This DX Page is for out of footprint reception of Analog or Digital signals or reception of not so well known satellites. If you have some reception from satellites that are not so easy to get or not well known please email a report.

Agila 2 146E KU Dream Philipino pay service, all locking on 2.7M (Zapara)

Jcsat 3 128E Unconfirmed reports from South Aus of KU reception! on 4 meter Solid dish

Palapa C2 113E 10970 H KU! Being Received on 2.7M (Zapara)

Sinosat 1 110.5E 4106v "SBN" Sr 6200 Fec 2/3 received fine (Jsat)

Asiasat 2 100.5E Ku reception in some parts of Aus and NZ! more reports needed

Insat 3A 93.5E 3747 V Testcard , analog P4 (Jsat)

Insat 3A 93.5E 3741 V "DD Punjab", analog P3 (Jsat)
Insat 3A 93.5E 3741 V "DD Punjab", analog P3 (BillR)
Insat 3A 93.5E 3747 V Sr 18804 Fec 3/4 Digital test with some breakup (Jsat)
Insat 3A 93.5E 3785 V "DD Jammu & Kashmir", analog P4 (Jsat)
Insat 3A 93.5E 3885 H unknown channel at P2 (Jsat)
Insat 3A 93.5E 3890V 3500 3/4 20%.(Jsat)
Insat 3A 93.5E 3894V 3500 3/4 40% (Jsat)
Insat 3A 93.5E 3941 V "DD Maharashtra", analog P4 (Jsat)
Insat 3A 93.5E 3960 V "DD SAHYADRI" Sr 5000 Fec 3/4. 30% full lock with humax (Jsat)
Insat 3A 93.5E 4105 V "DD Gujarati", analog P4 (Jsat)

Measat 1 91.5E 3880 H "RTM1, analog weak p2/p3" (BillR)
Measat 1 91.5E 3880 H "RTM1, analog weak p2"" (Jsat)

Insat 2E 83E Zone beams reported in many places throughout Australia. Digitals all received on 12ft dish in W.A

Express 6A 80E 3675 R "Telekanal Rossiy" receiving the analog pic at P3 (Jsat)

Insat 3C 74E 3781 V "DD Maharashtra" Analog P3, using max threshold, India Beam (Zapara)

Insat 2DT 55E 3977 R "DD Delhi" Analog reported P3, India Beam (Zapara)
Insat 2DT 55E 4014 R "DD ORIYA" Analog P4 reception, India Beam (Jsat)

Gorizont 32 53E 3675 R "Perviy kanal" analog P3 without threshold. This sat is incl 4.2deg and peaks around 7pm WST (Zapara)

Reporter details

Zapara, 2.7m Solid dish in Perth,W.A, Using Benjamin 333 for Analog, Dual C/KU feed and ocasional swap for straight KU feed, Gardiner 0.7 wideband KU feed. Nokia 9500 (these not so hot on weak signals)

Jsat, 3m mesh C/KU feed, Lower South West, W.A

BillR, 2.4m mesh Phoniex 333 Receiver, Zinwell D21A LNBF Adelaide S.A