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Kodi Users

For those of you who use KODI, I would reccomend Matt Huismans IPTV Merge addon, to bring these playlists into your own lists. Matt's addons are all legal and can be found at his website https://www.matthuisman.nz/ with full instructions how to download install and use them. Along with support threads for his addons over at https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/126


While it is recommended that you use his service specific KODI addons for Stirr and PLUTO TV, you can also find them as automatically generated .m3u8 playlists in his resources along with epgs.


Samsung TV PLUS Kodi addon

Matt Huisman has made an excellent Samsung TV Plus addon for Kodi based on their Android app offering


While it is recommended that you use his service specific KODI addon, you can also find the Samsung TV Plus channels as automatically generated .m3u8 playlists in his resources along with epgs.


The channels in his addon are only the regions currently supported on the official app. There is no need to recreate listings here since Matt's are autoscraped from the server. Listings here on the page will continue for the NON app supported TV Plus regions. Australia, Ireland etc.

Plex Live TV Kodi addon

Matt Huisman has made an excellent Plex TV Live Channels addon for Kodi


While it is recommended that you use his service specific KODI addon, you can also find the Live Plex channels as automatically generated .m3u8 playlists in his resources along with epgs.


There is no need to recreate listings here, since Matt's are autoscraped from the server.

Apsattv Playlists

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Update 27/05/24

added to ssungnz.m3u

Homeful (NZ)
Surfer (NZ)
Cricket Gold (2 different sources)
PBS Kids (NZ)
Care Bears (NZ)
Highway Thru Hell (NZ)
McLeods Daughters (NZ)
Survivor (NZ)
PBS Antique Road Trip (NZ)
PBS History (NZ)
ITV Choice (AU) temp
Fireplace TV 4K
Stingray Holidayscapes
Stingray Naturescapes

replaced urls of the following

Mythbusters (NZ)
Mav TV Motorsports Network (NZ)
Magellen TV Now (NZ)
History and Warfare Now (NZ)
True Crime now (NZ)

still missing

The Movie Hub
Movie Hub 2
Throwback TV
Throwback TV 2
Shark Tank
River Monsters
Who wants to be a milionaire


Update 22/05/24

added to xiaomi.m3u

“Fuel TV (UK), Fuel TV (FR), Now 70s, Now 80s, Now 90s, Pulse, 9X Tashan (Asia), ABP Ananda (Asia), ABP Asmita (Asia), ABP Sanjha (Asia), The Carol Burnett Show (Asia), Saga Music Haryanvi (Asia), WPT (Asia), Young Hollywood (Asia), Zee Bihar (Asia), Zee Taas (Asia), Zee Wion (Asia), India TV, India TV Speed News, Latido Music Geo, Cine Classico (EU) Geo, Mav TV Geo, TV9 Bangla (IN) Geo, TV9 Bharatvarsh (IN) Geo, TV9 Marathi (IN) Geo, TV9 Telugu (IN) Geo, TV9 Kannada (IN) Geo, TV9 Gujarati (IN) Geo, Mango TV (IN) Geo, Trailers (ES), Trailers (UK), Trailers (FR), Trailers (DE), Trailers (IT), Love the Planet (ES), Quiveutgagnerdesmillions, Lesanges, Leszamours, Lemeilleurdelatvrealite, Naruto, Top True Crime, Craction TV, TopFilme, Bike, Skateboarding, Snowboarder, Surfer, Powder, Teen Vee English, La LA Life English, Slick Slime Sam English, 123 Go! English (IN), 123 Go! Spanish, Ideas En 5 Minutos Spanish, Brightside English, Brightside Spanish Geo, PowerNation, Cine Friki (IN), Beond TV.”

removed (dead)

“Globi (EU), Newsmax (EU), Nolly Africa (GB), Humanity Documentaries (UK, FR, IT), Explore (UK, ES), Luxe (UK, FR), Gameplay (EU), Beautiful Planet (EU), Dark Corners (EU), Level Up (EU), Planet Eat (EU), Crime and Thrillers (US), Tayo, Movie Central (UK, ES, FR), Clix (EU), SurfWorld, Auto Allstars (EU), Unreel (EU), World Poker Tour (EU), Motorsport.tv, Edge Sports (Geo), The Q, Qyou India (Geo), Q Marathi, OFive, ESTV, LOL TV, Heritage Plus, Heritage Tourism, The Chukker Channel, Bang Bang, Escape TV, Danger Vision, Kiddo Plus, Mercury Plus, Horror TV, Heartfelt TV, Our Vinyl TV (EU), Krime, Ofive, Rakuten Action Movies (IT), Rakuten Spotlight (IT), L’Atelier Des Chefs, CCBM Broadcasting (EU), 9X Tashan (Asia), The Carol Burnett Show (Asia), Mav TV (EU), LBC (EU), Rotana Cinema (EU), Rotana Classic (EU), Rotana Comedy (EU), Rotana Drama (EU), Rotana Khalijiya (EU), Rotana Music (EU), Rakuten Spotlight (DE), Outer Vision.”

Update 14/05/24

changes to zeasn.m3u


Bloomberg TV (EU)
Bloomberg Originals (EU)
Chili Alta Tensione (EU)
Chili Indimenticabli (EU)
Chili Velvet (EU)
Chile Film Sorrisi (EU)
Just for laughs Gags (EU)
Just for Laughs TV (EU)
Euronews German (EU)
Filmzie (EU)
Filmzie (US)
Cinema Segretto (IT)
Fullmoon (IT)
Travel XP (EU)
Travel XP (EU) alt1
Travel XP (EU) alt2
Travel XP (EU) alt3
Watch Mojo (EU)


UK Wrestling (EU) Dead
La Casa Del Jaripeo (EU) Dead
Meganoticias (EU) Dead
Strongman Champion League (EU) Dead
Nosey (EU) Dead
Clix (EU) Dead
Nolly Africa (EU) Dead
MTRSPT 1 (EU) Dead
Dark Corners (EU) Dead
Level Up (EU) Dead
Cops (EU) Dead


Update 12/05/24

Sorry this was a huge update, I had to condense the changes list.

added to lg.m3u

Adventure Earth (AU), Autentic Travel (NL), Terramatter Wild (CH), BBC Impossible (CA, US), Bloomberg TV (LU), GO USA (NO, ES, MX), Spark Light Love (BR), Gusto TV (NO), Icon Film Classics (GB, IE), Super Simple Songs (CA, US), Super Wings (CA, US), People are Awesome (LU), The Pet Collective (FR), Alleskino (AT, DE), Tru Blu (US), Youlook Motorsport (DK, NO), Youlook Movies Series (DK, NO), Youlook Nordic (DK), CTV News, CTV Gridlock, CTV Home, CTV Laughs, The Mightiest by CTV, Corner Gas Channel, Noovo Cinema, Noovo Comedies, Noovo Tele Realities, TSN The Ocho (CA) Geo, Dont Tell the Bride (NL), Real Life (FI), Real Wild (NL), KTTV (US), Aspire TV Life (US), Wedo Movies (DE), Infast (GB), Cine Sureno, Juntos (AR), TV9 Kannada (IN), Bloody Disgusting (CA), Ticker News (AU), Enquetesdechoc (FR), PBS Antiques Roadshow (US), MTRSPT 1 (AU, IT), Defiance Media (AU), Thriller TV (AU) Geo, World Poker Tour (GB, FI, IE), Real Crime, Real Life, Real Wild, Wonder (AU), The Chatshow Channel (AU, NL) check, Smart Healthy Green Living (AU, IN), Fear Factor, The Biggest Loser, Wipeout Xtra, Introuble HD, Inwonder HD, Infast Lifestyle HD (AU), Tiny Pop, Pop Kids, Great Movies, Great Romance, PBS History (IE), BBC Top Gear, BBC Earth, Americas Test Kitchen (US), Americas Test Kitchen (CA), Go Traveler (US), Teen Vee English (IN), 123 Go Spanish (PE), The Country Network (CA, US), Time TV (IN), Hells Kitchen (DK, FI), PBS History, GB News, Now 70’s, Now 80’s, Eggheads, True Lives, Tiny Pop, Great Movies!, Great Romance! (GB), River Monster Germany (CH, AT), APB News, APB News Ananda, APB News Majha, APB Asmita (IN) Geo, Johnny Carson TV, MST3k (US), Kpopcorn (AU, IN), Top Cine (AR, CO, CL, PE), Tu Cine (AR, CO, CL, PE), Cine Real (CO, CL, PE),

Localnow channels,

LocalNow - LA, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, NYC, D.C, Tampa, Orlando, Detroit, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Seattle, Boston, Raleigh, Cleveland, San Francisco, Indy, Austin, Portland, Columbus, San Antonio, Hartford, Denver, Nashville, Vegas, Sacramento, Greenville, Baltimore, K.C, Jacksonville, SLC, San Diego, Norfolk, Milwaukee, Cincinatti, Pittsburgh, Greensboro, Birmingham, OKC, Louisville, Memphis, Newburgh, Knoxville, Mobile, Hagerstown, Wilkes-Barre, Little Rock, Harrisburg, Fort Myers, Albuquerque, Grand Rapids, Columbia, West Palm Beach, Long Island, Chattanooga, Tulsa, Huntsville, Tucson, Dayton, Richmond, Lexington, Wichita, Boise, Manhattan, Charleston, Buffalo, Des Moines, Omaha, Savannah, Albany, Providence, New Orleans, Spokane, Rochester, Roanoke, Fresno, Colorado Springs, Green Bay, Waco, Toledo, Bristol, Fort Smith, Marietta, South Bend, Springfield, Flint, Fort Wayne, Baton Rouge, Panama City, Jackson, Madison, Syracuse, San Jose, Tallahassee, El Paso, Wilmington, Florence, Shreveport, Macon, Paducah, Augusta, Evansville, Tyler, Davenport, Peoria, Youngstown, Eugene, Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Gainesville, Lafayette, Biloxi, Sioux Falls, Lansing, Plano, Yakima, Johnstown, Brownsville, Montgomery, Binghamton, Reno, Duluth, Fargo, Lincoln, Corpus Christi, Downtown Denver, Tupelo, Flagstaff, Charlottesville, La Crosse, White Plains, Roswell, Traverse City, Bergen County, Topeka, Salisbury, Erie, Bakersfield, Rockford, Wichita Falls, Dothan, DeSoto, Amarillo, Honolulu, Terre Haute, Wausau, Beaumont, Bangor, Santa Barbara, Anchorage, Medford, Aurora, Bismarck, Grand Junction, Utica, Clarksburg, Monroe, Joplin, Missoula, Sioux City, Parkersburg, Redding, Bowling Green, Jonesboro, Idaho Falls, Midland, Beckley, Abilene, Sherman, Monterey, Billings, Roswell, New Mexico, Marquette, Irving, Rapid City, Hattiesburg, Washington Park, Midtown, Casper, Stapleton, Quincy, Lake Charles, Yuma, Cheyenne, Watertown, Bend, Victoria, Butte, Mankato, Great Falls, Meridian, Alexandria, San Angelo, Twin Falls, Alpena, Decatur, Ottumwa, Laredo, Eureka, Helena, North Platte, Fairbanks, Glendive, Juneau, Irving, Greenville, NC, Springfield, IL, Columbia, MO, Albany, GA, Springfield, MA, Jackson, TN, Lafayette, IN, Rochester, MN, Greenville, MS, St. Louis, Charleston, SC, Portland, ME, Columbus, GA, Dallas Downtown, Atlanta, Miami.


Autoallstars (AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, FI, FE, GB, IE, IT, LU, NL, PT, SE), Elray, Euronews UK via Alchimie (AU), Euronews via Alchimie (ES) Geo, Explore by TVplayer (ES, FR, UK) Geo, ESTV, ESTV (KR), Edgesport, Baby Shark TV (ES), Bloody Disgusting (CA), Fite TV (CA, US), Young Hollywood, Young Hollywood alt Geo, YGTV (BR, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, MX), Xploration Station, Wonder (IE), Wicked Tuna (DE, GB), Vidaprimo, Unreel (AT, BE, CA, CH, DE, DK, FR, FI, GB, IE, IT, NL, PT, SE), True Crime (GB, IE), Trace Sport Stars (MX), Trace Latina (UK), Trace Latina alt (UK), Trace Brazuca (UK), Trace Brazuca (UK) alt, Too Wild (GB, IE), Thriller TV (AU) Geo, The Wutang Collection (DE, ES, FR, GB, IT), The First, The First Geo, SurfWorld TV (ES, IT) Geo, Spartan TV, Shorts TV (ES, UK), SBS (DE, ES, FR, GB, IT), Reuters (US), Real Wild (IE), Real Stories (IE), Real Life (IE), Real Crime (IE), Bridezillas (GB), Davinci (GB), Don’t Tell the Bride (IE), Dust International (AT, BR, CH, DE, DK, FI, FR, IT, NL, PT, SE), Edgesport Geo check, ESTV (AU), Euronews UK via Alchimie (AU), Freemovies Plus (US), Gameplay (AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IT, NL, PT, SE), Globi (CH, DE, FR, GB, IT), History Hit (FI), History Time (IE), ION Plus (US), Italian Fishing TV (IT), JTBC (KR), Kidspang TV (DE, ES, FR, GB, IT), Krime Geo, NatureTime (ES), Luxe TV (FR, UK) Geo, Luxe UK (AU), Magellan TV (CA, US), Meat Eater (AU), MBN (KR), MOB TV alt (EU), Motor1TV (IT), Moviecentral by TVplayer (FR, UK) Geo, Mubeat (BR, CA, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, MX, US), New K Food (BR, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, MX), New K Movies (US, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT), New Kid (DE, ES, FR, GB, IT), Newsmax (CA), Ofive, Ofive Geo, People are Awesome (US), Pickle TV (US), Planet Eat (CA, US), Playground TV (AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IT, NL, PT), Qwest Mix alt Geo, Rakuten Family (ES), Rakuten Spotlight (AT, CH, DE, IT), Rakuten Spotlight alt (IE), Rakuten Viki (FR, GB, IT, DE, ES), Rakuten Viki alt (IT), Reuters (US), WeatherSpy (US), YH News (KR), YH Economy (KR).


Update 5/05/24

added to tubi.m3u

MovieSphere by Lionsgate (Canada)
FilmRise Western (Canada)
Dazn TV (Canada)
Dazn Womens Football
Dazn Ringside
American Pickers Channel
Property Brothers Channel
WBTV HBO Boxing (Geo)
Womens Sports Network (Canada)
Womens Sports Network

Update 1/05/24

added to ssungaus.m3u

Hot Ones (Australia)
Surfer (Australia)
Unsolved Mysteries (Australia)
Dr G Medical Examiner (Australia)

Update 6/04/24

added to ssungaus.m3u

Care Bears
PBS Kids
PBS History
PBS Antique Roadtrip
Banijay Highway thru Hell
Cricket Gold alt source


10 Play (Australia) (updated 17/01/23)

Note a few urls , are not working


These are supplied by a 3rd party

Redbox (updated 28/07/23) ( Please note this is a scraped list and some services may be GEO-blocked)

Rakuten TV UK (updated 24/07/23) Please note this is a scraped list and some services may be GEO-blocked

Igocast (updated 6/07/23) - note this service is unreliable!

LocalNow (updated 21/06/23)

Distro (updated 5/6/23)


Xiaomi (updated 22/05/24)

Zeasn (updated 14/05/24)

LG Channels (updated 12/05/24)

TLG Channels (updated 12/05/24)

Tubi TV Live Streams (updated 5/05/24)

Tablo (updated 7/01/24)

Vidaa (updated 6/01/24)

Xumo (updated 16/12/23)

The Roku Channel ( updated 1/Xiaomi (updated 25/10/23)

Sportstv (updated 6/08/23)

Klowd TV (added 24/04/21) (updated 18/07/23)

Cineverse (updated 17/06/23)

Freetv (updated 4/06/23)

Redbox (updated 31/05/23) (Old Zeasn (updated 22/05/23)

Vizio TV (updated 7/05/23)

Rewardedtv (updated 24/04/23)

Freemoviesplus (updVidaa (updated 13/11/23)

Freemoviesplus (updated 24/04/23)


Anthym TV (Added 29/11/21) )

BumbleBee TV (Updated 14/11/21) List to be renamed shortly

Herogo TV (added 23/07/21) Obsolete list to be replaced



Rakuten TV (added 1/04/21) (Updated 22/02/22) (obsolete list due to be replaced)

Rakuten TV J.P (added 3/10/22) (Updated 3/10/22)


Samsung TV Plus

These are compiled for regions that don't appear in the official app