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Last Updated 1/09/05
CETV - China Entertainment TV Chinese Digital P1

Channel NewsAsia English Digital

Azio TV Plus Chinese Digital

BTV World Bangladesh Digital

TVB 8 Chinese Digital

TV One (Pakistan) Digital

Aaj TV Urdu Digital

Arirang TV World 1 Korean&Arab Digital

Now TV English Digital

Bloomberg TV Asia English Digital

Indus Music Urdu Digital

Channel G ? Digital

Indus Vision Urdu Digital P1

MTA International Digital P1 V

TV5 Asie French Digital

Star Utsav Urdu Digital

Guangxi TV Chinese Digital

Shaanxi TV Chinese Digital

Anhui TV Chinese Digital

Jiangsu TV Chinese Digital

HeiLongJiang TV Chinese Digital

Syria Satellite Channel Arab Digital

Yemen Satellite TV Arab Digital

Abu Dhabi TV Europe Arab Digital

Oman TV Satellite Arab&English Digital

Al-Manar TV Arab Digital

Saudi Arabian TV 1 Arab Digital

Qatar TV Arab Digital

Sudan TV Arab Digital

Sharjah TV Arab Digital

Jamahirya Satellite Channel Arab Digital

Dragon TV Chinese Digital

Shandong TV Chinese Digital P1

CCTV 1 Chinese Digital

Jilin Satellite Channel Chinese Digital

Star Sports Asia Chinese&English Digital P1

Channel V Chinese Chinese Digital
P2 P3
Phoenix Chinese Chinese Digital
Phoenix InfoNews Chinese Digital P1

Xing Kong Chinese Digital P1

Sahara One TV Hindi Digital
P2 P3
Sahara Samay National Indian Digital

Sahara Samay Mumbai Indian Digital

Sahara Uttar Pradesh Indian Digital

Sahara Samay Uttar Pradesh Indian Digital

Sahara Samay Bihar Indian Digital

Sahara Madhya Pradesh Indian Digital

Hubei TV Chinese Digital

Tianjin TV Chinese Digital

Sichuan TV Chinese Digital P1

Beijing TV 1 Chinese Digital

Qinghai TV Chinese Digital

Shanxi Chinese Digital

Hunan TV Chinese Digital P1

PTV 1 Urdu Digital

PTV World Urdu Digital P1 P2

ATV  (Pakistan) Urdu Digital

AVT Kyhber Urdu Digital

Sun TV China Chinese Digital P1 P2

PTV National Urdu Digital
Horizon Chinese Digital P1

Indus News/Plus Urdu Digital

CCTV 4 Chinese Digital P1 V
CCTV 9 English Digital

CCTV E&F ? Digital

Zee Music Indian Digital

Smile TV Indian Digital

Henan TV Chinese Digital P1

Fujian South East TV Chinese Digital P1

Jiangxi TV Chinese Digital

Liaoning TV Chinese Digital P1

ASIASAT 3 Information
This satellite has a large coverage area across Asia and Australasia.

Many of the regional Chinese channels that use to be on Asiasat 2 have moved here. The most popular channel here is the well known Star Sports it has recently converted to a digital signal it may require an NTSC compatible receiver or TV. This channel is well known for live coverage of the Grand Prix motor racing. A 2.4M or larger is recommended for Digital reception from this satellite.

Pakistani , Chinese and Indian Channels dominate this satellite.

This satellite also carrys 2 Pay tv services for India, mostly to feed Cable Headends. Star TV and Zee TV both are encrypted services and not legally available to home viewers outside of India. Please do not email asking me where to get a card for them. For those that want Zee TV its available as a Pay TV service off Optus B3.