Apsattv.com Official Predictions for Year 2003

Please Note The following contains, rumours, gossip, half-truths, misleads, daydreams, exaggeration, wild guess's and good old B.S it also contains some real info, it's up to you the reader to work out the fact from the fiction.

January 2003

CNBC mux Encrypts but no-one cares

ImpacTv announces its satellite

NSS 6 at 95E tests with some Chinese services

February 2003

ImpacTV tests on Satellite X

Who the Hell are ImpacTV anyway? is the question on everyones lips

Sahara News launches FTA on Asiasat 3

March 2003

Optus C1 launch is delayed by 3 months

ImpacTV's pay and FTA package is sucessfully launched providing much needed competition to Sky NZ, Sky is caught napping. The FTA channels being broadcast creates much interest.

Sky NZ launches press release claiming they welcome competition at the same time mentioning that ImpacTV doesn't have such things as interactive services and email or games. Missing the fact that no-one uses such features anyway.

"Australasia satellite Monthly" magazine is launched. due to the explosion of growth in the region

Asiasat 4 launches to 122E

Insat 3E launches to 83E

April 2003

Nasa TV enters the region

Sky NZ purchases more space on Optus B1 and also drops its prices due to competition

Due to the war CNN and Fox news once again go FTA in the Asia Pacific region

Al_Jazerra's new English News Channel also pops up on Asiasat 2 FTA

Abc Asia Pacific overhauls its program schedule

May 2003

ImpacTV purchases an anti Piracy tracking device.(Helicopter). Which they also use for covering live police car chases and other such newsworthy events.

After a very long time a new software update comes out for the good old Nokia DVB2003 version 2.10

A lot of activity is noted on the Intelsats in the 170-180E arc

June 2003

ImpacTV's Live coverage of the national dog trials is a top rateings success. Foxtel trys to tie up rights to next years event.

Humphry B Bear makes his Debut on ImpacTV's FTA general entertainment channel.

Tarb's loses customers. Despite adding more services the main reason being ImpacTV's new FTA Greek channel

The Apsattv tv show launches!

July 2003

Optus C1 is delayed for 3 months

Australian government attempts to BAN ImpacTV's XXX channel

Apstar 5 Launches to 138E

August 2003

Due to adverse publicity from the Australian government ImpacTV's XXX channel is a success and they launch a 2nd Adult channel.

Remember Silver Fern sat from last years prediction? Efforts are made to get this one up in the Skys due to the new competition in the Australasia region with Sky /Foxtel / Optus /ImpacTv /Tarb's all trying to get a piece of the action.

ImpacTV adds more fta services.

September 2003

Sky NZ launches Sky Shopping and brings back Fashion tv.

The Dreambox takes over from the Humax and Nokias as the tool to have for pay tv hacking.

A new global english FTA channel launches.

October 2003

Mischevious hackers launch an attack on Skys email system flooding anyone with an email address at Skys domain with thousands of random spam emails.

Services actually start using Asiasat 4. Several Indian channel move to it and broadcast FTA

A new Pay TV provider comes to the Pacific islands!

November 2003

Optus C1 finally launches and explodes 1 minute into the launch procedure

ImpactTv hits 30000 subscribers

December 2003

R.I.P Cband

Ku band is now alive!