。(2022-11-02)
马星3a/3b(91.5°E)卫星,4160 V 29700一组新增索尼动作影视娱乐高清频道(AXN HD) 台湾 等频道,锁码播出。(2022-11-02)

亚洲6号(120.0°E)卫星, 上海文广互动电视3900 H 29500一组极速汽车高清频道消失。(2022-11-01)
亚洲6号(120.0°E)卫星, 上海文广互动电视4180 H 29500一组幸福彩高清频道消失。(2022-11-01)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12343 V 45000一组新增Maya Hot New频道,开锁播出。(2022-11-01)
泰星6/8号(78.5°E)卫星,12728 V 30000一组GM TV频道,开锁播出。(2022-11-01)


Telstra’s second antenna to Merredin ground station in Western Australia will support Inmarsat’s I-6 F1 satellite

From https://news.satnews.com/2022/10/31/telstras-second-antenna-to-merredin-ground-station-in-western-australia-will-support-inmarsats-i-6-f1-satellite/?mohide=true&mc_cid=66386bb1c3&mc_eid=e80892f101

As part of Telstra’s growing satellite telecommunications portfolio and services, it has expanded ground stations in Perth and Merredin, Western Australia with additional antennas to support the revolutionary I-6 F1 satellite from Inmarsat. This builds on a partnership between the two companies in Australia dating back more than thirty years.

Launched from the JAXA Tanegashima Space Center in Japan in December 2021, I-6 F1 is the first of two Inmarsat-6 (I-6) satellites designed to enhance significantly both the narrowband ELERA network, and Global Xpress broadband service for Inmarsat customers around the world.

The I-6 satellites are the most technologically advanced and largest commercial communications satellites ever launched, allowing for greater capacity, coverage and speeds to customers in agriculture, aviation and maritime sectors amongst others.

The new satellite access station (SAS) forms a crucial link between the satellite and terrestrial networks allowing connectivity to be transported immediately to its destinations across the globe.

Telstra’s turnkey approach for Inmarsat included the two companies working together in designing, building and activating the facility with specific capabilities to meet Inmarsat’s requirements. From purchasing the land to laying the foundation and completing buildout, not to mention navigating the challenges of Covid-19 restrictions worldwide, the project was completed to agreed delivery timelines.

Matt Williams, Managing Director, Telstra EMEA said, “Inmarsat’s I-6 F1 and the new ground station have really moved the global ‘space race’ along and entrenched Australia’s position as a front runner in satellite communications. We delight in putting our skills, experience and access to global sites to use for ambitious global operators like Inmarsat, as they continue to revolutionize communications. This is just the tip of the iceberg of Telstra’s global projects underway.”

Jason Smith, Chief Operations Officer at Inmarsat said, “The launch of I-6 F1 marks a further significant step in our visionary and fully funded technology roadmap, which will see the launch of a further six satellites by 2024 and a ground network expansion like no other. This all forms part of our revolutionary new ORCHESTRA network of networks, anticipating and meeting global customer demand for the long term. The ground stations in Western Australia are a crucial part of our ambition to transform and enhance connectivity services and solutions for our mobility, government and Internet of Things customers worldwide.”

Kacific extends Tonga connectivity

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/01/kacific-extends-tonga-connectivity/

Kacific Broadband Satellite is supplying a “wider and more resilient communications infrastructure” for The Kingdom of Tonga.

Singapore-based Kacific already has a relationship with Tonga through Tonga Communications Corp. (TCC) and provides a satellite-based mobile backhaul solution will improve connectivity in underserved areas, and an enterprise-level back-up service will help mitigate the impact of future outages.

TCC is the only provider of fixed line telephone services in Tonga, and a provider of broadband internet and mobile phone services, with the widest cellular network coverage in Tonga as well as branches in the outer islands.

Since June 2022, a mobile backhaul solution has been deployed to improve resilience at the two Niuas islands. A further two satellite terminal sites, one each in Vavau and Ha’apai, have been commissioned to provide connectivity, as the Tonga Domestic Cable Extension undergoes extensive repairs. It was damaged in the volcanic eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai in January 2022.

As well as these four outer island sites, a 4.5 metre terminal, which can facilitate a higher level of bandwidth usage, has been installed in Tonga in recent weeks. TCC and Kacific are now working to commission the terminal at Atele, TCC’s strategical emergency site, in Tongatapu. It will be used as an enterprise-level back-up option in case of future outages or damage to the international fibre cable connecting Nuku’alofa to Suva, Fiji.

Kacific says that a portion of the capacity allocated to the terminals in the outer islands can be reallocated to the 4.5 metre terminal in Nuku’alofa, in a fibre back-up arrangement. This will ensure the capital has access to high-speed connectivity for critical applications in the event of a fibre outage.

“We are committed to providing satellite services in Tonga to support the nation’s connectivity needs and ensure its resilience. We have a strong partnership with Tonga Communications Corporation, having worked together to provision emergency capacity in January 2022 following the fibre cut,” said Christian Patouraux, CEO, Kacific. “Together with TCC, we look forward to being part of Tonga’s digital future which is supported through greater connectivity options and improved infrastructure resilience.”

Tonga is ranked as having the third-highest disaster risk worldwide, behind Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, according to the 2021 World Risk Report. In a comparison of continents, Oceania has the highest disaster risk, predominantly due to its high exposure to extreme natural events.

New horror channel in Russia

From https://www.broadbandtvnews.com/2022/11/01/new-horror-channel-in-russia/

Russia’s leading pay-TV operator Tricolor has launched a proprietary channel named Scream.

It made its debut on Halloween (October 31) and offers viewers US, European and Asian horror and mystery films, with those released between 2018 and 2022 accounting for 70% of its library. Many films will be shown for the first time on Russian television.

Commenting on the new channel, Marina Gasparyan, director of content production at Tricolor, said: “Tricolor sees a huge audience interest in the line of channels of its own production and continues its development. Scream is aimed at fans of spicy entertainment genres, and we are sure that they will appreciate the rich film library of the channel, which will take your breath away when you watch it”.

Scream is available to customers as part of Tricolor’s main services: United Ultra, Super Ultra Children, Super Ultra Adult and United. It can be watched via satellite and online in the Tricolor Cinema and TV application for mobile devices and smart TV, on hybrid receivers connected to the internet and TV Box and on the website of the online cinema kino.tricolor.tv.

In addition to Scream, Tricolor produces 19 TV channels: Premium, Action, Romantic, Ours, Soulful, Favourite, Comedy, Shocking, Criminal, Our Male, Comedy, About Love, Hit, Blockbuster, Film Screening, Our Film Screening, Victory Day, TipTop and Chizhik, as well as Infochannel and Kinozaly – a service with 12 screens and 12 channels on satellite.

It also produces three 4K channels – Promo UHD, Kino UHD and Serial UHD – which are broadcast via satellite.

Singapore consortium bags FIFA World Cup rights, sets price tag

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/10/31/singapore-consortium-bags-fifa-world-cup-rights-sets-price-tag/

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar just weeks away from kicking off, a consortium including StarHub, Singtel and Mediacorp have signed up the rights to air the tournament in Singapore. Between them, the partners will offer football fans complete coverage of all 64 matches, live or on-demand on any device.

Anna Yip

The collaboration is similar to Russia 2018, when the three companies also combined to offer coverage. For the next week, consumers can buy a complete package of content for S$98 (US$70). After that it will rise to $$118 (US$82).

“We are excited to take to the field once again with Singtel and Mediacorp, bringing the action-packed game directly to our customers, to keep them fully immersed at the heart of live football,” said Johan Buse, chief, consumer business group, StarHub. “Our vision is for StarHub to bring fans of different sports together on our TV+ platform. StarHub will offer innovative features to our TV+ subscribers, such as match highlights, live statistics, and an interactive timeline allowing viewers to jump back to key moments. We are committed to providing the best-ever viewing experience to our customers – not just for the World Cup, but a wide range of events, from Premier League to UEFA Champions League and the Grand Slams.”

Anna Yip, CEO, consumer Singapore, Singtel added: “Since we first brought the 2010 FIFA World Cup to Singapore, Singtel has continually sought to enhance the viewing experience of our customers, offering more ways to catch the football action, anytime and anywhere, across our Singtel TV, Singtel TV GO and CAST app. We are pleased to work with our broadcast partners once again to bring the action to our football fans. Our customers can expect a seamless and high-quality viewing experience powered by our reliable and ultra-fast broadband and 5G network. With this year’s World Cup held in Qatar, we believe the favourable time difference will bring even more football fans together to share in the excitement.”

Packages for all 64 matches will be made available on StarHub’s TV+ and IPTV platforms (Channels 251 and 252), Singtel TV, Singtel TV GO (Channels 141 and 142) and CAST, and Mediacorp’s digital entertainment streaming service meWATCH. Singaporeans will also be able to see nine key matches on free TV via Mediacorp Channel 5, the same as for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

YouTube launches Primetime Channels

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/01/youtube-launches-primetime-channels/

Noting that with more streaming options than ever before, it can get a little overwhelming for a consumer jumping from app to app to find what they are looking for, YouTube suggests that is all about to change. With Primetime Channels, users will be able to sign up, browse and watch their favourite TV shows, movies and sports from streaming services such as SHOWTIME, STARZ, Paramount+, AMC+, ViX+ and more, all directly on YouTube.

You Tube is rolling out an early version of Primetime Channels in the US. On the Movies & TV hub, users will see over 30 channels that they can buy directly through YouTube, with streaming services such as NBA League Pass and more coming soon.

“Primetime Channels adds even more content that you just can’t miss to our collection of thousands of movies and shows available for rent or purchase, or for free with ads,” says Erin Teague Director of Product Management, YouTube.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with YouTube to offer customers of Paramount+ another way to stream the content they love,” said Jeff Shultz, Chief Strategy Officer and Business Development Officer, Paramount Streaming. “This new feature gives us the opportunity to expand our presence on YouTube, broadening our reach and giving consumers even more choice when it comes to streaming the best in entertainment.”

Once a user signs up, content from their Primetime Channels will be reflected into the YouTube experience they know and love. For fans who like to go deeper into what they’re watching, Primetime Channels homepages will feature shows and movies with curated trailers, behind-the-scenes footage and cast interviews.

“When searching for content from your purchases, you’ll be able to quickly identify and access them in the search results, alongside videos from your favourite creators. And YouTube recommendations will also include programmes from Primetime Channels, delivering a personalised selection of content across YouTube that appeals to all your interests,” says Teague. “We’ll continue working with our partners to bring even more content options to Primetime Channels, build new unique features that only YouTube can deliver, and expand to our international users, so please let us know what you’d like to see next,” she adds.

MasterChef and Secret Story channels to launch on Pluto TV France

From https://www.digitaltveurope.com/2022/10/31/masterchef-and-secret-story-channels-to-launch-on-pluto-tv-france/

Culinary FAST channel MasterChef is now available on Pluto TV, the FAST platform operated by Paramount, in France, following a deal between the FAST platform and Endemol France.

The agreement will see Pluto TV take two channels from the production outfit: MasterChef and Secret Story.

The French version of MasterChef is available immediately, while Secret Story will launch on the FAST platform in November. The latter is a popular reality show in France, where the audience follows the lives of participants isolated in the ‘house of secrets’ as they try to discover the secret of their fellow participants while guarding their own.

The new channel will air all 11 seasons of the show.

“We are very proud to offer Pluto TV fans MasterChef and Secret Story via dedicated channels. These two emblematic shows in the history of TV will integrate perfectly in our free market-leading service,’ said Philippe Larribau-Lavigne, director of Paramount in France.

“Culinary and reality shows are already very popular with our audience and we can’t imagine titles more powerful to reinforce our offering in these two genres just at the time when we have passed the milestone of 100 channels in France.”

Hearst Television’s Very Local joins VIZIO

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/11/01/hearst-televisions-very-local-joins-vizio/

Hearst Television has announced that its free streaming service, Very Local, is now available on VIZIO.

With Very Local, VIZIO audiences have access to around-the-clock local news in Hearst Television markets throughout the US. Viewers can also stream Very Local original series that encompass food, travel, adventure, dating and true crime – all with an emphasis on stories from viewers’ hometowns, and content relatable to communities everywhere.

“The addition of the VIZIO platform marks a major step in the growth of our distribution for Very Local’s programming,” said Andrew Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President, Streaming Video Services, at Hearst Television. “We want to reach consumers with quality local content wherever they are and on their own timetable, and working with VIZIO helps us substantially in that objective. We’re confident Very Local will prove an excellent complement to VIZIO’s outstanding lineup of movies, TV shows, sports, kids and family content, news, lifestyle programming, gaming and more.”

“We aim to give our audiences content that not only excites, but is relatable, too,” said Chris Tanquary, Senior Director of Business Development at VIZIO. “Very Local’s addition to VIZIO is sure to give our users the news, weather and shows that matter to them most, no matter where they are in the US.”

Peacock adding Hallmark hub

From https://advanced-television.com/2022/10/31/peacock-adding-hallmark-hub/

Peacock has entered into an agreement with Hallmark Media to stream live and on-demand programming from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama as part of a first-of-its-kind linear plus SVoD deal for the network.

Going live in the US on November 2nd, the dedicated brand hub will be prominently featured on Peacock’s homepage as a singular destination for all things Hallmark Media. The hub will feature live simulcasts of all three channels with current season programming available live and on-demand next day as well as a library of movies within the Hallmark library, including signature holiday favourites.

“As we continue to make Peacock a premium streaming destination, Hallmark is exactly the type of brand we want to align with,” said Kelly Campbell, President of Peacock, and Direct-to-Consumer, NBCUniversal. “Through this groundbreaking partnership, we’re giving Hallmark viewers a unique viewing experience while continuing to grow our audience, boosting engagement across both brands.”

“We’re proud to enter this partnership with Peacock and bring our widely beloved Hallmark content to their subscribers,” said Wonya Lucas, President & CEO, Hallmark Media. “The opportunity to provide our devoted fanbase access to all three of Hallmark’s linear networks will allow our audience to continue to grow and connect in meaningful ways.”

In addition to the live Hallmark channels, Peacock subscribers have access to the collection of Hallmark content on demand, including live and next-day access to series. The Hallmark-branded hub will also include a VoD collection containing new premiere movies and dozens of Hallmark movie classics all included with a Peacock Premium subscription.


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